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WTF, Google Docs?

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Here's a thread to post your Google Docs spelling and grammar check fails.

For example, in the process of posting my chapter today, I realized I had written "defeatening" instead of "deafening."  Thanks, Wordpress, for giving me the red squiggle when I pasted that in so I could fix it.  Google Docs did not give me a squiggle.  Apparently it thinks "defeatening" is a real word, but it doesn't believe Howie is a real name.

While I was on Google Docs wondering why it didn't catch that one, I ran the spelling and grammar check and got this terrible suggestion:  Change "haven't" to "havingn't."  WTF?  "Havingn't" is also not a word, Google.

It also suggested I change the word "respiratory" to "breathing."  No, Google!  My readers are smart enough to understand that "respiratory" refers to breathing.  They don't need me to dumb down my vocabulary for them.

How has Google Docs failed you recently?


You know my constant struggle with magic "Brain."

It wants me to change "we’d be exposed moving targets" to "we’d be exposed to moving targets," which doesn't make much sense in context. That's about all I have today other than it not catching me making dumb spelling mistakes (hitting the wrong key), but I caught them on my quick reread this morning before writing, thank goodness.

Oh Google!

I wonder if you added a comma between the two adjectives if it would understand better that they are the targets, which would be both exposed and moving.  Sometimes I follow the rule of adding a comma between two adjectives, and sometimes I think it looks too clunky that way (especially if I already have other commas in the same sentence) and choose to leave it out.

LOL It's sad that I just reread the chapter I posted earlier this morning and did not notice "defeatening."  So fail on my part as well.  Glad you caught your spelling mistakes!

You're right, it does like the comma, but it's after a but, much like this sentence, and the commas are just so close together, lol. Oh well, this sentence makes sense with so many commas and so does that one.

Sometimes I don't catch things like that either and will only catch them when I go to post it on AC because it thinks everything is a spelling error, from Howie's name to actual spelling errors, lol! I like "defeatening," it sounds epic, like: The Defeatening. It obviously wouldn't make sense in context, but authors have made up many words throughout history. That's why linguistics is so fascinating.

I love commas, but yeah, I don't always like the look of multiple commas in the same sentence, especially if they're close to each other, even if I know they're technically correct.  (I say as I use four commas in the same sentence LOL.)

Defeatening is not a terrible made-up word, but yeah, not what I was going for.  I do remember inventing the word "icen" many years ago, as in "made of ice," the same way "leaden" means "made of lead."  I thought for sure it should be word!


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