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Author Topic: *coughs* Half Muse Found.......  (Read 405 times)
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You gave me a smile that I will never forget.....

« on: May 18, 2007, 10:30:43 PM »

Hey y'all!

I found half a muse! Lol. And I finally wrote Happily Never After the way I felt it needed to be written. Enjoy!


Concert Tickets: $270
3 BSB T-Shirts: $105
BSB Sweater: $85
Poster & Book: $30
Having Brian grab me & pull me close during sound check: PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Train Ticket: $14.95
Bus Fare: $3.50
Marilyn Denis Show Ticket: Free
Nick Carter singing to me on live television: PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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