Beauty and the Vampire by Jannika
5 Candice by Jannika
Mai: *Suddenly stops kissing and looks at Nick choked.* What just happened?

Nick: *looks choked after the kissing Mai.* I have no idea...something

Mai: Let's just go to that gym... *Start to walks wrong way in her thoughts.*

Nick: *looks after Mai and had to said something loud.* you know gym isn't that way where you are going?

Mai: *Stops and turns back to Nick.* Right... I was following you...

Nick: *Laughs.* right. come on. *Starts to walk to gym.*

Mai: *Walks to gym and goes to ladies locker room.* See you in a bit.

Nick: see ya. *goes to Boys locker room smiling and changed it faster then the others.*

Mai: *Looks other girls and sees they beautiful bodies and start to think in her mind.* Nick never would like my body than theirs. These girls are gorgeous.

Nick: *looks at girls bodies and thinking in his mind.* here's sexy bodies

Mai: *Walks after girls to gym and is shy cause it's been a while since she was around the boys almost half naked.*

Jesse: *Walks to Nick and looks worried.* Hey man. I got bad news for ya.

Nick: *looks at Jesse confused.* what kinda of bad news man?

Jesse: Candice... She's back in town. *Sighs.*

Nick: *Sighs.* oh my god. How do you know?

Jesse: She came to my house last night. She's here somewhere.

Nick: to yours? do you know why she's here, she isn't here for no reason.

Jesse: She's here to revenge to Anna... Meaning by kill her. *Says quietly.*

Nick: *looks worried.* Jess, we have to stop her.

Jesse: Oh and she is here definitely cause of you of course. She's here to get you back.

Mai: *Walks closer to Nick and Jesse and heard their talking.* Who's Candice?

Theater Class:

Brian: *Is rehearsing his acting skills and suddenly sees a familiar person.* May I excuse, Mr. Hudson? *Looks his teacher.*

Mr. Hudson: what's wrong Mr. Littrell?

Brian: *Looks on the way he saw the person and jumps out the stage.* I'll be right back

Mr. Hudson: alright, 5 minutes!

Brian: *Walks out the theater class and looks around.* I saw you. Come out.

Candice: *comes out of darkness.* well, well, well, isn't that Littrell who saved a human?

Brian: Candice? Whatta fuck?

Candice: You know, we all know you spend all time with that girl.

Brian: Are you here for revenge?

Candice: Maybe. It would right to her, right Brian?

Brian: You keep your hands and fangs away from her. You hear me?

Candice: You never know why I'm here. *she sighs smirked.* and if I don't leave her alone?

Brian: I will hunt you down and kill you.

Candice: *Laughs.* I don't want to kill you. I just want... Nick back

Brian: Wait what? *Looks at Candice.* I thought you left him. Not opposite.

Candice:*Touches Brian.* Yes I left but I want him back, but I want that Anna girl too. Two flies in same time. *Threats him*

Brian: *Hits Candice to a face.*

History Class:

Anna: *sees Johnny looking at her.* what the fuck your looking at? *asked angry.*

Johnny: Your butt. *Smiles and start to laugh with his friends.*

Teacher: *Walks in the History class and shouts.* Okay everyone. May I have attention please!

Anna: *listens to teacher and does her test and can't help thinking.* boring

History teacher: Has anyone see Timmy today? His parents are worried.

Johnny: Maybe Timmy is spending a night with a girl.

Anna: *Gives a test to history teacher.* here you go can I go?

Teacher: Sit down, Anna.

Anna: Okay. *She sat down and smirked to Johnny.* maybe you took him.

Teacher: Please everyone... *Looks all her students.* His parents are worried.

Anna: last time I saw Timmy, he was with Nurse. *hears a noises in the hallway.* Teacher can I go in restroom?
*She raises her hand*

Teacher: Sure, Anna. Go.

Anna: *Gets up and her stuff and walks to the hall way as sees Brian.* Hey Brian. *Sees Candice.*

Brian: *Holds the Candice in the air and roars.* Run Anna...

Anna: *Doesn't stop when she heard Brian's roars and starts to run.* Okay!

Candice: *Gets free on Brian's hands and hits him before start to run after Anna.*

Brian: *Gets up from the floor and start to get so angry.* I had enough with this shit!


Mai: Who is Candice? *Looks both waiting them answer.*

Nick: *looks at Jesse and then Mai.* Vampire. Evil one

Jesse: Well hello... You vampire too? *Smiles to Mai.*

Nick: *Smiles* Jesse, keep your hands off her.

Mai: I'm not a vampire.

Nick: *Smiles as sighs.* See that's why hands off Jesse

Jesse: I'm just friendly. *Smiles and walks away.*

Mai: *Looks at Nick.* What this Candice wants?

Nick: *looks at Mai and as takes deep breath.* Revenge on Anna.

Mai: Did Anna kill someone important to Candice?

Nick: something like that. did Anna told she kills my kinds?

Mai: Yes... *Looks worried.*

Nick: She killed Candice's Brother, so yeah, it's important to her.

Mai: *Hears screaming and wonders what is going on.* What was that? *Moves close to Nick.*

Nick: *hears screaming also.* It's her. You are safe with me.


Anna: *Runs but she has to look back where Candice is.* I didn't do anything wrong! Your brother died by himself!

Candice: *Catch Anna and throws her to gym.* Liar!

Mai: Anna! *Shouts and runs to Anna.*

Anna: *Lays on the floor.* I'm no liar! *Shouts to Mai.* Watch out! I'm fine!

Jesse: I told you she's back. *Says to Nick.*

Candice: *Walks to gym and sees Mai.* You must be Nick's new toy.

Nick: *looks at Jesse and says.* Jesse, can you help me?

Mai: *Looks at Candice.* Back off!

Anna: *Gets her tools and gets up.* Candice! I'm the one who killed your brother!

Jesse: I'll take care of girls and you take care of your bitch. *Means by Candice.*

Nick: *Nods his head.*

Candice: *Hits Anna when Anna attacks her.* Stupid asshole!

Anna: *Kicks Candice.* Yes I may be asshole! but you're a bitch who goes back to hell!

Candice: *Hits Anna once more and then turns to Mai.* You are next dear. *Smiles devily.*

Mai: *Sees how strong Candice is and standing in front of Candice.* I don't afraid of you.

Nick: *Runs fast to Candice and hits her stronger then ever.* Get away from them!!

Jesse: *Goes to Mai.* We have to go.

Brian: *Runs to gym through running students and sees
Anna.* No... *Gets to Anna and takes here aside to not
let her attack Candice.* She's too strong for you.

Anna: I'm stronger then that rat! babe....

Brian: She will kill you! Please get out of here!

Anna: where?! Babe?

Brian: Outside! *Takes her to his shoulder and runs her to outside.*

Anna: wow..... you're faster then I thought

Anna: babe...what about that sex part?

Brian: We talk about it later. *Looks at school worried.*

Jesse: *Takes Mai outside far away from Candice.* you're safe here

Mai: What about Nick? He could die there... I have to go back in! *Is about to run back inside.*

Jesse: no! Nick can handle her!

Mai: *Turns around to Jesse and looks pissed.* I don't care.

Candice: *Laughs and looks at Nick.* Oooh babe... I like rough.

Nick: *Laughs and looks at Candice.* in 1000 years I like rough too.

Candice: Bring it on, babe... *Smiles and waits another attack of Nick's*

Nick: *Smiles and attacks her again.* oh I bring it on

Candice: *Fights with Nick and throws him through the wall hard.* Oooh babe... Is that all you got?

Nick: *Laughs and gets angry.* you know what? your lunch got away!

Candice: *Smiles.* Well I can hunt the new girl. I felt her body for few seconds when I kissed you.

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