Question: What annoys you most about the Backstreet Boys?  (Voting closed: January 26, 2007, 01:22:24 AM)
They pick the wrong girls - 5 (62.5%)
They aren't as perfect as they seem - 0 (0%)
Kevin is gone - 2 (25%)
They lag it to make new music - 1 (12.5%)
Total Voters: 7

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Author Topic: Just for fun!  (Read 5483 times)
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Once again you guys are so funny! You make two or three different topics out of one...LOL
Thank you for offering to be my friend I would love that...especia lly friends that write so well! Well girls have a good one! I've got to get to sleep cause I'm exhausted... Grin

Oh by the way what does "love strangle" mean and I meant flip as in give you that good tickle?

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A love strangle is a strangle out of love. It's pretty self explanatory. Smiley


People think it would be fun to be a bird because you could fly. But they forget the negative side, which is the preening.

From "And Now, Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handey

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