Revenge of the Slaughtered - Nick Strikes Back! by Rose
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New round rules. Everyone's welcome to participate.

1. In every submission, Nick MUST kill a fan. That's the point of this LOL.
2. Editing rule still applies, watch your grammar and such. Anything unreadable/incomprehensible will get deleted.
3. Please no deleting anything, we learned from 1000 Ways, didn't we? Just ask me (Rose) to do it LOL.
4. Label each chapter correctly, like Chapter One would be "Kill #1" and then the title of your submission.
5. The last line MUST be some variation of "*number of kill here* down, so many more to go".
6. Once someone on the list below is killed, pick someone else on the list. If you do not wish to be killed twice you have to let us know, or we'll assume it's okay.
7. Keep Nick a human (yet immortal since he survived "1000 Ways" lol) Backstreet Boy. Just for the sake of continuity :)
I'll update as people die LOL.

Have fun!

Real Fans Who Have Given Us The Okay To Kill Them:
Rose - dead
Julie (RokofAges75) - dead
Sarah (starbeamz2) - dead
Steph (Carter-Orange) - dead
Tracy (DelphinaCarter) - dead (twice, can't be killed again)
Mare - dead
Lore (PurpuraLipstick) - dead
Marguerite (catseye66) - dead
Sagar (sagar_k) - dead
Rachel (Kentuckychickrk)
Jen (FrickFrackGirl) - dead
Chris (carterkid)
Vanessa (Howies Girl)
Karin (twofaced)
Erika (kevmylove) - dead
Michelle (michxxblc )
Ritz (Alexsgirl_ritz)
Steph (Sakabelle) - dead

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2. Kill #2 - Don't Try This At Home by starbeamz2

3. Kill #3: Re-Wrap by Louise

4. Kill # 4 No Blood in my beautiful hands by Alexsgirl_ritz

5. Kill # 5-Be Careful What You Wish For by JennayHeartsNick

6. Kill #6 - How Nick Carter Killed Fanfic by RokofAges75

7. Kill #7 Sick As My Secrets by Carter-Orange

8. Kill #8 Drop Dead Beautiful by Rose

9. Kill #9- Taking The Plunge by DelphinaCarter

10. Kill #10-Twisted Fantasies by JennayHeartsNick

11. Kill # 11 - Blame Rose... by Alexsgirl_ritz

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14. Kill # 14 - Bullseye! by Alexsgirl_ritz

15. Kill #15 - Just One Kiss by KeelieRose86

16. Kill #16 - A New Suit by catseye1769

17. Kill # 17 My Heart Stays With You by DelphinaCarter

18. Kill #18 - Taco Bell Hell by catseye1769

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22. Kill # 22- Dont Eat The Raspberries by DelphinaCarter

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Kill #1 Boys Will Be Boys by Rose
Kill #1 – Boys Will Be Boys

A young girl, only in her late twenties was sighing as she began her work for that day. It felt a bit tragic, having to perform this autopsy. Still, she had to do her job right? Not to mention, as perverted as it sounded, it would answer a few lingering questions as she eyed the corpse lying still on the metal table in front of her. To anyone else, it would be morbid to turn on the radio. But for Alyssa, she’d long become immune to it.

Music began to play, and she simply smiled as she pulled the sheet off the body. She stared down into the face of Nickolas Gene Carter, undoubtedly the most famous member of the Backstreet Boys. He was still flat out gorgeous, even in death. She never admitted aloud to any of her friends, since they had all ditched their fandoms for the group back when they were teens, but she always had a huge crush on him. She kept up with the group every chance she had, and even owned Nick’s solo album, released just before his untimely demise.

His death had been splashed across the cover of every magazine. How could it not be? The trick was that they weren’t quite sure what killed him. It was at this fair, and according to his band mates who had witnessed the incident, he’d just dropped to the floor, dead as a doornail.

A new song began to play, it was a mix CD she’d made some time ago; she forgot exactly what tracks were on it. Still, the song that followed was a bit ironic. She sang along, softly, as she reached for her scalpel blade.

Boys will be boys…hey…” She sang to herself as she glanced around for it. “You’ve got something so incredible in my eyes…my heart starts pumping, whenever you’re around...

When her back was turned, the eyes shot open. Nick’s gaze skipped around the room, trying to figure out exactly where he was. It didn’t take long to make the connection. He was in the morgue yet again. It was always like this. Somehow, someway, he would be killed again and again. Each time more horrific than the last. A day later he would wake up, sneak out of the morgue, or swim his way to shore from the ocean. Basically he had to find his way back from wherever he'd been killed. People who he knew saw him die, would have forgotten about it completely. It never made any sense.

He was tired of the pain.

He was tired of the suffering.

He was so tired of the dying.

Nick lay there on the table, suddenly furious at his fate. Why was this happening to him? Was this some twisted price he had to pay? Because of how blessed his life was, before this started happening? His life wasn’t like this once. He wasn’t some strange fluke that kept rising from the dead as if it never happened. Before he was famous, he was normal. The singing of the coroner caught his attention before he could follow that line of thought any further.

I hear you saying, that you think that we should waaiiiiit…” She sang happily. He rose in a flash, rushing at the woman and slamming her against the wall. Her eyes widened in shock, lit up by fear as he gripped her shoulders tightly, keeping her pinned. It was the fans’ fault. That was a fact. How he knew that, he wasn’t sure. But he knew.

“You’re…you’re dead!”

Nick smirked. What if he killed the fans? One by one, just like he was killed. Maybe then, it would stop. And even if it didn’t stop, Nick figured he’d have some fun along the way. So many girls to kill, so many bodies to leave in his wake.

“I ain’t one to listen. You know how it is, boys will be boys.”

Maybe she knew what was coming; maybe she sensed it from the look in his eyes. She began to whimper. “No, no please…”

He reached for her scalpel, and swiftly slit her throat. Blood splattered across the wall, on his clothes, and ran from her neck freely. Her hands weakly reached for her throat as she choked and sputtered. Soon enough, her body fell limp and he tossed it on the floor. He laughed as he stared down at her body, blood still pooling around it on the ground.

“One down…so many, many more to go.”
Kill #2 - Don't Try This At Home by starbeamz2


Don’t Try This At Home

Nick was in a fantastic mood.  He hummed to himself as he nearly skipped down the long hallway that stretched down one side of the arena that the Backstreet Boys were going to perform their first show of the newest tour in later that day.  He’d woken up feeling energized and righteous, and he’d known that today was going to be a great day.

The last tour had been phenomenal, despite the constant dying, and he had immensely enjoyed spending so much time with the guys from New Kids on the Block.  He’d been the youngest member of the group, as usual, but they’d all treated him as though he wasn’t nearly ten years younger than them. 

The NKOTBSB tour had also revitalized the Backstreet Boys’ passion for the group as a whole, Nick thought, as he waved cheerily to one of the crew members as he passed.  Sure, they loved the group and were crazy about their work, but going nuts on stage and having as much fun as possible? Well, that had been lost until the summer of 2011.

And, now, they were back, and Nick felt freaking on top of the world! He had a mission, and he knew that this tour was going to help him fulfill it.

“Somebody got laid last night,” a wry voice called out behind him, and Nick turned to find Howie walking towards him, his three year old son, James, running ahead of him.

Nick caught the little guy as he nearly plowed into Nick’s legs and tossed him in the air, making him giggle gleefully.  “Hey, there, Jimbo!” He ignored Howie’s annoyed growl at the nickname Nick had given James as a way to piss Howie off.  “Are you going to take the ladies on the backstage tour with your dad? Show the girls what you got?”

James clapped his hands excitedly and grinned.  “It’s gonna be awe-some.  But Daddy said not to let the girls too close.” He leaned towards Nick and whispered not quietly at all, “How comes the girls can’t gets too close? I like the girls! Mommy’s a girl, and she and Daddy are always close. Yessirday, Daddy even let Mommy puts her hands-”

Howie clamped a hand over James’ mouth and glared at Nick.  “I don’t know how you do it, Carter, but you’ve managed to corrupt my kid. He’s supposed to think girls have cooties until he’s at least ten!”

Nick rolled his eyes but managed to stifle a laugh.  “Oh, Howie, Howie, Howie. You have so much to learn.”

Growling at Nick, Howie tucked James under his arm and stalked off, leaving Nick to chuckle to himself before he focused his mind on the task at hand.  He checked the little Wylee tote he’d let Leighanne talk him into carrying—she’d designed a more manly one just for him—and made sure that everything he needed for the afternoon was inside. 

Smirking to himself, he headed off towards the main stage where he was supposed to meet up with the rest of the group to start the backstage tours for their fans.  He loved showing off for his fans, and he knew that this was going to be an event to remember.

An hour later, Nick wrapped up his tour, answering the dozens of questions that were pitched at him by his tour group of fifteen women, young and old alike.  One of them had caught his eye, and he couldn’t help but let his gaze drift to hers, making her blush and smile each time.

She was pretty, her long dark hair curling loosely down her back.  Her green eyes sparkled at him, and—he raked his eyes down her body—she had a hot body. 

She was perfect, Nick thought slyly and winked at her.  His smile widened when her blush deepened.

As he led the rest of the group back to the main area of the venue, he hung back a little, letting all of them walk ahead of him.  As the brunette he’d been eyeballing walked slowly past him, he stealthily reached out and let his fingers caress hers.  He quite enjoyed the way she jumped a little before she glanced his way and smiled at him.

“Read the note,” he murmured, giving her a sexy look as he palmed a piece of paper off to her.  “I’ll see you soon.”

The fan looked like she was going to faint from excitement, but Nick knew her enthusiasm was no match for the fervor that was building in him.

It was nearly time. 

By the time soundcheck was over, Nick thought he was going to die from anticipation. When he found his chosen lady waiting exactly where he’d asked her to, he grinned ecstatically at her and knew he’d made her pulse bump considerably since he could practically feel it racing under her skin when he wrapped an arm around her to lead her right where he wanted her.

He smiled to himself at the thought of her blood, all that pretty, pretty red pulsing so close, so very close.  To distract her, he nuzzled his nose against her neck as he steered her down an empty corridor towards a room he’d already picked out.

When he kicked open the door and backed her through it, she giggled, not caring that the place was dark, dank, and smelled like machinery, and Nick realized that this was going to be even easier than he thought. 

“Close your eyes,” he told her in his sexiest voice and smiled when she complied.  “Do you trust me, baby?”

She giggled again.  “Of course, Nick. Why wouldn’t I trust you? I’ve been in love with you since I was twelve!”

“I like that,” he told her as he reached into his tote for the Wylee bandanna Leighanne had insisted he take, too.  “What’s your name?” he asked as he tied the strip of cloth around her eyes.

“Rachel,” she replied breathily. “Are we playing a game, Nick?”

Nick eased her back to where he wanted her against a wall and stroked a finger down her arm, making her shiver.  “I like games, don’t you?”

“With you? Of course!” Rachel tried to reach her arms out for him, but he caught them and, lifting them over her head, wrapped another bandanna around her wrists and looped it over a hook on the wall.

“Be patient,” he whispered in her ear.  “I promise, you’ll love it.”

Quickly now, he spread her legs and trapped them both against the wall, all the while assuring Rachel that this was a game that they were both going to win.

When she was positioned just the way he wanted, Nick walked over to the bank of switches on the opposite wall and flicked a few of them.  The sound of music filled the air and drowned out the hum of the industrial drill, which sat on a rolling cart in the center of the room. 

Rachel’s expression flickered into a frown now.  “Nick, what-”

But her question was drowned out when he pushed the cart against her, pinning her legs to the wall to keep them from thrashing as the drill ground through her sternum, spattering him with blood.  He was lucky, he mused, to have found an industrial drill because the handheld one that one of the confused crew members had found for him would’ve taken a lot more energy and strength to crack through her bones.  It was more suited to home improvement projects, rather than more… macabre “project” Nick had in mind.

When Rachel’s body had stopped moving for the most part—Nick didn’t mind the twitching much—he pushed the cart aside, unhooked her from the wall, and, dragging her body to the ground, got to the fun part.

Three days later, when a member of the arena’s maintenance crew entered the repair shop to find a toolbox to fix some of the chairs that a bunch of crazy boy band fans had trashed in their excitement, he was shocked and horrified to find a mutilated body, lying in congealed blood, in the center of the room.

Her torso had been gutted viciously, and her limbs stuck out at odd angles.  Curiously enough, the number “2” had been carved into her skin several times, the most prominent being on her forehead.

Three hundred miles away, Nick heard the news report as he poured bright red ketchup all over the French fries he was eating—his one weakness—in a diner.  While Brian exclaimed over the coincidence of the murder happening in the same arena that they’d played in just a few days earlier, Nick smirked to himself.

Two down…so many more to go.

Kill #3: Re-Wrap by Louise
Author's Notes:

This will make more sense if you read #22 on How To Kill Nick Carter.




I think it happened in September

or was it May? I can't remember.

All I know is this dude appeared

he kind of glowed; can you say 'weird'?

He said that I could have the chance

to go back and change my circumstance.

I wasn't sure what he meant

but being dead sucks, so away I went.


No longer was I a sheer cold mist

my body was back, and I clenched my fist.

Revenge would be mine on at least one fan;

she should never have messed with this particular man.

Into a sneer my lips did curl

I was ready to seek out that teenage girl.

I began to recall her particular look

just before my life they took.


She was young, perhaps nineteen

her eyes were blue... or were they green?

She had refused to see my charm

and now it was her turn to come to harm.

I concentrated on her face, her hair

her terrible attitude, her heated stare.

But where on earth could this harpy be?

I'd never find her if it were up to me.


So to the glowy dude I plead

to send me to the girl who'd made me dead.

He shook his head, and with a sigh

waved his hand, and I did fly.

I found myself at a shopping mall,

crashed right into a concrete wall.

But this to me did not deter

because just then I saw... her.


She was laughing... of all the nerve!

Sweet cold revenge was what I'd serve.

Chatting happily with a friend;

this was a scene I would love to end.

I kept to the shadows and watched her a while-

how dare she grin, how dare she smile!

Then her friend said goodbye;

I couldn't wait to see her die.


How would I do it? I didn't care

as long as she was made aware

of what she'd done, what she'd ended:

the utter perfection that could never be mended.

She had destroyed what was truly great

and in so doing had sealed her fate.

Then she went into the Ladies room...

a fitting place to meet her doom.


I followed her in to no-man's land

it was now or never I'd make a stand.

She chose a stall and locked the door

I tapped my foot loudly on the tiled floor.

I would wait until she was done

then I'd have my deathly fun.

She quickly finished and went to the sink

didn't give me so much as a passing blink.


I cleared my throat and her eyes went wide,

her surprise and shock she could not hide.

'It's your fault I'm dead', I said with a scowl,

and waited to hear her scream and howl.

'They tore you to pieces,' she finally said,

'But standing there, you don't look dead.'

'I came back for revenge, to take your life for mine,

until you started that riot, everything was fine!'


'You were a tease, a snob, and a bore,

all ego and bluster and nothing more.'

I took three steps and came quite near

and now, at last, I saw her fear.

She backed up against the wall

stepped into a wet spot and started to fall.

She hit her head on the porcelain sink,

tumbled to the floor before she had time to think.


Her skull resounded with an audible crack

she lay, limbs askew, upon her back.

The blood by her head began to pool

and from where I stood I could see her drool.

Over her body I couldn't help but lurk;

her last words were, 'Carter, you're still a jerk.'

The glowing man appeared and took my new life away

'Sorry, you failed... and dead you'll stay.'


Kill # 4 No Blood in my beautiful hands by Alexsgirl_ritz
Author's Notes:
This would probably be the most boring story in here... I just can't bring myself and let Nicky kill fans in a bloody way.... *hides*
Nick smiled when he saw the girl in the front row took a deep breath and fanned herself. He had been staring at her for like two minutes while singing I need you tonight, the song the girl just requested.

“I hope you like that, babe.” Nick said sweetly after hitting the last note. The girl started to nod hysterically.

The soundcheck lasted for another thirty minutes before the boys said goodbye to the screaming fans. Nick went to the backstage and looked for his security, he handed him a note and asked to give it to someone. He described the girl who requested for I need you tonight, and watched as his security went off to find the unlucky girl for the day.

The concert was amazing as usual, Nick gave his best performance for the crowd. Though, he wanted to kill them all, he reminded himself that it would be one fan at a time. And he had already chosen the one that will suffer tonight. A mischievous grin appeared on his face as he waved goodbye to the crowd.

Instead of going to the hotel assigned to them for the night, Nick went to another hotel. He would meet the unlucky girl there and will take revenge. He couldn’t stop smiling while on the way to the hotel, his hands holding his weapon for the night, two ecstasy pills.
He went directly to the room he reserved for them, he opened the door and saw the girl sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Hey, sweetheart.”

“Oh my God! You’re Nick Carter!”

“What did the note said, babe? I wanted to meet you here, right?”

“But I thought someone was playing games on me” She said while looking at her feet, she was avoiding Nick’s eyes.

“I would never play games on you. Now, tell me what do you want to do tonight?” Nick said in his most seductive voice as he kneeled in front of the girl.

“Anything you want,” She answered

“Well, I have this in mind.” Nick brushed his lips against her lips “Do you want me, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” She answered in a low voice

“Please take these first,” He held out his hands and motioned for her to take the pills

“What are those?”

“This would make our lovemaking more enjoyable and exciting. You don’t want me to be bored with you, do you?”

Nick smiled triumphantly when the girl took the pills and put them on her mouth. Nick walked to the other side of room to get the three big water bottles.

“Next step is to drink these water to make you feel better.”

“Wait, that’s like three liters of water or might be more. Is that really necessary?”

“Yes, baby, it would make you feel better, so much better.” He gave her a seductive smile and planted small kisses on her face “I won’t make love to you until you drink all of these”

“It might take a while before I drink all of that.”

“No problem. I have to make some phone calls, anyway. You don’t want Howie, Brian or AJ get worried just because they don’t know where I am, right?”

“Of course.”

“Good girl. I’ll tell them I’m with my dream girl tonight and won’t come back until tomorrow morning.” He smiled when she nodded and started drinking the water.

Nick made sure the girl drank all of the water and consumed more than three liters of water. He left the hotel the moment the girl collapsed on the bed. He was wishing his plan was successful or the next victim would suffer more because of his disappointment.


Nick was grinning from ear to ear while reading the newspaper. The girl he left at the hotel finally died after being in a coma for a week.

“Hey, Man, I don’t like the way you’re grinning.” Brian said as he took the newspaper from Nick’s hands. “Poor girl, she died because of Water intoxication.” Brian said it more like a question than a statement.

“What? What the hell is water intoxication?” AJ raised his eyebrows

“It says here that it occurs when a person drinks so much water that the blood becomes diluted. The poor girl took two ecstasy tablet and drank three liters of water so as a result water was sucked up into her brain cells under osmotic pressure, causing them to swell. The increased pressure on the brain stem resulted to coma and eventually her death.” Brian replied while reading the newspaper.

“Dude, remind me not to drink water if I ever took ecstasy pills.” AJ replied while shaking his head.

Nick stood up still smiling and whispered “This is so cool, she died and there was no blood in my hands. Four down and many, many more to go.”
Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading... I hope you wasn't bored.
Kill # 5-Be Careful What You Wish For by JennayHeartsNick

Be Careful What You Wish For

You know that old adage, “Be careful what you wish for cuz you just might get it”?  Well, now I believe it wholeheartedly.  This is my story. 

Coming home from a long day at work, I kicked off my shoes, changed my clothes, grabbed a bottle of water and plopped myself down in front of my computer.  I started browsing through my regular sites, catching up from what I’d missed that day.  Then I clicked open my hotmail.  There I found an email that made my insides start to turn inside out just by the subject line.  I quickly clicked the link, eager to see what it said.  Quickly scanning the email, I jumped up and screamed at the top of my voice....


I began to shake after it had sunk in just what I had won.  My family came rushing in to see what all my excitement was about. 

“Well” I began, “I entered a contest a couple months ago....”Win a day with Nick Carter”.  And I won! I get to choose where we spend the day and what we do” I explained. 

“When does this take place?” my mom asked.

“Ummmm” I started scanning the email again. I got so excited about winning I didn’t finish reading the email.  “In two weeks” I replied. 

My next step was to fill out the questionnaire attached to the email with several questions on it, including what I want my day with Nick to entail.  I quickly filled it out. I had already though about it, never dreaming I’d actually win.  My dream was finally going to come true. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved horses.  One of my biggest dreams was to go horseback riding along the beach.  Thanks to Nick, I will finally be able to mark that off my "Bucket list".  And after seeing an interview of his Malibu beachfront home, that was the place I chose to do it.  To just hang out with Nick at his home and just talk would be enough for me.

The two weeks flew by.  Before I knew it, I was standing at the airport saying goodbye to my family, about to depart on a trip of a lifetime.  My boarding call rang through the PA system and I walked down the ramp towards the plane. Finding my seat, I sat down and took my iPod out of my bag.  It was a long flight to LA from where I live, so I settled in to enjoy my flight.  I loved to fly so I was looking forward to it. 

I must have dozed off (having relatively NO sleep the night before..too excited!), I landed at LAX.  I gathered up my stuff and deboarded the plane.  Looking around, I saw a tall, dark haired guy holding a sign with my name on it.  I walked up to him and said my name and he reached out his hand and shook mine.

‘Hi, I’m Ben and I will be your driver.  I will be taking you to your hotel” he told me.

“Great to meet you Ben. I’m so excited to be here” I replied happily. 

“Follow me and we’ll get going” he said reaching down and taking my bag from me. 

I was only to be there 3 days. The day I got there, the day with Nick, and I was going home the following day.  So, the contest included 3 days at a swanky hotel.  I was almost looking more forward to the Jacuzzi tub in my room as to seeing Nick.  Ok, not really, but you know what I mean! 

Ben lead me to a long, stretch limousine. Now I was really excited. I’d never been in a limo before.  Ben opened the door for me and I climbed in.  I took time to take in my surroundings, enjoying the limo as Ben put my bag in the trunk, slammed it shut and walked around and got in the driver’s seat. 

It was a short drive to the hotel.  Ben got out, got my bag and opened my door. 

“I’ll be back in the morning at 7:00am to pick you up” he told me. 

“Thanks again Ben” I told him,as I handed him a $10.00 tip.  He quickly slapped away my money.  “That’s been all taken care of” he told me.  I put the money back in my purse and headed into the hotel.  After a quick check in, I headed up to my room.  Opening the door, I let out a gasp.  It was huge! I ran over and jumped in the middle of the king sized bed and let out a squeal of joy.  I still couldn’t believe this was happening! 

After a long soak in the Jacuzzi tub with lots and lots of bubbles, I headed to bed.  Tomorrow as gonna be a long day.  The bed was as soft as it was large.  After a quick call the to family to say good night, I snuggled down and fell asleep fast. 

Getting up the next morning, I got dressed quickly, did my hair and limited make up and headed downstairs to meet Ben. I found him waiting for me just outside the hotel. 

“Good morning” he greeted me as he opened the door to the limo.

“Good morning” I chirped as I bounced my way to the car.  “How long a drive is it?” I asked.

“Not too long.  Did you eat breakfast?” he asked.

“No, I’m way too nervous to eat” I replied. 

“Good, cuz Mr. Carter wanted to eat breakfast with you” he told me.

“Oh God, I have to EAT in front of him?” I quipped. 

Ben just laughed. I slipped into the limo and he shut the door and got in and drove away.

About a half hour drive, he pulled up in front of a row of beachfront homes.  He got out and opened my door.  As I stepped out, I looked up to see Nick decending from stairs of a condo looking home.  I froze.  “This is it” I mentally told myself. 

“Hey!” Nick yelled as he walked up to me. 

“Hi” I said shyly. 

“Thanks Ben.  Don’t worry about coming back for her. I’ll drive her back to her hotel myself.” Nick told Ben.  Ben shook his head, waved at me, then left.

“So”, Nick said, “horseback riding on the beach uh? I’m not too great on a horse.  I may need your help”

“Its been a while for me too, but I’m sure it will come back to me fast.  I can’t thank you enough for this Nick” I said.  I was shocked at how comfortable I was talking to him. Any time I have talked to him before, I clammed up tight. 

“Well, hope your hungry, I have a full course breakfast waiting inside. We are gonna need our energy today.” he said.  He grabbed my hand and led me inside. 

After a quick tour of the house, and my eyes bugging out of my head, we sat down and ate.  Having a nice back and forth conversation, I found him quite easy to talk to one on one.  We cleaned up breakfast and headed to his car.  I guess where the horses were kept we had to drive to.  It only took 15 minutes and we were there.  Getting out the car, I saw two horses, one black as midnight and the other a buckskin,  saddled and ready to go.  Thankfully, they were dressed in western tack.  A western saddle was much easier to sit in than English especially on a sandy, rough beach.  Nick walked over and talked to the guy standing near the horses.  I walked over to them and started petting the black one’s muzzle.  I have always loved black horses.  I claimed that one as mine.  Nick walked over to me.

“So, ready to hit the beach?” he asked. “I’m guessing you are taking the black one.” he chuckled.

“Yeah, if you don’t mind. Its always been my favorite color horse.” I told him.

“Yeah, I know. You mentioned it in your email.  If you notice, both horses are the color your said in your questionnaire.” he said.

“Well I’ll be damned. I didn’t even notice.  Thanks Nick” I said.

“No problem. Let’s mount up and get going” he said

Now, it’d been a while since I’ve ridden, but I mounted with ease.  Nick, on the other hand, had a bit of trouble.  After finally getting on the buckskin gelding, you could tell he wasn’t at his more comfortable place.  I chuckled to myself. 

We began down the beach at a slow pace.  We just talked and enjoyed each other’s company.  We then steered the horses down to the water.  Kicking my horse’s sides, I took off at a gallop.  Nick followed my lead.  Racing through the water, splashing wildly, I felt freer than I’d had in a long time.  Slowing the horses down, we walked again for a bit. 

“Nick, I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I’ve had such a great day today with you.  I can’t thank you enough” I told him.

“Its been a pleasure meeting you too. This has actually been fun” he replied.

We were coming up to the end of the beach where there were some woods.  Nick kicked, suddenly, took off on his horse.  I followed suit, trying to catch up with him.  He steered his horse into the woods. 

“Nick!” I shouted, laughing “wait for me!”

I could barely see him up ahead of me.  I seen him laying low beside the horse’s neck.  Wondering what was going on, I rode towards him.  I didn’t even know it happened.  I didn’t feel a thing.  All I know is now I’m standing there, staring at my now headless body, blood gushing from the arteries from where my head used to bed.  My head had rolled a few feet away, coming to rest at a tree trunk, a shocked look frozen on my face.

*late last night*

Nick walked around the woods looking for the perfect place.  He finally found it.  Two trees close enough together but far enough apart.  He reached into his back pocket and pulled out the piano wire he had brought.  He tied it to the two trees then tied a white handkerchief around one of the branches so he would know where to find his surprise for his guest fan.  “She’s really gonna loose her head over me” he laughed to himself. He walked back to his car and went home for a good night’s rest, waiting for his next victim to arrive. 

*present time*

Nick walked over to my body, gave it and gave it a kick. Laughing maliciously, he said...

“Five down and many, many, many more to go”

Chapter End Notes:

This really IS a dream of mine. Perhaps I need to reconsider that

Kill #6 - How Nick Carter Killed Fanfic by RokofAges75
Author's Notes:
I'm taking the place of a deleted chapter with this spoof of The Grinch... Merry Christmas! =D

Kill #6 – How Nick Carter Killed Fanfic

Every fan on AC liked fanfics a lot…
But Nick, who often got killed in them, did NOT!

Nick hated those stories! All Backstreet fan fiction!
You can understand why, given all his afflictions.
In one story, he came down with cancer and died.
In another, he had Alzheimer’s and was dead inside.
But I think the most awful affliction on that page
May have been the Ebola he contracted onstage.

Whatever his cause of death, freezing or fire,
He sat there on Christmas Eve, hating the writers,
Glaring at his computer with a pissy Nick pout
As he scrolled through the updates that they had put out,
For he knew every reader logged in to AC
Was busy now, reading the newest Nick tragedy.

“And they’re leaving reviews!” he gasped in a breath.
“Tomorrow is Christmas, and they’re celebrating my death!”
Then he chewed on his fingernails, nervously biting.
“I MUST find a way to keep these girls from writing!”

For after the holidays, all the writers and readers
Would log back online as their fic alter egos,
Then the fans, sane or not, would click on the stories,
And they’d read! And they’d read!
And they’d READ! READ! READ! READ!
They would start with Most Recent and then the Top Tens,
Which all featured Nick, from beginning to end.

And then they’d do something to honor the writers:
Every fan on AC, both clique and outsider,
Would submit nominations, without much promoting.
Then they’d click on a poll, and the fans would start voting!

They’d vote! And they’d vote!
And the more Nick thought of the Felix Awards,
The more Nick thought, I must stop this whole board!
Why, for five to eight years, I’ve put up with it now!
I MUST stop Absolute Chaos… but HOW?

Then he got an idea!
An awful idea!

“I know just what to do!” Nick laughed in his throat.
And he made a quick Santa Claus hat and a coat.
And he chuckled and clucked, “What an epic Nick trick!
“With this coat and this hat, I’ll look just like Saint Nick!”

“All I need is a reindeer…”
Nick looked around.
But since reindeer are scarce, there was none to be found.
Did that stop Nick…?
No! Nick simply said,
“If I can’t find a reindeer, I’ll fly commercial instead!”
So he called his travel agent and booked a flight,
A red-eye to Pennsylvania which left that night.

Then he packed his bags and kissed Lauren goodbye,
And he drove to the airport, ready to fly.
Nick thought, Please, God, as the plane took off fast,
Please don’t let them jinx me. Please don’t let us crash!

When the plane landed safely, he sighed with relief
And set off for the home of the Fan Fiction Queen.
When he came to her apartment, her fan fiction lair,
All her windows were dark. Quiet snow filled the air.

“This is stop number one,” Saint Nickolas hissed,
And he climbed the steps, managing not to trip.
Then he slid open a window, which was thankfully unlocked,
Since there was no chimney to slide down like Claus.
He hoisted himself in, a rather tight squeeze,
But he hadn’t lost near sixty pounds for nothing!
He got stuck only once, for a moment or two,
Then he lowered himself into her spare bedroom,
Where her desk sat deserted, screensaver aglow.
“This computer,” he smirked, “is the first thing to go!”

Then he fumbled and fought with the tangle of cords
Around the desk as he unplugged each port.
The keyboard! The printer! The monitor! The mouse!
Flash drive! Internet! Speakers for sound!
He left a big mess, like a regular looter,
But Nick was only interested in the computer.

He picked up the PC, and he started to go,
When he heard a harsh sound, like the caw of a crow.
He turned around fast, and he saw her… Who?
Miss Mare-y Sue Who, who was about thirty-two.

Nick had been caught by this AC moderator,
Who’d got out of bed sooner, rather than later,
To go grocery shopping before the sun rose
With all of the eighty- and ninety-year-olds.
She stared at Nick and said, “Nick Carter? Why?
"Why are you here, dressed like Santa Claus? WHY?”

But you know that Nick Carter is charming and slick.
He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick!
“Yo, honey, wassup?” the fake playa lied.
“I was just in the neighborhood and thought I’d drop by.
“See, I’ve been reading the stories on your website online,
And I wanted to meet you, the site’s mastermind.”

“That’s Chaos,” said Mare, “or Ash, as he’s called.”
“Or Julilly – she really calls all the shots.
“I’m only a mod; I just keep the peace.
“Writing is really where I feel at ease.”

“Writing…” said Nick. “Oh, yeah, yeah, that’s right.
“I think I read one of your stories one time.”
He smirked at Mare and narrowed his eyes.
“You made Brian carve into my skin the word MINE.”

Mare’s eyes grew wide; her face turned white.
She took a step backwards, into the light.
“I didn’t mean anything by it,” she said.
“It’s only fan fiction. Don’t hurt me,” she begged.

Nick emerged from the shadows, unstrapping his belt.
He whipped her once, leaving a welt.
But that wasn’t enough for what she had done,
Even if it was fiction, even for fun!
“You fans like to torture and maim me for sport?
“Now murder’s my new hobby,” came Nick’s retort.

“Wait! I don’t actually kill you!” cried Mare,
But it was too late, for Nick didn’t care.
He was already in too deep over his head.
He couldn’t stop now, not until Mare was dead.

He stalked towards her with the belt in his hands,
Ready to slay her like the other fans.
“Now don’t you dare scream or cry out or call,”
he warned as he backed her up against the wall.

But Mare wasn’t going down without a fight.
She threw back her head and shrieked with all her might.
Nick silenced her scream with a fist to her face.
If the neighbors had heard her, they’d still be too late.
This girl would be dead by the time she was found,
Nick assured himself as he spun her around.

Mare cried out in pain as he started to poke her,
Slipping the belt ‘round her neck like a choker,
And that’s what it became, quite literally,
As he tightened the belt until she couldn’t breathe.

Mare struggled and squirmed, as he strangled her slowly,
But Nick blocked her kicks like a superstar goalie,
Till finally she fainted, went limp in his arms,
Unconscious now, but not yet fatally harmed.

Into the bedroom, he dragged her, half-dead,
And belted her limbs to the posts of her bed.
He sat by and waited, until she came to;
Then he smirked as he thought of what he’d make her do.

“You fan fiction writers are all just the same.
“You make me your puppet, your play thing, your game.
“But not anymore. You see, this is my story,
“And it’s a true horror tale, bloody and gory.
“And guess what? I get to decide how it ends,”
He said, as he forced a knife into her hands.

“What’s this for?” she asked, looking down at the blade.
Her voice shook, as tears and snot dripped down her face.
“Wh-Wh-Wh-What is it you want me to do?”
But Nick had a feeling she already knew.

“I want you to act out that part from your fic,
“When Brian cuts ‘MINE, MINE, MINE’ all over Nick.
“You get to play both roles – now how cool is that?
“First you can be Frick; then you get to be Frack.
“Cut into your skin with the blade of the knife
And carve these three words: VENGEANCE IS MINE.”

“No… please, no,” Mare begged, shaking her head.
“Please don’t make me do it. I’d rather be dead.”

“You better do it, or I’ll use the knife
“To cut off each finger that you used to type
“That twisted, sick story about me and Brian,”
Nick threatened, and Mare knew that he wasn’t lyin’.

He gave her no choice but to follow his whim.
She winced as she dug the knife into her skin.
He watched the prescribed letters slowly take shape,
As drips of her blood trickled down the sharp blade.

When the pain grew too much, she passed out again,
Leaving Nick to admire her mutilated skin.
“Vengeance is mine,” he whispered the phrase,
Which the poor fanfic writer would wear to her grave.

Vengeance achieved, it was Nick’s time to go,
But not before slitting the fanfic queen’s throat.
Once Mare-y Sue Who had bled out and died,
He wrapped up her body and dragged it outside.

The last thing he did was dump her remains
Into the dumpster, taking great pains
To cover his tracks, so he couldn’t be caught.
But who would suspect a Backstreet Boy? he thought.

It was quarter past dawn… all the fans, still asleep,
When he booked a hotel and entered his suite.
He should have been tired, but he was wide awake,
Revitalized by the revenge he did take.

He got out his laptop and turned on the PC,
Hooked up the net and logged on to AC.
“Fuck you, fanfic writers!” he crowed with delight.
“You’re nothing without your leader alive!
“Who will you cry to when the server crashes?
“Where will you post all your angst-fests and slashes?
“Without Mare, AC will go down in ashes!”

“That’s a sight,” smirked Nick, “that I simply must see!”
So he waited and waited, refreshing AC.
And he did see some changes appear on the site:
New stories appearing left and right!

“What the fuck?” cried Nick. “How can they be writing?
“I killed off their leader! That can’t be inspiring!”

But the fans on AC, the “special” and the sane,
Were writing and reading each other’s updates!
He HADN’T stopped fangirls from writing! THEY WROTE!
They wrote without Mare; they wrote even so!

And Nick, with his big feet in Turtle slippers,
Sat puzzling and puzzling: “What’s wrong with these girls?
"They kill off their idols! They make us all gay!
"They write without agents, book deals, or pay!"
And he puzzled three hours, ‘till his puzzler was sore.
Then Nick thought of something he hadn’t before!
“Maybe fanfic,” he thought, “isn’t so mysterious.
“Maybe fanfic just isn’t supposed to be serious.”

And what happened then? Well, in the fandom, they say
That Nick Carter’s heart grew three sizes that day
Due to cardiomyopathy, brought on by drugs.
If only his parents had given him more hugs!


Nick scowled as he read this latest synopsis.
He decided the author would be next on his hit list.
So many more to kill... he was only on six!
And on that pleasant note… Merry Christmas!

Chapter End Notes:
Sorry Mare... R.I.P. LOL
Kill #7 Sick As My Secrets by Carter-Orange


Sick As My Secrets




“Welcome to the News at Ten. Tonight’s main stories…house prices set to fall again…credit crunch…another murder in…”



I switched the TV channel over, I hadn’t really been paying the news much attention, just hearing little snippets, I was sick of hearing the same news over and over again. It seemed like almost every day there was another grisly murder committed somewhere in the country. What was the world coming to?

Death was something I’d never given much of a thought, being twenty four; it was not something I thought was ever going to happen to me. I was young and had my whole life ahead of me; I was going to make the most of it. I had plans. My dream was to travel the world, to visit all of those far-away places I’d often seen on TV or in magazines. Preferably I’d be travelling the world with the man of my dreams, but I was realistic enough to know that the man of my dreams was just that… a fantasy, make believe.

I eventually went to bed, picking up my copy of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies from the bedside table and reading a few pages before drifting off to sleep. I dreamt of dancing with a tall, dark haired, handsome man. My very own Mr Darcy holding me close in his arms. It was a shame to wake up and realise it was all a dream. No man, no dancing, just me in my pokey little apartment, all alone.

I took a shower and got dressed before wandering into the little kitchen area to make myself breakfast before facing another day in work, but at least it was Thursday, almost the weekend.

“Crap, I’m gonna be late” I muttered to myself as I put my shoes on and grabbed my bag, then headed out the door to walk to work. Luckily I lived within a reasonably short walking distance to my place of work, and it was a lovely sunny day outside.

“Hi Rose” said my colleague Robyn as I sat down at my desk and switched on my PC.

“Hey Robyn” I smiled at her. We’d worked together for a couple of years and got along pretty well. When work was quiet, we often gossiped about men and life in general.

“Any plans for the weekend?” she asked placing a cup of coffee in front of me. It was her turn to get the coffee today.

“Thanks” I raised the cup and took a sip “I don’t think so, maybe just a few drinks after work tomorrow, I don’t know about the rest yet. What about you?”

“Well scrap that. Guess what I’ve got?” she bounced in her seat.

“What?” I asked, wishing she’d just spill it.

“We are going to see Nick Carter’s solo show” she grinned.

I’d been trying to get tickets for ages, but hadn’t had any luck. Since the NKOTBSB tour, Nick Carter had become a big thing again and it wasn’t so easy to get tickets. In fact, the day tickets had gone on sale, I’d pulled a sickie and spent all day in front of my computer and on the phone trying to get some. I’d been unlucky and pissed off for days.

“Oh my fucking god Rob, how did you get your hands on them?” I asked.

“Remember I told you about my brother’s friend? Well he happens to work at the arena and blagged a couple. So Cinderella, you shall go to the ball tomorrow night…or Nick’s concert” she laughed.

“Wow, I don’t know how to thank you. But thank you so much” I could hardly contain my excitement. I was actually going to see Nick Carter.

After work on Friday, we went straight from the office, tidying ourselves up and applying a little more make-up in the toilets before leaving work. Not that Nick would notice, but a girl likes to look her best just in case.

The show was fantastic and we had awesome seats in the second row, centre stage. Nick was his usual energetic self and sent the girls wild with his crooked grin and pelvic thrusts. I could’ve sworn he looked my way once or twice, but maybe that was wishful thinking.

After the show Robyn and I went to Barracuda, which is where the after party was going to be. It was also one of the best clubs in town with a great atmosphere and amazing music. We got a couple of drinks and found somewhere to sit. We could’ve joined some of the other girls who were crowding around the DJ booth, but we figured we had a better view where we were.

“I’ll be back in a minute” I said, placing my drink on the table and heading for the toilets. As I washed my hands, I looked at my reflection in the mirror, more lipstick was needed.

As I left the toilets, I bumped into none other than Nick Carter himself. He apologised for nearly knocking me off my feet and offered to buy me a drink. I wasn’t going to say no. He then invited both myself and Robyn to have a drink with him in the VIP lounge.

“Y’know, I noticed you at the show” he whispered in my ear, so quiet that Robyn couldn’t hear.

“You did?” I asked incredulously

“Oh yeah” he replied and looked at me with lust filled eyes.

We chatted for a little while and then Robyn asked if I minded her ditching me, her boyfriend had just sent her a text to say he was in the club. Of course I didn’t mind. I was with Nick Carter!

We drank a couple more shots and as I looked at him, my vision became blurred. I could hardly focus. What the hell was wrong with me? I hadn’t had that much to drink, no more than normal anyway; I shouldn’t be feeling like this.

“I don’t feel so good” I mumbled and clutched his arm to steady myself. Then everything went black.




I woke up in a strange bed, completely naked. I sat up and began to panic. Where the fuck was I? And more importantly, who the hell’s bed was I in? I’m not the kind of person who sleeps around, even if I’ve had a few too many drinks. I always know my limit when it comes to drink, and I never ever pass out. So what happened last night? Why did I end up here?

I looked around the room. It was obviously the room of someone who liked the nice things in life, whoever he was, he was rich. But that didn’t make me feel any better. I swung my legs out of the bed and stood up shakily; I felt dizzy and weak and had a banging headache. Where the hell were my clothes? I scanned the room quickly and saw a shirt lying on the floor that would have to do. I slipped it on and quickly did the buttons up. Should I just sneak out, or should I wait here until whoever it was came back into the room? I decided sneaking out was the best option, I’d probably see my bag and clothes on the way.

I crept over to the bedroom door and gently opened it, trying to make as little noise as possible. I looked out of the room and saw no one there, phew; maybe there would be no need for any awkward morning after talk. I’d never had a one night stand before, what did you say to some total stranger?

“Hey, you’re awake” said a voice from behind me. It was a soft, soothing voice, and he sounded familiar. I turned to face him and my mouth dropped open in shock. It was Nick Carter. Holy fuck, how in the world had I ended up in his bed?

“Erm…I’m just leaving” I said as I blushed from head to toe.

“Not so fast Rose” he said and pulled me close to him, I felt uncomfortable. The soothing voice was gone and something in his tone made me afraid.

“No, really, I have to go” I said “I’ll just get my clothes and bag and I’ll be out of your way”

“You aren’t going anywhere…yet” he said, his voice becoming more sinister.

“Please” I said; panic washing over me “I just want to go home. I don’t even know how I got here”

“You don’t remember anything?” he asked and then more to himself than me he muttered “they usually remember something the next morning”

“Listen, Nick, I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but please let me go. I won’t tell anyone about this, I’m not that kind of person, I just want to go home” I begged.

“Shhhh” he said into my hair “don’t get yourself upset, you’ll only make it worse”

Now I was beginning to freak out. I tried to free myself from his grip but he was too strong. He dragged me across the room and I caught a glimpse of our reflections in the large mirror, I was a mess.

“Ah, you noticed that then?” he asked “you did put up a bit of a struggle before you finally passed out”

What the hell was he talking about? What had he done to me? I was beginning to realise exactly what had happened. I’d been drugged, beaten and raped. Tears began to fall down my face.

“Nick, just let me go, please. I won’t go to the police, I promise” I said

“Yeah, yeah, that’s what the first bitch said, but I followed her and stopped her” he said in a calm, chilling tone.

“There have been others?” I asked horrified.

“Oh yes” he said evilly and gripped my body harder, forcing me against the wall “many more and each in a different way”

“No” I screamed and tried to fight him off, lashing out as much as I could. We struggled and moved around the room as I tried to fight him off. Before I knew it we were out on the balcony, there was nowhere to go from there, I realised we were in an apartment quite a long way up from the ground.

“There’s no escape Rose” he whispered as his hands closed around my neck and he began to add pressure.

“Please” I was begging now, I really was pleading for my life, tears flowing freely down my face. I was beginning to lose my strength, fighting him off was useless, I was no match for him and he knew it.

When people say you see your life flash before you when you are close to death, well they are right. As I began to lose consciousness, I saw flashbacks off the life I’d had. I saw my family and friends, holidays I’d been on. I’d been so happy until a chance encounter with the man I’d adored from afar for so long.

And then nothing, it all went black.




“Welcome to the News at Ten. Tonight’s main stories…Police are investigating the death of a 24 year old woman, who was found this morning by a couple out walking their dog. Initial reports show that the victim – who cannot be named at present – was beaten, strangled and then hacked to pieces, before being dumped in a suitcase behind the pavilion in Bay view Park. Police are keen for any witnesses to come forward…



Nick smiled to himself and turned off the TV; he’d had a busy day and now needed his sleep. Tomorrow the tour was moving on to another city and that meant another girl if the mood took him. Or maybe he’d give the next city a miss. He didn’t want to make anyone suspicious.

Seven down and so many more to go!



Chapter End Notes:

Rose, I hope you are OK with this!

Kill #8 Drop Dead Beautiful by Rose
Kill #8 – Drop Dead Beautiful

Nick smirked at all the girls crowding the nightclub at his after party. He knew the name of it but he couldn’t think of it right then. Not that it mattered. His solo tour was going better than he ever could’ve planned. As the club pulsated with the thumping beat of the music, strobe lights danced around the walls. A glance down at the floor showed a mob of dancing bodies, mostly girls. All of them fans.


There were so many there, but he could only have one that night, which would it be? Who would be special enough to be number eight? He leaned against railing; he was up on the second floor in the VIP area. He’d already did his little showing for the fans, sang a few songs. Howie came for support, taking his turn at the mike and attempting to DJ.

As Britney Spears began to play, it was then he spotted her.

Baby I don't know how I'm gonna survive
This fatal attraction is going to eat me alive
I'm not supposed to want ya but I do like I die
It's turned me into a monster, like I'm Jekyll & Hyde

Immediately Nick started making his way down to the bottom dance floor. His craving for this girl was insatiable. Her silky raven locks, hanging down her back in loose tendrils. The way her tan skin seemed to radiate under the neon lights dancing around the club. She was on the phone with someone, laughing and smiling as everyone else continued to dance. He hoped she was enjoying the moment, for the best was soon to come; only right then, she didn’t know it.

“Rose, where are you?” He could hear her saying into the phone. “I couldn’t find you at the concert…we were supposed to meet up remember? I’m getting worried. Call me when you get this.”

Nick smirked; I wonder if it’s the same girl I chopped up last stop.

She hung up the phone, her dark eyes flashed with annoyance. “So much for being friends, lets meet up, let’s hang out, triple rainbow all the way…riiiiight,” She muttered before turning. Nick stepped forward, getting in her way. She stepped back with surprise. He eyed her seductively, giving the grin that he was famous for.


The young woman smiled nervously, a blush rising up through her cheeks. Her hands moved about, unsure of what to do. “Um, hi.”

He leaned forward, whispering into her ear. “I’ve been watching you…you’ve had my attention all night.”

She giggled, shivering at the touch of his breath. “Really?”

It's scary, yeah
I think I need some hypnotherapy, yeah
Cos when you stare at me
I wanna take over your body like, like, like it's freaky Friday
I wanna take you to a dark place
Make you, make you, make you do it my way
It's scary, yeah
I think I need some hypnotherapy, yeah
This scene is so very
I want you so bad it's scary
Baby I want you so bad it scares me

Nick nodded, inwardly laughing. The effect he had on the fans was such a useful skill. It was like leading happy little sheep to slaughter. He’d thought the deaths would’ve stopped after killing Rose, as she seemed to have been the leader. But when they continued, it had confirmed he would have to kill them all. Tonight’s girl, he had special plans for her.

“How about, you come with me…” he pulled her close, nuzzling her neck before murmuring. “We can get to know each other a little better if you know what I mean.”

“Sure…” she replied, lost within his touch as he led her back upstairs.

“What’s your name…”



His lips met hers, the kisses between them becoming more frantic as he led her back into one of the private VIP rooms. A place where he knew no one would come looking in for quite some time. His hands ran through her hair, so soft to the touch. He couldn’t wait till he could have his way with her. That would be when the fun began.

His hands traveled downward, along her face, caressing her cheek as he pulled away. “You’re so beautiful…”

Before she could move, before she could react, his hands gripped her head tightly. Her eyes shot open, fear made them come alive. He could see in her expression that she knew what was to come next. The thought exhilarated him. With brute force he twisted as hard as he could, enjoying the satisfying crack that followed. She fell to the floor, looking even lovelier to him. Her head lay at an odd angle as he reached down for her body. He snickered to himself. His work wasn’t over.


That next morning, he sat on his tour bus as it drove on to the next stop. He hadn’t slept all night; he spent so much time working on her. Now he only wanted to see the reports on his masterpiece. This one had been one of his favorites. He channel surfed from his bed, hoping to find something anything.

“It was found in the alley this morning. An unidentified young woman, police are estimating the age to be in her early twenties. The public is horrified at this brutal and twisted homicide. Her naked body was mutilated with carvings of the words “Drop Dead Beautiful” into her skin. The murderer had covered the body with white roses.” An image of the flowers flashed across the screen, no longer white and pristine, but stained with Sarah’s blood. ”…Once again, if anyone knows anything, please call this number…”

“Eight down…” His lips curled into a smile. “And the fun has only just begun…”
Kill #9- Taking The Plunge by DelphinaCarter
Author's Notes:
Hope you enjoy. Rose is a bad influence. The girl in the story is a fanfic author but nobody in particular.
He had finally found his target after traveling for a few hours. Walking up to the house, Nick smiled as he saw her in her bedroom window.

"Straight through my heart...single bullet got me, I can't stop the" she crooned to the Nick Carter poster on the wall behind her bed. She danced on her bed, carefree and happy. He moved closer to the window and stood there, watching her sing as she cleaned her bedroom.

"She aimed and she shot me, just can't believe it..." the girl sang, clutching at her heart and laughing at her own cheesy dance moves. The girl wrote fan he hated those stories. Some were all right....but a group of them had decided to write him dying as a joke. He didn't find it funny dying over and over....getting mauled by a "big cat" or impaled by various objects. Nonetheless it was time for payback. He snickered at the song reference he had made in his mind as he approached the house for a better look at his target. Nick had been looking for her for some time and he was ecstatic he had found her so quickly. He smiled as he watched her dance, she was pretty and he wanted to have some fun with her first before he got down to business. Taking a step forward, he crept right up to the window and peered in.

"Holy shit!" the girl screamed in surprise, jumping when she saw his face. He was pale and his eyes bloodshot...his hair messy and spatters of blood stained his shirt.

"Well, hello there." he chuckled seductively, grinning at her.

"Nick....why are you looking in my window?" she demanded. Nick moved closer.

"You looked so sexy singing our song like that, I was just admiring your voice." he replied with a smile. Of course this was a lie. She had the kind of voice that made babies cry.

"Were you?"

"Yep. You hungry? I'm sure you'd like to grab something to eat right about now." he offered. The girl didn't seem too sure. Nick looked gorgeous but the blood on his shirt frightened her.

"I don't know." she said shakily. Nick wasn't happy about this.

"You're coming for a ride." he said as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her out of the window. She kicked and screamed as he took her to the car and threw her in the trunk.

"Let me go!!!" she begged, her muffled sobs echoed in the empty trunk of the car he had stolen recently. He drove for what seemed hours until he came to his destination.

"Why, Nick? Why.....why are you doing this to me?" the girl pleaded with him when he opened the trunk. She was bound by rope...her hands and feet tied to each other. The girl looked up at him, tears glistening in her eyes as he smirked at her.

"You should have thought about it before you fucking wrote that story...." he whispered calmly, an inch from her pale face. He grinned like the cheshire cat....and took out the knife from his pocket. He bent down and kissed her gently as she cried in front of him.

"I didn't want to.... hurt was only a story," the girl said in choked sobs. He smiled and felt her soft hair...she trembled at his cold hands touching her face.

"Next time you will think twice, sweetheart." he replied before plunging the knife blade into her chest and twisting it. She screamed and he took the knife back....watching her bleed before plunging it into her neck and slitting her throat. Nick laughed crazily, the knife stabbing again and again until the girl was no longer moving. He snapped a picture of his latest kill and smiled, Nick couldn't wait to hear the news once the body was found.

"Straight through her heart...then she stopped breathing..." he sang softly as he put the corpse back into his car. He drove to a cliff and pushed the car over....nobody knew about this place. As he watched the car plummet head first into the ocean, he smiled...then walked away, tossing the knife behind him, humming cheerfully.

9 down and so many more fans to go.........
Kill #10-Twisted Fantasies by JennayHeartsNick

She was standing in the doorway in a very, VERY see-through nighty that left nothing to the imagination.  Her long, beautifully sculpted leg rubbed up and down the doorframe driving him crazy as to what was about to occur. 

“Lauren” he breathed. 

“Yes dear.  By the look on your face I can tell you like what you see” she teased. 

“Ohhhhh yeah. I’ve dreamt of this for so long” he said, just above a whisper.

“Ok..since you’ve dreamt of it for so long, what to you want to do with me? What is your fantasy? Something you’ve always wanted to do, no matter how kinky?” she purred. 

“I can think of a few things” he responded.  Then he beckoned her near with a finger wave.  

Lauren walked slowly to the bed, pulled the covers back and climbed in next to him.  After a few minutes of him pouring out his fantasies to her, she climbed on top of him. 

“You ready for the best night of your life” she asked, looking down at him. 

“As if you can’t feel it ready” he responded, with a smirk.

Lauren began clawing at his chest then leaned down, kissing him along his jawline, driving him almost mad with want. 

Suddenly, she stopped and sat up.

 “What’s wrong?” he asked. 

“Nothing.  I’ll be right back. Just wait here for me loverboy” she said.

Lauren got up and wrapped herself in a terrycloth robe and walked to the door.  She twisted the doorknob and let herself out.  Once the door was closed, she walked over to the man standing down at the end of the hallway.

“He’s all your’s Nick.  Have fun sweetie. Love you.” She kissed Nick passionately and then walked downstairs.

Nick smiled wickedly as he watched his girlfriend’s ass as she sashayed away. God, did he love her.  He then hoisted his bag of goodies from the floor and headed into the door she had just left.

Upon entering the room, he found his prey still in the bed with the sheet draped loosely across his lap.  When he noticed it wasn’t Lauren that returned, the man’s face contorted into a mixture of emotions.

“Nick!” he screamed, “this is not what it looks like, I swear!”

“Really Sagar, then what, pray tell is it then?” Nick asked. 

“ do you know my name” Sagar stammered. 

“Oh, I have my ways.  I’ve always liked that we had male fans. Straight or gay. Made me feel good that we could reach more than just teenie-bopper girls.  But had to go and join in with the sickass fun of killing me off. THAT is your fatal mistake buddy” Nick told him.  “And its MY turn.”

Sagar tried to scramble from the bed, but Nick was too fast for him.  From all his working out, Nick was now strong as an ox and Sagar was no match for Nick’s strength.  Before he knew it, Sagar found himself tied to the bed by, strangely enough, Wylee scarves. 

Watching Sagar’s face as he read the label on the scarf, Nick smiled. 

“I suppose you have a sick fantasy about Leighanne too, uh?” he asked.

“What are you going to do to me?” Sagar asked, ignoring Nick’s question. 

“Well, that’s for me to know and you to never find out” Nick sneared at him.   

Nick pulled his goody bag over to him and opened it up.  Setting his chosen objects in a nicely, formed line on the dresser, he set to work on violating Sagar’s body in just about every way a body can be violated. 

Two days later, Nick sat watching the late night news. He had been waiting for his latest to be discovered.  Finally, it had been.

“Tonight’s breaking news” the reported started, “The body of a young man has been found in a dumpster in the back of a local Dunkin Donuts.  It appears to have been brutally violated.  Found along with the body, a broken off broom stick and several rotting vegetables.  The identity of the man is being withheld due to the pending investigation and notification of family members.  More on this story as information is released.” 

Nick smiled.  Just then Lauren walked in.  She leaned down and kissed Nick on the cheek.

“10 down, and such a great mixture to go” Nick said.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope this is ok Sagar!!  I'm so nervous on what you and everyone will think of this one!  I hope I did you

Kill # 11 - Blame Rose... by Alexsgirl_ritz
I looked at Brian who was sleeping on my bed, and I felt guilty somehow for causing the tragic incident that bothered the hell out of him. You might be wondering why he was sleeping on my hotel room because Brian and I never share room anymore. I could tell you two reasons, first Leighanne and Baylee went home the other day leaving Brian all alone. Second, poor Brian said he was too heartbroken and scared to sleep on his room, he said what he saw would probably haunt him forever. And with that thought, I smiled.


I slowly shook my head to get the evil thoughts off my mind. I tried to concentrate on what Howie was saying but I just couldn’t focus. I looked down on my hands, the itching was driving me crazy. Scratching them did no good. It felt like I was itching to do something crazy, something bloody, something involving one of crazy fans.

I repeatedly told myself that soundcheck will start in an hour and there I could pick who will be victim number eleven. But the conversation I overheard last night before entering my hotel room kept playing on my head over and over again.

I stood up, excused myself and told the guys I would just be on my tour bus to take a nap. On the way out I gave instruction to one crew that if ever Brian, Howie or AJ looked for me, he’d tell them that I went out to buy coffee.

I hailed a cab and went back to the hotel. I pulled out Brian’s key card, which I stole from him last night, from my pocket. I quietly entered Brian’s room, and I was glad to see that the girl I was expecting to be there was sitting on the bed smelling one of Brian’s shirts. The girl quickly stood up when I cleared my throat.

“I was… just folding Mr. Littrell’s shirts.” She stammered

“You are not an employee of the hotel, are you?”

“I am.” She said in a low voice and pointing on her ID and uniform

“Well, I just happened to hear you begging the old lady last night to lend you a housekeeper uniform and her ID. We could always check with the manager, right?” I pretended to leave the room. I smiled when she stopped me.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to give my gift to Brian.” She pointed on the scrapbook lying on the bedside table. “I wanted to make sure he would receive it.”

“You could have asked the old lady to do it for you.”

“My Mom would be happy to do it for me, but I wanted to personally do it.”

“So you could smell Brian’s t-shirt?” I smiled

“I’m sorry about that, too.”

“So you have been Brian’s fan from the start?”

“Yes. I loved him the first time I saw him on Quit playing games with my heart video.” Her face lit up

“So, who’s you next favorite Backstreet Boy?” I couldn’t help but asked




My face fell, I was hoping I’d be on the top two. Really.

“That makes me your least favorite Backstreet Boy.” I was whining, who wouldn’t?

“No.” She shook her head “Kevin is the last and you’re on the fourth spot.”

“Since Kevin is not around anymore, I am your least favorite Backstreet Boy.”

“But I do love you, too.” She quickly answered and frowned when she saw I was wearing leather gloves.

“But being Brian’s fan isn’t going to save you today.”


“You see, no fan is safe.” I grinned

I took two steps closer to her, she was still smiling. Pleasure was written on her face, I swear the girl thought I was going to kiss her. I would have, if I was her favorite Backstreet Boy. Why would I waste my energy on a Brian fan?

My right hand quickly grabbed her hair and my left hand pressed against her lips, to keep her from shouting. I dragged her to the bath room, I was happy to see she was frightened. And with all the strength I have, I smashed her face on the toilet bowl. I grinned when I saw it caused her a big wound and blood was flowing from her head.


I gotta give it to the girl, she tried her best to scream for help but all she could do was whisper.

“I hope you will bleed to death. Blame Rose for killing me in the bathroom and slamming my head in the urinal.”

She finally closed her eyes but I could still see she was breathing slowly. But she would die in no time.

“Eleven down…. And many, many more to go.”
Chapter End Notes:
Rose, I hope you don't mind reading your name in here....
Kill #12 - Recipe for Revenge by RokofAges75
Kill #12 – Recipe for Revenge

Nick woke with his stomach rumbling, but on that particular morning, he was hungry for something more than food.

He was hungry for vengeance.

Sitting up in bed, he looked over at his latest victim, the groupie he’d gone home with after last night’s show in San Jose. She lay beside him in bed, her naked body covered only by her tangle of long, dark hair and the thin sheet draped across it. He could see the outline of her breasts beneath it. For a few moments, he watched her chest rise and fall, and he thought of the heart beating inside it and his desire to stop it, to end her life the way she and her kind had ended his so many times before.

He licked his lips, the craving to kill growing stronger with every breath she took. Somehow, he hadn’t done it in the heat of passion the night before. She’d been wilder in bed than he’d expected her to be, and she’d worn him out before he’d managed to tame her. He’d fallen asleep, satisfied in one way, but not in the other. He’d still awoken with a taste for blood. Her blood.

Nothing like a little murder in the morning to start the day off right.

But it would be too easy to kill her now, while she was just lying there, docile and unaware. He preferred to see the light leave his fans’ eyes as they clouded over in death. He wanted her to know what was happening and to fear him, if only for a few minutes. It was no fun if she never knew.

So he gave her a rough poke in the shoulder and, when she stirred, pretended to have just woken up himself. “Mm… morning,” he said with an exaggerated yawn, stretching his arms up over his head. He saw her eyes follow his movement, from his ripped arms to his bare chest, and he smirked. Even with her conscious, this was going to be too easy. It always was. The fans trusted him. They never put up a fight.

“Good morning!” she replied, looking delighted at her good fortune, waking up in bed with a naked Nick Carter. She had no idea how unlucky she was about to become. “You’re still here.”

He couldn’t remember her name, had never bothered to learn it the night before, so he just replied, “Of course, baby. Like I could ever leave you…” Alive, he added to himself, a wicked smile spreading across his face. His stomach growled in response, reminding him of his hunger – both kinds. He cleared his throat. “Actually, I do gotta get going soon, so we can get back on the road. But first, you got anything for breakfast?”

She beamed back at him. “Of course!” She slid out of bed and wrapped herself in a robe.

“Thanks, um…”

“Marguerite,” she supplied, shooting him another grin over her shoulder as she left the bedroom.

“Marguerite,” he repeated, his heart racing in anticipation as he watched her walk away. He rolled out of bed, pulled on the pair of boxers he’d left on the floor, and followed her out to the kitchen, tripping over her cat in the hall. It hissed at him and ran away. Smart kitty, he thought.

As for its owner? Not quite so perceptive. “Muffin?” Marguerite asked, offering him one from a basket. “I just made them yesterday.”

“Thanks.” Nick perched on a stool at the center island and took a blueberry muffin, setting it down on the napkin she placed in front of him. “Do you have a knife, to slice it with?”

She pulled the smallest knife out of her wooden knife rack and handed it to him, along with a tub of margarine spread. He cut the muffin and buttered it slowly, licking the knife clean when he was done. He made sure she was watching as he fondled the blade with his tongue. “Mmm,” he said, after the first bite of muffin. “This is amazing. Almost… magical. Seriously, best damn blueberry muffin I’ve ever tasted. What’s your secret?”

Marguerite swelled up with pride. “It’s my grandmother’s recipe.”

“Yeah? Care to share it with me? Or is it really, like, a family secret or something?”

“No, I can show you.” She got out a recipe box and rifled through it, pulling one card, which she slid across the counter to him.

He pretended to study it, watching her out of the corner of his eye. “Aren’t you going to have one, too?” he asked, without looking up.

“Oh – yeah, of course.” She helped herself to a muffin from the basket.

As she peeled back the paper cup around the bottom of it, he said, “Wait… let me.” He slid off his stool and went around to her side of the island, where she stood, holding the muffin in one hand. He came up behind her, pressing his body into hers, and reached around in front of her. Lightly, ever so gently, he took hold of her hand, the hand that held the muffin. He guided it up towards her mouth, his fingers tightening around her wrist.

Then, as fast and as forcefully as he could, he rammed it at her face, cramming the whole muffin into her mouth. He felt her stiffen in his arms, heard her begin to sputter and choke as she gagged on the mouthful of muffin. He spun her around and shoved her backwards into the counter. Her eyes were wide, and rasping, retching noises were coming from her throat as she tried to expel the muffin. Grinning, he pressed the heel of his hand over her mouth, stuffing the muffin all the way in. She couldn’t even cough now. He kept his hand over her mouth and felt her last breath as it was expelled through her nostrils. He saw her face turn as blue as the berries in the muffin and her eyes bug out of their sockets, until, finally, they became fixed and frozen. She stopped struggling and went limp in his arms. He finally lowered his hand, and her head lolled backward, the muffin foaming out of her open mouth.

She was dead, suffocated, but he was not yet satisfied. Besides, he’d left his fingerprints all over her face. He had to get rid of the body.

He stripped it of its robe and hoisted it onto the countertop. Then he grabbed the biggest knife from the knife rack and set to work, chopping, slicing, and dicing. The soft bits of flesh he carved from her bones went into a large mixing bowl. What was left went into the food processor, which ground the rest of her body into a thick paste. He added this to the mixing bowl, along with the more traditional ingredients the recipe she’d left on the counter called for: flour, sugar, eggs, and so forth. While he beat them together, he sang, “Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man? Do you know the muffin man that lives on Backstreet Lane?”

He spooned the chunky, bloody batter into muffin tins and stuck them in the oven, set at 400 degrees. While they baked, he scrubbed down the kitchen with bleach, even adding some to the load of dishes he ran through her dishwasher. When the kitchen was spotless and sparkling, and the smell of cooked meat and freshly-baked muffins overpowered the stench of bleach, he smiled and pulled the pans out of the oven.

Steam swirled up from the muffins, which were golden brown on top. He waited just until they were cool enough to touch, then plucked one out of its tin and raised it to his lips, unable to resist. He took a big bite out of the top and felt a gush of something warm and juicy in his mouth as he chewed. Swallowing, he looked down to see the inside of the muffin, tinged red, where he’d bitten into it. He licked the blood from his lips and wiped his fingers clean on the napkin she’d given him.

Then he heard a familiar scratching, the sound of toenails against glass, and he followed the noise into an adjacent room, where he saw a dog sitting outside the patio door. It was pawing at the door, whining to be let in. “Well, hey there,” Nick said, opening the door and bending down to scratch the dog’s ears. “I bet you’re hungry, aren’t you, boy?”

As if it could understand him, the dog slunk right past him and scampered into the kitchen, where its food bowl stood empty. It looked up at Nick expectantly, seemingly more concerned about the lack of food than the stranger in its owner’s kitchen. “You want some breakfast, buddy?” Nick asked, offering the dog his half-eaten muffin.

The dog scarfed it right up, and it was gone in one swallow.

Nick smiled. “Good boy.”

Confident that the dog and cat would survive on the muffins made of their master until she was reported missing, he left her house and walked the few blocks back to his hotel, still humming the Muffin Man song to himself and thinking, One dozen down… so many more to go.

Chapter End Notes:
I've written some pretty twisted stuff before, but I think this one takes the cake... or should I say, MUFFIN? Hope you enjoyed it, Marguerite! =D
Kill #13 - Baby, You're a Firework by starbeamz2
Author's Notes:

Lucky #13 :)

Baby, You’re a Firework

Nick had been looking forward to the holiday weekend at the start of July.  It meant a break from touring and a chance to just relax with his friends.  This year, they’d performed in Chicago on the third and had decided to stick around the city, spending time on the beaches of Lake Michigan, and watching the fireworks over the water at night.

He was really looking forward to the fireworks.

As he watched Baylee build a meticulous sand castle while Brian helped James pretend to be Godzilla advancing on it—Howie just rolled his eyes and smiled as his son giggled hysterically—Nick could only think about how incredibly amazing the fireworks were going to be that night. 

He thought, if it wasn’t for his pure stroke of genius with Marguerite and her muffins, the fireworks would be the highlight of this tour.  He could almost picture the boom and flash as the showers of brightly colored flames lit up the night sky and practically hear the screams of delight from those watching.

He grinned slyly to himself.  Oh, yes. It was going to be a night to remember.  Much like last night.

He found her easily enough in the crowd of people at the afterparty.  She looked a little worried as she frowned down at her phone. Nick could see that she was texting someone and, when he got close enough, could hear her muttering, “Come on, Rose. Respond. Why the heck haven’t you texted me back in days?”

He paused for a second, brow furrowed.  Rose? It couldn’t be the same ringleader Rose he’d annihilated days earlier, could it? And, if it was…A wicked smile spread across his face. Taking care of Rose’s friend would be even more pleasurable than most of his other…projects.

Nick leaned in close to her and murmured in her ear, loud enough for her to hear over the music, “It’s a party, babe. Why do you look so sad?”

She whirled, her dark hair nearly whipping him in the face.  It took an instant for her expression to go from startled to thrilled.  “Oh my god, Nick? Sorry, I…you scared me!” Her hand had flown to her chest and was just covering the heart that Nick wanted to rip out of her.

As he smiled into her pretty blue eyes, he couldn’t help but think that she seemed so innocent.  Then, he remembered the platypus, and the ebola, and the fire in the studio…

His smile bumped up several degrees as his resolve sharpened again, and he heard her breath hitch as he leaned even closer, his lips brushing her ear.  “Sorry for scaring you, but…I was thinking, if this party isn’t rocking your world,” his fingers stroked down her arm, causing her to shiver, “maybe you’ll come with me, and we can have our own party.  Just the two of us.”

Her eyes widened before she glanced around at the rest of the fans singing and dancing along as Howie belted out his single on the stage behind them.  “Are you serious?”

Nick slid an arm around her waist, drawing her up against him.  “Let me rock your world…”

“Julie,” she told him breathlessly as she let him tug her through the crowd and out the back door of the club.  “My name is Julie.”

Nick chuckled to himself as he remembered the fun times he’d had with Julie the night before.  He’d known she was twisted, but the ways in which she’d satisfied him the night before had gone above and beyond most—not all, he reminded himself as he thought of the muffins—of his sickest dreams.

The new set of knives he’d bought had certainly come in handy as had the fully equipped Craftsman toolkit he’d gotten recently from a Home Depot.  He’d certainly needed it and the industrial strength trash bags he’d remembered to pick up just the previous morning.

But now, his work was done, he thought and reminisced fondly on the night of mayhem, dismemberment, and chopping he’d indulged in just a few hours earlier.

Even though he’d only gotten an hour or two of sleep and hadn’t had any coffee today, he knew that the night’s fun had energized him.  Now, he just had to wait a few more hours for things to settle into place.

“Nick!” Baylee whined pitifully as Brian and James cackled. Breaking out of his gory thoughts, Nick glanced over to find Baylee’s sand castle crumbling.  “Can you help me revenge my castle? Dad and James wrecked it!”

“Jimbo!” Nick playfully scolded the three year old and ignored Howie’s warning growl.  “What did I say about playing nice with others?”

James’ face carried an expression of perfect innocence.  “I dunno.”

“Don’t do it!” Nick shouted and gleefully tackled Baylee into the sand.  Baylee yelped in surprise and then giggled helplessly as Nick flattened him, though he was careful to keep his weight off the ten year old.  Brian jumped on Nick, and Howie plopped James on top of the pile like a cherry.

This, Nick thought as he spit sand out of his mouth, was the life.

Later, as night fell, AJ, Rochelle, Leigh and Leighanne joined them on the beach, just in time to watch the fireworks.  Leighanne bought Baylee an ice cream cone, and the kid happily slurped on it as he bounced excitedly next to Nick.

“Careful,” Nick warned him.  “It might fall off. Then you’ll be eating an ice cream sandwich.” He waited a beat. “Get it?”

Baylee groaned.  “That was a bad one.”

Brian stretched his legs out as he settled next to them.  “That’s the thing with Nick’s jokes, buddy.  They’re always bad.”

“Not true!” Nick opened his mouth to spit out a great comeback when the first fireworks shot up into the sky.  “Sweet! Show’s starting!”

He leaned back on his elbows and smiled gleefully.  He could hear James clapping his hands excitedly behind him and was glad that the little guy was enjoying the show.

It was about to get better.

Two minutes into the fireworks display, something fell with a wet splat in the sand near Nick.  He didn’t glance at it, just continued to smile up at the sky. 

The sound repeated itself again, then again and again. 

“Ew.” Brian wrinkled his nose.  “What is that?”

Nick smirked to himself.

He heard Leighanne’s horrified gasp.  “No! Baylee, don’t eat your ice cream.”

“But why? I want to eat it,” Baylee whined.  “Look, there’s even some melted fudge on it.”

Howie leaned over Nick’s shoulder to look at Baylee’s ice cream before he made a gagging sound.  “Oh, kiddo. That’s not fudge!”

Nick could hear horrified screams slowly spreading across the crowds of people gathered to watch the Fourth of July fireworks.  Something large splatted into the sand in front of their group, and Nick heard AJ’s audible gulp as he pulled off his sunglasses to look at the object.

“Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.” Even in the dark, it was easy to see AJ’s skin had turned green.

“Holy God,” Brian whispered.  “Is that…a hand?”

What looked suspiciously like a nose bounced off of James’ head.  Leigh started screaming.

The next morning, Howie spread the Chicago Tribune across the table that all of them were seated at in a diner a few hours outside of Chicago.  No one looked as though they had slept.

“Police say that it will take days to recover all of the various body parts.  The victim, or victims—as officials are unclear on how many sets of remains have been collected thus far—will be identified based on DNA samples rather than dental records as it appears that the victim’s jaws were separated into multiple pieces, making it difficult to use the teeth for identification purposes.” Rochelle grimaced as she stopped reading aloud and looked at the rest of them.  “Who would do something like this? What is wrong with people in the world?”

AJ rubbed her arm soothingly.  “There are some sick fu-” He caught Leighanne’s pointed glare and remembered the kids were with them.  “There are some sick people in the world, man.  Who would even think of attaching body parts to fireworks? That’s just-”

“Demonic,” Brian cut in, and everyone nodded in general consensus.

Well, almost everyone.

Nick lifted his mug of green tea to hide the smug smirk on his face as he listened with glee while they talked about his latest masterpiece.

Thirteen down, so many, many more to go.

Kill # 14 - Bullseye! by Alexsgirl_ritz
Nick opened his eyes and quickly shut them off again. He wanted to sleep for a few more hours. He quickly opened his eyes again and got out of the bed when he remembered he had to do something important. Before entering the bathroom, he checked the scoreboard on his wall.

Nick : 13 Crazy Sick Fans : 52

“Damn, I am so fucking behind.”

He took a shower and get dressed, it was time to search for the fan number fourteen. He smirked at his image on the mirror before getting out of the house. He wasn’t sure where to go or how to find the next victim, all he cared about was to get some crazy fan dead today. He was thankful that it was a day off; his backstreet family was still in shocked of his previous masterpiece. The look on their faces were priceless when they saw Julie’s body parts. He decided not to involve them now, maybe on his next victims, just not now.

“They should have tasted the Marguerite muffin.” He grinned before starting his car and drove off.

He went to Starbucks to hang out and kill some time before he goes into searching for her, or him, it doesn’t matter.

“Oh my God! Nick Carter!”

He slowly turned around. “You know me?” He asked innocently.

“Yes. Who wouldn’t?”

“How?” He played innocent again

She pulled out her Ipod from her jean’s pocket and showed it to him. Nick smiled when he read his songs in her playlists. He grinned.

“I’m a Backstreet Boys’ fan since fifth grade, and you are my favorite backstreet boy.” She said blushing


“Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?” He asked with an evil grin on his gorgeous face.

“I’d love to.”

The next thing he knew was he was lying on the girl’s bed with so much satisfaction on his face. The girl was sleeping peacefully beside him. He stood up, picked up his bag and pulled out all the things he would need.

Red and black markers. Three pieces of Darts. Wylee Scarves.

He grinned when he remembered how Leighanne freaked out when she saw in the news that there were Wylee Scarves found on the body of a young man found in the dumpster in the back of local dunkin donuts. He was having way too much fun in using Wylee stuffs. Talk about getting even with Leighanne.

“Hey, Nick. You’re up.” The girl, who Nick didn’t even bothered to ask what her name was, sat up in the bed.

“Sweetheart, are you ready for some games?” He asked with a seductive smile.

“Sure.” She giggled.

Nick stood up, naked and all, and tied the girl’s hand in the bed, using Wylee Scarves, of course. She was in a sitting position. He started drawing circles and lines in the girl’s faces, making it looked like a dartboard. He kissed her sweetly again.

“This is fun, babe.” Nick whispered to her ear before tying a Wylee scarf around her mouth, to keep her from screaming.

Nick laughed when he saw the girl struggling, she was smart enough to know something horrible would happen. Nick stood two meters away from the bed, with three darts on his hand. He lifted his right hand and released the first dart. It landed on the girl’s right eye.

“Bullseye!” Nick sang happily.

The girl screamed in pain but the ever reliable Wylee Scarf prevented the neighbors from hearing the poor girl’s cry. Nick lifted his right hand again and released it. It landed on the girl’s forehead.

“Oooops. Sorry, I missed.” Nick covered his mouth with his hand and laughed.

Nick aimed again on the girl’s left eye, lifted his hand and released it. This time the girl’s left eye had been hit by the third dart.

“Yes! See, baby, I’m good at this.”

Nick kissed the girl’s lips before getting dressed. He gave one last look at the girl, whose face was covered by her own blood. He wanted to taste her blood but he was still satisfied with Marguerite’s.

“I gotta go, Babe. I’ll see you soon.” He blew kisses her way before closing the door.

Nick went straight to the kitchen and turned the electric stove on. He placed a large stack of papers beside the stove. He also disabled the fire alarm. Damn, he’s getting good at this.

“Fourteen down, so many, many more to go.”

Nick said happily while he watched the entire house of the girl engulfed with flames from a distance.
Kill #15 - Just One Kiss by KeelieRose86
Author's Notes:
So, like, I couldn't really go all bloody with it. Cause ewwww! But I took a shot anyway! Hehehe ~Keelie
“Just One Kiss”

“Are you ready baby?” Nick asked, sitting cross-legged across from the fan he invited on his tour bus. Lauren knew about this particular project and promised to stay out of sight till after his work was done. This way, he had an alibi and the fan wouldn’t get terribly jealous. This kill may not be as messy as the others, but he wanted to see if his charm could actually pull this off.

She sighed, looking downward, her thick brown hair covering her face like a curtain. This particular fan had been always trying to get his attention. As far as Nick knew, she wasn’t one of the writers who killed him yet. But, she was a fan. One of her friends even had the nerve to ask him about it at the soundcheck that day. How could she be that careless? Knowing that it was killing Nick again and again?

It didn’t take much to get here there, a smirk, a murmured invite before the concert. He reached forward, taking her hand in his own. He looked deep into her eyes as their gazes met. He licked his lips, knowing she craved him as much as he craved her demise. “I want this just as much as you, you don’t know how hard it is. How painful. I can’t think of anyone better to escape with, Karah.”

She nodded, holding the tiny capsule in her hands. Nick knew a guy who could provide him with suicide pills and never tell a soul who bought from him. Not that it mattered; he got one of his previous kills to do it for him, telling them it was a “movie prop”. It would never be traced back to him.

“Right, and I’ve always loved you Nick, ever since I was sixteen.”

He smiled, trying to suppress his smirk. “I’m sorry it took me so long to really see you. I was blinded, but now I see.”

Nick held his hand up to his mouth, placing the pill within. If swallowed without chewing down on it, the pill was completely harmless. Of course he’d gone the extra step and made sure his was nothing more than a DayQuil capsule, which looked exactly the same.

“I love you…” She whispered, placing it in her mouth, and beginning to chew on it before swallowing.

Nick started laughing, he couldn’t believe it. ‘This is way too easy, I didn’t even have to kill her!’ He thought. He leaned back, still laughing as she stared at him in confusion.


“You, we just met, and you think I’m going to kill myself for you? You were just another kill on my list. The easiest one yet, I didn’t even have to do it. You did it all for me. Thanks, I’ve been cleaning up a lot of messes lately, yours I just have to dump the body.”

“You…you…” She sputtered.

“I did. This is real life baby, or in your case, was. We ain’t Romeo and Juliet.” He leaned forward, giving her a quick peck on the lips. He stood, brushing himself off as she fell to the ground within moments. The cyanide pills were quick acting once in her system. Her body was still, eyes open and staring blankly at the wall. He was in a very good mood as he rolled her body under his bunk and made his way out to meet Lauren.

“Fourteen down, and many more to go!” He said cheerfully and began to sing.

“If I could have just one kiss, if that’s all it is, you know your life’s over…”
Kill #16 - A New Suit by catseye1769
Author's Notes:
This is for Jen. Sweetie I hope you will still speak to me after this =)

"A New Suit"

Jen walked out of the concert with a HUGE smile on her face. She couldn't believe that Nick had asked for her address during the backstage tour so he would have someone to write to when he got lonely on the road and hinted that he might stop by to visit her. She new why he asked her to keep it between them though. So no rabid fan would start rumors.

Finally she made it home and the minute she walked in the door something made her skin crawl. First was that her dog didn't come to greet her and next was the horrible smell coming from the kitchen.

Just as she walked into her kitchen she screamed and jumped because she found Nick standing at her stove.

He turned around and had a smile on his face that made the hair on her neck stand up.

She said "Um How did you get in here? And have you seen my dog?"

Nick replied "Oh the side door was open. I hope you don"t mind. I couldn't sleep so I thought I would stop by. I actually have a gift for you and I made us dinner. And your dog is outside taking a dump"

Nick's Pov

Oh this one will be so easy. Older fans are always way more trusting especially if I use my baby faced smile. This one really deserves my best because of her twisted nature in writing my death so many times.
I think I will make a special surprise for her then make a surprise out of her.

Jen's Pov

Nick said "Please sit down and allow me to serve you then it will be gift time."

So she sat down and hoped the horrible smell wasn't what he had made her to eat.

He put a bowl in front of her and said "Eat."

She took a small taste and found out it wasn't actually that bad. She said "What is this?"

Nick replied with a twisted smile "It's called Perro Guiso. It"s a Spanish stew. Eat up. I made it with you in mind."

So they sat and she ate. After eating two bowls of stew she noticed Nick hadn't eaten any so she said "Why aren't you eating any of it?"

He replied "Oh I already ate some when it was cooking. Filled me up. So are you ready for your surprise?"

Jen smiled feeling excited by with having Nick in her house, alone since her kids were gone for the weekend and cooking her dinner. She said "I sure am give it to me gorgeous."

He reached under the table and pulled out what looked like a black and white fur wrap. He stood up and walked over to her chair then put it around her shoulders. She looked at it then turned whiter than Casper. It looked like her dogs coat.

Nick whispered " I thought you would like this after all your precious donated it."

She stood up and tried to hit him but fell back down in her chair because she found out her legs wouldn't work then her arms went numb and stopped working. Pretty soon her whole body felt paralyzed.

Nick pulled a chair over and sat in front of her then said "So you and your little sad pathetic friends thought you could kill me and there would be no consequences? Well you thought wrong mama J. Yes that's right I follow all of you on Twitter. How else do you think I know so much about you. Of course it is under an assumed name. After all I couldn't let you sorry excuses for fans think you were good enough for me. As for the present you can thank your friend Marguerite. She told me so much about you. Of course she didn't know she was talking to me. Don't worry though She got really baked the other night paid for her stupidity. She did taste good though. Now for you I have something special in mind. You see I have always been criticized for my poor fashion choices so I though why not get a new jacket in a rare mammal skin. I know how much you like me and want to help so I thought you could donate."

Then Nick with a sweep of his arm cleared the table and covered it with plastic and the floors then put drip pans under it. Next he picked Jen up and laid her out on it. He got a knife from the counter and slowly cut all of her clothes off.

He looked at her naked body and said "Very nice for a mother of two."

He took out a black Sharpie and started making a series of small lines all over her body. Then he brought out a very fancy leather case that contained some extremely sharp looking knives.

He said "Sorry if this tingles a bit. I promise it won"t be over soon and you will suffer. All in the name of art. Don't bother trying to scream because the stuff I put in the stew paralyzed you. So the only thing you can do is breath and feel. But don't worry I won't make a mess."

He walked over to her with a smile and leaned over her and started to cut. First he made a series of small cuts then he took a pair of surgical tweezers and slowly pulled all of the skin off of her body. Piece by piece. After several hours he had what he wanted.

Jen was laying there barley conscious and wishing she was dead. She had never in her life felt that much pain.

He leaned over her and said "Well I paid you back for that nasty death you gave me and I got something extra out of it."

Then he slowly drew the knife across her throat and watched what was left of her blood drain out of her. Thankfully he had planned ahead and brought his hacksaw. He cut her up into manageable pieces and one by one put what was left of her down the garbage disposal. He cleaned and bleached the entire kitchen and wrapped it all up in garbage bags including the dinner and left.

A few days later he was sitting backstage after a concert watching the news with some of the band and commenting on the disappearance of that mother of two from West Virginia that happened the night they played a gig there when the rest of the group walked in.

Aj said "Hey Nick where did you get the new jacket? People have been asking and a few want one like it."

Nick smirked and replied "Oh this was donated to me by a loyal fan. She was tired of people always saying how my clothes suck. So she made me this. Gota love loyalty."

He thought 16 down millions to go.

Chapter End Notes:
Yes I am a HUGE Silence Of The Lambs Fan. I had to think of something worthy of Jen.
Review are always welcome.
No actually animals were harmed in the writing of this death. A fan was but that's not a big deal. Perro Guiso (dog stew)
Kill # 17 My Heart Stays With You by DelphinaCarter
Author's Notes:
This is probably the goriest thing I have ever written. Ali I love you I promise. This one is for you, my partner in crime :D
Nick shook his head when he heard AJ asking her to come back to the hotel. They had just finished the first New Jersey show and Nick had recognized her from VIP earlier that day. She was in her 20' hair and a fair complexion. AJ had picked her up after hearing she was a fan of his.

"Dude she has a want in?" AJ asked after the girl walked away with a huge grin on her face. Nick had seen the other girl but wasn't interested in a hookup. He was out for blood.

"Nah, that's have fun." Nick said. He walked past the girl and her friend, who were talking excitedly.

"You're hooking up with AJ, Ali? I bet you can't wait for that...but I thought you were a Nick girl now..." the first one said. They didn't notice Nick watching them from a few feet away.

"I never said I was a Nick girl. I can't give up my AJ, my heart's always been with him. Nick is just a bonus." the one called Ali said. Nick frowned at this. He hated when fans couldn't make up their mind which BSB was their favorite. The ones who changed favorites every week. He knew this girl would be his target tonight. That night he heard the moans of pleasure coming from AJ's hotel room next door. He kept thinking about what Ali had said....he was just a bonus. He heard the moaning stop and then a knock came on the door. AJ stood there, his face sweaty and only wearing his boxers.

"What do you want?" Nick asked, already annoyed he had the room next door to the sex addict.

"I am all out of condoms...she wants to go again."

"Dude I don't have any. Why do you always ask me?" Nick snapped. AJ looked disappointed but got dressed and ran to the store near the hotel to get some. Nick grinned, it was time to get to work. He managed to get into the room and heard her in the bedroom.

"AJ?" she said. Nick stood in the doorway, dressed in shorts and a tank top, smirking at her. She seemed pleased to see him.

"AJ stepped out for a minute. I will keep you company...want to go back to my room?" he asked. The girl grinned and nodded in excitement, taking the sheet with her to cover herself as Nick led her by her hand.

"Where are we going?" she whispered. Nick pulled her more forcefully and she didn't protest. They came to a small conference room down the hall and Nick shut the door, locking it behind them.

"Get on the table." he instructed while removing his shirt. She stared, her mouth hanging open slightly until he motioned to the table again.

"Are you ready?" he whispered seductively as she sighed with pleasure. She was about to sleep with her second Backstreet Boy of the night, she couldn't wait to tell her friend about it. Alexis was not the type of girl to sleep around but there was no way she'd turn Nick down. Nick climbed on top of the table, hovering over her slightly and smiling at her.

"I never thought this would happen....." Alexis whispered. He leaned in closely, his lips curved into a smile....

"I don't take AJ's leftovers." he whispered. It happened so quick that she didn't have time to scream, the knife sliced vertically on her body....her organs were suddenly displaced and blood spattered on his chest as he withdrew the knife, blood dripping down the blade. He snickered at his handiwork and plunged his hand into her chest cavity...ripping her heart from her body as she lay bleeding on the table.

"Guess your heart is with me now..." he chuckled. He walked back to his room and took a shower, singing as he lathered. Once he was finished, a knock came on the door.

"Hi, AJ. Lost something?" Nick asked with a smile. AJ looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

"She ran off I guess. I feel horrible cheating on Ro like that, what should I do? What if the girl blabs?" AJ said, walking into the room.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she won't talk." Nick smiled. He couldn't wait for the news report once her body was found evicerated in the conference room.

17 many more to go.....
Kill #18 - Taco Bell Hell by catseye1769
Author's Notes:
Tracy I hope you like this. And I know you will be watching the people at work a lot more closely.
Tracy's pov
Tracy stood at the drive through waiting for another customer to come and cursing her manager to the deepest pits of hell.

"Motherfucking, fat assed, worthless, lazy, smelly piece of moldy dog shit, I could have been watching NKOTBSB getting their groove on but no that fat fuck schedule's me to work so his scummy ass can go get some. Probably has to pay for it. I swear if I get the chance I will put him in the deep fryer just to watch him suffer."

Nick's pov
Nick was driving to the local Taco Bell after the concert and thought that he needed to find one of them tonight. When the concert was going on he could feel the urge to kill so strong that when he hugged the girl he brought on stage he almost strangled her right there.

He knew he had to be more careful because since his number of kills were rising he also knew more people would be working the cases and he did not want anyone to tie them together. The killing and eating seemed to work well and the overdosing on pills too. But his favorite was making clothes out of them. Seems everyone liked his new jacket. Even Leighanne asked about adding it to her Wylee line. That made him laugh. Oh what he wouldn't give to see her face if she actually found out what it really was.

Finally he spotted Taco Bell and went through the drive through. As he pulled up he noticed a woman hanging out the window and she was cursing someone to a deep pit in hell. He heard what she said and though "Oh this is too perfect. I think I will have some real fun with this one. I'll show her what real suffering is."

Tracy's pov
She hung out the window still cursing when she saw a black Range Rover pull up to her window. When the driver roll the window down and she saw who was driving her jaw hung open.

"She said "Oh my lord it's you. I was supposed to go to your concert tonight but my damn manager made me work."

Nick replied "Well if you want I can come back when you close and we can have out own private concert. But you have to promise to not tell anyone and to turn all of the cameras off. No one can know I was here. Everyone thinks I am at the hotel asleep. I snuck out for a snack."

Tracy said "Oh I promise I won't say a word and I'll turn off the cameras."

They talked for a few more minutes while his food was made then he drove off after promising to come back.

A few hours later Tracy was locking up after everyone but her had left when she felt pain explode in the back of her head and everything went black.

When she came to she was hog tied with chains and suspended over the fryers. She tried to scream but her mouth was taped shut.

Nick said "I heard you cussing your manager out because he made you work tonight. Your a greedy selfish bitch. You have a job but you were complaining about not being able to go to some concert and you are one of the cunts that killed me so I thought I would return the favor. Now you for some reason I feel like being merciful to you so I will give you a chance to live. All you have to do is dislocate your shoulder, bring your arms around the front and chew your hand off to get the key i put under your skin then unlock your chains. You have exactly 5 minutes. Think you can do it. Oops let me take the tape your mouth."

He ripped it off causing Tracy considerable pain since he had put extra crazy glue on it.

She managed to say "Why are you doing this to me? Our writing was all in fun?"

He said "Because all of you psycho bitches thought it would be fun to kill me again and again. I want you to feel what it is like to die a painful death. Now enjoy and remember you have five minutes."

Nick whistled as he walked away "Burn baby Burn".

Tracy screamed her head off then realized no one was coming so she manages to wrench her arms over her head and bring them around to her front while in considerable pain. The gross part was when she had to start chewing through her own hand to get the key to unlock her chains. She cried as she chewed but before she could get to the key Nick stepped back in and said "Oh I forgot to tell you killa I lied. There is no key."

She really screamed and struggled then. But as she got lowered closer to the oil she saw Nick smiling and the bastard actually waved to her.

When her feet hit the oil she screamed and said "You fucking asslick I always did like N'Sync better. Justin has always been a better singer than you and better looking you worthless has been."

This pissed Nick off so he hit the release button and she was plunged into the oil. He heard her final screams as she was boiled alive.

Later on that night Nick walked into his hotel room carrying a bunch of fried food and found all of BSB and NKOTB plus their new manager Kevin waiting for him.

Kevin said "Damn Kaos what took you so long to get the food? You seriously run on Backstreet time?"

Nick just grinned and replied "Well it took awhile because I had to wait for it to cook then the fryer exploded and what a mess. Now dig in."

Donnie noticed Nick wasn't eating then said "Hey dude why aren't you eating any of this?"

Nick replied with a sick grin "Oh I ate earlier. Enjoy fellas. It took a lot for me to get that. I got it from some hole in the wall call Tracy's."

He thought 18 down so many more to go.
Chapter End Notes:
Enjoy and please review. It is hard work boiling someone alive then disposing (eating) of them.
Kill #19 - Happy Deathday! by Rose
Author's Notes:
He's baaaaaack...
Kill #19 – Happy Deathday!

It started off with a tweet.

@SadPanda – I’m turning 43 soon! FML! Kill me now please @nickcarter!

How could he not take that seriously?

He smirked as he began to plot how to go about it. He knew what he wanted to do, satisfy the fans. And if that happens to coincide for his own ever-growing thirst for blood, well, that was all the more rewarding. He was already following this fan that seemed to beg for death, so it wouldn’t be all that difficult would it? He would visit her before he and the others went overseas to London. Nick smirked, and then he could start killing the British fans. That would be different.

He direct messaged her on Twitter immediately.

It can’t be that bad, but how about I stop by there for a little birthday treat before I leave the states?

It was only two minutes before he got the reply, with the address and everything. That was the convenience of being verified on Twitter. She knew it was him. So he didn’t need to deal with any of that “prove it to me” like he would if they were still using AOL or something. Thank God for technology!

@SadPanda – OMG Nick Carter messaged me! I think it’s because I'm better than Lauren.

Nick laughed as words from a famous villain came to mind – All too easy.

It wasn’t too difficult to set everything else in motion. A few phone calls, an airplane ticket, a few favors called in. He didn’t have to explain why. Nick loved that about him. He was Nick Carter, and although his fame wasn’t what it used to be, he still had enough influence to get what he wanted without even the hint of questions. Sometimes, it was good to be him.

A day and some hours later had him waiting in a house in Vermont. It was a lot to go through to kill just another fan, sure. But he wasn’t on tour anymore. Now, he had to work just a little longer, just a little harder. But in the end, it would be worth it. Nick grinned; he had to start getting more creative with this. He still hadn’t topped those amazing muffins he’d made so long ago.

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear Caty, Happy Birthday to you!

That was his cue!

He burst out of the cake he remained hidden in while the singing was going on. It took a few favors to make that one happen, but in the end it did. The result was perfect. The fan before him couldn’t look any happier; a bright shiny tiara adored the top of her head, full of dark brown hair. Her mother and friends, who looked kind of like mindless zombies, stood behind her. The benefit was knowing these were fans too. But this kill was for Caty alone, she was the one who would count as another notch on his kill ration. He smirked as he leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“Light the candles baby, I’ve got one more surprise for you, let me go get it.”

Nick chanced a glance behind him and confirmed she was doing as he told her. He quickened his pace. Once out of the house he started running ahead at full speed. It was good that he’d gotten in such great shape. If he hadn’t, well, he’d risk killing himself. Sure, he knew he’d probably come back again, but the entire point of this was that he was sick of dying. It’d been awhile since the last time, but on twitter, he saw talk of it starting up again.

Damn that Rose, for setting this shit into motion.

One he got a safe enough distance, he looked at his watch. It wouldn't be long now.







The earth shook with the window shattering explosion. He could hear glass breaking in the houses surrounding the site. Flames shot high into the air, a cloud of smoke filling the immediate area. Nick began humming as he strolled casually away. He’d seen enough carnage. Who knew that there were sticks of dynamite small enough to pass as birthday candles? He really had to thank Google for that tidbit.

“Happy deathday to number nineteen…happy deathday to you…and many moooore…”
Kill #20 - Nick the Ripper by RokofAges75
Kill #20 – Nick the Ripper

“Yo, Nick, make a face for the camera, man!”

Nick purposely relaxed his face into a perfectly deadpan expression as AJ appeared in front him, cell phone raised, and snapped a picture.

“That is one sexy seventies pornstache, dude.” AJ snickered as he looked at the picture on his phone. “I gotta tweet this shit!”

“I wanna see!” said Nick, thrusting his hand toward the phone, but AJ held it out of reach.

“You can see it on Twitter in a few.”

Nick slid his own phone out of his pocket, pulled up his Twitter app, and refreshed until tweets from @skulleeroz started appearing on his timeline. First there was a tweet that said “ha!” with an Instagram photo of Brian and their bodyguard, Q, each sporting a fake mustache from a pack of them the Boys had bought for their own amusement. Brian wore a bushy mustache that matched his hair; Q’s was a black handlebar mustache. Then came a picture of Howie, also with a handlebar mustache. Finally Nick, with a mustache that resembled one of Kevin’s eyebrows pasted crookedly across his upper lip. AJ had tweeted the caption, Nick I he did porn.

“Your fuckin’ autocorrect messed up your tweet,” said Nick, reading it back to him.

AJ shrugged. “So? Hey, gimme that; I got an idea!” Before Nick could protest, he reached out and ripped the mustache right off his face.

“Ow!” cried Nick, rubbing his upper lip, which felt red and raw. He glared as he watched AJ apply it to his own face, but couldn’t help but giggle when he saw the result. “Oh my God, you look like Kevin!” he snorted, as AJ, trying not to laugh, snapped a picture of himself with the mustache fixed to the center of his forehead. “KEV, you gotta come see this!”

Brian, Howie, and Q were all cracking up, but Kevin must have been taking a shit or something, because he never showed up to see what was so funny. Unibrow, yo, AJ tweeted along with the picture. Once it appeared on Nick’s timeline, he figured Kevin would see it soon enough and stole his mustache back from AJ.

“Dude!” shouted AJ, massaging his brow. “I think you took some of my real eyebrows with that!”

Nick shrugged. “Hey, you needed a little manscaping, bro!” he called over his shoulder, as he walked away. “Besides, it looks better on me!”

He went into his bedroom, where he reapplied the mustache in front of the mirror over his dresser. He spotted his favorite gray fedora sitting on the dresser top and put that on, too. It didn’t really fit over his large head, so he wore it perched jauntily on top. He thought it made him look suave, like a distinguished London gentleman, and he entertained himself for the next few minutes by making gentlemanly faces at himself in the mirror.

The recently-reunited Backstreet Boys had been in London for six days, writing and recording their next album. They were living together in a house with no family around, just the five of them, their security team, and a small camera crew that was filming footage for a documentary they planned to release in tandem with the new album. It felt like a frat house, and Nick had been having so much fun just goofing off with the guys, it didn’t even feel like work. But they had been working hard, spending every day that week in the studio. Even on a Saturday, they’d put in a few hours of work. They would take Sunday off.

With his days filled with music and his nights filled with fun, Nick hadn’t had much time to think about killing fans, not to mention opportunities to act on his homicidal urges. He’d hardly had any time to himself the whole week. But it was Saturday night, and he was going to have a party.

The other guys were doing their own thing that night, so no one gave him much grief when he slung a dark jacket over his shoulder, slipped a large kitchen knife into the waistband of his jeans, and announced, “I’m going out for the night. Be back later.”

“You ain’t bringin’ a bodyguard?” asked Q, one eyebrow raised.

“Nah. Don’t need one. Got my disguise,” said Nick, pointing above his chin. He smoothed his mustache, tilted his hat to the side, and darted out the door. There were still a few fans skulking outside, the same few who had been stalking them at the studio all week, but Nick gave them the slip in the underground, riding random trains until he was sure he’d shaken all of his followers. Then he hopped on the line that would take him to his planned destination.

It was there in the subway where he’d gotten the idea, while riding with the Boys the other day. They had seen a flier advertising a Jack the Ripper Walk, which started at the same time every night outside the Tower Hill tube station. “That looks cool,” AJ had said, pointing it out. “We should do that sometime!”

“Yes…” said Nick, the wheels in his head already turning as he stared at the silhouette of a knife-wielding man in a top hat and trench coat on the flier. “We should.”

But that evening, he exited the Tower Hill station alone.

He looked around and saw a large group congregating around a nearby lamp post. Most of them were young adults around his age, but there were a few older couples and some teenagers in the crowd. Nick sidled up to a woman who was standing alone, a few feet apart from the others. “You here for the Jack the Ripper walk?” he asked casually.

She jumped, startled, and spun around.

“Sorry,” said Nick, chuckling. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s fine,” said the woman, releasing a shaky breath. “Yes, I’m here for-” She stopped mid-sentence, her eyes suddenly widening, and Nick knew that, despite his disguise, she had recognized him.

“The walk? Awesome. Me too.” He smirked and extended his hand. “I’m Nick, by the way.”

“Steph,” she whispered breathlessly, slipping her hand into his.

He started to shake it, then changed his mind and lifted it to his lips, lightly kissing her knuckles. “Sorry,” he said, still smirking over the top of her hand. “Something about this hat and mustache makes me feel like an old-fashioned English gentleman… I say! Pip pip, cheerio!

She giggled at his epically bad English accent, a blush rising high in her cheeks. “Your mustache tickles!” she exclaimed, her own accent authentic.

“Sorry,” he apologized again and released her hand. “I needed a disguise. Didn’t fool you, though, did it?”

“Sorry, but no,” she said, still giggling as she shook her head. “If only it matched your hair color, it might look a tad more authentic.”

“Yeah, you’re right. My bad.” He winked. “So… Steph. You all by yourself tonight?”

“Sadly, yes,” she sighed. “My friend had a bit too much to drink at dinner and was feeling ill, so she stayed behind in our hotel room. She insisted I go ahead and do the walk alone, since it’s our last night on holiday. We’re taking the train home to Wales tomorrow.”

“That’s a bummer,” said Nick. “I’m goin’ solo tonight, too. Maybe we could stick together, so neither of us have to be alone? I hear this walk’s pretty scary.” He grinned.

Steph beamed back, her eyes bright in the dusky twilight. “I’d love to!”

“Awesome.” Nick offered her his hand again, and she took it. “I’m sure it’ll be a walk to remember,” he said, as they moved forward to join the others.

A man in costume led the tour, taking them through dark alleyways as he talked about the Ripper and the five infamous murders he’d committed in the fall of 1888, known as “The Autumn of Terror” in London. Nick felt Steph squeeze his hand, her fingernails digging into his flesh, as the tour guide described the gorier details of each murder. Nick learned that Jack the Ripper killed prostitutes by slashing their throats with two cuts before ripping open their abdomens, occasionally removing internal organs. The murders occurred at night, often over the weekend.

Perfect, thought Nick, gazing up at the strip of sky visible between the two buildings that flanked the alley in which they had stopped to listen to another story. Dark clouds nearly covered the crescent moon, and as night descended upon them, the temperature dropped as well. He inhaled deeply, breathing in lungfuls of the crisp air, and hugged his jacket tighter around himself to ward off the chill. Next to him, Steph shivered, and he stepped closer to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders to warm her, as the fingers of his free hand brushed the hilt of the knife hidden beneath his jacket.

“It’s gettin’ cold, huh?” he murmured. “This sure don’t feel like July!”

She laughed. “I suppose I should be used to the weather, but yes, it’s quite chilly! I wish I’d worn a jumper!”

“Whaddya say we grab a cup of coffee when the tour’s over?” suggested Nick.

“I say that sounds lovely!” Steph agreed.

While the others filed into the underground station where the tour let off, Nick led Steph in a different direction. The streets were still crowded, and it wasn’t yet dark enough for him to snuff out her life under the cover of darkness, so Nick took her to a caf down the street, where they ordered coffee and sat down at a tiny table in the corner to warm up. Steph took out her cell phone and played with it as they waited for their drink orders. Nick stroked the smooth handle of the knife, out of sight.

When Steph stood up and said, “Pardon me; I’m just going to use the loo,” leaving her phone on the table as she left for the ladies room, Nick picked it up and turned it over to see what she’d been looking at. When he saw the page of reviews praising Steph for a story in which she’d mangled Howie’s leg in plane crash and plagued Nick with dreams of digging bot flies out of Jordan Knight’s brain, he knew his fan radar had proved him right again. He was developing quite a knack for finding fans who wrote the kind of fan fiction stories he hated. He had paid for their coffee, but Steph would pay for her “creativity,” he thought, wiping his fingerprints off her phone with the hem of his shirt.

She returned from the restroom just as their drinks were served, and they made small talk as they sipped from the steaming cups. Steph kept stirring her latte, a mountain of whipped cream melting into the milky brown liquid like a glacier into the slowly simmering sea. Nick guzzled coffee that was as black as his heart, eager to be done and gone. It was torturous listening to her chatter on and on about her family and friends and job as a customer service rep. He didn’t want to view her as a person. In his eyes, she was just another one of them, the twisted writers who tortured him with their words in a more physical way. Soon, it would be her turn to experience the kind of pain she and her kind had inflicted upon him.

“Let’s get out of here,” he suggested, when he could stand it no longer.

Steph looked up, her eyes shining. “Okay,” she whispered.

They walked out into the night, fully dark now and not nearly as crowded as before. As he led her away from the well-lit sidewalks and into one of the shadowy alleys from the tour, Nick distracted Steph with talk of the new album and the work he’d been doing in the studio all week with the Boys. She hung on to his every word with rapt interest, oblivious to where he was taking her. In the middle of the alley, he stopped mid-sentence and said, “This is gonna gross you out, but I gotta take a piss. That coffee went right through me. Mind turning around?”

“Oh! Er, of course not!” Steph obediently spun away, averting her eyes, as Nick turned toward the brick wall of the building beside them. Without unzipping his fly, he whipped out his long, mighty dagger. He wielded the knife over his head as he snuck up behind her. In his oversized jacket and ill-fitting fedora, he cast a shadow that bore an eerie similarity to the silhouette of Jack the Ripper on the flier. This put a sinister smile of satisfaction on Nick’s face as he stalked his next victim.

She let out one short scream when his arm shot around her, but he silenced it by stabbing her in the throat. She stumbled backwards into his arms, already gasping for air, her fingers scrabbling frantically at the puncture wound from which blood flowed freely. “Shh,” he whispered, as he lowered her to the pavement. “Don’t speak. Your words have done too much harm already.” Then he widened the wound with a second slash across her neck. As the blood poured from her severed jugular, he watched her eyes roll back into her head, which hit the ground with a sickening smack as she lost consciousness.

He had sliced her trachea, cutting off her air supply, but her heart was still beating when he plunged the knife into her torso and twisted it like a corkscrew, shredding the tissue as he bore a hole into her belly. Blood spurted out of it like a geyser, spattering his face, but as her pulse weakened, the shower of blood slowed to a trickle. He watched her heart falter and finally stop through the window he carved into her chest. Beads of sweat formed around his fake mustache and dripped into the open cavity as he dug around inside, panting with the effort it took to wedge the knife underneath her ribcage and hack out her heart. When, at last, he found it in his hand, he held it up over his head like a trophy, a symbol of his triumph. Blood fell like rain upon him, but Nick didn’t care. “I bet you never counted on Nick Carter stealing your heart,” he whispered to his fan’s lifeless corpse. “Literally.”

He tucked the organ into his coat pocket and stood, brushing off his knees. It had started to rain for real, and her diluted blood pooled around his feet. Jack the Ripper had spent hours mutilating his victims, making them almost unrecognizable as he ravaged their faces and removed various body parts. Nick the Ripper knew he didn’t have that much time before he was discovered. “Nick be nimble, Nick be quick,” he sing-songed to himself as he jumped over the murdered chick and stole away into the shadows.

He removed his jacket and let the rain wash the blood from his face and shoes as he walked the empty streets. By the time he made it back to the band house, he was so drenched that no one noticed the dark stains on his jeans or the blood soaking through the bulge in his coat pocket.

In the morning, he went for a jog while Brian and Howie attended church, and afterwards, the five of them took a train across town to the home of a friend, who’d invited them over for a Sunday afternoon roast. It was in the subway station that AJ asked them to stop so he could snap a picture. But instead of turning the phone’s camera on himself, he aimed it at a concrete pillar, where there was a creepy painting of a familiar figure in a top hat and a long coat.

Jack the ripper, AJ tweeted, while Nick gazed into the coal black eyes of the mustachioed murderer. The eyes stared back unblinkingly. Nick smiled and gave them a knowing wink.

He’d taken twenty victims total now, four times as many as there were credited to the notorious Jack. But Nick the Ripper could not be satisfied, not when there were so many hearts left to steal. Literally.

Twenty down… so many more to go, he mused, stroking the spot where his mustache had been.

Chapter End Notes:
I would just like to let you all know that Jack the Ripper had all of us beat in the "sick and twisted" department. I couldn't bring myself to do to our dear Steph what all he did to some of his victims. Still, I hope you enjoyed your murder, Steph, o lordess of the bot flies!

Kill #21 The Perfect Fan by Carter-Orange

The Perfect Fan

He didn’t know whether it was from being in a foreign country, or maybe it was the whole Jack the Ripper thing, but Nick’s thirst for killing fans would not be quenched.

Little did he know that the perfect opportunity would arise within twenty four hours of killing Steph, the fan who’d seemed to love torturing her characters in the Peruvian jungle.

“Thanks for a wonderful lunch” he thanked the friends who’d invited them all for a traditional Sunday roast, “but I have a little bit of business to take care of, so I’m gonna have to love you and leave you all”

“You want some company?” Howie asked out of politeness.

“Thanks, but I’ll see you all later”

“He’s going to a sex show!” AJ laughed, pulled out his phone and tweeted Carter’s watching porn! He then took a photo of himself and sent the tweet.

Nick neither confirmed nor denied it; he just gave a quick shrug of his shoulders and gave them all a lopsided smile in response. “I’ll see you back at the house later”.

“Have fun! And don’t forget we’re gonna hit the gym later…that is unless you get lucky” AJ called out as Nick walked through the door.

If only they knew how lucky he’d already been since arriving in London.

He made his way across the vast city, blending in with the crowd as he travelled on the underground. That’s what he liked about this place; he was just another faceless person in the crowd. No one seemed to recognise him, or they just didn’t care here, and that suited him perfectly.

“Where shall I go?” he murmured to himself. It was a bright sunny day (for a change) and he knew he wouldn’t be able to indulge his dark side just yet.

One of the posters he’d spotted whilst on the tube was for the Science Museum. He looked at his watch and realised he had a couple of hours until it closed for the day. It was just the place to kill a little time, and he was keen to see some of the exhibitions too.

A couple of train journey’s later and he stepped off the tube at South Kensington Station. He walked along Exhibition Road, passed the Natural History Museum - although he wasn’t planning on paying that place a visit – and was soon outside the Science Museum. He was pleasantly surprised to find that it was free admission to the museum; not that paying was an issue for him though. He did however pay £5 for the guide book, which he stuffed into his back pocket, and then began his tour.

He wandered around the exhibitions, stopping when something in particular caught his attention, before moving on to the next display.

“Cool” he spoke out loud when he came across the space and time section.

“It is isn’t it” said an American voice from behind him “they have a whole section over there on the possibilities of space and time travel”

He spun around to face the woman who’d spoke to him and immediately sensed her recognition. Another fan. But this time a fan who was also a geek like himself. Maybe he’d leave her be. Maybe.

“Oh my god, are you Nick Carter?” she asked.

“You caught me!” he grinned and held up his hands in surrender. “You know who I am, so it’s only fair you tell me your name”

“Lorena…but my friends call me Lore” she smiled “I’m here in the UK visiting my friend Steph, but she never came back last night”

“Oh, is that so?” Nick’s interest rose and he wanted to know more.

“She said she was going on some walking tour, but I didn’t feel too great so stayed at the hotel” Lore told him.

Could Nick really be lucky enough to have stumbled across Steph’s friend? What were the chances of that happening in the same weekend!

“She probably hooked up with some guy, I’m sure you’ll see her soon enough”

“Probably” Lore grinned “I know she was looking for some guy called Jason, maybe she found him”

“Maybe” Nick agreed, wanting to change the subject. Steph’s time was over, now Lore was going to be treated to his undivided attention. “So Lore, tell me about yourself…”

The pair of them chatted as they walked around the museum. He soon put two and two together when she mentioned her love of the colour purple and her love of writing sci-fi. She even told him about a book she was hoping to get published. She was PurpuraLipstick, one of those writers off the site, and she would write no more.

Nick looked at his watch again and noticed that it was almost closing time, but he didn’t want to let her go. “Y’know, I hear there’s a secret exhibition which is well worth a look if you fancy it?”

“Really?” she exclaimed excitedly.

“And I happen to have been given tickets” Nick nodded. “You up for it?”

“Well…I am kind of hungry…”

“We can stop off for a burger on the way. Come on, it’ll be fun to share this experience with someone who is obviously as passionate about this stuff as me” he used his charm in the hopes of persuading her.

“Let me just go and get my good camera and I’ll meet you in an hour. We can get that burger then if you want”

“Sounds good to me” he agreed and they arranged a time and place to meet, which actually suited Nick as he could quickly dash back to the house and grab a few things.

True to his word, they stopped off for some fast food after meeting up, but Nick added a secret ingredient to Lore’s diet coke. He guided them over to a more secluded bench, sheltered by large trees.

“Ugh, that coke tastes gross!” she coughed and wiped her mouth on her napkin.

Nick tried to hide the disappointment from his face. Obviously drinking formaldehyde in a small quantity wasn’t going to do much. Luckily he had other supplies in his bag. It was shocking the amount of shit you could get online these days.

“Have some of mine” he offered and she took it.

“So how far is this place?” Lore asked curiously.

“Not far” he replied vaguely. But Lore – he was beginning to realise – was full of questions.

They finished eating at last, and were soon on their way again. Nick knew the kind of place he wanted to take her; he just had to find it.

“It’s a bit out of the way isn’t it?” she asked when they’d strayed far from the crowds. They were in an area which was a bit run down and abandoned. Well off the beaten track.

“I did tell you it was exclusive. You know how eccentric some of these English are” he chuckled at his own quick thinking.

“I guess” she agreed.

By now there wasn’t a single person in sight and Nick spotted a place which looked the part.

“Here we are!” he said excitedly, knowing that very soon he’d get what he wanted. But took his bag off his back and opened it up whilst Lore looked through the windows. Keep looking that way.

“It looks a bit empty, are you…”

But before she could say another word, Nick smothered her face with a chloroformed cloth and held her tight until the struggling stopped.

“About fucking time” he mumbled. Her never ending chatter had driven him mad. Couldn’t she have just been awestruck or something? No, he had to pick a wordy one!

He dragged her into the abandoned warehouse type building and set her down on a dirty old table. Next, he opened his bag of goodies and removed various items, which included a portable defibrillator, scalpel, needle and thread...and various bagged body parts.

She liked sci-fi. He liked sci-fi mixed with a touch of horror. The movie Frankenstein came to mind.

“She loves this stuff, so let's see how she likes re-animation!”

He began to wish he had Steph there too; he would've liked to have sliced them down the middle, joined them together and seen them really share a brain, like they joked about in their posts on that forum.

Oh well, he did have her heart.

Lore was still unconscious when he began slicing her open and removing her organs, which was good because he needed her to be nice and still for this. She was almost dead soon enough though, and he removed her still beating heart and replaced it with the cold dead one of her collaboration partner. He then chopped and sliced at other parts of her and replaced them with the formaldehyde preserved bits of various other victims.

“Just call me a fucking genius” he said to himself as he stood back and admired his handiwork.

Lore was stitched up like a patchwork quilt and ready for the next part of his plan for her. He was going all out this time.

He switched on the portable defibrillator and followed the instructions, sticking the pads onto her chest and pushing the button. Her body jolted as the current went through it, but nothing happened.

“Well I ain’t no Victor Frankenstein after all, but at least I gave it a go” he laughed and took a few photos with Lore’s camera. He took the memory card out and tossed the Nikon across the room, then turned his back on his latest kill and walked away, having first made sure he’d wiped every trace of himself from the crime scene.

Twenty one down and many more to go, he grinned evilly as he started back towards the house he was sharing with his band mates.


Chapter End Notes:

Hope you like it Lore!  

Kill # 22- Dont Eat The Raspberries by DelphinaCarter
Author's Notes:
This is written for sakabelle aka Steph. Hope you like it :)
Nick had been off of his killing spree for a few months now.....focusing on his career and music....being healthy.

However the fans irked him more each day, with their stories. Sitting behind their computers and phones...typing away. It made his blood boil and even after killing the ringleader, Rose and the moderator of the website...he realized it STILL wasn't enough to satisfy his thirst for revenge.

They would all pay.

"Morning, Nick. You're up early." Kevin said as he sat across the table from him, smiling. They were all in London to record the new Backstreet Boys album....and since Kevin was there Nick had toned down his need to kill. The fans waiting outside and pulling him to take pictures every day was enough as it is. None of the guys knew he'd already committed two murders since they had gotten to the house....he had covered his tracks well.

"Yeah, I was thinking of going out jogging." Nick said with a smirk, leaning down to tie his sneakers.

"All right, but don't be out too long. Brian's cooking breakfast and we have a special visitor coming by." Kevin warned.

"Who's coming over?" Nick asked.

"That kid from One Direction. I don't know his name but he looks like you a bit."

Nick's mouth twitched a bit at this news. He didn't like being compared to One Direction all the time. BSB was far more talented in his mind. These kids had everything handed to him.

"He doesn't look like me."

"Look, just be nice to him. He's a fan of ours.....they look up to us." Kevin grinned, patting him on the back before he left. Nick whistled cheerfully as he tied his shoes, grabbing his phone and placing it in his pocket. He also took his favorite knife....the same that he'd used to murder Steph the other night. It had also been used to make some special muffins.....and colorful, gory fireworks.

He almost left the knife home but he figured, why not take it. Maybe he would run into another unlucky fan.

Nick went outside and took a picture of himself, posting it to twitter.

Going for a morning jog in London...NO BODYGUARD!! Uh oh haha

He knew that would probably attract attention, and that was good enough for him. He didn't go far from the house, the streets were pretty empty for it being late morning.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else...."

Nick snapped his head around when he heard the girl's ringtone nearby at a outdoor cafe. There sat a young girl drinking tea, wearing a Sailor Moon shirt. She looked at him, staring...almost spilling her cup.


"Recognized me, did you?" he smiled as he walked up to her and sat down at the table.

"You tweeted that you were going jogging but I didn't expect-" she said quickly. Her phone went off again and she ignored it, the ringtone playing One Direction again as Nick chuckled.

"So you're a fan of those guys?"

"Well I've always been a BSB fan first but they remind me so much of you that I fell in love with them. I'm sorry..."

Nick's mouth twitched slightly and he licked his lips, sighing. He was already annoyed.

"That's cool. You know Niall is coming by today to hang out at our house. Would you like to meet him?" he smirked.


"Sure. I'm sure the fellas wouldn't mind." Nick said, his eyes twinkling. He found out the girl was named Steph as well and she was from Canada. She followed him back to the house and it was empty, everyone had gone shopping.

"This place is wonderful." Steph commented. Nick and her sat in the kitchen talking some more about music. He also found out she was a writer.....and she knew Tracy, the girl he'd deep fried at a Taco Bell in New Jersey.

How the hell did they all know each other? Would he ever get rid of them all?

"Tracy and I always thought a BSB and One Direction show would be awesome, would you consider it?" Steph asked brightly. There was a Katana sword hanging on the wall behind her and Nick kept eyeing idea forming in his head.

Nick shook his head as her phone went off again.

"Sorry, I need to answer this. My parents keep calling me....I'm on vacation here from Canada."

Nick smirked as she walked into the next room, talking on the phone.

Canada. He knew there was a couple of those fanfiction writers from Canada.....why was it always the Canadians?

Nick started to hum "Blame Canada" as he stood up, still eying the sword on the wall. There was a lot of strange artwork in the house, but this sword had always stuck out. Maybe it was time to put it to use.

"No, mother. I'm fine. I took a trip." he heard her say as he raised the katana over her.

Blame Canada.....with their beady little eyes....flapping heads so full of lies....

It came so swiftly she didn't have time to scream....the phone dropped to the floor and it smashed, her body sliced in half...Nick cackling as he cut her up like a Easter ham.

He then realized the others would be home soon. What would he do with her body?

"Nick? Where you at?" Howie asked cheerfully as he walked into the kitchen. Nick was busily chopping up fruit, still humming.

"Oh, I was making some protein shakes with fruit. Would you like one?"

"That looks nasty. What's in it?" Howie said. Nick opened up his mouth but Kevin and Brian walked in, Niall from One Direction trailing behind.

"Hi fellas. Nice to see you again." Niall said. Nick smirked as he shook his hand, this couldn't be any more perfect.

"Nick this stuff smells gross. I don't know how you drink that." Howie commented again. He didn't like the looks of the shake, it was chunky and pink.

"Trust me, it's delicious....Niall, would you like to try it? Show Howie it tastes fine." Nick promised. He held the mixture and even though the kid looked skeptical he drank it. Nick watched the whole time, even Howie was staring as if he'd poisoned it.

This was hardly poison...they'd been out of strawberries so Nick improvised. He was pleased with the result though, the chunks of flesh and organs looked like pieces of fruit.

"Are those raspberries in there? Or did AJ eat them all?" Howie asked.

"These are even better than raspberries." Nick stated calmly, drinking his shake with quiet satisfaction. He thought muffins would go great with this.

Niall licked his lips and put the glass on the counter, looking satisfied.

"Thank you, mate. I was parched. That was delicious."

Howie tried his but didn't have a similar reaction, in fact Nick saw him post on his twitter:

4th day back in the studio with bsb. Nick just made me nasty protein shake. If my stomach does cartwheels soon I am gonna kick his ...

Now that Nick thought about it, he and the Niall kid had a lot in common. As Nick went to bed that night, he tucked the knife under his pillow and stroked the blade, the knife safely inside its holder. There would be plenty of time to get them all....he was sure of it.

22 down, and many more to go...
Chapter End Notes:
The tweets I used in this story are real ones from the boys accounts....I took the liberty of filling in gaps muahahahahaha
Kill #23 - Blood Diamond by RokofAges75
Kill #23 - Blood Diamond

It had hit all the fans around the world like a ton of bricks. Nick Carter... who had sworn off marriage for years... had just gotten married to Lauren Kitt. The two of them had dated for a few years. Nick proposed to her during the tour and managed to keep it quiet from everyone. Lauren made him happy like nobody else could. She understood Nick the regular guy, not Nick the Backstreet Boy.

Their wedding day went off without a hitch, and everyone was cordial to one another during the reception. The banquet hall was decorated in white and pink. Large tables around a space made for the dance floor. Three large crystal chandeliers accented the ceiling above. It was beautiful. Lauren wore a lacy white dress. Nick held her close as they danced hand in hand, totally in love.

The newlyweds had just finished dancing when Nick leaned in to kiss her, Lauren beaming from ear to ear. "I am so glad you changed your mind about marriage, baby. This is the most perfect day of my life," she said softly.

Nick smiled and opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a creaking sound above them. He looked up as the chandelier began to fall. Several of the guests cried out, the glass flying as it came crashing down. "LOOK OUT!!!" Nick screamed, pushing Lauren out of the way.

There wasn't enough time to move. He felt the glass go into his chest. Blood splattered on Lauren's wedding dress, and Nick collapsed to the floor. He lay there motionless, blood staining his white dress shirt from the wound over his heart.

He was pronounced dead when the paramedics arrived. The crystal chandelier had pierced a major artery, and he bled to death, making Lauren a widow after only one day.

Sitting in the back of the taxi, Nick scowled as he re-read the account of his wedding day death on his phone. He had been trying to marry his longtime girlfriend, Lauren, for years, but every time he came close, he got killed by one of his jealous fans. Or, rather, a falling chandelier.

Chandelier, my ass, thought Nick, peeking down the front of his shirt to check for a scar on his chest. Of course, there was nothing. There was never a scar, never even so much as a scratch. He remembered the chandelier crashing down upon him, just as he remembered every other death he had suffered, but he seemed to be the only one who did. Every time he hopped off the autopsy table or hitched a ride home from the funeral parlor, no one seemed shocked to find him alive because no one seemed to remember he was dead or gone in the first place. Life simply went on, as if he had never died. Or, worse, it lapsed into the past, as if the events leading up to his death had never happened, either.

This was why he had yet to marry the love of his life.

She was waiting for him in the Keys, where they’d been vacationing together until a band meeting had forced him to fly to New York City. Luckily, it was a going to be a short trip. The other guys had families to get home to, as well. Howie’s wife had blessed him with a brand new baby boy, and AJ couldn’t stand to be apart from “his girls” for long. Kevin was still adjusting to being away from his wife and son on business, and Brian wanted to celebrate his birthday back home with his family. For years, Nick had made fun of them for being such boring, old, married men. He didn’t believe in marriage, he would claim, certain he would never want to settle down. Then he’d fallen in love with Lauren Kitt, and his whole outlook on love and life had changed.

He vowed to make Lauren his wife, whether the fans liked it or not. All he had to do was take out the writer who kept meddling with his marriage plans. Delphina Carter. The name alone suggested jealousy. She could take his name, but she would never again take his life. It was do or die… again.

Slipping his hand into his coat pocket, he pulled out the small black box he’d been carrying around for two weeks. He popped open the lid to sneak a peek at the engagement ring inside. The pear-shaped diamond, a seven-carat solitaire set on a thick, platinum band, sparkled in the weak rays of winter sunlight streaming through the window of the taxi. Its shine would only be magnified by the Florida sunshine. He had planned to pop the question on a private island in the Keys on Valentine’s Day, but a series of mishaps with his boat had prevented him from doing so. It was just as well. One more detour, and his romantic proposal was sure to go off without a hitch.

He looked up as the taxi merged onto the New Jersey turnpike. It couldn’t have been a coincidence that his work had brought him within one state of his next victim the same week he was going to propose to Lauren. Luck was on his side.


“Is this it?” asked the taxi driver an hour later.

Nick looked out the window at the White Castle. “I hope so.” He paid his fare, tipping the driver extra for his long trip, and climbed out of the cab. It was cold outside. He tucked his hands into his coat pockets as he walked into the restaurant, rubbing the velvet box like a rabbit’s foot. The ring inside would be more than a lucky charm.

“Welcome to White Castle!” He was greeted by a young woman standing behind the counter. There was something familiar about her, and even before he came close enough to read her nametag, he knew it was her. The one he had come looking for. “What can I get for you?”

He stepped up to the counter. “Hi there…” He paused to check her nametag, smiling when he’d confirmed his hunch. “…Delphina. Wow, what a unique name.”

Blushing, the girl grinned. “Thanks, it’s-” She stopped in mid-sentence, her eyes widening as she suddenly recognized him. “Nick! Oh my god, it’s freakin’ Nick Carter!”

“Shh!” he hissed, jerking his finger to his lips. He never liked attracting too much attention to himself in public, especially when he was about to commit murder. “Keep it on the DL, would ya?”

“Sorry!” she squeaked, blushing redder. “It’s just… I’m a huge fan of yours!”

He smirked. “I can tell.”

“So, um… did you want to order something?” she asked, fumbling with a stack of cups on the counter.

He leaned closer. “I’m craving something tasty ‘to go,’ if you know what I mean.” He winked. “When do you get off?”

“In ten minutes!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been on all night.”

“Got any plans?”

She shook her head. “No… I usually head straight home and go to bed.”

He smiled; she was making this far too easy for him. “Wanna go to bed with me?” He half-expected her to drop dead right then and there, but luckily, she stayed standing. It was more fun that way. He wanted to toy with her a little longer before he took her life. He never had trouble luring women where he wanted them, but the real thrill came in trying not to get caught. When Delphina nodded, he leaned even closer, close enough to kiss her, and whispered, “Then meet me outside in ten minutes. Tell no one. I don’t want Lauren to find out. It’ll be our little secret. Alright?”

She nodded again, and he walked out, waiting behind a dumpster until she emerged ten minutes later. “Where’s your car?” he asked. “I took a cab.”

“I take the bus,” she replied apologetically.

“That’s fine.” Even better, he thought. Now he wouldn’t have to ditch her car when he was done, and it was unlikely they’d be noticed on a crowded city bus. They could get off at any stop and simply disappear. “Let’s get off here,” he suggested, spotting a seedy-looking motel down the street. It was the kind of place that rented rooms by the hour, but he gave Delphina enough cash to book a room for two nights. That would give him plenty of time to get out of dodge before her body was discovered. “Put it in your name,” he told her. “That way I can fly under the radar, you know?”

“Oh, sure. I know you what you mean,” she said, smiling.

No, you sure as hell don’t, he thought, smirking back. He stayed outside until the reservation was made, then slipped inside unseen. The room was small and shabby, with suspicious stains on the bedspread. Her dead body would blend in nicely.

“It’s not exactly the Hilton, huh?” said Delphina, laughing nervously as she looked around the room.

“Who’d want a Hilton when they could be with a real girl?” Nick replied, wondering if she’d get the joke. She grinned, giggling as he pushed her back onto the bed. “Woulda been nice if there was at least a crystal chandelier on the ceiling or something, though, am I right? Though, with my bad luck, it’d probably come crashing down on me.” He winked, waiting for her reaction.

Her smile faded. “Why would you say that?” she asked, looking up at him uncertainly.

“I dunno.” He shrugged. “Why would you write about your favorite singer being crushed by a chandelier on his wedding day?”

Her eyes widened. “You read-?”

“You bet I did, bitch. Unfortunately for you, your writing days are over. This is my story now. And in my story, I’m not the victim. I’m the villain.”

He grabbed both sides of her face, muffling her scream with the heels of his hand, and slammed her head into the wall. The back of her skull bashed into the bed’s headboard, and she blacked out. By the time she came to, he had turned the sheets into soft restraints, tying her down to the bed. They would leave no traces on her skin once he removed them.

“How do you think it feels to have something sharp slice into your skin?” he asked in a low voice as he climbed onto the bed. “Sever your arteries?” Slowly, he crawled on top of her, straddling her stomach. “Cause you to bleed out in a matter of minutes?” He smiled down at her. “You’re about to find out.” Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the velvet box. “You know what’s even sharper than glass?” He flipped open the lid to reveal the ring inside. “Diamond.”

Delphina gasped inaudibly, sucking the gag further into her mouth.

Nick’s grin widened. “That’s right. It’s an engagement ring. I’m gonna propose to Lauren tomorrow, and this time, no one’s gonna stop us from getting married and growing old together. Especially not you.” With that, he stabbed the sharp point of the diamond into Delphina’s chest. The seven-carat stone wasn’t large enough to penetrate deep, but it fit his purpose fine. He didn’t want her to bleed to death yet. He had to make this look like she’d done it herself.

He scraped the stone slowly across her skin, carving a crudely-shaped heart. Then he slashed straight through the middle, cutting the heart in half. “If you’re such a huge fan, your friends and family will have no trouble believing that it broke your heart to learn of my engagement,” he said, digging in deeper to make the wound bleed. “You were devastated. Distraught. You couldn’t live with the idea of me marrying another woman, and so, you decided to end your life.”

“You slit your wrists,” he said, making horizontal slashes across the inside of her wrists, “but you did it wrong at first, so you went the other way.” He sliced vertically, splitting open the radial arteries. Blood spewed from her wrists, wetting the sheets.

“But it was taking too long for you to die, so you cut your own throat. That’s, of course, after you write one last thing - a suicide note on your cell phone.” He held up the Blackberry he’d slipped out of her pocket. “‘To my family and friends…’” He talked as he typed, his thumbs flying across the keypad. “‘I’m sorry for what I have done. I know you’ll never understand the pain that drove me to take my own life, but trust me when I say that I couldn’t stand the thought of Nick Carter spending the rest of his life with any other woman but me. It was unbearable. I’d rather die than be alone, yet there’s no one else I want to be with. He belongs with me. Please understand, and forgive me for putting you through such pain. Love, Delphina.’” He looked up. Tears were trickling down her cheeks, as the blood flowed from her arms. “Does that sound okay? Eh, I guess it’ll do.” Shrugging, he set the phone down on the bedside table and picked up the bloodstained ring.

“Now comes the part where you slit your throat. This’ll really make you bleed. You’ll be dead in seconds - minutes, at most. Then you’ll know what it’s like to feel your very life spill out of you. I guess that’s why they call it ‘kicking the bucket,’ eh?” He chuckled. “Here goes.” Slowly, deliberately, he dragged the pointed end of the diamond across her throat, digging it as deep into her flesh as it would go. A trail of blood followed in its wake, and the wider it got, the faster it flowed. He leaned over her, making sure that the last thing she saw before her eyes rolled back into her head was not her life flashing before them, but his leering face looking down at her, watching her bleed to death.

When the deed was done, he went into the bathroom to wash off the ring. He rinsed off the blood and polished it until it was gleaming, then pronounced it “Good as new,” and pocketed it once more. He strolled out of the motel, rubbing his lucky ring box and singing “Single Ladies” to himself. “’Cause if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it. Whoa-oh-ohh, oh-oh-ohh, oh-oh-ohh…”


The next day, on an idyllic island in the Florida Keys, Nick dropped to one knee in front of Lauren. She gasped as he pulled the velvet box out of the pocket of his swim trunks and popped it open. “Lauren Kitt, you’re the love of my life… all sixty-two of them, actually.”

“Huh?” laughed Lauren through her tears.

“Never mind.” He grinned nervously. “What I’m trying to say is, will you marry me?”


He heard a chorus of cheers in the background. For a moment, he’d forgotten they had an audience - Lauren’s father and a few of their closest friends. He had wanted them to witness the proposal. But now that she’d accepted, he felt put on the spot, unsure of what to say next. He’d only planned as far as popping the question. “I don’t know what to do next,” he confessed, laughing.

“You’re supposed to put it on my finger!”

So he plucked the ring from its box and slipped it onto her right ring finger. It was a perfect fit.

“It’s beautiful!” she gasped, holding it up so she could see it sparkle in the sunlight. He stood behind her, admiring its shine. It looked as if it had never been soaked in someone else’s blood.

“It’s seven carats. The jeweler said it has a high grade of color and clarity.”

“And it’s conflict-free?”

“You mean, is it a blood diamond?” Nick chuckled to himself. “Not in the way you’re thinking.”

“Good.” Sighing with happiness, she turned to face him, placing her hands on his bare shoulders. “I love you so much. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“I love you, too,” he replied, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Till death do us part.”

With any luck, he’d ensured it would be long time before that happened. But with a wife to provide for and, one day, a family, it was no time to take chances. He had to keep killing the fans who sought to destroy him.

Twenty-three down... so many more to go.

Chapter End Notes:
The beginning of the story is Death #6 from 1000 Ways to Kill Nick Carter, written by DelphinaCarter. Sorry Tracy, I couldn't resist letting Nick kill you again - it was just too fitting! When I saw Lauren's engagement ring, I thought, "That rock could be used as a weapon!" and the idea was born.
Kill #24 - Kitt Fit Kill, Part I by RokofAges75
Kill #24 - Kitt Fit Kill, Part I

“I’m gonna miss you so much, baby,” Nick told his fiancée, Lauren, as he kissed her goodbye.

“I’ll miss you, too.” Releasing him from her embrace, Lauren put both hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eye. “You be good while I’m gone, now,” she said, pretending to be stern. “Just cause you’re baching it for a week doesn’t mean you can sit around, drink booze, and be a bum all day. Make sure you eat right and get to the gym so you can stay… Kitt Fit!” She flashed him a winning smile.

Nick smiled back. “Don’t worry, babe. I’m gonna be too busy busting my ass in the backyard to lie around eating junk. I’m sure I’ll burn plenty of calories even without going to the gym. I’m gonna show you and our fans some more creative ways to get… Kitt Fit!” He winked and clicked his tongue, giving her a double thumbs up.

The couple had kept up their “Kitt Fit” lifestyle throughout their time in Tennessee, where they were remodeling the house Nick owned near Nashville. Nick was staying to finish the renovations while Lauren returned to Los Angeles to train for her next fitness competition. He had some “special projects” he hoped to tackle while she was out of town.

As soon as she was gone, he got started on his work. The first phase of the project involved finding some willing participants - or, rather, waiting for them to find him. All he had to do was go to the gym, like he’d promised Lauren he would, and wait to be recognized. If he was approached by a fan who fit the profile he was looking for - overweight from hours spent sitting at the computer, eating chips and writing fan fiction - he fed her his line: “Hey, girl. How would you like to get… Kitt Fit?”

He told them he and Lauren were developing a weight loss competition series, similar to The Biggest Loser, to accompany their Kitt Fit campaign. “We’re searching for contestants to be on the show, and you’ve got just the look we’re going for!” he claimed. “How would you like to come with me back to my place and audition?”

In a single day, he brought home three eager victims. The first was Amanda, who’d worn a Backstreet Boys t-shirt to the gym. The second was Becca, who’d wiped her sweaty face with a BSB cruise towel at the end of her workout. Finally, there was Cassie, who’d gushed that she always listened to his songs while she walked on the treadmill. (Nick had shuddered as he heard the beat of “Burning Up” blaring out of her ear buds, remembering the flames igniting his pants while the smoke signed his nostrils. She would burn for reminding him of his own fiery death.)

He made each contestant strip down to her undergarments and step onto a scale. “Smile for your ‘before’ pic,” he would say, as he snapped photos. Then he locked the three of them in separate rooms, which he called “confessionals,” and went to work on the next phase of his project.


Amanda looked up nervously when he walked into the bathroom. She was lying in the bathtub, where he’d left her, looking like a beached whale in her bra and panties. He had chained her wrists to the faucet and bound her legs together so that her lower half could only flop around like a mermaid on land.

Nick could tell she had been crying. Clearly, she had realized this wasn’t a reality show. But that didn’t make her situation any less real. “You came here to lose weight, and I’m going to make sure that you do,” Nick promised, offering her a reassuring smile. “I know you’ve probably tried all kinds of weight-loss strategies in the past: diets… exercise… but have you ever tried liposuction?”

She shook her head, her eyes wide, and his smile grew.

“No? Well, prepare to be amazed. Liposuction is quick and easy. You just lie there and let the fat get sucked right out of you. It’s like magic! Look, I even have a magic wand!” He held up the end of his vacuum cleaner hose, hooked up to the narrowest attachment.

Amanda started to hyperventilate.

He set down the hose and took another step toward the tub, pulling a small knife out of his pocket. “Normally they knock you out before any kind of surgical procedure, but I wanted you to be able to watch the magic happen. Fair warning, though - this may sting a bit.”

She started screaming as he stabbed the knife into her belly and didn’t stop until he had finished boring a small hole.

“Shh,” he scolded her, wiping the bloody knife with a towel. “Don’t scream so much. You’ll scare the others.”

His weakened victim whimpered with pain and fear, while the blood poured from the knife wound in her belly. When he held up the vacuum cleaner attachment, she started to scream again. He jammed it through the opening in her skin, plugging up the hole. Then, with the flip of a switch, he turned it on.

The sound of her screams was overpowered by the roar of the vacuum, as it suctioned out her abdominal organs. The hose rattled in his hands as bloody bits of tissue were sucked through it. He held on, letting his homemade liposuction machine run until the “check bag” light came on, signaling that the vacuum cleaner bag was full. Meanwhile, Amanda’s abdominal cavity must be empty. Her belly was certainly looking flatter than before.

“Lipo may not be for everyone, but there’s no denying results like these,” he said to himself as he snapped an “after” picture.

After wrapping the body in a plastic tarp and dragging it out to his backyard, he spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the bathroom with bleach. That evening, he took to Twitter, posting a picture of himself standing in the sparkling bathroom, the vacuum cleaner propped in a corner behind him.

Nick Carter @nickcarter
Got my bathroom clean and my workout in at the same time. Just another way to stay #KittFit!

Later, Lauren replied:

Lauren Kitt @Lauren_Kitt
So lucky to have a future husband who helps out around the house! Love you @nickcarter! #KittFit

Nick smiled as he read her tweet. He wished his fiancée wasn’t so far away, but it was probably better that she was. He still had plenty of work left to do there without her. One down… two to go, he thought, turning his attention to contestant number two.
Kill #25 - Kitt Fit Kill, Part II by RokofAges75
Kill #25 - Kitt Fit Kill, Part II

Becca had struggled with her weight for most of her life. But a chance encounter with Nick Carter would change all of that.

On the day she met Nick, Becca stood five feet tall and weighed two hundred and twenty pounds. Dragging her body across the floor of his garage was a lot like rolling a large medicine ball, Nick decided. Luckily, Lauren had convinced him to incorporate strength training into his workouts. It came in handy as he hoisted his unconscious victim onto his work bench. He couldn’t resist taking a picture of himself flexing his bicep to post on Twitter.

Nick Carter @nickcarter
Doing some heavy lifting… check out these guns! #KittFit

By the time Becca came to, Nick had chained her arms to the back wall of his garage. Her legs were shackled to a separate length of chain, which he’d hooked to the trailer hitch on the back of his SUV. The chains rattled as she struggled to free herself.

Watching her writhe on the table, Nick shook his head. “Becca, Becca, Becca… you’re gonna pull a muscle if you don’t do a proper warm-up first. The key to increasing your range of motion is stretching.” He drew out the word, raising his arms above his head so she could see the car keys he held in one hand. “Let’s get those stubby little arms and legs of yours looking long and lean, shall we?”

“Please,” Becca begged pitifully, shaking her head back and forth, “don’t hurt me.”

“No pain, no gain,” Nick replied, jangling his keys. “You gotta push through the pain!” He jumped into the driver’s seat of his SUV, and the engine sprang to life. He revved it a few times while the vehicle was in park, then shifted it into drive and took his foot off the brake.

Through the open window, he could hear her start to scream as the SUV rolled forward, pulling the chains taut. He watched in the rearview mirror as her whole body was lifted off the work table, suspended in midair by the force being exerted on her arms and legs. “Did you know they called this being ‘drawn and quartered’ back in medieval times?” he shouted out the window, though he wasn’t sure Becca could hear him over the sound of her own screams.

Afraid the neighbors would hear, he braked and put the SUV back into park. By the time he’d shut off the engine, Becca had stopped screaming. “Of course, back then they used horses instead of cars,” he added, as he climbed out and walked to the back of the garage to check on her. She was breathing as fast and hard as if she’d just run a race, her skin pale and sweaty, her stretched limbs shaking visibly. “They’d tie your arms and legs to four horses, then slap the horses to send them running in different directions so that they ripped you apart - into four quarters, get it? That’s why they called it ‘quartering.”

Becca sobbed, as Nick smiled. He’d always enjoyed learning about the gorier parts of history.

“I’ll let you cool down for a sec while I get set up for the next leg of your weight loss journey.” As he lifted his ax from its peg on the wall above the work bench, he snickered to himself, amused by his little pun. “One way or the other, we’re gonna get you down to your ideal weight,” he promised, touching the blade of the ax. It was a little duller than he’d have liked, but he decided he’d just have to make do.

“Wh-what are you going to do with that?” Becca whimpered, watching him with wide eyes.

“Sorry, sweetie, but you have a lot of weight to lose and only a short window of time in which to lose it. Lauren’ll be back in a week, and I can’t have your lard ass still lying around when she gets here. Drastic times call for drastic measures.”

He raised the ax above his head and swung it swiftly down, sinking the blade into her thigh. Becca let out a blood-curdling scream, which he ignored. The blade wasn’t sharp enough to cut all the way through the bone, so he wrenched it out and took a second swing. This time, he succeeded in severing her left leg.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, he said, “Did you know each of your legs weighs about twenty percent of your total body weight? So once I take this other one off, you’ll be down almost…” He paused to do the math in his head. “…eighty-eight pounds. Can’t beat that!”

Becca was too busy screaming to reply.

“Here goes! Get ready to lose it, girl!” Taking a deep breath, Nick hoisted the ax over his head again and brought it hurtling down to strike her remaining leg. He was more tired this time, so it took three blows before he’d completely cut off the limb.

Becca, too, was growing weaker, as the blood pumped out of her mutilated stumps and pooled on the garage floor.

“Good thing I remembered to put down a tarp,” Nick said, skidding a little on the length of plastic sheeting. “Now, let’s target those flabby arms of yours next.”

With her arms still chained to the wall behind her, Becca was powerless to fight him off. All she could do was flop around like a fish, her severed legs spurting more blood with every feeble movement she made. Nick choked up on the axe handle and took aim, eyeing the exposed flesh of her upper arms. Plump and milky white, it reminded him of uncooked sausage. And once the blade of the axe had broken through the casing of her skin and struck bone, the bloody shreds of tissue that remained looked just as raw. He didn’t blame Becca for passing out when she turned her head and saw the severed remains of her right arm; it was, after all, a pretty gruesome sight. But he was used to such things by now and wasn’t bothered by the blood and gore. He went about his work in a businesslike manner, chopping off her other arm with the stomach of a surgeon and the strength of a lumberjack.

“I-I-I’m a lumberjack, and I’m okay! I sleep all night, and I work all day!” sang Nick gleefully as he chopped, hacking the arm away from its shoulder. “TIM-BER!” he shouted, before severing the last bit of sinew that connected the two. The arm went swinging on its chain and smacked into the wall, leaving a smear of blood on the drywall. “Nothing a little bleach and a fresh coat of paint can’t fix,” said Nick to himself. “Now to finish the job!”

But for that, he wanted his victim awake, so he tapped Becca on the shoulder, causing more blood to spew out onto his shoes. “Damn, and I liked this pair, too.” He shook his head. “Oh well… time to wake up and see this bangin’ new bod of yours, babe!” He gave Becca another rough poke, and she recoiled in pain, her eyes popping open. “Ah, there we go. Up and at ‘em! Let’s get you on the scale and see how much you’ve lost!”

Becca was free from her chains now, but without arms or legs, she could do nothing but writhe around as Nick scooped her up and carried her to the scale he’d set on the floor of the garage. He lowered her down onto the scale, forcing her to sit upright so it could calculate her current weight. Becca slumped feebly in his arms, fading fast from blood loss, but he held her up until the scale finished calibrating. Curious, he looked down at the number. “One hundred ten!” he announced. “Look at that, Becca - you’ve lost half your body weight! Another ten pounds, and you’ll be right at the ideal body weight for your height. And wouldn’t you know it? The human head weighs an average of ten pounds!”

At that, Becca’s eyes rolled back into her head, and she fell into a dead faint. With a sigh, Nick hauled her back up onto the table. “Stay awake!” he shouted, slapping her cheeks. Without her conscious, this wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Becca came to briefly, just long enough for him to appreciate the look in her eyes as she saw the bloodied blade of the axe flying toward her face. It struck her just under the chin, sinking quite easily through her throat and severing her spine as it split her neck in half. She blinked once more as her decapitated head went rolling off the table and bounced onto the floor. When Nick reached down and picked it up by the hair, her eyes were frozen in fear, the pupils fixed and dilated, but fresh tears were still trickling out of their corners.

“I know… I know,” he whispered, patting her head. “Anyone would cry with happiness after losing this much weight.” Then he set down the head so he could snap an “after” picture of the mangled torso on the table before he started chopping it up.

Once he had finished bagging Becca’s body parts and cleaning up the blood, he took one more photo, a “selfie” of himself holding up the gleaming axe. He made sure the calorie counter he wore on his wrist was turned toward the camera. Then he uploaded the picture, accompanied by another tweet:

Nick Carter @nickcarter
Just burned 341 calories chopping firewood. Great way to blow off some steam and stay #KittFit!

Feeling tired, but accomplished, he headed into the house to soak his sore muscles in a hot bath. Two down, he thought. One to go. He would finish off contestant number three later.

Kill #26 - Kitt Fit Kill, Part III by RokofAges75
Kill #26 - Kitt Fit Kill, Part III

Before his fiancée Lauren had left for Los Angeles, she and Nick had made a list of home improvement projects he was going to finish while she was gone. One of his tasks was to build a fire pit in the backyard, so they’d be able to enjoy bonfires on cool summer nights. Nick had started digging the pit on the day Lauren left, though he didn’t exactly stick to her plan. By the time he had finished, the pit was eight feet deep - the perfect place to keep a prisoner.

That was how his third weight-loss contestant, Cassie, had come to be bound and gagged at the bottom of the giant hole in his backyard.

He had dumped her there on the first day of the “competition,” telling her, “Calorie restriction is a surefire way to lose weight.” He had been slowly starving her for the past six days, letting her drink from the garden hose to keep her from getting dehydrated. But Lauren would be back that night to spend the weekend with him, so Nick knew he needed to finish the job.

He left the Q Lazzarus song “Goodbye Horses” blaring through his open windows as he walked out to the backyard, his dog Nacho trotting at his heels. The sun was high in the sky, shining straight down on the girl in the fire pit. “Looks like you’re getting burnt!” he called down to her.

The gag in her mouth kept Cassie from responding, but the tears trickling down her red face were evidence enough of her misery.

“Here… put on some sunscreen!” He dropped a spray bottle of Banana Boat into a bucket, which he lowered into the pit with a rope.

Burying her face in her hands, Cassie turned away from him. He could see the skin peeling from her blistered back.

“It sprays the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it’s told,” Nick commanded.

Cassie continued to ignore him.

“It sprays the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again!” Nick threatened loudly, brandishing the garden hose. Nacho let out a yip of excitement, thinking it was time to play. Like his master, the pug loved water. “Yes she will, Nacho, she will get the hose!” Nick cooed in baby talk, scratching his dog behind the ears.

The threat worked. Still crying, Cassie sprayed the sunscreen all over her corpulent body, rubbing it in with shaking hands.

“Now it places the lotion in the bucket,” said Nick when she was finished.

Cassie resisted, clutching the bottle in her trembling hand.

“It places the lotion in the bucket,” Nick repeated, knowing time was running short. When she still refused, he screamed, “Put the fucking lotion in the bucket!”

Finally, his victim did as she was told. He hauled the bucket of sunscreen out of the hole and set it aside.

“I can tell you’ve already shed some weight just by sticking to a no-calorie diet!” he called, looking down into the fire pit. “But you know, diet alone won’t do it. You need to exercise, too. You said you like to work out to my song ‘Burning Up,’ right?” He struck a match and held it over the edge for her to see. “Well, get ready to burn some calories, babe!”

Right on cue, the next track on his playlist had begun. “I’m burning up,” he heard his own voice sing over the driving club beat. With a sinister smile, he let go of the lit match.

As soon as the match dropped into the hole, he heard a muffled scream and watched his victim erupt in flames. The sunscreen spray, which was flammable when wet, acted as an accelerant, causing the fire to spread quickly over her skin. She danced around frantically, flailing her fiery arms, as he watched in amusement from above, his song playing in the background. “This club... is so high... and you light it up; it’s ready to blow. Hands up... Don’t stop... If you’re sexy, then get out of control.”

He couldn’t help but chant along. “Let’s get fired up! Get, get fired up! Let’s get fired up! Get, get fired up! Let’s get fired up! Get, get fired up! Let’s get fired up! Get, get fired up! Sing it with me now!” he called down into the hole. “I’m burning up... and up! I’m burning up... and up! So all you sexy people burn it up!”

The flames worked quickly. By the time the song was finished, the smell of burnt meat hung in the air, and the girl called Cassie had been reduced to a pile of smoldering remains. “Look how many inches you lost!” Nick called into the pit. “You go, girl!” Then he got his shovel and started scooping the pile of loose soil back into the pit, smothering the fire.

When the fire pit was finished, he took a picture of himself standing in front of it, his smiling face streaked with sweat and dirt. Along with the photo, he tweeted:

Nick Carter @nickcarter
Burned a shitload of calories digging this fire pit for me & Lo! Maybe now she’ll let me make s'mores. Not 2 many tho…gotta stay #KittFit!

Lauren came back to find a roaring bonfire in the new fire pit. “Nick, this is awesome!” she exclaimed as she walked into the backyard. “I’m impressed!” She paused to sniff the air. “Have you been cooking on the fire? I smell meat.”

Nick shifted a log to cover up the femur he could see sticking up from the flames, its flesh melted away. He couldn’t tell if it was Amanda’s or Becca’s; they’d both made excellent firewood. Smiling innocently at his fiancée, he replied, “Just hot dogs. And before you say anything, I know they’re bad for me, but after all the calories I burnt building this thing, I figured I could indulge a little tonight. Want one?” He held up his roasting stick, speared with two hot dogs.

Lauren wrinkled her nose and shook her head. “No thanks, I’ll pass. I have to stay… Kitt Fit!” she quipped with a wink. “By the way,” she added, dropping down into the empty lawn chair beside him, “I enjoyed all your tweets this week. Thanks for helping our fans find productive ways to get Kitt Fit, too!”

“No problem, babe. It was my pleasure,” said Nick, gazing hungrily into the flames. Killing fans was a lot like losing weight, he mused. Even when he saw results, he was never satisfied, and his work was never done.

Twenty-six down… so many more to go.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed the Kitt Fit Kill trilogy! The fans I used in these three chapters were just fictional, not based on real people.

Kill #27 Waiting For A Star To Fall by Carter-Orange

Waiting For A Star To Fall

It was a beautiful sunny day, not too hot, nor too cool, just perfect for an occasion like this where hundreds of people had gathered to witness one of the many highlights of our musical career.

I know I should’ve been giving the ceremony my full attention, seeing as getting our very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was a huge deal for us, and probably one of the ultimate rewards for twenty years in the business; but when I saw that banner held high in the crowd, well it kinda got my attention.

Kev My Love was all it said, in big bold betters on a fluorescent pink piece of card.

Surely it couldn’t be her. It couldn’t really be Erika AKA ‘kevmylove’, the writer who’d killed me off with Viagra, could it? No. It was just me reading too much into things. Would she really come and see us get our star? I hadn’t seen her around on that fanfic site in a while, maybe she’d stopped writing. Maybe not. I hadn’t really had the chance to go on there much myself over the last couple of weeks. But she had written a hell of a lot of stuff in which I was portrayed as an asshole, and she’d killed me off in her Little Blue Pills story. My fucking dick had exploded for fucks sake! She was on the hit list and sooner or later she was gonna get it. She’d killed me off and therefore the tables were going to be turned.

Damn! It would be the icing on the cake if it was her. The ultimate end to an epic day. But how was I going to find out if it was her for sure? I could hardly stroll over and say “hey, are you Erika?”

I’d have to be subtle. But how?

I put her out of my mind whilst we took part in the ceremony and had photos with families, it was all very emotional. Since when did I become such a fucking girl? I swear I was hanging out with AJ too much.

But then I came up with a plan.

“Hey guys, how about we ask some of the fans to come and get their photos with us?” I asked. We’d finished up, but the media were still hanging around, so it was a good opportunity.

Brian didn’t look too keen, and his wife even less keen after she’d seen all the pretty girls in the crowd giving her husband the eye, but my little buddy Howie, always the people pleaser, agreed that it would be nice to invite a few from the crowd. After all, if it wasn’t for the fans, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

“How about we each pick one? Like we do at the concerts?” I shrugged, hiding just how excited I was at the possibility of coming face to face with the writer who’d thought it fun to kill me in the most excruciating way. I wanted to cross my legs just thinking about that!

“Great idea” said Jen, our management, as she nodded her head.

We announced what we were doing and the crowd got excited all over again.

“Would you like to come up and get your photo done with us?” Brian asked a little girl, who was obviously there with her mother and not really bothered who we were. I would’ve picked her mom, she was hot.

“Sure she will, won’t you sweetie!” the mother practically burst with joy. I just shook my head; he always went for ‘Leighanne Approved’ ones.

“Who else wants to come up here?” AJ shouted, to which the fans went wild. “OK then, I’ll pick…you” he gestured to a blonde with huge boobs.

Howie chose a brunette who was wearing next to nothing, whilst Kevin picked a girl who told him she’d travelled all the way from Japan! Crazy stuff!

That just left me.

“How about you over there with the banner? I may not be Kev, but I’ll do, right?” I gave her my trademark lopsided smile.

I could see her face light up as she made her way towards us. I was battling to keep my face neutral.

“Ohmigod” she said excitedly once she’d reached us and I’d given her the obligatory hug.

“What’s your name?” I asked, hoping I wasn’t grinning too manically. I was so close to finding out whether it was her or not. Something inside told me I was right to be this excited.

“Erika” she replied a little nervously.


I had to stop myself from performing a happy dance. How lucky could a guy be? Twenty year anniversary with the boys, a star on the Walk of Fame and now, to top it all off, another kill. But the details of how I was going to do that were still forming in my head.

“Well I’m very pleased to meet you Erika. Where are you from?” I asked. I had to be sure.

“I kinda live local” she replied with a shrug.

We had photos and management took the fans email addresses so they could send them the photos directly. Of course I was eavesdropping when Erika gave her details. You could learn a lot about a person if you had the right information, and I was going to be finding out as much about Erika as I could. She was going to get the five star treatment she deserved.


A few days after getting our star, I had all the information I needed. I also had a plan.

I happened to know that Erika had planned a night out. I knew where and when, thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Damn, it was going to be almost too easy.

“Don’t wait up” I kissed Lauren, “it’s probably gonna be a late one, you know how it is when we all get together”

“Have fun” she kissed me back. God, I loved her.

I got into the car and set off for the club which I knew she was going to be at. It wasn’t a place I’d ever been to before, but I found it easy enough.

It was packed. Bodies swaying to the beat of the music, women dressed in very little, grinding against men who obviously only wanted one thing. I would’ve been one of those guys in the past.

I looked around, hoping and praying that she hadn’t cancelled at the last minute, or already left with some guy. That wasn’t part of my plan. The only guy she was leaving here with was going to be me.

And then I spotted her. She was standing at the bar waiting to be served, her money in her hand, waving it to try and get the barman’s attention. I darted through the crowd until I was by her side.

“Hey…haven’t we met before?” I asked, playing it cool, like I didn’t know exactly who she was.

“Nick! What are you doing here?” she asked, all giddy, probably from the drink as well as seeing me. “I’m the girl you picked to get a picture with at the star ceremony”

“That’s where I know you from” I grinned. “I was meant to be meeting a friend, but I might be in the wrong place. I was sure Kevin told me here though…”

“KEVIN! You’re meeting Kevin?” she looked around, hoping for a glimpse of the Backstreet Boy she idolised.

“Yeah…hang on…” I pulled my phone out of my pocket and pretended to read a text. “He’s here, let’s get a drink and I’ll take you to say hello…if you want to?”

“Fuck yeah…I mean yes please” she replied.

“What’re you having to drink?” I asked and then ordered our drinks. Before handing the drink to her though, I slipped a little extra ingredient into it.

“Thanks” she replied when I handed the drink over. She took a long gulp of it and then I told her to follow me.

“Where is he?” she began to slur as she looked around hopefully.

“He’s just out here, come on” I took her hand and led her outside.

By now she was swaying really badly, and her eyes were having trouble staying focused on anything. Perfect.

“Where” she slurred as she flung herself around, completely unco-ordinated.

“Right over here” I opened the trunk of my car and with a quick shove, she was in. God, I loved my car, it was so big and roomy. Perfect for things like this.

She feebly called out, but then went silent. The tranquiliser I’d slipped into her drink had finally knocked the bitch out.

Now the fun could really begin.

I’d paid tribute to a number of serial killers during my own killing spree, and tonight would be no exception. Tonight I was stepping into my favourite TV serial killer Dexter’s shoes.

The location had been picked and prepared in advance, now all I had to do was get there and get on with it.

An hour later, she began to flutter her eyes open, but flutter her eyes was all she could do. In true Dexter style, she was shrink-wrapped to a table, unable to move. I zipped my all-in-one up so I wouldn’t splash any blood and body parts onto my clothes, and walked over to her.

“W…wh…what…are you…doing?” she stuttered, still groggy from the tranquiliser.

“Ever watch Dexter?” I asked and her eyes went wide with fear. “Yup, I’m taking that as a yes then. Well Erika, you are about to get what you deserve…what all you bitches who think up new ways to kill me deserve”

“Please…please just let me go. I didn’t mean it. It was just a bit of…”

But she didn’t get the chance to carry on begging.

I slit her throat. Blood splatters flew off the knife and up the plastic sheets I’d put up in the room. She made a choked kind of gurgling noise, blood pooled onto the floor and then she was silent.

A song popped into my head from out of nowhere and I began to sing.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…”

I hummed and sang as I chopped her up into little pieces with a meat cleaver, and then dumped the individual parts into extra strong black bags. It would be easier to carry her out like that, and would look like I was just taking out the trash. Not that anyone would see me. I’d been careful in selecting the murder location.

Once she was all bagged up, I took the plastic sheeting down, took off the all-in-one and bagged them up too, along with my tools. Then it was on to the next part of the plan.

Unlike Dexter, I didn’t have a boat on standby, which was a shame as I did like the open ocean. But what I did have was the knowledge of a new apartment complex which was in the early stages of being built. So early that not even a single brick had been laid, just the foundations.

I drove into the site, which was deserted, and switched on the cement mixer. Doing renovations on my own home had taught me how to work this shit. After a few minutes, the mixture was ready to pour into the foundations, and so I got the black bags full of Erika out of the trunk and dumped her all over the place so that if she was dug up, they wouldn’t find all of her in the same position. I arranged her how I wanted her and then went back to the mixer and manoeuvred it to pour.

The sloppy cement came shooting out and quickly covered the bags. I made sure not a trace of black bag could be seen before switching it off and putting everything back to how it should’ve been. Then I stood back and admired my work. If being a singer hadn’t paid off, maybe a career in the building trade would’ve been right up my street. I did like the feeling of accomplishment after a hard day’s slog.

When I eventually got home, Lauren was fast asleep. I took a shower and climbed into bed beside her, it was good to be home.

Twenty seven down and many more to go…


Chapter End Notes:

Sorry Erika :)

Kill #28 Just Want You To Know by Carter-Orange

Just Want You To Know


I was still on an incredible high after the events of the last couple of weeks.  Backstreet was back, alright!


I switched on the computer and checked my emails and had a quick look on Twitter.  I was in the mood for beating some fans’ asses on Team Fortress, it was always fun.


Nick Carter @nickcarter

Team Fortress 2 in half an hour, I’m gonna kick some ass!


Immediately I was swamped with tweets, as always, but one tweet caught my attention and gave me goosebumps, and not in a good way.


Ritz @AlexsGirlRitz



Usually shit like that wouldn’t even catch my eye.  You’d be shocked at the amount of weird messages I get, from fans telling me how much they love the music, to offers of sex, to threats against my beloved Lauren.  The harmless ones I ignore, but the ones bordering on nastiness, well they get reported and blocked.


But this one got me curious.  Was she messing with me?  Which club?  I had to find out, so I did something I rarely do and sent her a DM.


Nick Carter @nickcarter

And which club would that be Ritz?


I sat back in my swivel chair and waited for her to reply.  I hoped she was still online as I wouldn’t be able to relax until I knew.  I’d never once come close to being caught, and it wasn’t going to change now just because someone had seen me in a club with someone.


A few minutes later I got a DM from her.


Ritz @AlexsGirlRitz

OMG Nick Carter DM’ing me! Is it really you?


Nick Carter @nickcarter

Yes it’s me and you didn’t answer my question J


Ritz @AlexsGirlRitz

The one where you were talking to Erika. I’ve not seen her since then. She’s missing.


Nick Carter @nickcarter

Sorry to hear about your friend, I don’t remember her, I go to a lot of clubs. Hope she turns up.


I smirked at the last line I’d written.  The only way she was going to turn up is if those foundations were dug up, and there wasn’t much chance of that now that building work was under way on the apartment block.  No, Erika was dead and gone, never to be seen again.


Ritz @AlexsGirlRitz

You must’ve been the last person to see her, no one can reach her and her phone is dead


“More than her phone is dead” I thought to myself and laughed.  But this Ritz girl was starting to become a problem.  What if she wouldn’t let this drop?  What if she went to the police about it? 


Nick Carter @nickcarter

Has she been reported missing yet? What do the police say?


I bit my non-existent nails as I waited for her to reply.


Ritz @AlexsGirlRitz

No, not yet as she’s gone missing for a couple of days in the past, but never switched her phone off


“Good” I said to myself.  Time to work out a plan.


As luck would have it, Ritz used the location display when she tweeted, so I knew quite accurately where she lived.  I’d probably just have to hide out until I saw her as I didn’t know the exact address.


Nick Carter @nickcarter

Well gotta go, but I hope you find her soon


I played an hour of Team Fortress with the fans as I didn’t want to let them down.  At least now she would see the fans tweeting about how they were playing with me, and she wouldn’t suspect a thing when I turned up out of the blue.


Luckily Lauren was out with friends, so no need to come up with a reason why I was going out at short notice when I’d already told her I was staying home.  Not that it mattered, we weren’t possessive of each other, but I couldn’t think up a suitable lie.  I was itching to go.  How convenient that she was living only half an hour away.


I’d kept a little souvenir from Erika, her SIM card.  Don’t ask me why, but I just did.  Just like I kept that English bitch’s heart until I found another use for it. 


When I got to Ritz’s street, I stopped the car and put Erika’s SIM into my phone.  I quickly scrolled through her contacts until I found Ritz, and then composed a quick text message.


Hey Ritz, fancy a coffee? I’m in your neighbourhood so thought I’d pop by to say hi, I have lots of gossip to spill!


I stifled a laugh.  Girls loved to gossip and Ritz was probably on her way out the door to hear all about it.


Bingo!  Before I’d even received a text back, she was walking down the path, I recognised her from all her Twitpics.


Meet you in Starbucks in 5 mins


I typed a quick response and then took the SIM card out, snapped it and threw it into the gutter.


The Starbucks was easy walking distance, so Ritz didn’t need her car, and she was in such a rush to meet her friend that she didn’t notice my car creeping up on her.  I leapt out, grabbed her from behind with one arm and with the other, I smothered her face with a chloroformed rag (actually, it was a pair of my boxers; it was all I could think to grab in a rush).  She struggled for a couple of seconds and then was putty in my hands.


I bundled her into the trunk, where her friend had been only a couple of days before, and sped off.


As this kill was a real spur of the moment job, I had to think fast.  She’d said she wanted to know what happened to her friend hadn’t she?  How about if I showed her?  I know I liked to keep my ideas fresh, and didn’t like to kill anyone the same way, but this could be an exception.  Obviously I’d have to dispose of the body some other way though.


We stopped at an old derelict warehouse, which if I was right, still had some machinery inside.  I jumped out of the car, grabbed my bag of tools and went inside to have a look.  It was perfect. 


Ritz woke up a little confused, but sitting in the passenger seat of my car (I’d moved her whilst she was still unconscious).


“What?...Oh my god, Nick Carter!  How did I get here?” she asked, a huge smile on her face.  Never mind the fact that someone had chloroformed and kidnapped her, all she cared about was that she was with a Backstreet Boy.  Why did they all think we were so perfect?


“Hello Ritz” I gave her an evil smile, “you wanted to know what happened to Erika?”


“She messaged me, we’re supposed to be meeting for coffee” she replied, “everything’s alright, she wasn’t missing after all”


“I messaged you” I told her.


“But…it was her number”


I wasn’t about to explain myself to her, this was my time now.


“You want to know where Erika is, then you have to go through what she did” I handed her a cup of coffee from a flask.  “Drink”


“And then we’ll go see Erika?”


“Drink” I repeated.


She took the cup and drank the small amount of coffee I’d poured in there, laced with a huge dose of tranquiliser.


It hardly took any time at all before she was becoming sleepy.




“All part of the experience” I smiled.


Once she was asleep I carried her into the building, stripped her clothes off and shrink wrapped her to a rusty metal table.  I covered myself up once again and set my tools out ready, although there were a few in the building which looked quite interesting, especially the mincer.  And as luck would have it, the building had power!


I sat down on a rickety old stool and waited for her to wake up.  I wanted her to know exactly what was happening.


“This is what happened to Erika” I grinned and sliced across her neck, not enough to kill her, just to make her bleed.


“Please, let me go, I won’t go to the police, you can give me some money and I’ll go away forever”


“Too right you’ll go away forever” I laughed and picked up the meat cleaver and chopped off her arm.


She screamed, but couldn’t move.  I chopped off the other arm, then a leg.


“Erika didn’t get to see this part as she was already dead.  You’re a lucky girl; you’re getting to find out exactly what she went through”


The blood was pooling on the ground and I knew she didn’t have much life left in her, so I chopped off the other leg and then slit her throat.  She died moments later and I finished chopping her up into manageable pieces.  I switched on the mincing machine, put a tray underneath to catch it all and then began feeding her body parts into the machine.  I was fascinated as I watched the machine at work.  It minced the lot, even the head!


Once it was finished, I poured gasoline all over the place, washed myself down with rainwater which had collected in a bucket outside, and then walked away from the building.  When I was a safe enough distance away, I lit a cigarette (AJ had left a half empty pack in my car) and threw it towards the building.  It went up in flames in no time, destroying all the evidence that anyone had been there.


I could’ve just torched her in the first place, but where was the fun in that?


Twenty eight down and hopefully there will be many more to go!



Chapter End Notes:

Sorry Ritz!

Kill #29 Knicknack Paddywack by DelphinaCarter
Author's Notes:
Katie is a real person, she gave me permission to write this little story. Enjoy!
Nick was happy to say the least. Well, estatic really. He was practically giddy. He had been pleased with himself lately and nobody suspected he was a murderer, not one person knew about all the lives he'd extinguished since the murders began. He was determined to get them all.

He sat back at his computer desk in Malibu, grinning as he sipped his coffee cup. Nick was browsing the internet, looking for his next victim when he came across a tweet, including an instagram link that piqued his interest. It was a picture of his house, the very one he sat in right now with the glass framed patio.

"Someone's house ;)" was the caption. His eyebrows furrowed, he hated when fans did things like this. It made him feel uneasy, especially since he'd killed three fans in his very own yard.

He checked the girl's profile and her name was Katie...she was a model by the looks of things. It was at that moment he grinned, a plan forming in his head. Nick remembered that he followed Katie on twitter and sent her a DM asking her if she lived near Malibu because he saw her mention she was close.

"I am ten minutes from there. Were you creeping me again?" came the reply. Nick smirked to himself, this one was smart.

He answered back and asked her if she'd like to be in the horror movie he was filming because he liked her pictures. Nick practically giggled when the response came, it was almost too easy.

Nick had Katie come to the house and said he was filming there at night. Lauren was not home, she was out visiting Rochelle and Ava.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but I am glad your fiance isn't here. I think you're more relaxed when she isn't around." Katie said. Nick just nodded and closed the door, leading her downstairs.

"So where is the rest of your crew, Nick? You didn't tell me much online."

"I wanted to see how we mesh together as I will be playing the lead." Nick said softly. He led her to the bathroom downstairs, he had the tub already filled, candles placed around the bathroom.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked, smiling. Nick just winked and instructed her to undress, she had a nice body.

"Where would you like me?" Katie asked. Nick was huddled over something on the counter, she couldn't see what it it was.

"Get in the water. The scene is you taking a bath." he instructed. She started to step into the water, but it was scalding.

"It's too hot."

Nick was getting annoyed with the questioning by now, he closed the door and locked it before turning to face her.

"Get in the fucking tub and do what I tell you to, you hear me?" he hissed, pushing her. She hit the tiled wall and chuckled, not flinching.

"I like when you're rough, Nicky." the girl said, smirking. This was strike three. He hated when fans called him....Howie had started it.

"Do. Not. Call. Me. That. Name." he stated, his voice shaking with anger. Katie started talking again and still wasn't in the tub so he shoved her in, causing her to slip on the wet porcelain. She screamed but only for a second, her head hitting the side of the tub. He saw blood starting to form in the water, and so did she....her eyes open with terror.

"What kind of movie is this?" she demanded.

"This is MY movie, sweetheart. I am the villain, remember? You see....this movie is different." Nick said in barely a whisper, leaning down and whispering in her ear, his breath tickling her neck. She felt his hands on her, his fingers just under her earlobe.

"In this, the good guys don't win."

Katie didn't have time to scream, his hands closed around her throat and he shoved her under the water, getting on top to weigh her down. She struggled for a few moments before her body went limp.

Nick smiled and dragged her out of the tub, careful not to drip blood as he carried her body to the garage. He took out his toolkit and went to work, carving the flesh from her bones. Nacho was watching, barking. Nick remembered he hadn't fed the dogs.

"You hungry, buddy? How about this to tide you over for a bit until Daddy is done?" Nick tossed one of the bones to his dog, smirking through the blood on his face.

"Knicknack paddy wack, give Nacho a bone," he sang to himself as he watched Nacho sniff at it. Nacho barked in appreciation and chewed on the bone as Nick finished mutilating Katie's body. He burned the flesh in the fire pit out back before burying the bones in the backyard.

Nobody would suspect a thing. Nacho loved his new toy but Nick made sure he took care of it before Lauren got suspicious.

The killing was getting too easy, but Nick enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. He wondered where his next victim would come from as he went to bed that night with his knife under his pillow.

29 down, still so many left to go....

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