Sinister Devotion by kevmylove
Story Notes:
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Prologue by kevmylove
Author's Notes:
Another experiment, I'm hoping it works out the way I want it. Thank you Kristal for helping me brainstorm and for the title. love ya *hugs*

I never knew I was made for this, maybe no one knows, its just something you fall into. The man that took me in, as his son, says that as a kid, I was a bully, a loner and that I could never have any friends. The ones I did have in the neighborhood were all afraid of me, so they made sure not to piss me off. Truthfully, I don’t remember, but he also says that I broke three of my friends noses, the reason is still unknown. Not truly sure what to make of that. I guess, that means, I wasn’t a normal kid. That I liked to hurt people. Would the animosity follow me forever?

I’m a grown ass man now, and still I’m a loner and I still like to hurt people, actually…it’s not so much that I like it, it‘s my job. Someone has to do the dirty work and that’s me. I am one of the best at what I do, so I’ve been told and I take pride in that. So I strive to start and finish all tasks I am assigned to. There is never an exception. Never.

I’m not sure what my real name is since my family died in a car accident, when I was just a kid. It was a nasty accident, I remember everyone used to wonder, how I was still alive. Not sure why I didn’t die along with them that night, I would have preferred that ten thousand times more, than to live this life of loneliness and malice. Maybe I was given a second chance, but one day death, just might catch up with me. To tell you the truth, I’m getting tired of waiting.

My life is simple, yet at times, pretty complicated. I’m never in one place, always moving about, traveling from state to state. I don’t have a stable home, or anyone special in my life. I’ve never fallen in love, unless it happened and well I never really, notice. Intimacy or affection, I’m not sure what to make of those two words, they don’t mean shit to me, really. I’ve had a couple of girls swoon over me, but other than that, most of the women I’ve been with are submissive, so they don’t know what those words mean, either.

I’ve been chosen to do a special job for the boss, I don’t ask questions, and I don’t feel sorry for anyone. I only know names, location, and sometimes special instructions, which I wont get into detail about. The severity of what I do, has never really hit me. I can imagine that once I‘m done I leave a hole in someone‘s life. I never stop to think of the pain, the chaos and the unanswered questions that I leave them to ponder. I just show up, do the deed and continue with my ghostly life. I don’t even think that anyone even knows who I am. Tell you the truth, I like it that way.

Since I have an odd feeling about this job, I thought I would give you some of the details on this one. Only because I have the oddest feeling about it. I think my fate….is right on my ass and it’s going to catch up with me. His name is Kevin Richardson, I don’t know why he’s been chosen, I just know that I have to give him a visit. I have special instructions, it’s something I’ve never done before, but I was highly recommended and I shouldn’t let down those that believe in what I can do.

The special instructions are, that on my mission, I must include Mr. Richardson’s first born.

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