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Reviewer: FrickFrackGirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/03/10 04:47 pm Title: A hot shower and a phone call

I actually went "AWWWW!" when Bri and Nick said I love you at the end of the call..lmao!!!  Honestly, I say Eff calling his mother..let her worry or whatever she's feeling.  He owes her no explaination.  Glad he did call Brian tho. 


So happy to see another chapter so soon!  Hope your visit was good.   And you can never bombardus with chapters!  Honestly, I love that you update so often.  There isn't much good FF out there to read and I'm enjoying the constant updates emensely!!  Great job once again and can't wait for the next!!

Author's Response: You aren't the only one who said aw lol I did to, and I'm the one that wrote the chapter lol. Trust me, as an outside view, I say let the bitch worry too, he doesn't owe her anything. I, as a Nick fan, dislike his Mother. And it was a good visit, I just wish I had posted on Friday like I had planned, but I was so sick/tired I couldn't even leave my bed except to go in to work on my night off because my manager is a dick and had me do the job he was supposed to do and I'm not even in management. I try to update constantly, trust me, I love seeing reviews lol. And I too, when I'm reading something, like to see semi-constant to constant updates. I'd be writing a chapter now except I paused Iron Man to respond to this and I'm going to my friend's again when my other friend gets offline lol I'll be writing in the AM though =) Thanks for another review!