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Author Topic: new people and getting accepted into the No Homers club!  (Read 2055 times)


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new people and getting accepted into the No Homers club!
« on: June 11, 2011, 05:43:50 AM »

Hey guys! Specifically anyone trying to sign up for the forum. I have posted this once a while ago but I think I need to repeat it again. We try our best not to let any spammer on this board so we have to actually approve you before you can post. There's really not much to go on for the approval process except for your SN and your email address but I think we've done a pretty good job weeding the good from the bad. I also know that in that process I have also rejected people who really are just people who care about AC so just a hint, if you want to be accepted onto this board you shouldn't have a 'suspicious' sounding email address or SN.

Non suspicious - SN: IheartBSB email: namefollowedby randomnumbers. realsounding.c om

suspicious - SN: somethingthatl ookslikeyourca twaswalkingacr ossthekeyboard   email: nameofrandomco mpanyfollowedb ytonsof.thenru

We don't make it a rule that you have to discuss things on the boards, you can lurk, that's fine but also know if your first and only post seems to be about something other than what AC is all about, we're going to just start deleting you.

Oh, if only we could do that in real life with some people lol

Meaning, if you want to promote something you are doing, fine but don't make that your first post. Unless it's fanfic, BSB, or any of the other fandoms on BSB related.

And that is my service announcement.

Thank you for listening!

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