Ghost of the Theater by Jannika
Chapter 1 by Jannika
My name is Nick Carter. You might now me from band called The Backstreet Boys. I’m now ghost in the Theater. Love of my life’s fiancÚ murdered me with his right hand man. I want to tell you all how I ended up like this.
It was 2010. I was just rehearse with other guys to our first acting in theater. It was musical of course. I was playing this guy called Toby. I had these odd looking clothes like I was back in 1930. It was about this one boy who was poor and didn’t have money so he lived on street.
It was January’s 30th. I just had my birthday and turn to 30. I was going to sing my part, but then I see most beautiful young woman in earth. I couldn’t put my eyes away from her. Her name is Anna-Marie Millon. She is so beautiful. She got brown long hair and blue eyes. Brian walked towards me and snaps his finger.
“Nick? Hello? What is it? You ok, man?” he asked and I shake my head for bit and then looked at him.
“Sorry. I forget the lyrics. What are those again?” I said and looked at Brian.
Brian looks at the way where I was looking and then smiles. “Right... Forgot the lyrics… You were checking out that chick.” Brian said and pointed Anna-Marie.
“No I didn’t. I just forget the lyrics.” I said.
“Alright. Just focus, okay? Your first words are: I’m poor boy on the street.” Brian said.
“Boy? I’m not a boy. Why I can’t just sing, I’m poor man on the street?” Nick asked.
“Cause it’s about boy. Don’t blame me about lyrics.” Brian said and left backstage.
I turned around to see Anna-Marie, but she wasn’t there anymore. I looked around and couldn’t see her everywhere. I walked to backstage and looked everywhere there and still no sight of her. I walked to couch, where is my coat and script. I sat down and started to read lyrics.
“I have 4 weeks practice my lines, Michael. How you think I’m going to remember these?” woman’s voice heard behind the curtains behind me. Would it be her? I looked on the mirror and there she was. Arguing with this one man who seemed to be very not good-guy. I spied them and listen what they were talking.
“Babe I help you. And there’s prompter too to help. You are going to be great.” Michael said and was touching Anne-Marie’s cheek.
“I’m so nervous. I never been this nervous. Please, Michael. I need some my own time.” Anne-Marie said and was now walking this way.
I pretend to read my scripts. I saw her walk next to me to another couch. I looked behind the curtains and saw Michael to be gone. Then I put my look back to her. Should I say something? Just say something.
“You really never loved me. You are so selfish, Anton. You broke those promises you promise.” Anne-Marie said and was reading her script.
“Then I’ll try to be more unselfish.” I said and looked at Anne-Marie.
She stood up quickly and looked my way.
“Jesus mother fucker… You scared hell out of me.” Anne-Marie said.
“I’m sorry. I’m very sorry.” I said and stood up.
“Who are you?” Anne-Marie asked and looked at me.
“I’m Nick. I’m acting in this one play about poor boy, who lives on street.” I said and smiled.
“Oh.” It was only word she said.
“I’m still so sorry I scared you. I thought you saw me. I was sitting right there.” I said and pointed another couch.
“I must be in my thoughts. I have this one play too in 4 weeks and I just got new lines.” Anne-Marie said.
“May I?” I asked and pointed at her script. She handed it to me and I started to look at them.
“Wow. There’s lots of lines to practice for 4 weeks.” I said and looked surprised.
“Yeah. Director thinks old ones are not enough sexual.” Anne-Marie said.
“Sexual?” I questioned and looked at her.
“Mhm. Look at page 12.” Anne-Marie said. I turn pages and found page 12.
“ Let’s see. Oh my God. You have to do these on stage front of audience?” I asked and looked at her.
“Yes but not for real.” Anne-Marie said and smiled.
“Oh… I just thought cause here is reading ”I was reading smiling and suddenly she took script away from my hands.
“No. Don’t say it. Give me that back.” Anne-Marie said and puts script away.
“Sorry.” I said and smiled.
“So… I guess we are going to see a lot around here.” she said and smiled.
“Yes we do. I leave in 4 weeks with my band mates. We need to go studio to make some new music.” I said and smiled.
“Wait… Music? So you are not actor?” Anne-Marie asked.
“I’m an actor and a singer. Now we are doing this musical play. It’s really good.” I said and smiled at her.
“That is very interesting. I’m acting this woman who got difficulties with her marriage and then she falls in love with this another man. And then her husband get jealous and start to…” Anne-Marie said and suddenly we hear Michael’s voice.
“Anne-Marie?” Michael called and then he walks to us. He sees me and looks at me disgust look on his face.
“Hey honey. What is it?” Anne-Marie asked.
“Your manager is here. She wants to see you.” Michael said and was still looking at me.
“Babe… This is Nick. He’s acting in this one play here in Theater.” Anne-Marie said.
“Nice to meet you, Michael.” I said and offer my hand to him, but he didn’t shake it.
“Nick… May I say something for you?” Michael said and looked at me.
“Sure. What?” I said and wonder.
“If I see you near my fiancÚ again, I’ll kill you.” Michael said.
“We were just talking, man.” I said and smiled.
“Babe that is enough. Nick has been just friendly to me.” Anne-Marie said.
“I don’t want you to hang with him. I know what he’s thinking.” Michael said.
“Oh yeah? What am I thinking?” I asked and looked bit pissed.
“To get to her pants.” Michael said.
“Is that so? Well let me tell you something straight. I don’t fuck taken women.” I said and left.
“We are not done, Mr. Nick. Come back.” Michael said and walked after me.
“I think we are.” I said still keep walking out.
“I said we are not done.” Michael said and stopped me against the wall.
“Get off me or I’ll swear God…” I said and looked pissed at him.
“You what? Kill me?” Michael asked and looked at me.
“Not he. We are.” I heard Howie’s voice and I looked behind Michael.
“You got pack ups.” Michael said and turns around to see 3 other guys standing behind him.
“You might want to back off, dude.” AJ said.
I didn’t want to see how this ends and I left to my own tour bus. I locked doors and windows so no one couldn’t come in my bus, but only my driver. I lay down on couch and started to look ceiling. I couldn’t stop thinking of Anne-Marie. I hoped she is going to be fine. How she can be engaged man like Michael? So much of hate and angry on him. I looked at the clock and it was becoming 6pm. It’s dinner time, but I wasn’t hungry. I started to close my eyes for minute and then there was knocking on my bus door. I stood up and walked closer to door.
“Who is it?” I asked and waited answer.
“It’s Brian. Open up.” Brian said. I opened the door and saw Brian there with other guys.
“I want to be alone, guys.” I said and I was about to close the door, but Brian doesn’t let me.
“We need to talk. You get almost beat up there cause of this girl.” Brian said.
“I had everything control. Now please leave me alone.” I said.
“No. You come eat with us and we talk about this.” Brian said.
“I’m not hungry.” I said and closed the bus door.
“Nick? Don’t do this. Let us help you. You are like a teenage girl crush on this prince Charming.” Brian said, but I just didn’t want to talk to them.
I heard them to leave and I was finally alone. I opened my fridge and took beer. I sat my couch and put TV on. There was coming football and I started to watch it. It took maybe 15 minutes and there was knocking on my door again. I wasn’t going to open it. I didn’t want to talk to no one.
“Nick?” I heard familiar voice. It was Anne-Marie.
“Brian send me here.” she said.
I stood up and opened the door and she was standing there.
“Hi. You are the last person I was going to see behind my bus door.” I said and smiled.
“Enough with bullshit, Nick. We can’t see each other again. Michael is going to kill you.” she said.
“Anne-Marie… I ask only friendship.” I said and looked at her.
“I still think it’s not good idea.” she said.
“Fine. If you want that.” I said and looked at her.
“You know I don’t. But it’s good for you. It keeps you safe.” Anne-Marie said.
“Safe from Michael? I don’t afraid of him. If I die then I die.” I said and started to be selfish.
“You are just like Anton in my play. Except Anton is Julie’s husband and you are not my husband.” she said.
“Sorry if I’m so selfish, but it’s not going to be my fault if I die. Michael is bad guy.” I said.
“I don’t want anybody die cause of me. May I come in and talk about this?” she said and sighed deeply.
“Would that be bad idea?” I asked and looked at her to her eyes. Her eyes were so amazing.
“If we stand here and let everybody to see us is bad idea.” She said.
I stand back and let her come in and closed the bus door.
“Have a sit. Want some drink?” I said when I walked to my bus kitchen.
“Water sounds good.” she said and sat down on couch.
I took a glass and put in it some water and hand it to her.
“Thanks. Your bus looks great. I see you have xbox here.” she said and smiled.
“Yeah. I play a lot. Wanna play?” I asked and sat next to her and smiled.
“No. I’m not good with those kind of games. My fiancÚ won’t let me play those.” She said and smiled.
“Your fiancÚ is not here right now. And I need a friend who I can play with.” I said and kind of lied cause I usually played with Brian and AJ.
“Other boys doesn’t play?” She asked and looked surprised.
“Well sometimes they do, but not so much as I do.” I said and handed her game control.
“No. I said no. I’m not going to play.” She said and laughed bit.
“Oh come on. Wuss.” I said and smiled at her.
She looked at control for moment and then she took it.
“Fine. You are so mean.” she said and smiled.
“I can’t be that bad?” I said and joke.
“Okay, Nick. What we should play?” She asked.
“Battlefield.” I said and showed her a game.
“Oh no… You are good at it, right?” She asked and smiled.
“I might be. So what you say. Shall we play?” I asked and looked at her.
“I came here to talk.” She said and puts the control away.
“We can talk and play same time.” I said and smiled at her.
She looked at me and smiled. She’s so beautiful. She deserve so much more than Michael.
“Alright. Just one game.” She said and puts glass aside and takes control to her hands.
“Great. I promise to suck so you can win.” I said and smiled.
She kicked my shoulder when I was on my knees on the floor putting game in the xbox.
“Ouch. That hurt.” I said and laughed.
“You deserved it.” Anne Marie said and looked at me.
“I guess I did. I’ve been such a dick lately.” I said and looked at the TV.
I saw that she was looking at me while I was still looking at TV.
“Why you think that? I think you are very kind and nice guy, Nick.” She said and smiled.
I put my look on her and smiled.
“Thank you. I think the same about you, except you are not a guy. You are very beautiful girl. Very, very sexy too.” I said and she looked away.
“You should not say that, but thanks.” She said and looked at TV this time.
What was going on here now? Was she interested of me? I totally was now. I don’t afraid of Michael. If he kills me then it’s my destiny. She then put her look on me and smiles.
“Are we going to play or what?” She asked and smiled.
“Yeah. Yeah we are.” I said and I put game on.

We didn’t see time was going so fast and it was about to be 9pm. Anne-Marie was good with this game. She destroyed me couple times. I loved this chick. She’s like me but in female body. We still played some more until there was knocking on my bus door.
“Holy crap…” Anne-Marie said and looked at her watch.
“It’s alright. Let me go ask who it is.” I said and tried to calm her down.
“It’s 9pm, Nick. Michael is going to be sick of worried and first place he might look for me is from here. I know that.” she said panicking.
I looked at her and whispered to her. “Go back on the bus. I check who it is.” I said and tried to smile at her bit.
“If it’s Michael, he’s going to kill you.” She said worried.
Suddenly I hear only Brian’s voice.
“Nick. Yo. I see lights on. Open up.” Brian said.
“It’s only Brian.” I said and walked to door to open it.
“Is Anne-Marie here?” Brian asked.
“Maybe she is.” I said and looked at Brian who was standing there alone.
“Michael is looking for her. I might can cover for you both.” Brian said.
“We were just talking and played some xbox. That’s not forbidden.” I said and then I hear steps behind me.
“I should go before Michael find me here with you.” Anne-Marie said.
“I’ll take you to him, Anne-Marie.” Brian said friendly.
“Thank you, Brian. I had a fun, Nick. Have a good night.” She said and smiled.
“I had fun too. Maybe we can do this again someday.” I said and smiled.
“I hope so too. See you around.” Anne-Marie said and left with Brian.
I stayed there looking after them and Anne-Marie looked one more time behind her and waved at me. I waved back at her and smiled. Then they were gone. I don’t remember when I had this much fun. I was so going to see her again and have fun with her. And we did. In 2 weeks she came to my bus every day 6pm and we played Battlefield to 9pm. 3 hours row. Michael didn’t have no idea her fiancÚ was seeing me behind his back.

February 20th, 2010. It was the night when we kissed first time.
We were playing same game as we had past 2 weeks. She was enjoying destroy me. And I was enjoying her to destroy me. She laughed when she destroyed me by kicking my characters balls. Thank god that wasn’t real me. I looked at her when she was laughing. She was just playing and I couldn’t stop looking at her. She noticed me to look at her and she looks at me.
“Aren’t you going to play? You are going to lose.” She said and smiled.
“Sorry. I was just thinking to kiss you.” I said and she put her look away.
“Let’s just play and I leave, Okay?” She said and looked bit afraid.
“I don’t wanna play anymore. I rather kiss you.” I said and put my control away.
She then looked at me and she gulped. She wanted too. I got that feeling.
“You know we can’t. I’m engaged.” Anne-Marie said and stands up and is about to leave.
“Anne-Marie. Don’t go. I’m sorry I said that. Past these 2 weeks with you have been amazing. I think I’m falling in love.” I said and walked closer to her.
She looks at me and I look at her.
“It’s been really amazing. You are funny company, but I really can’t.” Anne-Marie said.
I then put her closer to me and kissed her. It took for couple seconds when she started to kiss me back. We walked back to couch and we make out there rest of the night. We were about to remove our clothes when her cell was beeping. It was alarm. She always put it when she had to go. I hate it. She took her cell and sighed deeply.
“I have to go.” she said and stood up.
“Too bad. I wish you weren’t engaged.” I said and looked at her.
“I wish that too.” She said and looks at me.
“I hope what we were doing isn’t going to make us stop seeing each other. I hope I see you tomorrow.” I said and smiled.
“We’ll see. Good night, Nick.” she said and left.

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