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Title: "Blackmailed" final sequel
Post by: MaggieW on January 16, 2018, 02:41:48 PM
I started this discussion in the General Discussion thread, I thought I should move it here since I'm actually planning the final sequel to "Blackmailed".

I want to write a final sequel to Blackmailed, set last year during the Boys' Vegas residency. During this story, as they make plans to try to defeat Zator once and for all, Brian and Howie discover (using Howie's telepathy) that some of Brian's memories of his time with Zator have been telepathically blocked.  They realize that Serafina, the sister I created in "Blackmailed" for Zanell, was somehow able to use the telepathic power from Howie's amulet to block or even change Brian's memories. Some of the memories locked away could contain important information and training that they all need to be rid of Zator once and for all.

I want at least some of the kids involved in the story, Baylee especially. I was also thinking about a character who was once one of Zator's soldiers, but after "A Second Chance", he followed the Boys and the princesses to Earth and stayed. He and Brian were fairly friendly to each other during the time Brian (known only to this man as Commander Kael) served Zator. He is, in fact, AJ's neighbor and occasionally babysits Ava and Lyric. None of them know who the other is until Jax and Brian meet one day.

I have a scene already started at the very beginning, during a Meet and Greet, where a young woman from Riverview (where Blackmailed and A Second Chance were set) brings her niece and nephew to meet the Boys. Turns out that the children belong to Serafina, who married a human, and that she is still so in love/obsessed with Brian that she named her kids after him--Brianna and Kael. After the concert, Leighanne learns what happened and tells Brian to take her up to Riverview so she can see the town and the woman who still haunt him after thirteen years.

At this point, I'm not sure if I should have the two of them go alone, send Baylee with them (and consequently Baylee learn the horrible story of what his father did), or send Howie, Kevin, AJ and Nick with them too. In the scene I've started for this part, I have just the Littrells going, with the idea that Brian will let the others know how it went when he gets back to Vegas. But I'm still debating on rewriting to send the others right then. Or maybe to have one or two or all of the others show up later that same day.

I also think that Zanell stayed on earth too, but maybe that she died. Or maybe I should keep her alive, whether on earth or back on her home planet. Just not sure...

I know I want Baylee to try on one of the amulets and get mechanical powers, and those powers be a huge help in their plans to defeat Zator.

Going back to Brian's memories being altered or blocked, I'm also thinking of having him discover that his memories of torturing his friends are not 100% accurate. Maybe another ex-soldier shows up with footage of the torture sessions and it doesn't mesh with what Brian remembers, but it does with the other four.

Jeez, do I like some angst here or what? We like to torture our favorites, don't we?

Title: Re: "Blackmailed" final sequel
Post by: MaggieW on January 20, 2018, 07:13:22 PM
Trying to think of memories that Serafina would have blocked or altered, all that comes to mind so far are memories showing that Brian was brainwashed far deeper into Zator's service than any of them thought. Like - once Brian/Kael, Serafina, and the soldiers captured the others and took their amulets, Brian was really going to turn the amulets over to Zator, but Serafina took them and altered the memory so that he wouldn't know/realize until the end that he actually had them.

My original intention was to have a memory that showed something awful that Serafina had done, along with special training Brian received. But I'm not sure where I want any of that to go.

I also need to think of something Zator would do that would force the Boys to start planning how to defeat him finally. I'm even considering a scenario where the amulets have to be, or else are accidentally, destroyed.

Title: Re: "Blackmailed" final sequel
Post by: MaggieW on February 11, 2018, 12:34:38 PM
hmm... Maybe Brian's gotta get kidnapped again....

Title: Re: "Blackmailed" final sequel
Post by: MaggieW on April 06, 2018, 05:51:09 PM
Oh boy... now I think I know what Serafina did that was so bad, that she would have had to block/alter from Brian's memory. Oh, is he gonna be furious when that memory is fixed...