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Author Topic: Question for "Launch" readers  (Read 4247 times)


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Question for "Launch" readers
« on: September 26, 2013, 11:20:50 PM »

So in the last week I've been reading Stephen King's memoir/how-to-book, "On Writing", and it's really set me to thinking about how I need to start working on some Original Fiction pieces to submit to publishers and how much I really want to get a story published and on the market. I have over 30 novel-length fan fiction stories (and a ton of short stories), and I'd like to adapt a couple of them to Original Fiction (not the least of which is of course Something Beautiful which I am still planning on adapting at some point), but I really have this itch to work with -- you guessed it, the Dogface series.

My idea is this: I'd like to condense Launch, Landing, Leave, and Love into one Original Fiction story. This will take a lot of editing, obviously, more than just a "find & replace" on the names. It means an overhaul of Nick's identity in the story as well as some of the situations. I know a lot of you read the Dogface stories, and many of you helped me write the stories in the sense that you gave me character names and voted on situations and the story really became something we worked on together because of how involved we all got in the character's lives. So I'm gonna ask y'all for some more help:

What were some of your favorite parts of the series that you would HATE to see me cut? For example, did you super-duper love the part where Nick forgets Christmas in the airport and buys a cheesy Miami necklace for Dogface's present? Tell me that or it might get cut! Anything - particular lines, character personality traits, scenes, character names, locations, anything at all! - that you'd hate to see cut out of the rewrite, tell me about it below and I'll make a note of it.

You can reply here, tweet me (@Writerbrat86), or leave a review on one of the stories. :)
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