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I know Chaos is working on trying to keep the site and forum alive through this update, but I'm heeding his warning and backing up what I really care about just in case.  My stories are already backed up, and I went through and saved all my reviews today.  My next thought was to save some of the more memorable forum threads.  I already saved the Tanja/Refresh thread, which is also where 00Carter was conceived, as well as various threads that are meaningful to me because they involve my stories - update threads, featured story threads, etc.  But I would like to save the random fun threads, too.

Remember that nostalgia thread Dee started earlier this year (or late last year)?  Anyone know what happened to that?  It disappeared, but Dee said when she clicked on a post from it that was quoted in a different thread, it said she didn't have access to the thread, not that it was deleted.  Could it be that it's still around somewhere, but the settings were accidentally changed so that non-mods can't see it anymore?  Cause that would be helpful in deciding which threads are worth saving.

If we can't restore that thread, feel free to post links to memorable threads here, and I'll save them!

I’m pretty sure if you can’t see it, that means it no longer exists. The only thing we can make invisible are topics. At least to my knowledge. It might have been one of those threads that were accidentally deleted.

It had an error like "you can't access this" when I clicked the quote, but I can't seem to find it now. I'll look for it again at some point. I quoted it somewhere in the original writing thread.

Vitamin Vixens is one you should save. That was hilarious.


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