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Reviewer: FrickFrackGirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/11/10 02:48 pm Title: Pointless hope

Hmmmm....I'm gonna say its Winter. 


I can't wait for the chapter when she finally tells him about loosing the baby.  I have a feeling I'm gonna need a box of tissues for that one.  


He's so cute how he just wants to help her with everything and is basically up her ass 24/7.  Also waiting for the chapter when she gives in and just gives herself to him. 


Great chapter once again!! Please don't keep us hanging out too long before you disclose who was behind door #1!!

Author's Response: lol I haven't written it yet, but with what I have planned, yes you will lol. I'll give you that warning now. Hmm, Winter? Maybe lol. Not yes, not no, but maybe lol. I gotta admit, I may never have met Nick, but I love the version of him I have in my head lol. It's nothing fantastical mind you, no one is perfect, but the Nick in my head is just right lol. And you shouldn't have to wait too long, I'm working on a chap right now =) Thanks for the review!