Beauty and the Vampire by Jannika
Story Notes:
Roles in this fiction:

Jannika: Mai & Brian
Shades: Anna & Nick
1 All New (Remake Correctly) by Jannika
Author's Notes:
This is the first time we two are writing fiction together. Please tell us yours opinions. ^_^
Mai is sitting in the car when her mom takes her to her first day at school.
Anna was going school just like every day only she was nearly run by car.

Anna: Son of... *Heart was pouting so fast.* Watch out will you! *She shouted angry.*
Mai: Mom! She was walking there! *Looks at her mom who breaks the wheels fast.*
June (Mai's Mom): Sorry! *Shouts through the window to Anna.*
Anna: You better be! *Shouts to the car and continues walking to school in path that she knew.*

Anna: I can't be late today of all days. *Said in her mind when she knew she had a test coming up.*
Anna: *Ran to back door and sees bunch of bullying gang.* Great. Can’t my day get any worse? *Said out loud.*
Johnny: Oh look over there... Isn't it Anna the Banana. (Johnny is one of the gang guys.)
Anna: Get a life, Johnny boy. What you want? *Asks when smirks to them*
Sammy: Johnny... It's weirdo Anna the Banana.
Timmy: We just wonder if you had seen any supernatural thing like this. *Shows his penis as he laughs.*
Anna: *Smiles as laughs* Do you want me to cut your penis, Timmy? I can do that for you. And no I haven't seen any supernatural besides you all freaks like 5 years old.
Johnny: Timmy is just joking. How about we go for date tonight?
Anna: Johnny you can dream on. *Took two steps in stairs.* Why would I go date tonight with you Johnny? You're lapdog of the Henry's.
Johnny: Henry doesn't have to know if someone tells. *Looks at his friends.*
Timmy: *Laughs devil.* I won't tell but does she Johnny.
Anna: *Kick’s Timmy’s crotch and whispers to Johnny* Sorry love. Henry knows everything. I see you in hell.
Timmy: My poor Penis! *Shouts*
Anna: Payback is bitch, Timmy. *Walks in hallway when looks her watch.* I'm late.

Mai: You can leave me here. I can walk the rest. *Takes her bag.*
June: Just be careful, Mai. Remember what I said yesterday. "Don't talk... "
Mai: *Continues the sentence.* " strangers.” I know, mom. See you at home. *Gets out the car.*
Nick: *Walks to front door of school and smiles when sees Mai.* Cute mother you have and you are new in town.
Mai: *Walks past Nick ignoring him to inside*
Brian: Be nice Nick. She's new and cute. *Smiling.*
Nick: I’m always nice, Brian. She's cute and new. I was trying to be kind. *Smiles and pokes Brian.*
Brian: You want to taste her. *Whispers to Nick and smiles.*
Nick: *Whispers to Brian and smiles.* You know I do. Jesse might taste her at least.
Brian: Welcome to the nightmare new student. *Laughs.*
Nick: *Laughs.* That's right, Bee.

Mai: *Walks inside and finds principal’s office*
Principal Tommy: *Greets her at the door* So you are the new student here. It’s Mai, right?
Mai: *Only nods shyly and sits down to chair after walked in the room.*
Principal Tommy: *Close the door and sits to his office chair* Here is your timetable and I will walk you to the class. People are nice here.
Mai: My mom, June. She told me to not talk to strangers. I know it's difficult in here. *Sighs*
Tommy: Mai, you can do what you want, but only way you get new friends is by talking to them.
Mai: Thank you, Principal Tommy. *Smiles*

Tommy: *Walks Mai to the class and talks to the teacher.* Here's new student Mai. She's nice, but little shy too.
Brian: *Sits in the class where Mai walks in with Principal.* Oh this is getting great. New girl is in our class. *Smiles and whispers to Nick.*
Nick: *Listens and walks to their class.* She has good body. *Whispers.*
Shadows: Say hi to Mai everyone. *Looks at the class.*
Anna: *Sees Mai and sit down her seat next to Brian.* What I've missed?
Brian: *Says Hi and then whispers to Anna.* We have new girl. Say hi to Mai.
Anna: *Whispers to Brian and sighs.* Great. I almost got ran by her car. That's why I was late.
Nick: *Says Hi to Mai.* I'm Nick and that guy is Brian. *Points to Brian*
Shadows: Thank you Mr. Carter. Maybe you want to show her around after class. You seems to be so excited introduce yourself in whole class.
Anna: *Smiles* Mrs. Shadows, I can do that.
Mai: *Is totally shy and doesn't know what to say or do.*
Shadows: Sorry Anna... Nick got the job. *Points her finger at Nick.*
Anna: Great... *Sighs and looks at Nick* Remember being nice.
Nick: *Nods and smiles.* Sure Mrs. Shadows. I don't bite a lot. *Laughs softly.*
Shadows: *Smiles and looks at Mai.* Nick is just joking. Have a seat to empty seat. *Points to empty seat front of Nick.*
Nick: *Looked at Mai smiling.* Yes. I was just joking.
Mai: *Walks to empty seat what is in front of Nick and next to weird dude with glasses.*
Buddy: Sure sit down. It's free one. *Smiles with glasses.* Nick is odd don't worry about him.
Mai: *Looks at Nick who is just smiling and then looks at Buddy when sits down. Looks away from Buddy and starts to listen teacher.* Day 1. Sucks! *Thought in her mind.*

Timmy: *Cries little about his penis at the nurse.* My penis got in between zipper. Is it bad?

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