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Author Topic: So You Had a Bad Day...  (Read 638 times)
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You just got home from the worst possible day.  Everything in your day seemed to go wrong and all you can think about is getting into the tub and relaxing in peace.  When you arrive home, you're happy to see your boyfriend (your favorite BSB).  If there is anyone who can make you feel better, it's him.  He insists that you tell him about your day and he wants you to relax.  However, you are continuously interrupted by random things happening in the house (people dropping by, the phone ringing, dogs barking, etc.)  All the noise and chaos isn't helping your stress level.  How does your man react when he tries to keep the house quiet for you?  Here is the challenge:

1)  It should be written in your perspective.

2)  Make the interruptions as humourous and even ridiculous as possible.

3)  In the end, you should do one of two things:

--He finally makes the house quiet and it's a happy ending.
--He gives up and you accept the fact that your day is just blech!

LOL!  I hope this isn't too hard.  I'll be writing mine tonight.   

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I finally finished it!  Hope ya'll like it!

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Here's my submission...

Yup, I'm a Nick girl!!  But I love ALL my Boys!


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