Reviews For Severed Identities
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Reviewer: DelphinaCarter Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/09/12 06:18 am Title: Chapter 27

Oh boy oh boy, is Howie really dead this time???? I wonder if that guy who called did it to see if they could pinpoint where they were by tracking, its all possible at this point. I also was amused at Brian flushing his phone, talk about crappy service ;) great chapter again Lore!

Author's Response:

I hope Howie is dead, they reported it on the news. Can you imagine how awkward that would be if he came back to life now?  You and Steph and the guy callng to pinpoint... can't he just be interested in getting to know Izzy better??  Geesh...  Yeah the phone in the toilet, totally a panic moment for him but I'm glad it was humorous too. :)  Thanks for the review Tracy.

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/08/12 07:13 pm Title: Chapter 27

I wonder what's causing Izzy to heal faster, but not Brian? I don't trust Greg either, I'm thinking he maybe called to track her phone. But I'm glad the pastor managed to sort a way out for them now that they're fugitives. 

Author's Response:

Hrm, good question, why does Izzy heal faster?  Hrm I think I know the answer to that one ;)  lol.  what why don't you trust a guy she was set up with?  LOL.... we shall see what happens next. Thanks for the review Steph.