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- Julilly on 12/23/07 02:01 am
I hope you don't plan on punishing everyone for the bad choices of a few members. I'm sure that all of the teachers on here know that it's a poor classroom management strategy to punish the whole class for someone one or two students did. It wouldn't be fair to the authors on here that choose to display their themes or artistic representations of their stories through their banners. I do hope that the people that are breaking the rules fix their banners, but please don't make us all suffer. Some of us are really proud of our banners just as much as our stories. :D Thank you for listening and happy holidays!
- Tri on 12/24/07 06:30 am

I am a teacher and know how to manage a great classroom :O)

- Mare on 12/24/07 03:11 pm
I guess it doesn't really count that I'm not a teacher, and am instead in the military, and when one person breaks a rule EVERYONE suffers for it... immensely. So I guess we can't all think like teachers! Not that we had any present intentions of changing anything, just so long as there is compliance with the rules.... since we aren't 4 years old after all, and shouldn't need to be coddled.
- Julilly on 12/24/07 05:33 pm

LOL and just one more thing about classroom management and then i'll hush, but number one rule is once you make a statement you always have to follow through but like Jules said, as long as the rules are followed no one has anything to worry about.

Merry Christmas all!

- Mare on 12/24/07 06:59 pm
All right. I'm glad we have nothing to worry about then since most of us are following the rules! Thanks.
- Tri on 12/24/07 08:29 pm
hehe y'all are too funny
- honey on 12/27/07 05:00 am
Can our next rule be about posting stanza after stanza of song lyrics as a "summary"? Scrolling past all of that is just as bad as scrolling past the ginormous banners.
- RokofAges75 on 12/27/07 11:54 pm
I have been saying that for a loong time now  lol some of the summaries are ridiculously long
- Mare on 12/28/07 01:05 am
I am resisting the temptation to just copy and paste a bunch of song lyrics in this comment right now...
- honey on 12/28/07 08:33 am
You are my fire
The one desire
Believe when I say
I want it that way...
- RokofAges75 on 12/28/07 01:18 pm
We should have a word limit to summaries as well as that banner limit.  how about 15 words? This way you have to be kind of to the point. Nick meets girl, Nick cheats on girl. Girl is sad and goes nutso uh oh lol
- Mare on 12/28/07 02:31 pm
My next summary -- "Read this or they will never see you again." Short, to the point, and "they" leaves things ambiguous so you can't be sure if I mean, friends or family, it covers all bases.
- Julilly on 12/29/07 03:58 am
LMAO Julilly!
- RokofAges75 on 12/29/07 07:05 pm
15 words is a little short, Mare... even that first stanza of IWITW is 16 words.
- RokofAges75 on 12/29/07 07:06 pm