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Reviewer: FrickFrackGirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/18/10 04:29 pm Title: Plans set in motion

Nice to see Kevin is listening to Nick for once.  I'm with Nick tho, he woulda tricked him to go back with him...which woulda turned out bad.  I can't wait to see the Boys reactions when he tells them..specially AJ..lmao!!!  That should be pretty priceless in itself. 


Winter guess, would be Jack Frost, Old Man Winter.  


And for the pregnancy bout a peanut butter and sardine sammich? hehe....

Author's Response: Oh yeah, Kevin would have totally tricked him lol I had to put myself in Nick's mind for that one. If Kevin has always been the "Father" figure for the group then he would have done what he thinks is best, even if it is the worst he could have done. And yes, I can't wait until the guys get there and Nick breaks out the news lol. I already have a reaction for Howie planned, but I haven't got AJ down yet. I'll be thinking of that while I'm at work tonight. --- And yes, you had it with Jack Frost =) To me Jack Frost equals Winter, and vise versa, so I used the name Winter Jack =) --- Thank you for the preggo craving, email me at so we can discuss your gift lol.