Return of the Pandaskunk by RokofAges75
Story Notes:
Make sure you've read the original story, The Gift of the Pandaskunk, before reading this one!

Prologue by RokofAges75
Through the snow and sleet and hail,
Through the blizzard, through the gale,
Through the wind and through the rain,
Over mountain, over plain,
Through the blinding lightning flash
And the mighty thunder crash,
Ever faithful, ever true,
Nothing stops him; he’ll get through!

And why, you ask, am I speaking in rhyme?
Well, let me remind you: it’s Christmas time!
Again! There’s just something about the yuletide
That brings out the budding poet inside
Of all of us, human and canine alike,
So if you don’t mind, let me get on the mic
And tell you the tale of a Christmas almost ruined.
Don’t worry: I won’t rhyme all the way through it.

But why, you ask, am I talking at all?
Yes… yes… I know I’m a dog…
Nacho’s the name, and Nick Carter’s my master.
He could tell you the story, but I’ll tell it faster.

Our last night on tour is when it began,
When he met with an unexpected fan,
Who’d come a long way to see his show,
Over the mountains and through the snow,
Straight from his home in the chilly North Pole…


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