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new idea for reviewing

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Just trying to get a consensus on if you guys think this would work.

How about having another board just for people who want constructive criticism. They can leave the name of their story with a link and then whoever has time to read can leave that story some honest, feedback.

Once you commit to reading the story you should see it all the way through and it would be nice to get two people on each of the stories. If however you aren't enjoying it and feel the need to stop, explain why. Just don't leave the author hanging. This is about honesty.

We would make a separate thread for each story so this way everone can see the feedback. The author will be aware of this as well and has to be prepared for whatever the reviewers come up with. Good or bad. Sometimes people think they can take criticism until they get it lol

Am I making sense? It's basically like what we talked about in the other thread but less work I believe and not as much of a commitment.

I think we should go even so far as to say why we haven't read it as of yet or why we would pass up on it etc...

For instance, "I would read your story but your summary is so vague and there are so many grammatical errors that I wasn't enticed enough to go on," or something as simple as, "it's just not something I would want to read based on the first chapter."

So feedback about this before I start a new miniboard would be appreciated.  :)

I like it!

Would the people have to be like "Yo, I'm reading your story!" so that the author and others know there are people on top of it or would you just go and read and come back?

There should be some sort of disclaimer too, or something where the author is forbidden from telling reviewers they are wrong or starting fights lol

^ yes I agree about the disclaimer! I think we should put up a detailed disclaimer saying you asked for it, you're getting it so stop whining of you don't agree lol but nicer of course hehe

And yes, I think once someone starts reading the story they should pop into the thread and claim it. If the author wants to ask for a specific person then that person can say either yay or nay?

Nicer? Nah! :)

Well if they're looking for a person in particular to read it, they can always say that in their little introduction and if two other people still want to read it then by all means, three reviews it is. That way no one gets offended when they get told they aren't needed.

I'm on the look out for hurt feelings lol

LOL me too!

It'll just make our job more entertaining. ;)


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