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Reviewer: mamogirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/18/10 06:03 pm Title: "Troubles for Traveling Backstreet Boys"

Oh oh, I bet Kevin is now sooo angry with our Nicky, it's a good thing that his cell phone is broken!!!!

Author's Response: Oh I'm sure Kevin's hopping. LOL

Reviewer: starbeamz2 Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/18/10 05:33 pm Title: "Troubles for Traveling Backstreet Boys"

I'm going to apologize ahead of time for being a bad reader because I've been reading this story since you posted chapter 7 and i have yet to comment :( Of course, you can ask Julilly how I feel about this AWESOME story because I've been twittering away about it.

you have an awesome writing style, a terrific plot, and you keep me trapped between wanting Amanda to drown in the rapids and wanting to like her a little for feeling guilty about what she's doing. Personally, I really dislike her, but whatever.

And OMG WHY does Brian have a death wish? He could at least hold on until he sees Leighanne and Baylee, can't he? He's always been my fave to write and read about, and this is one of the most unique characterizations of him that I've read. It's awesome!

Also, I quit reading/writing BSB fanfic, but you've sucked me back in. Great, great job!

P.S. I love that you update so fast! It keeps me on my toes :P

Author's Response: Thanks for finally reviewing! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the story. Brian is one of my favorites to read/write about, too. I've always found him to be really interesting as a "sidekick" to Nick. This particular characterization of Brian is a lot mellower than I tend to write him due to the situation. Brian's usually more how he and Nick are when they're goofing off (i.e., when they're making fun of Pat for example). I'm glad to revive your fan-fic interest! Keep reading - I update everyday... :)