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Reviewer: Dinkykt Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/19/14 08:09 pm Title: Chapter 200

I really loved reading this story!! It provoked all kind of emotions and I'm so happy that the ending was perfect, how it should be.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to review! I'm glad you liked the story! :)

Reviewer: Mare Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/12/13 09:35 am Title: Chapter 196

Wow, first you chop his leg off and then you make the boy go through a car crash? lmao This chapter had a lot of action in it and great descriptions as always. It was nice running into Clare again. I can understand why this is your favorite chapter.

Author's Response: LOL I'm awful, I know. But the fact that his leg had been chopped up is actually what saved him here, because if not for the removable leg, he would have been pinned in the car. That is how I justified this in my mind LOL. Completely over the top, but I do love this chapter just for that reason. Thanks for reading and reviewing it, Mare!

Reviewer: Mare Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/11/13 02:26 pm Title: Chapter 94

LOL cute chapter. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Nick on April Fool's Day!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'd almost forgotten about this chapter until I started trying to think of bromantic scenes I'd written with just the guys. It was fun to reread it. Nick on April Fool's Day sounds dangerous indeed!

Reviewer: JennayHeartsNick Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/15/13 08:24 pm Title: Chapter 1 I sit..AGAIN, with tears freely flowing down my cheeks at the end of this story.  Not much new has cropped up on AC for a while so I've been reading a lot of older stories just for something to read.  So, you know me, I HAVE to re-read these stories.  This has to be about the 4th or 5th time thru both of these stories and I cry EVERY time.  I looked and the last time I reviewed this story was almost 3 years  And just like it was 5 years ago, I'm still incredibly moved and enthusiastic about these stories.  I've always told you they were my favorites..well, nothing has changed.  They still are and I'm sure, at this point, they ALWAYS will be..and I'm sure they will be read again by me at some point.  

So many good memories always crop up when I read these stories.  I always go back to the DS messageboard and read thru the BMS threads and just relive some of those memories and it always puts a big smile on my face.  I got to know you thru those and Dew as well.  I'll always be grateful to you for these stories just for that fact alone.  But I had to write a review just felt right to do it again altho you already knew I was re-reading them thru Twitter.  But again, you've reduced me to tears with a bright, shiny smile on my face because of this story.  As always, thanka again, for the time you took to write these beautiful stories.  And I've loved the updates to Footprints and the anniversary stories that accompanied them.  Seems I'll NEVER get enough of Nick and Claire.  Much love...


Author's Response: Jen, you are seriously the best reader ever! I love that you took the time to leave a review like this, even though you've done so before and told me over Twitter that you were reading this again. Just like these stories never seem to get old for you, it never gets old for me to hear people say they love them. I'm sure you know that, or you wouldn't have bothered to review! I'm glad they still hold up 5+ years later. I look back on these stories and cringe at some of the things that were cheesy and over-the-top, but I have such good memories about writing them and about the people I met through them that they will always be special to me in a way that most other stories aren't. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all the Broken love you've showered me with over the years!!! :)

Reviewer: DKNC Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/03/11 01:09 am Title: Chapter 1

I just wanted to drop a quick line telling you that there still is someone out there who reads Broken and BMS. I started on monday this week and now I'm at the end of BMS. I just couldn't stop reading anymore. As always.
I can't even start to tell you how amazing this story is... I feel like crying now that I'm at the end, because there is nothing left to read. A feeling, that I always get when I'm done reading BMS.
This whole story (that includes Broken) is just so beautiful, so realistic. No matter how many times I've read it (a lot of times), I still really feel for all the characters. I laugh with them. I cry with them. I care about them (except for Jamie). That is how I know that you have written the perfect story for me. A masterpiece. Something, that I want to read (and WILL read) over and over again, and never gets old.

I wish you all the best, your work is amazing. You(!) are amazing!
Take care,

Author's Response: Miranda, thank you so much for this review!!! It was such a nice surprise to get a review like this for an older story. I'm thrilled to hear that you still enjoy rereading these stories. Writing them was an amazing journey, and they will always have a special place in my heart, so feedback on them still means a lot to me. I can't thank you enough! :)

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/30/11 10:42 am Title: Chapter 28

I'm still reading! It's been a little while though.

I'm so glad the antibiotics seem to be working, and I hope it isn't too long until he's able to put his leg back on and walk without crutches or a walker. Had to laugh at Howie's Forest Gump impression, poor Nick seeing himself as Lt Dan though, so true.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! Good to know you're still plugging through this thing. :) LOL the Forrest Gump stuff cracked me up too as I was writing it; glad you enjoyed! Thanks for reading and taking a minute to review; I appreciate it! It's such a nice surprise to get a review for an older story like this!

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/05/10 01:09 pm Title: Chapter 24

I really don't like the sound of drunken Jamie, what an arsehole! And his friends too, I don't like them either. I have no idea what frat boys are, but they don't sound like the kind of guys you'd want to date.

I hope Laureen gets to her before something happens.

Author's Response: Definitely an arsehole! Frat boys = guys in a fraternity... I don't know if you have something like this in the UK or not, but fraternities (or sororities are the female equivalent) are like organizations on college campuses that students pledge to join; they usually have houses that members live in together. It's like a status thing. They do "charity work," but they also do a lot of drinking and partying and hazing of new members. It's like a stereotypical thing you'd see in American college movies, like Old School, Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, if you've seen any of those. I based Jamie on a guy I went to college with, ex-boyfriend of my roommate. I had kind of a crush on him at first, but he proved himself to be kind of a douchebag... charming, but douchey. Thanks for the review, Steph!

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/04/10 12:57 pm Title: Chapter 23

Hope it can just be cleared up with some antibiotics!

Author's Response: Another review I missed... thanks again! :)

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/04/10 12:15 pm Title: Chapter 22

I have a bad feeling about his blister :( I hope I'm wrong though.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Steph! I dunno of these emails went to my spam folder or what, but I'm just now seeing the most recent reviews you left - sorry for missing them before! I think the grossest thing I ever researched for these two stories was for the upcoming chapters, with the blister! LOL

Reviewer: FrickFrackGirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/01/10 12:13 am Title: Post-Epilogue

I had to tell you about this.  I am printing this story off 2-3 chapters at a time and taking it with me as I donate plasma to give me something to read as I donate.  I am now on chapter 70, where Claire dumps Nick with the note on the stairs.  I'm laying there, needle stuck in my arm, and I'm so wrapped up in the story, I actually forgot where I was.  I felt like I was on the outside looking in, watching Claire do what she did and watched Nick walk in and find the note.  It was so damn surreal!  Next thing I know, I look at the bottle that I have to fill with plasma and I'm done.  It was sooooo weird!  I don't think ANY story will ever take the place of Broken/BMS as my favorite....these stories are so special to me as I know they are to you, and hold a lot of good memories for me. 

I just wanted to let you know that..:)

Author's Response: Awww!! Thank you, Jen; that just made my night! I saw the review for BMS and was like, WTF? Who's reviewing that? LOL It's not like I get new reviews for this one very often anymore. That is really cool, and flattering!! I'm impressed you've actually printed out 70 chapters of it so far!! Are you saving all that paper somewhere? LOL I printed out Broken, just to see what it would look like, and it filled the biggest binder I could find; it's HUGE. I haven't dared to print BMS LOL. Anyway... it means a lot to me that you still love the story enough to use up all that paper on and take with you when you go to donate plasma, and that it could still suck you in that much. That's a huge compliment - thank you!!! Those two stories will always be special to me too, not only because I enjoyed writing them, but because of the amazing reaction from people like you who loved them - as a writer, I couldn't ask for anything more than that! Thanks again!! :)

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/16/10 12:15 pm Title: Chapter 16

Now that was lovely! I love a nice bit of romance :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Me too. :) This one is a lot more of a romance than Broken was - still with plenty of drama, though, of course! Thanks for the reviews, Steph! :)

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/16/10 11:24 am Title: Chapter 14

He can be an arse sometimes!

Author's Response: Yes... yes, he can... LOL

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/16/10 10:25 am Title: Chapter 12

I hate flying too, especially landing!

I can imagine some weird fans would put that on Ebay, lol. There are some crazies out there!

Author's Response: LMAO I once saw a used Kleenex of Nick's on Ebay, so yep, I bet they would! LOL thanks, Steph!

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/09/10 11:28 am Title: Chapter 6

Got to love AJ's advice!

Yeah, I have to agree with Claire again, I don't usually like blondes either but make an exception for Nick :)

Author's Response: Aww... I'm the same way. :)

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/09/10 10:20 am Title: Chapter 3

Poor Nick, his self confidence is so low, but I know Claire understands. Hopefully he'll overcome it.

On a brighter note, I completely agree with Claire about Keanu, he is yummy, especially in Speed and Point Break ;)

Author's Response: Ditto - I heart Keanu in Speed! Thanks for the review!