Hogwart Letters by BritishPrincess
Breathe by BritishPrincess
A fifteen year old boy gazed out the Gryffindor common room window, watching the snow fall. The boy had ginger red hair, which seemed "flaming", as some people described it, and blue eyes. His best friends were Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. This was Ronald Weasley. "Why aren't you doing homework? Your going to fail!" The percing vioce reminded him of his mother back home. He turned and here behind him, stood Hermione. "Just taking a break. I was going to back to it, hontest!"replied Ron. Hermione looked at the table, that were just piled books. "Really? I think you were daydreaming, Roanld." "I wasn't!" said Ron, looking at her. "I was just taking a break." "Too much of a break, is what I see." explained Hermione, as she went to the table, siding Ron's books to make room for her own. "Hey!" yelped Ron. "What are you doing?" "Making room. I need to study, too. I use my time wisely." she said pointly. Ron blushed. "I don't daydream." said Ron, still on the subject of his laziness. "Daydream about what?" asked Hermione, opening up a book. "Quddtich?" "No." What Ron was really dreaming about was Hermione. Ron was forever dreaming about her, and had to have Harry snap him out of it. Hermione smiled. "I suggest you end your daydreaming now." "Hermione-" The sound of the common room door opening, and came in Ginny. She was Ron's little sister, and was Hermione's best friend, girl-wise. "Want to study with me, Hermione?" "Sure. See you later, Ron." She picked up her books and headed upstairs. Ron just stood here, with his mouth hanging open.

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