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Author Topic: Questions to ponder part 12  (Read 46124 times)
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So what does everyone's writing set-up look like?  Do you do your writing on a laptop, desktop, phone, on paper, or what?  Do you have a certain place where you do all your writing, or do you move around?  Do you do anything special to create an ambiance, like lighting candles or playing music?

I do most of my writing on a desktop computer.  I absolutely hate writing by hand, could never handle trying to write on a phone or tablet, and have been mistrustful of laptops ever since my laptop in college overheated and fried my hard drive, which resulted in me losing EVERYTHING.  It was only two years old.  I have found that desktops last a lot longer, work a lot better, and are overall more reliable, so I will stick to my desktops, despite the inconvenience of having to actually sit at a desk.  I do have a little netbook that I will sometimes use to write in bed or on the couch.  Sometimes I can get a lot more done on that because I'm comfortable and because there's not a lot on it to distract me.  I don't have any music, pictures, videos, or much of anything saved on it, besides whatever stories I'm working on, and it is so freaking slow that surfing the net is too much of a pain in the ass, so I just don't do it.  The downside to that is that researching is also a pain in the ass, so if I'm writing a scene that requires research, it's not worth my time to write it on the netbook.  And since I am the type of writer who googles something every other sentence, that doesn't really work for me.  So I usually end up sitting at my desk and using the big, fast computer because even though it's not as comfortable, it's way more convenient.

At some point, I would like to get a cheap laptop that can handle basic internet browsing without being ridiculously slow so that I can do more writing on that.  In my new house, I turned one of the upstairs bedrooms into what I thought would be my writing sanctuary.  I call it my "Room of Random Things," and it houses all of my favorite things - not only my random things collection, but most of my zombie stuff and my entire BSB collection.  I can put up BSB posters and stuff without worrying about looking like an almost-thirty-year-old teenybopper when people come over.  But, since the computer I like is downstairs in a different room, I haven't done much writing in my actual writing room yet.


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I write on my phone. So my set up is non existent and I write wherever I am at the time. So it could be on break at work, in my bedroom, just about anywhere. This has advantages and disadvantages. If my computer was working it would be in the corner of my room where i have some BSB things on the wall. I'd also play music while I wrote.

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I like to sit comfortably with my laptop on my knees, TV is off and no distractions around me.  I also have to stay away from the internet or I'll end up browsing for hours lol.

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