-- on 01/01/70 12:00 am Comments
How about just not allow banners on the site if this is becoming a bother by those not comprehending the rules?
- KevinsChickadee on 03/20/09 03:45 am
Fine by me lol
- Mare on 03/21/09 01:50 am


I know that I work really hard on my banners and make sure to keep them within the size limits.  It's sad that some people can't follow the rules and end up ruining things for everybody.

- FiliKlepto on 03/22/09 08:48 pm
My first one was too big, I fixed it and now the rest have been the right sizes. Here's what ya do.
Once it's saved go into paint and resize. Once you save it there go look in the file you have it saved under and just place your mouse over it, it will show you how large it is at the bottom of the screen. The beauty of this is that resizing it you can always fix it for later.... it takes what 5 minutes????
- Baby K on 03/22/09 10:07 pm

It's so easy to make it the right size, it's a shame that some can't follow it.

- Carter-Orange on 03/23/09 07:02 am
It's just a matter of people not even bothering to read the posting rules. What drives me nuts is when it's the same person more than once! Really, it's gotten better and we do appreciate those of you who do read and follow the rules. Hopefully it won't come down to us having to do away with banners completely.
- Mare on 03/24/09 12:55 pm
You know there is another way to do this.... You could just tell people that they need to do their banners on It's free to have an account and you can pay to remove the logo, but it gives you 4 different size options... I've just started using it for mine to save time lol
- Baby K on 04/25/09 06:19 am
Thanks Baby K. The problem is (not sure if this is addressed on that site since I'm behind a firewall that blocks it...) but even if it's hosted elsewhere, if it's a large file-size it slows down the loading of the page for the poor souls who still have to use dialup, and makes the page hard to view for those who access using small screens/Palms/Sidekicks/iPhones/etc. there may indeed be a viable option, but the size restriction still applies. :)
- Chaos on 04/25/09 02:43 pm
I was wondering, is there any kind of script you could implement so that certain users lose their banner privileges after multiple size infractions?  Also, I never thought of checking AbsoluteChaos from my smartphone! :O Now I am totally gonna read fics in class, haha, thanks for the idea~
- FiliKlepto on 04/26/09 07:04 pm
I still think the simplest solution is getting rid of them altogether lol
- Mare on 05/01/09 02:19 am
Say it aint so Mare, say it aint so hehehe
- Baby K on 05/01/09 10:33 am
the big problem in my opinion is that some people (like me) don't understand the whole pixel thing. I think the best thing to do would be make all images appear in the summaries as a link. then banner lovers could click on the link and have a second page pop up with the banner image. Banner haters would have the option of hating them without ever having to see them. Banners really are a great thing it be a shame to lose something some of us love and work so hard to make. I also agree... if some people are breaking the rule over and over they should have to have all images approved before being allowed to post.

just giving my opinion.
- yorkielover88 on 05/16/09 11:55 am
That is an excellent idea. We've been trying to get people to post their banners on their story page instead of the sumary page for years. Sadly, no one does for whatever reason. Thanks for the suggestion, I agree it's sad when a few people ruin iot for the masses.
- Mare on 05/16/09 01:10 pm

I always make sure mine are small enough - though, I make them large first. But, it's called shrinking. Sometimes, you hafta shrink them first, before adding the writing, so you can read the writing - lol. It's a little extra work, but totally worth it. :) Though, I've stopped making them for the most part now - no inspiration - lol.


- LenniluvsBrian on 06/10/09 06:58 am
^ and no inspiration is a good thing! LOL did I just say that? ass I don't mean it! Okay, for banners maybe I do. ;O)
- Mare on 06/10/09 08:15 pm