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Hi, room for an old jerk here?

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Hey everyone,

I just finished NaNoWriMo (got inspired to write at all for the first time in many years) and was thinking of you all a lot this past month and how you're doing during the pandemic. Hope we can catch up properly individually and all those other things if you all are still here.


Well holy crap! Welcome back Dee!

I was just thinking about you the other day. I came across a container you made me forever ago lol

Hope all is well!

Aw, Maremas! I've been doing that konmari thing this year and I came across the frame Sarah made me. And this quotable gem in particular still brought me joy, so it stayed: "We're 20 something's who write Backstreet Boys fan fiction and spend our evenings chatting on message boards and you're concerned about the intelligence level of our inside jokes? lol Mare, oh Mare..."

All in all, things are well here. Work is a new stressful each day of COVID, but the students make it worth it. And my husband is running out of things to do at our house, which is good because restrictions are getting worse again, haha.

And then my November got weird because I had a "Rose plot bunny moment" in September because of DWTS and Masked Singer bringing out my inner teeny bopper (That's not a spoiler here, right? Everyone knows?) and I thought, "This year I will write every day of November and see what happens."

How's everything with you? :) Good to see you're still here, though it's kinda dead here, huh?

I’m glad to hear things are going well for you. Yeah COVID has been quite the thing to deal with.

Things here have died down significantly, sadly. No one really posts on the site much because spamming got to be such an issue that we had to disable reviews and without that feedback feature people started posting elsewhere, which is understandable . The site keeps going down so if you feel sentimental, you should go in and save anything you wrote that you don’t want to lose.

As for me, I stopped writing quite awhile ago but this board does still see some activity from time to time. It gets most active when the guys are on tour but with AJ and Nick doing their thing, people have been checking in more frequently.

Wow, welcome back, Dee!  It's been a long time!  I love when old regulars randomly return.  Glad to hear you're doing well and writing again.  AC has been dying a slow death for awhile now, but there's a few of us who still post.


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