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Why is Nick so picky when we write?

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Nick's being really picky about how I edit this chapter (I think because he knows we both love it). So I figured rather than complaining about this in the writing thread and seeing as many of us have had issues with him being loudly and persistently picky, it probably deserves its own thread.

So, I guess, here's everyone's chance to complain about when the Boys are being particularly vocal about something you're writing. And maybe get some commiseration or talk shop and bounce things off each other.

It can also be a discussion, why is Nick so picky about what he says and does? Who's the least picky? Who always surprises you when they're picky? Is Nick ever surprised about someone else being picky? haha

When in doubt, just remember: "First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!" -- Ray Bradbury (Given the tiny, persistent demon Nick seal of approval!)

Nick was very particular about this last chapter that I posted. I had it written a different way originally. There was a whole scene at AJs apartment that I cut, then the ending got edited a bunch of times before I was happy with it... Well, before Nick was happy with it LOL he was just really annoying with this update. He usually doesn't care what I do. AJ sometimes bugs me but he's usually the comic relief so it's more of "No I should say this. It's funnier."

Brian and AJ both tend to say funnier things intentionally for me, so if they decide they have something funnier to say, I just let them have at it.

Don't you hate when you end up rewriting a scene so many times when Nick's being picky? Like I changed what you want, why do you still hate it?!

At this point, we've been together many years, so I typically pause and stare when I feel him popping up because I know he has something to say and I'll want to mull it over in silence for a minute. I used to do the multiple rewrites, but he would often badger through three or four versions before the right one hit and I've gotten to the point where I can walk it through my brain instead of on paper most of the time. So if whatever I come up with after pausing and staring still doesn't feel right, I get up and start pacing my house or doing something mundane like dusting or washing dishes while I ponder. I'll usually figure it out after that.

I got stuck, so I did what I mentioned before and now that my dinner is ready, Nick's ready to keep writing. You're a jerk, Nick.

My Nick has been unconscious for like five chapters now, so he hasn't been giving me any grief.  I guess that's probably why I don't have this problem very often. LOL

Sorry he's being a picky jerk to the rest of you!


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