Beauty and the Vampire by Jannika
11 Sexual Moment Alone by Jannika
Mai is sitting on the roof of her house. She looks at Anna sitting on the porch. She looks worried. Should she go down and talk to her or just stay up here staring at her. Nick jumps to roof and sees Mai staring at Anna.

Nick: *Walks closer to her and gulps.* Mai… *Whispers*
Mai: *Whispers* I can hear her heart beat. Taste her blood on my tongue.
Nick: *Sits next her and looks at Mai.* She’s your friend. You don’t want to hurt your friend. *Whispered*
Mai: *Sighs and cries quietly.* I’m fucked up. I’m sorry. How am I vampire? I didn’t drink blood or mating with… *Whispered.*
Nick: I don’t know, but Mai… *Sighs and whispers.* You killed someone and made a baby homeless.
Mai: I know, I know… Where is baby now? *Whispered*
Nick: Brian and Jesse are taking the baby to orphanage. I need you to come with me. *Whispered*
Mai: *Nods and sighed.*
Nick: Good. I’m taking you to my house where Brian and Jesse are living too. You’ll be safe there.
Mai: Am I going to live there now rest of my life forever? *Sighed*
Nick: If you want. I would love to have you there forever. *Whispered and smiled*
Mai: What about Anna? I can’t be near her now. I’ll bite her. *Whispered*
Nick: She knows what you are. She’s not afraid of you. *Whispered.*
Mai: She should be. I’m so strong. I can’t control myself. *Whispered and sighed*
Nick: I can teach you many things for control the hunger. *Smiles and whispered*
Mai: *Looks at Nick smiling at her.* Yeah? Teach me one right now.
Nick: Are you graving any blood now? *Whispered.*
Mai: Since I turned. *Whispered*
Nick: Close your eyes. *Smiled and whispered.*
Mai: *Looks at him confused* Okay. *Closed her eyes.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai and touches her cheek gently.* You’ll be fine. I’ll promise.
Mai: *Smiles* I’m still graving.
Nick: I know. I did too. *Leans closer to Mai and start to kiss her slowly first.*
Mai: *Got surprised by the kiss and moans little.*
Nick: *Deepens the kiss and touches her cheeks.*
Mai: *Opens her eyes and sees Nick’s clear blue eyes.*
Nick: *Stops kissing her and looks to her eyes that are turning from red to her green eyes.*
Mai: Mmm… Now I’m definitely graving something else. *Smiles and licks her lip.*
Nick: Your eyes are green now. *Smiled and touched her cheeks.*
Mai: Maybe we should keep kissing to keep my graving away. *Smiles and touches his lower lip with her thump.*
Nick: Maybe we should go to house. It’s going to be morning soon and you can’t be in the sun.
Mai: And you?
Nick: I’m Daywalker as they call us.
Mai: How you can walk on day light?
Nick: With this. *Shows ring on his finger.*
Mai: And if you take it off? *Looks at the ring*
Nick: I’m ashes for sure. *Smiles.*
Mai: Have you ever thought that you had enough living as vampire?
Nick: Many times. Over 100 years is long time. I shouldn’t been even alive.
Mai: What did you do before being vampire?
Nick: Brian and I were musicians together. Candice came to one of our shows and pretended to be all charming. I fall for it and one thing lead to another. She turned me to a vampire during sex.
Mai: That’s kind of hot. *Smirks*
Nick: It was until I realize what she was. I was her lover for over 50 years until I noticed what kind of monster she truly was.
Mai: I know I’m monster cause she made me. *Sighed*
Nick: You don’t have to be. I used to be blood sucker all the way until I changed.
Mai: *Smiles and almost laughs.*
Nick: What? *Smiles*
Mai: Blood sucker… That’s funny. *Giggles.*

Anna hears laughter and looks up to roof and sees Mai and Nick sitting up there laughing.

Anna: Hey! Are you stalking me!? *Shouts at them*
Nick: Hey Anna. No. She was actually, but not anymore. *Laughs and holds Mai close to him.*
Mai: Hey… *Looks at Nick hurt*
Anna: Please come down, Mai.
Mai: *Thinks for second and looks at Nick who nods.* Okay…
Nick: You’ll be fine. *Whispers to her ear.* Think of kissing.
Mai: Easy you to say. *Smiles and jumps down to land perfectly*
Nick: *Jumps down after her and smiles*
Anna: Oh Mai… I’m sorry what happened to you. *Walks closer to Mai to hug her.*
Mai: Don’t come closer. *Steps back away.*
Anna: What’s wrong?
Mai: I can hear your heart beat and smell your blood.
Nick: *Hugs Mai behind and calms her down.* You are going to be ok.
Anna: What now?
Nick: You go home, Anna. Mai is coming with me to my house. *Smiles.*
Anna: I want to come too. I don’t want to be alone in my house. Dad is gone.
Mai: But Anna… Who knows what I’ll do to you.
Anna: You are my friend, Mai. You need me as much as I need you.
Mai: I had only known you few days. *Looks at Nick now.* All of you actually.
Nick: So what? I already think you as my…
Mai: Lover? Soulmate?
Nick: Girlfriend. *Smiles.*
Anna: Way better than lover.
Mai: You think me as your girlfriend?
Nick: Is it too soon?
Mai: I don’t know. I never had been someone’s girlfriend before.
Anna: My first was Brian actually. And he’s a vampire.
Brian: *Sneaks behind Anna and whispers.* I still am.
Anna: *Scream and turns to hit Brian.* You are jerk!
Brian: *Smiles.* Sorry. Scare you?
Anna: *Jumps to his arms smiling.* Not at all.
Brian: *Holds her in his arms.* Then why to scream?

Nick: *Smiles and looks at Mai who is happily looking Anna and Brian.* Hey…
Mai: *Looks to Nick smiling.* What?
Nick: We are all here for you. We help you. *Touches her cheeks gently.*
Mai: I know. I’m about to graving again. *Looks to Nick’s eyes*
Nick: We should go then. *Smiles and looks to Brian and Anna.* Brian… I’m taking Mai to our house.
Brian: *Turns to look at Nick smiling.* And what about Anna? We said she could come too.
Anna: I don’t think it’s good idea. *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: But I want you there. *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: And I want to be there, but Mai need to be taken care of. *Turns to look at Mai.*
Mai: *Hugs Nick aside of his body and looks at Anna.* Why won’t Brian be with you at your house?
Brian: *Sighs deeply and looks away.*
Anna: He can’t. Not any vampire can’t. *Sighs*
Mai: Why not?
Nick: Her father Lars has all kind of hidden Vampire traps. Even Anna doesn’t know about them.
Anna: I do know, but they are hidden symbols on the walls.
Mai: That means I can’t step on my foot on your house.
Brian: This is not fair. *Looks at all 3 of them.*
Nick: What is not?
Brian: Anna not coming with us because of Mai being hungry of her blood.
Anna: *Looks at Brian.* Baby… It’s okay. I’ve been at my house alone many times.
Brian: Well why won’t Nick stay with Mai in her house? *Looks at Nick*
Nick: Did Jesse and you burn Mr. & Mrs. Khan bodies?
Brian: We did. I’m sorry Mai what happened.
Mai: *Stays quiet and hugs Nick tight.*
Nick: *Whispers quietly to Mai.* It’s ok.
Anna: Brian… I’m going to be fine. I’ll see you later, okay?
Brian: *Sighs and looks at Anna.* Okay. I’ll walk you to your house.
Anna: That’s better than nothing. *Smiles.*
Brian: *Looks at Nick and Mai.* You two go ahead. I’ll walk Anna home.
Nick: Alright. Goodnight, Anna. *Smiles to Anna*
Anna: Goodnight. *Looks at Mai.* Goodnight, Mai.
Mai: Goodnight, Anna. *Smiles.*

Nick’s Hidden House
Nick: *Opens front door to Mai.* Ladies first.
Mai: *Walks in smiling.* I’m not a lady. Just a teenager, remember?
Nick: *Close door behind him and smiles.* Not just any teenager.
Mai: *Looks around the house.* I am teenager *Turned to look at Nick.*
Nick: Teenager that will never grow old. *Smiles to Mai.*
Mai: If you can do it then I can too. *Looks at Nick smiling*
Nick: We should find out how did you turned to one of us without drinking blood or mating with me.
Mai: I bet you would’ve wanted me to be turned by you mating with me. *Smiles and twirls around to search the house more.*
Nick: *Follows Mai smiling and follows her every move.* You know it.
Mai: *Looks at the pictures on the wall and smiles.* Whose are these?
Nick: *Walks behind Mai and looks at pictures.* My family. 100 years ago.
Mai: Oh… Must been hard to watch them die when you can’t.
Nick: It was hard, but I manage to “kill” myself to make them think I’m dead. I kind of am.
Mai: I didn’t die when I turned. Maybe when I was just a baby when Candice bled on me.
Nick: *Hugs Mai behind and kiss her neck gently.* Don’t think like that. We’ll figured it out.
Mai: *Sighed deeply.* What do I eat for now on?
Nick: Squirrels, birds, deers… *Whispers*
Mai: No… I won’t. *Giggles.*
Nick: Have to admit that it’s not good first, but you’ll get used to it. *Smiles*
Mai: It’s just sounds gross. *Smiles and turns around in his arms to look at him.*
Nick: It does, but need to survive somehow. *Puts his hands on her waist.*
Mai: What happens if I eat human food? *Looks at Nick curious.*
Nick: You choke on it 2 minutes after eating and then throw up. Not nice. *Pulls her body close to his.*
Mai: That’s unfair. I’m so going to miss eating hamburgers. *Puts her hands behind his back.*
Nick: You can eat raw beef. *Smiles*
Mai: Let’s just change subject or do something.
Nick: Do something, huh? What you want to do? *Smiles*
Mai: Where is your bedroom? *Smiles*
Nick: *Chuckles and lifts her to his arms.* Want to see my bedroom? As you wish.
Mai: *Giggles loud when Nick flows both of them fast to upstairs to his bedroom door.*
Nick: *Puts Mai down to her feet.* Fast enough?
Mai: *Smiles and chuckles.* Very fast. What now?
Nick: You tell me. *Smiles.*
Mai: *Opens the door to his room and walks in.* Wow… Nice decoration.
Nick: Thanks. *Walks in and close the door behind him.*
Mai: *Looks around and looks curious.*
Nick: What? *Smiles*
Mai: No bed? *Looks at Nick curious*
Nick: *Chuckles* I don’t sleep. Neither will you for now on.
Mai: Really? *Looks shocked*
Nick: Yeah. *Smiles and walks to Mai.* One of the good things of being vampire.
Mai: Is there other things than that? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Nods smiling and touched her face gently.*
Mai: And that is? *Smiles*
Nick: You kind of have taste of it already few times. *Smiles.*
Mai: Oh… *Looks surprised*
Nick: *Smirks and leans down to kiss her.*
Mai: *Kisses him back smiling and puts her hands behind his neck.*
Nick: *Smiles and pulls away from kiss.* So… What you think?
Mai: Think of what?
Nick: Is kissing better being vampire or not?
Mai: *Smiles and moves away from him little.* Oh it’s so way better.
Nick: *Smiles and touches her hand with his.* So…
Mai: *Looks at Nick smiling.* What?
Nick: What shall we do for this weekend? We can’t go outside while sun is up.
Mai: You can. I can’t. *Sighs and walks to window to look darkness.*
Nick: Are you going to look sunrise? *Walks next to her.*
Mai: Maybe I’m just imagining things. *Closes her eyes.*
Nick: Yeah? *Hugs her behind and holds her tight.* If it’s imagining then I’m not here.
Mai: *Smiles and moans little.* Please let this be just a dream.
Nick: *Smiles and kisses her shoulder.* Why just a dream?
Mai: Because I want you so bad. *Smiles and turns to face Nick.*
Nick: Really? *Looks at Mai smirking.*
Mai: *Nods smiling and kisses him deeply.*
Nick: *Kisses her deeply back and moves them both on the floor.*
Mai: Should we… *Moans little.*
Nick: Should we what? *Keeps kissing her neck and touching her breasts.*
Mai: Close the… *Moans heavily.* The curtains.
Nick: Huh? *Looks at Mai.*
Mai: Curtains… *Looks at Nick smiling.*
Nick: *Smirks and flows fast to shut the curtains and back to Mai.*
Mai: Wow… I never get use to you being fast. *Smiles and touches under his shirt.*
Nick: Mmmm… Your hands are feeling still warm. *Smiles and starts to remove his shirt off.*
Mai: Yeah? *bits her lip when stared his pare chest.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai staring at him.* I wonder why, but now… *Looks down to Mai’s body and smiles*
Mai: *Waits to Nick continue sentence.* but now what? *Puts her hands to his beltbuckle.*
Nick: Now I want to spend the whole day with you. *Smiles and removes her shirt off to find her to wear nothing.*
Mai: *Gets little shy, but lets him look at her.* I can’t believe I’m doing this.
Nick: I had done this many times. *Touches her gently and starts to kiss her breasts gently.*
Mai: *Looks what is Nick doing and smiles.* I haven’t. Never. I’m… *Sighs*
Nick: *Stops Mai talking by kissing her mouth passionately.*
Mai: *Kisses him back, but stops him before going any further and moves fast away from him.* I can’t.
Nick: *Looks at Mai confused.* Mai… I thought you want it.
Mai: *Turns around to look at him and covers herself with pillow.* I know. But Nick…
Nick: *Flows fast face to her.* But what?
Mai: I’m virgin. *Whispers quietly and sighs.*
Nick: That won’t stop me some day. *Sits on the armchair and looks at Mai.*
Mai: What you mean? *Looks at Nick curious.*
Nick: I mean that soon is mating season for vampires and you’ll be horny as heck. Virgin or not.
Mai: *Her eyes got big from being terrified.* Now I’m so scared.
Nick: Well I’m sorry, but it’s true. Ask from Brian or Jesse.
Mai: Damn… I wish I was human still… *Sighs deeply.* How long I get before the mating season?
Nick: 2 months or less… *Looks at Mai.*
Mai: *Close her eyes and takes deep breathe.* Have you had sex with virgins before?
Nick: *Smiles and flows close to her.* Yes.
Mai: *Opens her eyes and looks at Nick.* Do I need to be afraid?
Nick: Well you did just find earlier. *Smiles.* If we are not doing this before mate season, I won’t promise you’ll enjoy the mating with me.
Mai: Who says I’m going to be mating with you? *Smiles*
Nick: Cause you are my girlfriend. In our case you are mating partner. *Smirks.*
Mai: Oh great… Can I just think about this whole thing for few days?
Nick: I’ll give you whole weekend. *Touches her hair and smiles.*
Mai: Thanks. I’m going to shower. Where’s the bathroom?
Nick: *Points the door in his room.* There. Want me to come with you?
Mai: Why? *Looks at Nick shy*
Nick: You know. Taking small steps towards sex. *Smiles*
Mai: Okay… *Turns towards to bathroom door.*
Nick: I’ll be good. *Smiles and walks to bathroom door.*
Mai: Says the guy who just earlier kissed my breasts excited. *Walks in the bathroom when Nick opened the door for her.*
Nick: You enjoyed. Admit it. *Smiles.*
Mai: I surely did. I may let you do it in the shower.
Nick: Lucky me. *Smiles and closed the door after him.*

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