Ten Things by Carter-Orange
Chapter 46 by Carter-Orange
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After what I can only describe as an incredible night, we made breakfast together in the kitchen. AJ had thought of everything as all of my favourite breakfast items were right here in the compact kitchen. Every time we moved to reach for one thing or another, we would brush up against each other. I could’ve got used to cooking like this.

“What time is the car coming to collect us?” I asked as I scooped up another forkful of scrambled eggs.

“We still have a couple of hours” he replied as he playfully tugged on the tie of my robe.

“And what would you like to do in those couple of hours? Some sightseeing maybe? A leisurely walk along the cliff tops?” I teased.

“Hmm…I think I can think of something” he grinned wickedly “but freezing my ass off outside in the snow doesn’t come into it”

Needless to say, we didn’t venture outside until we really had to!

Luckily we had a change of clothes waiting for us when we’d arrived here, as I really didn’t want to have to get back into that wedding dress. As stunning as it was, something warmer was more appropriate in this weather.

We arrived back at the castle and met up with all of our guests for lunch before the majority of them would be heading home. It was the day before Christmas Eve, so naturally everyone wanted to get home to be with whoever they’d arranged to spend Christmas with.

“So where are you taking your lovely wife on honeymoon?” Kevin asked. I was glad to see he’d made it over for the wedding. He may not be in the band anymore, but to the boys, he would always be a Backstreet Boy. It meant a lot to Alex that his oldest brother had been able to come. It was also good to see his wife Christine again as I’d only met her once previously.

“That’s for me to know and Steph to find out later” he replied as he leaned back in his chair, resting his arm lazily over my shoulders.

“Aw, isn’t he romantic” Izzy exclaimed

“So we’re not staying here?” I asked. I could just picture it, opening presents on Christmas morning whilst the snow fell outside. Tucking in to a traditional Christmas dinner and wearing silly party hats from a Christmas cracker. Sitting around a roaring fire with a hot chocolate later on in the evening and…I was getting carried away!

“Hell no!” he replied “no offense, the UK is a beautiful place, but after freezing my ass off in Europe for the last couple of months, I thought it was about time we went somewhere warmer”

Now that I couldn’t argue with, as much as I loved the snow!


Twenty four hours later and what a difference in climate! We’d kissed goodbye to the snow and waved hello to glorious sunshine and miles and miles of sandy beach. After a couple of plane journeys, and hour upon hour of travel, Tahiti was truly worth it.

With swaying palm trees and perfectly clear turquoise sea, it was extremely romantic looking and a honeymooner’s paradise.

I’d seen those over the water bungalows in travel brochures and on TV before, but never ever thought I’d stay in one. Well that was about to change.

“We’re actually going to stay in one of those?” I asked incredulously

“Yep” he grinned “for now”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked

“You’ll see” he carried the heavier bags through to the bedroom and dumped them down on the floor.

After all that travelling, all we wanted to do was relax with a nice cold drink, so that’s exactly what we did.

“I can’t believe it’s Christmas Day tomorrow” I said as we sprawled out on sun loungers sipping wonderfully exotic looking drinks “it feels weird lying here in a bikini”

“You could always take the bikini off if that would be less weird” he smiled and reached over towards me.

“Alex…you know what I mean” I laughed and slapped his hand away.

“So, do you approve of the honeymoon destination?” he queried

“Oh god yeah, it’s beautiful here. In fact, the whole wedding experience has been amazing. I’m so glad we did it properly, with all of our family and friends there to share it with us” I replied

“Told you so” he said “and your parents and my Mom really got along well didn’t they? She’s already invited herself over to England for a visit”

“I’m glad they got on well. Are you gutted your Dad wasn’t there?” I asked more seriously. We hadn’t talked a lot about his parents break up, although I knew he no longer kept in regular contact with his Dad. I wondered if now was the right time to bring it up, he hadn’t seemed keen to talk about it in all the time we’d been together.

“To be honest, I’m past caring. My parents divorce hit me hard when I was younger, but I got over it a long time ago. If he doesn’t want to be in my life, then fuck him” he sighed

“We’ve never talked about it. How old were you when they split up?” I asked, turning over to face him full on.

“It was a couple of years before I joined the band, so about thirteen” he said “you know, joining the Backstreet Boys probably saved my life. Without that bit of luck coming my way, life could’ve turned out very differently for me”

“How?” I asked curiously

“Well, with my parents constantly at each other’s throats, I used to sneak out my bedroom window and it wasn’t long before I was hanging around with the wrong crowd” he held his head in his hands.

I didn’t know what to say. I’d come from a nice home with parents who never argued and to this day, still loved each other as much as ever. Life must’ve been so much different for Alex when he was growing up.

“So what happened?” I asked

We talked for a long time, with Alex really opening up about his past. I really felt for him, he’d gone through a tough time when he was a kid. He’d had very little contact with his Dad over the years; in fact his Dad hadn’t even fought for custody or visitation rights. Alex had been pretty close to his Dad when he was young and was devastated for a long time after he’d gone. He’d thought maybe he was to blame or something. Therapy had helped him realise that nothing he did caused his parents to divorce. His Dad’s abandonment was not his fault.

“Anyway, that’s enough of this depressing talk, this is our honeymoon” he said changing the subject and standing up. I knew he was right, the past was the past. “Last one in the water is a loser”

“You’re cheating” I said and raced after him.

I soon caught up to him and we went crashing down into the shallow ocean, it was so refreshing but not at all cold.

“Now that you’ve caught me, what to you intend to do with me?” he teased and nibbled at my neck, causing me to shudder with anticipation.

“Oh god Alex” I murmured as I ran my hands down his back.

As much as I would’ve liked to cross off another item on my list (that being the sex on the beach one) it was hardly the right time. We weren’t exactly alone, although the beach was hardly crowded either.

“No one’s gonna notice” he murmured as if answering the silent question I had in my mind. He moved my dripping wet hair to the side to get better access to my neck, my weak point, and kissed me there, his lips burning my already overheated skin.

“You don’t play fair” I protested very weakly, not wanting him to stop what he was doing with his mouth and his hands.

“Never said I did” he murmured and I could feel the smile on his lips as he kissed my shoulder “this bikini top has got to go”

He unclasped it and slid it off, letting it sink to the ocean floor “mmm, that’s better”. He flicked his tongue over my left nipple, making it stand to attention before taking it into his mouth.

I no longer cared who saw us. I wanted Alex and I wanted him right there in the sparkling blue ocean.

“Those shorts…they have to go” I said breathlessly as we kissed in the waist deep water.

They were soon off and floating away to join my bikini top, shortly followed by my bikini bottoms.

“Now that you’ve got me naked, what are you going to do to me?” I teased as I ran my hand down his chest, stopping just before I got to his rock hard cock.

“I’m going to grab your legs…” he said and ran his hands over my bum and then down my thighs “…wrap them around my waist” he lifted me effortlessly and pulled me in closer to his firm body “…and then I’m going…” no more words were needed as my body lined up with his and he pushed himself inside me.

“Oh fuck” I gasped as he pulled me down hard, impaling me further “oh god yes”

“Fuck, oh fuck yeah” he said raggedly as we moved in the shallow water.

“Fuck Alex…yes…harder” I gasped

We didn’t last long, but it had been so good. Maybe the thought of being caught at any moment had added to the excitement.

“Shit! How the hell are we supposed to get back to our hut?” I said as I tried in vain to find our swimwear, which had obviously been washed away.

“Fuck” he laughed “well, I guess this is skinny dipping in reverse”

He took hold of my hand and we ran, giggling like a couple of teenagers, through the shallow water until we were at the steps of our beach hut.

“I think we went unnoticed” he said breathlessly as he wrapped a towel around his waist.

“Let’s hope so” I replied. Although I’d crossed another thing off my list, I just hoped our naked arses wouldn’t be all over the internet by tomorrow.

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