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Reviewer: Loussine Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/29/16 09:20 pm Title: 1. My Love

Can't wait for chapter 32 ! :)

Author's Response: lemme go ahead and update then XD

Reviewer: Brians_Fan Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/04/15 08:40 pm Title: 1. My Love

Wow not was expecting that. That only wasn't hard to read but heartbreaking like others said. Nick sitting cradling g Brian I his arms rocking hi back and forth saying he's sorry, I had tears running downmy face. The thought of Howie punching Brian in the chest to get him brating again oh my gosh. Nick arguing with the paremetics to let them help him and save him tears. Then the last brains body jumping c a use they shocked him the others watching it all had me in tears outstanding story and writer can't wait to see where it goes from here. I am betting all this will bring the closer together then ever.

Author's Response: Glad I was able to keep it a surprise. I must admit I was nearly crying as well when I wrote it; there's just something about picturing the whole thing that kinda gets to you. It's good to know it's fiction.

Reviewer: GrunAugen Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/04/15 07:19 am Title: 18. The Liar

Wow, the foreshadowing is really getting to me! But I have to suspect some kind of medication use at least, which only lasts so long and would leave Brian drained again afterwards. But it would make sense that he wants to show a high level of energy if he's worried about being not needed, whereas it was good to see that AJ realizes that they just need Brian to be there and do his part. It's interesting that all of the guys have at different times noticed these moments of weakness or stumbling but have yet to do anything, which I guess is the point of this chapter. Anyway, overanalysis again. ;) Really anticipating the next installment!

Reviewer: GrunAugen Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/04/15 07:08 am Title: 17 The Conqueror

This chapter is so intriguing.. is it therefore bad that something good happened in a 'bad' chapter? Does this mean that some ominous event did occur and we're just not privy to it? Makes me wonder what's coming up next. Definitely enjoyed this side of the performance, though. Keep up the great work!

Reviewer: GrunAugen Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/04/15 07:05 am Title: 16. My Chances

I'm glad that you continued this flashback a little further... I think it was key to showing how regaining his voice just a little gave Brian that ray of hope he didn't have before and how his demeanour and attitude towards his voice turned a complete 180. I loved the scene with the mirror where he's so surprised that he almost can't feel how happy he is, only register the emotions shown to him by his reflection. It was also a good chapter for showing the human facets of all characters involved, both good and bad. I hope there are more pancakes in the future!

Reviewer: mandelyn78753 Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/03/15 04:36 pm Title: 18. The Liar

Gasp! You and the cliffhangers! I'm dying with anticipation. The build up is great. What's the inevitable? What happens to Brian?

Author's Response: oh brace yourself, because it'll get really bad, really fast.

Reviewer: mandelyn78753 Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/02/15 11:54 pm Title: 17 The Conqueror

The suspense! I'm on a rollercoaster for sure. I wonder if Brian feels the same way? And he's afraid of heights!

I'm glad you made story Brian stick it out. As you are the author, you can do whatever you want to the guys LOL.

There's a downfall coming. Of course happy times cannot last. The other foot must drop. Looking forward to it.

This will have a happy ending right? Hehe

Reviewer: LenniluvsBrian Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/02/15 05:49 pm Title: 17 The Conqueror

Just read this whole thing and can't wait for more! Brian better not quit! I feel for him, but BSB without Brian!?!?! That's just insane! The man can just stand there smiling and waving for all I care! Singing and dancing is the icing on a cake! It's bonus. I'm just happy to see him and enjoy his humorous antics.



Author's Response: haha, exactly! I was quite shocked to find out he did think about quitting at one point. Glad you enjoy the story :)

Reviewer: mandelyn78753 Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/01/15 02:47 am Title: 16. My Chances

Now I am wondering, if the coldness is due to the weight loss/mal-nourishment. An underlying illness perhaps.

I can see the litrells eating a lot of pancakes haha. Random thought! I recently saw a tweet from Leighanne about birthday pancakes for Baylee. But who can blame them? Yum!

So if things are looking up... Soon, Brian shall fall on his face? I know, I will find out soon.

Reviewer: GrunAugen Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/30/15 10:17 pm Title: 15. The Bottom

I liked the rawness of this chapter, even though it's kind of in a macabre way. At first I couldn't see the connection to the previous one, since it's clearly a flashback, but this is clearly what came to Brian's mind when Nick thanked him in the previous installment for not giving up. ;) I hope the flashbacks can become linked segments as well, so that we get a more cohesive idea of two or more time frames as the story develops. Great writing, as usual, and I'm looking forward to the next part!

Author's Response: It's not necessarily a flashback, as it was meant to be set after the previous chapter :) But I can see how it can be confusing. It's just that the whole improvement and decrease of his voice seem to be so random if you picture it in an extended amount of time. There are months where he's on top of his game, then the next month it's back where it started, or even worse. At this point in the story, Nick and the others know nothing about the whole quitting thing ;)

Reviewer: mamogirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/30/15 07:24 pm Title: 15. The Bottom

Oh, so it's something that will happen in the future? My confusion was simply because of the time, 'cause last chapter was set during the European leg (and I guess the second one, since Nick is already married) and this is way after. :D

"You're the reason why cavemen drew on the walls..." That's all I'm going to say. lol You can have perfect lead voice but if you sing those songs when you're 35/40, no one is going to take you seriously. So, Nick, back away from next album. XD just sing. XD

Author's Response: Well the timeline isn't that far off. The previous chapter was indeed during the European leg, around May/June, and the current chapter is set in August, I suppose. And yeah, some of Nick's lines are like... what the hell? It feels a bit like filling the rhyme every now and then. (not that Brian does it all that much better, but I digress)

Reviewer: mamogirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/30/15 06:40 pm Title: 15. The Bottom

This chapter is hard, and not only because I can't imagine a world where Brian isn't part of the group. He's the heart of it and I totally believe that this has really been the worst and most terrifying moment.
And not just for Brian.
I seriously wanted to give a hug to Leighanne: one of the hardest thing is watching your loved one sinking so low and knowing that he's the only one who can help himself up; the hardest thing is watching someone you love becoming a ghost (those dead eyes will always haunt and scare me to the core.)
I wonder if you're going to show the Boys's reaction. Plus I'm still confused about that part, in the previous chapter, with Nick demanding to see Brian (I guess he was in hospital?).

And yes, I do hope those songs will ever see the light in the next album. (Please, I'm begging... No more Nick's writing.) i do think that Brian has wrote tons of songs, though I doubt we'll ever see the darkest. Because it's not Brian's style.

Author's Response: Yep, flash forwards are usually meant to be very confusing.^^ But we'll get there eventually. I agree that this must have been a horrible period, and it's probably a good thing that there were no public appearances during that time (though I guess that they would have been cancelled if there were). I do think Nick's songwriting got better over the years, but to me, it's still a little too childish, if that makes sense...

Reviewer: mandelyn78753 Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/29/15 08:35 pm Title: 15. The Bottom

I'm glad she saved the songs. Just wanted to mention that before I forgot. I'm hoping these songs will come back around later in the story.

I feel for all of the parties involved. So many lives would be affected by Brian's decision to quit. I hope he did not send the "I quit" email. I have a twinge of hope that he did not.

Oh, and teenagers, yikes. What an awkward stage, but we all gotta go through it! The eye rolls. Whenever I rolled my eyes at my mom, she would ask me, is something wrong with your eyes. How about I fix them with my fists, LOL. I can't hear Leighanne saying that to Baylee, but I would find it highly amusing.

Thanks for the update!

Reviewer: GrunAugen Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/29/15 07:32 pm Title: 14. The Friend

I have to say that I really liked this chapter but found it (or the end of it) weirder than the last one. But I guess that was the idea--the mystery of what Brian is doing in the bathroom. Vocal exercises? The medication (or whatever the pills are) and the strange smell issue are getting to me. Please update! Although I'm sure it will just get more convoluted and mysterious before you let us in on what's really going on.
Really appreciated the Frick'n Frack hug at the end, though! :)

Author's Response: I do have a tendency to drag stuff out. And yes, the weirdness at the end was totally intentional.

Reviewer: GrunAugen Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/29/15 04:54 am Title: 13. My Failure

Wow, I can totally see this happening, especially with the hints earlier and the downward spiral Brian seems to be on. At the same time, it's almost a let-down as far as its impact goes--Howie is shocked, but then sits downs and tries to reason with Brian (which I think is spot-on). I think Brian benefits momentarily from knowing that the bandmate who might be the least close to him doesn't want him to quit. But at the end, we see that only a couple things have really gotten through to him, despite Howie's concern.
I hope he gets that hand looked at...
On to the next chapter I go. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback ^^ I really needed to pick someone who would be able to stay calm when Brian obviously wasn't. Howie is the man for that, in my opinion. At this stage it's almost impossible to get through to him, I'm afraid.