Moving Servers

In an attempt to gain back functionality of the site and hopefully end the errors some people are experiencing, the site will be changing servers some time in the next few days. I actually don't know exactly when this will be happening, and I do not have much control over it. I will do my best to make sure that nothing is lost, but i can't guarentee it, so PLEASE make sure you keep a backup of anything you post (you should always do this anyway!!!)  If anything is lost during the server move, I really don't have any way to retrieve it.

--Chaos on 11/04/10 10:48 am 4 Comments

Okies, but I'm not reciving fave updates or whenever I get a this part of the problems?

- Annabelle on 11/04/10 05:17 pm
read the news item below this
- Mare on 11/04/10 08:55 pm
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