Beauty and the Vampire by Jannika
7 Attention by Jannika
Mai: *Walks to Anna.* Oh my god, Oh my god, oh my god... *Blushes while is smiling.*
Anna: *Sees Mai coming toward her.* What Mai? *Smiles.*
Mai: *Whispers.* Nick kissed me after he said he likes me.
Anna: *Whispers softly.* did you enjoyed it? I’ve seen how he came to you after that shit went down.
Mai: Who wouldn't? *Smiles shy.* Does this mean I'm his now?
Anna: *Smiles.* well, do you want that his yours. Remember they can read minds but yours not
Mai: Gosh I don't know. I never had a boyfriend before and I'm... Whispers Virgin.
Anna: Don't worry about it. I mean that doesn't happen with me yet and Brian is just hanging with me sometimes.
Mai: Oh and I don't think I can date guy like him. It would be wrong.
Anna: Why? What you mean guy like him? Don’t fool your heart. Besides we are going to live with them.
Gina: *Giggles and looks at Anna and Mai.* Did I just heard right? New girl is dating Nick?
Anna: *Sees Gina and looking at them.* What the fuck are you looking at Gina?
Gina: I'm just looking at new girl. She's too good for him. That's all.
Anna: *Walks at Gina.* Leave her alone. *Looks angrily.* She's been nothing but nice to you.
Mai: I'm not trying to take him. *Looks at Gina.*
Anna: Gina if you have a problem with her, say that to my face.
Gina: *Looks at Anna.* You both are such a geeks. *Walks away with her friends laughing.*
Anna: Geeks?! You are such freak Gina! *Raises her eye brown's and walks to Mai.* I'm so sorry that she was rude to you.
Mai: I'm new in here so I understand.
Anna: Yes but you shouldn't get so rough welcome you know. Come on, you want lunch after all action?
Mai: Yes sure. *Nods.*
Anna: *Nods and walks to school cafeteria.* Lunch is on me. So how it felt been kissed? *teases Mai playful.*
Mai: *Smiles little when walks with Anna to cafeteria.* Oh it felt nice, but cold.
Anna: *Smiles little and buys Mai's food and herselfs.*It is cold but you know reason.
Mai: Yeah I do. *Smiles and sits down with the food Anna bay for her.*
Anna: *Smiles and sits down with food across from Mai.* That's good. Too bad it can't be warm right?
Mai: I wish that kiss could've been warm.
Anna: *Eats and smirked.* I know why you wished that. Have you enjoyed these days you been here?
Mai: So far, no. Yesterday was terrible, today was terrible. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. *Sighs and eats.*
Anna: *Sighs and eats.* Welcome to my world. All days are terrible. Good we can go home end of the day and all is not so terrible *Smiles.*
Mai: I guess not. *Smiles.* That kiss made my day for better.
Anna: That's the way to think. Those do makes better days little.

Principal’s office

Brian: *Walks to principal office with Nick.* Nick? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: What? *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: You got bit some red on your lips. *Points to his face.*
Nick: *Rubs his lips.* Better?
Brian: *Nods and looks at principal.*
Nick: *Looks at the principal.*
Principal: *Looks at both.* So... Wanna tell me what happened to Gym?
Nick: We had gym class why you ask?
Principal: Whole Gym is ruined! Walls! Floor!
Nick: Well, Brian and I were dancing and wrestling
Brian: Yes. Wrestling... *Says word again after Nick.* We like to play rough. *Makes fake laugh.*
Nick: *Makes fake laugh also.* Yes you know how guys are with playing rough sometimes.
Principal: You both are in attention for 6pm after the school.
Brian: Great. Can we have our friends with us? *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* Yes I agree with Brian. With friends or just two of us?
Principal: Just you two. We are done here. This is last warning.
Nick: Yes sir.
Brian: *Walks out the principal's office.* That went well. What are we gonna explain next time?
Nick: *Walks out of the principal's office after Brian.* I have no idea, but I know I kissed Mai dude.
Brian: *Stops and looks at Nick.* You what?
Nick: *Stops and looks at Brian.* We kissed.
Brian: You had known her only 2 days and you are kissing her?
Nick: Dude, it felt right and it was just the kiss no big deal. How long you known Anna? Not long time too. And besides it's against the rules.
Brian: I've known Anna longer than you had known Mai.
Nick: Yes so there no difference. When was last time you just gone on the flow?
Brian: Let's go find girls.
Nick:*Follows Brian.*Let's find them before they get into trouble more.
Brian: Can you tell me reason why Mai?
Nick: *Sighs and thinks.*Cause I can't figure her out easily as others.
Brian: Wow... That is good answer. *Smiles.*
Nick: ‘Try to find girls with Brian.* I know right. Why you and Anna honestly?
Brian: I kept dreaming of her and I just told her how I feel about her. It's just meant to be.
Nick: But it's not easy road to forever, she's will die and you won't.
Brian: Maybe she wants to turn into one.
Nick: Maybe she will. I hope your right it's meant to be. *Looks around for looking girls.* Where are they? I can't see them.
Brian: Let's check cafeteria. *Walks to the cafeteria direction.*
Nick: *Follows Brian to Cafeteria direction.* Do you ever want more then kissing?
Brian: It could be nice. *Smiles.* You?
Nick: Yes that would be nice. *Smiles.*


Mai: *Drinks cola and sees Brian and Nick coming to cafeteria.* Troubles are here. *Smiles.*
Anna: *Laughs and sees same way as Mai.* I guess so Mai.
Brian: *Walks to girls and smiles.* Oh hello ladies.
Nick: *Smiles to girls and walks to them.* So what are you girls up to?
Mai: I just finished my food what Anna bought. *Smiles.* Thank you Anna.
Anna: *Smiles and finished her food.* No problem Mai.
Brian: *Sits next to Anna and smiles.* That's very nice.
Anna: What class you got next, Mai?
Mai: *Looks her schedule.* Looks like I got history. I like history. *Smiles.*
Nick: I got history in matter of fact but I'm bad at it.
Anna: I have English. Enjoy the history Mai and thanks for the company
Mai: You are welcome. *Smiles.*
Brian: I got English also. I should go too.
Anna: Oh you have English too. *Gets up and starts to go to English class.* Mai I find you after class.
Mai: Okay Anna. See ya. *Waves.*
Anna: *Waves at Mai.*

English Class

Brian: *Walks with Anna to English class.* Oh by the way... Nick and I got attention.
Anna: What? Why you two got attention? *Says surprise suddenly* I want to break the rule.
Brian: *Looks at Anna when walks to in the class.* Cause Nick and I wrestling and dancing in the gym.
Anna: *Looks back at Brian when walks to in the class.* But you didn't do anything well expect saved humans lives.
Brian: *Says quietly when sits to his seat.* Well we could've just say "Oh there was a vampire and Nick was wrestling with it."
Anna: *Laughs quietly.* No that can't be said. That I know better. Plus can I say what I do besides school?
Brian: Wait... Did you mention something about THE rule? *Whispers.*
Anna: *Whispers back.*Yes I said I want to break The Rule if you want to.
Brian: *Smiles wide.* Wow... Really?
Anna: *Smiles widely.* Really. I'm not always good girl.
Brian: You 100% sure?
Anna: Yes I'm not freaking out are you? But is it going to be loud cause you are, you know. *Smirked.*
Brian: Well... *Thinks and smiles.* You might be in danger... It's gonna be rough.
Anna: *Smiles and winks her eye.*But you can be sweet and I don't care rough or not.
Brian: Have you seen Twilight?
Anna: Yes I have seen them all. Why?
Brian: Remember part of the Edward and Bella making love, Bella still human?
Anna: I remember while she was human. I'm only myself and that is only a story.
Brian: Nope... That's totally true. I once did human she died...
Anna: *Rolls her eyes.*So what? You scared?
Brian: I might "break" you. *Whispers and sees teacher walking in.*
Anna: You won't break me. I'm tough human. Even I'm not like you.
Brian: Okay. How about tonight? *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smiles.* Okay tonight. After we had hunt Candice?
Brian: After Candice? Why did you bring that up?
Anna: Because you and Nick thought, me and Mai should stay with you two till she's gone.
Brian: Yes that's true. Let's listen teacher.
Anna: *Listens the teacher.* Just wanted go visited my dad before that.
Brian: Sure. *Start to write to his notebook.*
Anna: *Starts to writing her notebook also.* Should’ve I gone to bathroom before or now?
Brian: Before. *Whispers.*
Anna: *Whispers.*What you said?
Brian: *Looks at Anna.* You should've go to bathroom before class.
Anna: *Raises her hand.*
Teacher: Anna? Something important you wanna say? *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: Can I go bathroom I forgot before the class? *Looks at the teacher.*
Teacher: You got 5 minutes.
Anna: Nods her head and walks out the class.*

Back at cafeteria

Mai: *Takes her bag and looks at Nick.* So it's just you and me again.
Nick: *Smiles*Just you and me again. Brian and I got attention.
Mai: *Smiles.* Attention? Cause of the kiss? *Jokes and start to walk.*
Nick: *Smiles.*Attention because the gym is mess. *Laughs a little.*
Mai: Oh Cause of what happen between Candice? *Looks History book from her bag.*
Nick: *Nods his head.* Yes because of that and we couldn't say we just saved bunch of people.
Mai: *Looks at Nick and smiles.* Well the kiss made me feel save bit.
Nick: *Looks at Mai as walks into class.* Really? That was the plan.
Mai: *Walks in the class and sees that there's no free seats next to each other.* Looks like we can't sit next to each other.
Nick: *Walks to class and lift his shoulders.* Well, what you can do? Go find the seat.
Mai: *Sees free seat next to Gina.* Damn it... *Says quietly.*
Gina: Look. Geek Mai is next to me. *Smiles sarcastic.*
Mai: *Sits to seat next to Gina and sighs.* That's enough... I'm here to learn. *Looks at Gina.*
Gina: Amber, did I say something to Mai?
Amber: *Pops the bubble gum and shakes her head.*
Nick: Enough Amber and Gina. Leave her alone.
Mai: *Sighs and keeps her look on book.*
Gina: *Smiles and looks at Nick.* Why? No one can't keep me shut up. I'm queen, remember?
Nick: Queen of bitches. *Looks at his books.*
Gina: Whatever. *Flip her head behind her back and looks her nails.* Mai could never hurt me or take my place.
Nick: *Laughs and sees teacher.* Finally something good to learn
Mai: *Looks at Gina.* Gina?
Gina: Yes Geek?
Mai: *Stands up off her seat and punch Gina to face.* Never call me geek again! *Runs outside the class.*
Teacher: Oh my god! Gina... *Walks to Gina.* You alright?
Nick: *Raises his hand.* Can I go check how is Mai doing?
Teacher: *Looks at Nick.* No one else leaves, Mr. Carter.
Gina: Yes Ben. I'm alright. Did I do something bad. *Puppy eyes.*
Teacher: Depence on why did she punch you?
Nick: *Looks at Teacher.* Are you aloud bullying?
Teacher: Bullying? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Looks at Teacher.* Gina called Mai geek and now she acts like victim.
Gina: Shut up Nick.
Nick: What Gina? It's the truth and you got punched because of that.
Teacher: But punch is not allowed here also.
Nick: No, of course not but it's good to stand up for bullying and I go check Mai sir. I’ll come back.
Teacher: Alright. Gina... Let's take you to school nurse. *Is helping Gina.* Others start reading page 15!
Nick: *Shakes his head and reads page 15.*

Outside the school

Mai: *Sits down to school stairs outside and sighs when cries.*
Anna: *Notice Mai and walks to her.* Hey there. Why you are crying?
Mai: Oh... Hey. *Try to smile.*
Anna: *Smiles.* Did Gina do this?
Mai: Yeah. I punched her in the class. It felt so gooood. *Smiles and sighs.* But I think I'll get attention cause of it.
Anna: *Sits next to Mai.* Good. You are brave to get back to her. *Smiles and sighs.* You know, you're the victim here.
Mai: I know, but... I shouldn't punch her. She's not worth it.
Anna: No she's not worth it. Go back to class and say your reason to teacher. Tell him it was mistake. Maybe he will let it go easily.
Mai: Please don't... *Looks at Anna.* I can handle attention. And Nick will be at attention to give me company. *Smiles little.*
Anna: *Smiles.* Good girl. *Looks at Mai.* I will help you get used to this school. Now go back to class, I should go back to class also even I was going to bathroom.
Mai: *Smiles and gets up.* Okay. I will even I have to talk with principal.
Anna: *Smiles.* Tell me how that went after class.
Mai: I will. *Walks back to class.*

Brian & Nick’s mind talking

Brian: *Looks at the clock how 5 minutes is going so fast.* 1 minute babe...
Nick: *Reads Brian's thoughts.* What one minute babe, Brian?
Brian: Anna should be back in class soon. She will be late.
Nick: Maybe she got female problems. *Sees Mai walking back in the class and start to talk normal.* You okay Mai?
Mai: *Walks in class and sits back to her seat.* Don’t wanna talk about it. What we should do now?
Nick: Page 15. Read it. *Smiles and reads.*
Mai: *Start to read page 15.*
Teacher: *Walks back in and sees Mai.* Mai? To principal office now.
Nick: *Looks confessed.* Why she need to go?
Teacher: Cause of the punch.
Mai: *Smiles to Nick.* I'll be fine.
Nick: *Smiles to Mai and blow kiss to her.* Okay. See you.
Mai: *Catch the kiss and walks out the class to principal office.*

Anna: *Walks back to class.* Thank you teacher.
Teacher: Take a seat Anna.
Anna: *Goes back to her seat.* Did I missed anything? *Whispers softly.*
Brian: No but you are late. *Whispers.*
Anna: *Whispers.* I saw Mai in outside crying. I never got in toilet. Gina is bullying her.
Brian: *Looks at Anna.* WHAT?! *Says so loud that whole class turns their faces to them.*
Teacher: *Smirks.* Oh Littrell. Get's fired up.
Brian: Sorry Johnny... Just heard terrible news.
Anna: *Whispers.* CLAM down. Yes she did, but you are too loud right now.
Brian: *Is staying quiet and looks at Anna waiting for answer.*
Anna: *Whispers to Brian.* Mai punched Gina for bullying her and calling name.
Brian: *Whispers.* Can we talk about this later?
Anna: *Shut ups her mouth as focus on English.* Sure babe.

In Principal Office

Principal: *Opens door.* Mai you were the trouble maker. I never believed that.
Mai: So sorry. Should I come in then? *Looks at Principal.*
Principal: Did you punch Gina, Mai?
Mai: *Nods.* Yeah, cause she called me geek.
Principal: Gina didn't say anything about that.
Mai: Oh... Well she did... She called me twice today.
Principal: Well, if that is case, I need to talk to her and I still needs to send you in attention for hitting her
Mai: I knew you are gonna say that. *Offers her hand.* It won't happen again, sir.
Principal: *Offer his hand and nods.* I sure hope so.

Day has gone by and school ends and it’s time for attention.

Anna: *Waits Brian, Nick and Mai out of attention.* I should be there too? *Puts the poker face on.
Mai: *Walks to attention door and sees Anna.* Hey. Did you get attention too? *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smiles.* No just I wish. Thought I'm waiting you 3 to come out.
Mai: You don't need to wait for me. *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smiles.* I know I got plans with Brian tonight.
Mai: Oooeh... *Winks and smiles.* Nice...
Anna: *Winks.* Yes it's nice but now I wait you all.

Brian: *Drinks his water from bottle and sees Nick.* Yo... Heading to attention?
Nick: *Heads to attention.* Do I have choice not to come?
Brian: You have to. You got at least your girl there.
Nick: *Smiles* For punching Gina she got it's so wrong.
Brian: How was the punch? Was it awesome? *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles as walks in attention room.* Looked awesome I have to say.
Brian: *Walks after him and winks to Anna.* Hey Anna.
Anna: *Gets up from chair when sees guys.* Brian....hey. *Smiles to Brian.*
Mai: I should go too. See you in 1 hour.
Anna: See you in hour. *Walks around the hallway.* Good everyone else went home but me.
Mai: *Walks in the attention and sits next to Nick.* Hey. *Smiles to Nick.*
Nick: *Smiles.* And hey to you too. Nice punch you did to Gina.
Mai: Well... I promised to principal that I won't do it again.
Brian: *Listens music.*
Nick: To Gina good promise.
Anna: *Goes music class and takes guitar and starts to sing Britney’s everytime.*
Mai: So... Can we talk in attention?
Nick: I guess so. Never been in here
Mai: Me either.* Smiles and looks at teacher behind her desk.* Should we ask? *Whispers.*
Nick: *Whispers.* I’ll ask teacher. Can we talk in here or should we be quiet, sir?
Teacher: Do whatever you wanna do, but don’t do something what makes noises.
Anna: *Plays as sings to makes time flies faster.*
Nick: *Smiles and start to hear music.* Teacher? What is that music?
Teacher: Oh... Don't know.
Mai: Is making out forbidden? *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* I believe so.
Teacher: *Looks at Nick and Mai.* If it's quiet making out.
Nick: *looks at Mai.*Wanna make out?
Mai: We might do that, but... *Looks at Brian's way.* He might get bit jealous of that.
Nick: *Looks at Brian.*He got his music. He won't. *Smiles.*

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