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Hello everyone!!

So I know no one has posted a newbie introduction in a long time, but I thought I would do one anyways. Hopefully it will get other new members to as well!

Anyways, my name is Shaina. I have been a fan of BSB since about 1998. And was obsessed with them, and some other boybands as well. I loved writing and reading fanfiction back in the day, but took a break from it, and BSB a little as well. But I rediscovered my love for them around IAWLT.

I have been on AC for many years now, but am new to the discussion boards. I was always to nervous to join (I've always had really bad anxiety) I posted a couple stories years ago. I am guilty of having a hard time finishing and keeping up my motivation for them. I'm sure a lot of you can understand that. I do still write once in a while. I have a couple stories started, but none of them have kept my interest enough to keep going on them.

I'm hoping with the hype of their album release that it will help give me some inspiration to start writing more and keep with a story enough to be able to post it.

Like I said I have always been nervous to talk on the discussion boards. i'm not really that great at talking to people or making friends, even online. But hopefully I will be able to get over that. It will be great to have people to talk about BSB with. I dont have anyone in my life to talk about them with. My kids could care less. Although, my youngest (who is 10) does like their music and is going to their concert with me, but she doesnt get excited about them the way I do LOL!

Well, thanks for reading this and hope to talk to you all soon!!


Welcome, Shaina!  It's great having new people to talk to on here!  It's been pretty slow lately, on both the discussion boards and the actual site.  I'm also hoping the excitement over the new album will bring more writers and readers back.  You don't have to be nervous around us!

That's awesome that your daughter likes their music and is coming to the concert with you!  I don't have kids, but if I did, I would try to turn them into BSB fans too.  I had my nephew liking BSB when he was little, to the point that he named his elf on the shelf Brian LOL, but my sister and brother-in-law didn't like it and told me to stop playing BSB music for him.  So much for that!

Thanks!!  I'm just happy to have people to talk to about BSB! 

That's cute that your nephew named his elf on the shelf Brian! Yea, my older daughter (13) could care less about them LOL, but my younger daughter loves music and is more open to all kinds of music. She was a big 1D fan years ago, so I started playing some BSB for her and liked some of it.

I joked with her about going to one of their concerts with me, but she said she seriously would, so I bought tickets on the fanclub presale day, was able to get 5th row! So I'm super excited that I finally get to go to one of their concerts!

Thank you for being so helpful and welcoming!! Hope to talk to you and others more!!

Wow, 5th row!!  That's awesome!  Will this be your first BSB concert?

Yea, it will be my first time seeing them. I got to see nsync and spice girls way back when, but was never able to see BSB. So I'm so excited for this!!  I wasn't planning on spending as much as I did, but i thought, what the hell, this might be my only chance to see them! LOL


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