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Reviewer: ArynjaT Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/09/14 06:01 pm Title: The Frick and the Frack

Nice but short story. I like the way you wrote it, pretty realistic, that's how friendships go, someday they just stop. I never had a friendship that lasted... even if I thought somebody was my best friend. I love the way you portrayed the emotions too.

Too bad this has only one chapter I would have liked to continue reading it on the other hand tho the story in its shortness is good just the way it is.

Author's Response: Thanks! This one was only meant to be a one shot. I don't remember if I had written it as a challenge story or not. Yes! Sometimes good friendships just kind of fade away. It's sad but a part of life I guess. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Reviewer: Alexsgirl_ritz Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/07/14 02:32 pm Title: The Frick and the Frack

Another story I have read and reviewed, but now I have different reaction. The Nick-Brian-Leighanne story is much better in Let me Set the scene. And if before I was happy that Nick made Brian feel what it feels like to be rejected, not anymore. Poor Brian. But I still think no matter what, deep inside they know they are friends. 😄

Author's Response: I actually don't remember this one. I might have to go & reread it. Thanks, Ritz!

Reviewer: JordansLady Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/20/13 08:21 pm Title: The Frick and the Frack

great short ..made me kinda sad because they arent as close ..

Author's Response:

Me too although it looks like they seem to be rekindling a little bit of that Frick and Frackness at least from the interviews and pictures I've been seeing. Thanks for reading!! :O)

Reviewer: Rose Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/04/13 11:36 am Title: The Frick and the Frack

Awwwww this was sweet. I miss you writing fanfic! Come baaaaaack! lol. But seriously, I like how for once it's Brian missing Nick instead of the opposite which a lot of people focus on without really looking at Brian. And I kinda like (even though it's sad) that Nick's kinda casual about it the way Brian used to be to him.

Author's Response:

Thanks! I was originally going to write as Nick but for some reason it was Brian that was talking to me, since it was such a rare thing, I went with it. Thanks for reading! :O)

Reviewer: balance Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/29/13 03:20 am Title: The Frick and the Frack


Wonderful short story.  I loved the ending....really quite appropriate!  I kinda miss the Frick and Frack days; but, I also miss the hero worship Aaron had for Nick.  But people get older and new priorities emerge....but, man, I would love to know what really happened.  But really, you know me....I'm a Nick and Kevin girl....that relationship has always been more interesting to me.

Once again Mare, great job!  You haven't lost your touch.

Pammy Whammy

Author's Response:

Hey Pammy,

Sorry i'm responding so late. For some reason I didn't recieve a notification for your review and just saw it now. I miss those innocent days too. I don't like that they are all grown up lol You know i'm a Nick and Kevin girl too but now i'm also leaning towards Nick and Howie these days as well. Thanks for the review and for saying I haven't lost my touch. I felt like I had a little. :O)

Reviewer: Alexsgirl_ritz Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/28/13 09:47 am Title: The Frick and the Frack

Hey, Mare! Nope, I haven't got our internet back but I am in the office and sneak out some time to read this. :)

It seems like sometimes you really know the boys personally. lol I bet Brian misses the friendship he once had with Nick, but he also know that Nick is in a happy place now. He is different, but I guess he changed for the better. I like the ending, Nick made Brian feel how he used to feel back then, when Leighanne was his first priority.

Great job, Mare. And I hope to see more of you on the most recent page. :)

Author's Response:

Yup, tried to do the turning of the tables with Nick and Brian. Thanks for the compliment, I wish I did know them personally although maybe not. lol sometimes love is best from afar. Thanks taking the time to review, Ritz! :O)

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/27/13 08:10 pm Title: The Frick and the Frack

Sat down with a nice hot chocolate to read this, and it was perfect!  I really enjoyed that story, even though it made me a little sad that Brian missed the friendship he once had with Nick.  

So good to see a story from you, I miss your stories :)

Author's Response:

I'm drinking a hot chocolate too! Thanks for reading, Steph! :O)

Reviewer: LenniluvsBrian Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/27/13 03:12 am Title: The Frick and the Frack

Oh, Brian. I'm sure Nick misses it just as much as you do.



Author's Response:

Aww I hope so and this was a one shot so, no more updates! but thanks for the review, Lenni! :O)

Reviewer: RokofAges75 Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/27/13 03:11 am Title: The Frick and the Frack

Aww! :( This story made me really miss the Frick and Frack friendship too! Not that they aren't still friends, but it has definitely changed. I love that you wrote this from Brian's point of view and made him a sympathetic character, since I know you're not big on writing Brian. I'm glad you came up with an idea in time to write another birthday story! :)

Author's Response:

I was surprised when I started to write as Brian. Originally it was going to be Nick but Brian wouldn't shut up lol Thanks, Julie!

Reviewer: JennayHeartsNick Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/27/13 01:44 am Title: The Frick and the Frack

Really good story reminded me of the song Cat's In The Cradle.  Brian is now getting a taste of what Nick went thru all those years ago.  I really enjoyed this :)

These days I feel that Nick and Howie are the new Frick and Frack..they seem to have somewhat of the friendship Nick and Brian did back in the day.  It does make me kinda sad that their friendship doesn't even seem close to what it once was.  But people grow up and change I guess.

Author's Response:

Yeah, this very much turned out to be a Brian getting a taste of his own medicine type story. I also agree with you about Nick and Howie. They seem to have a great relationship these days. I have never really been that big of a fan of the Frick and Frack thing. I always preferred Nick and Kevin honestly, but it does make me sad that a relationship that seemed so close at one time seems completely gone now. We don't really know what's going on between them but I'd love to find out one day. Thanks for the review, Jennay! :)

Reviewer: DelphinaCarter Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/27/13 12:55 am Title: The Frick and the Frack

:( the ending made me cry. Damn it. I sometimes think this really is how they feel, because their relationship is kinda absent. I think Nick does miss that but like the story says, he's different now. I think you're onto something with this short cause I'd love someone to write about these two in the present. I love me some frick and frack. Great job Mare.

Author's Response:

Thanks, Tracy. It's funny because when I started it, I didn't mean for it to end up the way it did but whilst doing my Nick channeling, I felt like this would be the more realistic ending which kind of made me sad too. :O( I didn't want to go all emo lol Thanks for the comments! I agree, it would be interesting to read about that friendship and how it is nowadays.