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hi! I'm new-ish


heyyy ahh it's been forever since i've used a forum but I wanted to say hello.

I've been using / visiting AC for yearrrrrs but recently needed something fun to do and be excited about on my own so i've dusted off an old idea for a new iteration (i've been updating it here - All In.) It's fun for me, I enjoy it. I have never really used the forums here, i know they don't get used too too much but wanted to post an intro anyway before commenting on anything.

I've been loving DNA and can't wait to see the boys this summer. Shout out the the moderators and admins for keeping this space up <3 it's a real gem.

Hey there! Welcome to the forum. We’re glad you decided to join us.

Welcome to the forum!  There are still a core group of us who try to post on here regularly, and it's always nice to get some new blood, especially people who are still writing!  I love talking fanfic, along with talking about BSB and the music.

Welcome, nice to see new people joining and writing still

thank you !!


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