America - The Land Of Dreams by Ozbsbgirl
Chapter 7 by Ozbsbgirl
Alright, so have you decided what you wanna do? Go through the hiring process of trying the band or check out my guys?” Nick asked as we went in one of the “chill out rooms”.
“You told them about my music and stuff like that?” I asked.
“Yup sure have, they are on board and stuff. They have had a few gigs and stuff but nothing to set them off to fame and all, they would like something stable and all. I can organise to have them here in a few if you want me to.” Nick explained.
“Yeah that’ll be cool. If you have them lined up and ya say they are good and all, I trust ya.” I replied.
“Cool.” Nick said as he got out his cell phone and made the phone call.

Within the hour I was meeting David (drummer), Ben (bass), Steven (guitar), Mark (backing vocals), Bec (backing vocals) and Marty (keyboard). They brought some CD’s over and some DVD’s of their gigs of what have they had been doing.

“I’m liking what I see. How long you guys been together for?” I asked them.
“Well David and Bec have been together since day 1, they are brother and sister. Ben been around for about 4 years, Steven 7 years, Mark 1 year and me Marty been for a few months now.” Marty replied.
“We were talking as we were coming here, about having a few songs and that together and all. From your sound of music and what Nick has said, this might be alright.” David suggested.
“Don’t believe everything Nick says.” Bec said.
“THANKS!” Nick laughed
“Na, nah, it’s cool. Yeah that’ll be alright. When you want to do it?” I asked.
“How about now?” Ben asked looking around at each of us.
“Yeah cool with me bro.” Nick replied. We all followed Nick into a studio and got prepared and all.
“What ya wanna do?” Mark asked.
“You know the song, Can’t Fight The Moonlight?” I asked.
“Sure do! I love that song!?” Bec replied. While we tuned up our instruments and warmed up our voices Nick was hanging around standing from a distance.
As the music started I got into the groove. They were playing so well. I liked it.

“Under a lovers sky, gonna be with you and no one’s gonna be around.” I began to sing. Just like in the movie and the video clip I moved around in the video clip and so did the others. I was feeling right. We all clicked.

At the end of the song there was a round of applause that was LOUD.
“You were smoking hot!” Alex said.
“Awesome!” Howie commented.
“Fantastic.” Brian said.
“YES!” Nick finally said. I looked around at Ben, David, Bec, Marty and Mark and they were impressed at how well.

“Not even we could get like that at first. You sure you haven’t met each other in the past?” Howie asked.
“I don’t know man, but I know what I like.” Nick said as he and the guys walked in more into the room.
“Dude! Please say yes. That was electrifying!” Alex begged coming over to me putting his arms around me.
“It’s all up to Brianna.” Nick replied, all eyes looking at me.
“It’s a yes then.” I said.

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