The Scent of Affection by nickcarter280
Chapter 1 by nickcarter280
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“Here I am, I can do this. Yes, Julie you can do this, you will get
the job" I kept staring at the building and talking to myself. Some
people were looking at me as if I was crazy, but I didn’t care.

I have this big step ahead of me that I was about to take. This could
be my step either forward or backward.

“Oh god, help me," I prayed, then took the stairs. I asked the
receptionist in the hotel where the conference room was located. She gave me
the directions without even looking at me. How reassuring.

I still had this weird feeling. When I first saw the ad I was over the
moon, with two certificates that prove how much of an aroma therapist I
am I thought I will get this job for sure, but when I saw the people
applying for this job I thought my chances were zilch. I was the youngest
in the room and people were staring at me as if I had two heads.
Besides that, my fears where doubled because of what Karen, my sister and my
only family, told me yesterday. Her words are still ringing in my

"Why would someone have a job interview in a hotel, why not at their
home, they said the patient is an old man, I mean they should have the
interview at a house not a hotel, something is fishy here"

Karen the overprotective, over-analyzing person she is, has to put fear
in me. She cares about me as if she was Mom although she is only a year
older. Yet, since she is older and I, the younger poor me, I feel I
have to listen. She can do whatever she wants, and her excuse "she is
older". Yeah, I know, weird way of thinking. But this is Karebear. I love
her with all my heart, and if it wasn't for her I wouldn’t be where I
am now. Still she thinks of my as the “baby sister” .Her words not
mine. I couldn’t ask for a better sister, really.

“Miss Julie Russell". The one calling my name took me out of my

"Yes, that's me" The man smiled and asked me to come into the room for
my interview.

As I got inside I found three faces looking at me, one of them hiding
under very big sunglasses, yet, he looked familiar. I don’t know where
I could’ve seen him before. He looked different than the other two in
casual clothes not suits like the others.

I hate it when people wear sunglasses they could be looking at your
boobs but you can't tell. Anyway, one of the two in suits told me to have
a seat. I gave my CV file to the bellboy and he gave it to the guy in

“I see you have two certificates, yet you don’t have that much
experience Miss Russell.”

“Yeah it's just that... I… as you can see am a little younger than
the other people applying, but I can work just as much as they can.”
“Well, the two certificates sure covers this Mr. Scott,” the other
guy in the suit said.

“Yes, but how would you know."

“Mr. Scott these are from the greatest aromatherapy associations in
the world. You can even call them and make sure they aren't fake," I

“She is right,” the first guy in the suit said. “I, as an aroma
therapist myself can make sure that these are from great trusted
aromatherapy associations, if not the greatest.”

“And you can even try me, sir, anything. That is if you want to” I
said. OK, that did sound kind of bad.

The guy in sunglasses looked at me, or let’s says that’s what I
thought he did, then asked if I could wait outside so they could have a
word together. With a nod, I left the room.

When the bellboy opened the door for me I found a pair of blue eyes
staring at me. They also looked familiar. The familiar face said "sorry".

“It’s OK," I answered. Then I heard from behind me, "Come in
Thomas, we need your opinion"

Now I'm waiting for them to decide to send me away. Still I couldn’t
remember where I’d seen those two faces before.

Meanwhile in the room

“She didn't recognize me” Said the guy named Thomas.

“Yeah and she did learn pretty well. Although the problem of her
being young and not experienced enough" The sunglasses guy answered.

“Well, you did find something wrong in each one who came" he
reasoned. "So I guess she is the best in all, and she might actually make
friends with him."

“Yeah, still…”

“No ‘buts’ or ‘stills’. At least he won't be suspicious when
he sees her. She is the one."

Then the guy in the suit interrupted. "Well, in my opinion, he is
right. She is the one most qualified for a job like that"

“And I also agree. With qualifications like that, I have to" the
other in the suit said.

“Well then she gets the job. What more can I say?!” The sunglasses
guy said with a sigh.

“Miss Russell.” The same bellboy called my name again. I lifted my
head up and answered “yes”.

“The gentlemen would like to meet you again.”

“Thanks” I stood up and went to the door again thinking to myself
that this is weird. I heard behind me someone saying that this is it for
today, and they will call the rest if they need them. This is getting

“Please, have a seat miss Russell."

“Thank you, sir” I sat down in the same chair. The guy name Thomas
or so I recall started speaking.

“Well miss Russell. We see that you are the most qualified one for
this job. So congratulations you got your self a job."

“Oh! Really! Thanks...a lot. So when will I start, and can I have the
address so I can visit the patient?" Oh my god, I was so excited.

“Well…um…There are some changes from the advertisement."

“Sure what is it?” OK, could it get any weirder? Of course it
could. Who was I to speak?

The guy in the glasses said "Well Miss Russell, you see the patient…
is not old. Let’s say not that old. And…” Then he paused.


“Well he doesn't have an address…I mean not a specific one, at
least right now."

“Huh, I will be treating a homeless or what?" I said with a laugh, a
nervous one.

“Oh no, you got it wrong” Thomas said laughing "This one can't be
homeless, trust me."

“Yeah you got it all wrong. You will be touring with us Miss Russell"
Sunglasses guy said.

“Why don't you come with us to meet your patient?, and we will tell
you the whole story in the elevator"


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