Think before you post :O)

Hello everyone. Please refrain from posting a story on this site unless it's ready to be posted.  I have noticed a few stories that seem ready to go but when you click on them it's only a coming soon thing. All that does is take up space on the most recent list from stories that are actually being written and ready to go. You can always add an author's note on your current stories with a 'coming soon' teaser, but there's really no reason to post before you have anything written.

Also, please take a minute to edit your stories. We talked about this a long time ago and it seems to be a problem again. I feel like a lot of the stories being posted aren't being edited for grammar mistakes etc.. If there are a ton of mistakes in your story, no one is really going to want to continue to read them, so please take a minute and think before you post.

Thanks so much! Also watch your banner sizes! 300 x 300 or not more than 600 pixels!

--Mare on 08/15/10 09:58 pm 10 Comments
Thanks Mare! I think clogging up the Most Recent page with coming soon stuff that don't even have actual chapters is a bit unfair to those who are trying to update with actual content.

As for the edits, yes please! It's hard to look at a story that's not even edited properly in the summary. I ignore badly edited stories and I'm sure others do too.
- Rose on 08/15/10 11:50 pm
I ignore stories with poor spelling in the summary too. I mean, if the summary is full of mistakes, it doesn't exactly make you want to read on!
- Carter-Orange on 08/16/10 03:33 am

you cant even upload a photo that is larger then 300 x 300 can you?

- yorkielover88 on 08/19/10 02:30 pm

You can but you can't use it as a banner. You can put it in your chapter though.

- Mare on 08/19/10 02:52 pm
Thanks for the reminder Mare! :)
- evergreenwriter83 on 08/19/10 06:10 pm

no problemo, that's what i'm here for! lol

- Mare on 08/19/10 09:17 pm
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