Emotionally Green by girlboo02
Story Notes:


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Thank you so much to my friend, Honey who found these photos and made this for me.

Pre-word from author by girlboo02

I have been MIA for a while. It has been due to my battle depression and some other personal issues. I know many of my readers love my other stories and want to see those finished. I am thankful for your support of these stories. Right now the depression has taken away my vision for those stories. I am working on them slowly and hope to be able to update soon. In the meantime I came by an old story on here recently that seemed to be abandon. I loved the idea of the story and it being unfinished sparked the urge to write again inside of me. After many attempts i finally contacted the author of that story and got her blessing to take the ideas and themes and settings from that story and recreate it into my own work. I hope you all will enjoy this. It has become a wonderful spirit lifter for me.


Without further adieu, I give you book one of my new series: The Color Psychology Series

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