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Author Topic: Yooooo! lol ^_^  (Read 6961 times)


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Re: Yooooo! lol ^_^
« Reply #15 on: August 18, 2013, 01:52:49 PM »

Thanks folks. I found the place because I was trying to get on AC to see what's been updated.... and the page came up that the site was down.  :'( I was like nooooooooooo, then I read that there was a forum and I was like.... for real? haha. All the years that I read from AC and I barely see there is a board.... Gosh.  :shrug: Love that there are other Brian lover fans here btw. I love some Frick & Frack though ;)

1. Real name: Mandelyn
2. How long have you been on AC? This board, a few days. AC - many years reading, AC - joined.... a few years now? :P
3. How long have you been writing fanfics? I do not write them, just enjoy reading them. Maybe one day I will be able to write them
4. Give us a list of stories you have written. See number 3 hehe
5. List some of your all time favorite stories you have read. Wow. Shall I do current ones? Mare's "Hope Is The Last Thing Ever Lost"; Rose's "Here We Stand"; DelphinaCarter's "In A World Like This"; freedomwriter's "The Road That Leads To Who Knows Where" and "The New Guy"; mamogirls "Battle Born"; and Pengi's.... everything lol
6. Do you have your own site? I have a Tumblr... Does that count? http://mandelyn78753.tumblr.com/
7. What are your favorite types of stories to read? Drama, Angst, Adventure types
8. Who is your favorite BSB? Brian ♥ Then Nick.... lol :) All of them? hehe
9. Do you find yourself writing about him more than the others? NA... but yes, I would if I wrote ;)
10. What do you want to do with the rest of your life? Buy houses, renovate them and re-sell them. Eventually find the most perfect one and I renovate to perfection and just chill in that house for the rest of my life while I live comfortably from all of that profit. woo haha
11. Where are you from? Texas. Hee Haw! ;) I always have people (in my work, we have lots of visitors that come from all over the world to promote their hotels) ask me where my horse is saddled up at... lol. I'm in the city guys!
12. What kinds of hobbies do you enjoy? B-ballin', watchin' basketball (Spurs fan), boxin', gamin' with my sister, drinkin', cruisin' (not at the same time as drinkin' tho.... do not drink and drive peoples ;) Cab it baby!)
13. What's your favorite movie? Geeze, currently anything with Mark Wahlberg.... "The Other Guys" lets say that :)
14. What's your favorite book? John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" It was the first book I got and really understood! lol
15. Any hidden talents? None that I have discovered! ...... nope none
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