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Hi all!

I've been lurking for a while and thought I would finally introduce myself. I've been hanging around this site for the last couple years as a reader (and reading fanfic off and on since the 90s) and toyed around with the idea of writing, but never seemed to have the time or the ideas.

I started writing a bit last summer but took a long break when life got busy. I'm trying to get back to it now, particularly as a way to take a creative break from the writing that I do as part of my job. I'm hoping that writing this first story may give me ideas for future ones!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Hi!

Hi and welcome to the forum! I’m glad to hear you’re writing. I hope you’ll post on AC when you’re ready. So, what kind of stuff do you write? And what’s your name?

Welcome!  I'm glad you decided to post.  We can always use new people and new perspectives around here!  I hope you're able to get back into writing for fun!


Thanks for the welcome! My name is Christy. I have an unfinished story up on AC, called The Sessions. I started a few chapters of it last summer and finally started writing a bit again this week. I'm hoping to stay more consistent with it, but we'll see what happens!

I just discovered The Sessions and am really enjoying it so far!  Great premise for a story!  I had to laugh as Cammie was describing the day Millennium came out because that was so me, too!  I'm sure all of us who are of a certain age have very similar experiences.  Nick's line about Kevin almost qualifying for senior citizen discounts cracked me up, too.  I loved how, even though Cammie and Nick seemed to jive well in their first session, the second session didn't go so well.  The tension made it more realistic.  I love your writing and hope you can post more soon!


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