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Reviewer: Mare Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/31/14 07:57 pm Title: Chapter 20: Vegas, Baby

Wow, okay. I admit this chapter had me a little confused at points. Kudos to you. Its hard to write as someone being someone staring at themselves as someone else. Writing that kind of dialogue and action is tricky. I was just a bit confused as to who was killed. Was it not Nick but a stagehand who had the magical powers? I'm glad Lene had that memory so this way she was able to see first hand how sketchy Gunther really is. Of course this happened in Vegas lol seems like a logical choice. I'm so happy you managed to squeak another chapter in. I'm looking forward to seeing how the whole thing plays out!

Reviewer: Mare Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/26/14 08:52 am Title: Chapter 19: Puzzle Pieces

And now I'm all caught up! This was a great chapter. I loved finding out more about Lene's past and how her parents died. I also enjoyed this newest power- being able to unlock small memories. So clever!

This story reads like a great OF Chrissy. Once again I've been sucked into one of your worlds where Backstreet is a non existent element and Nick is barely Nick and its female centric. I swear you are my only exception to my rule when it comes to reading these types of stories because you are an exceptional writer! Please don't take too long to update and finish this because I know you have a ton of people who love this story but are probably waiting until its complete to actually continue reading. Super job!

Author's Response: Thanks for all your support, Mare! I guess that's the best kind of compliment, that people who wouldn't normally read this genre enjoy it, as well. Now that I'm back in the swing of writing and the end is in sight, I look forward to completing ONH!

Reviewer: Julilly Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/25/14 06:22 pm Title: Chapter 2: Friends, Strangers

Hmm, a twist! What's the deal with the baby?

Author's Response: What's the deal indeed! Will we ever find out? ;)

Reviewer: Julilly Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/25/14 06:21 pm Title: Chapter 1: To Be Dead

I loved the gnome, and also the added touch of Nick not recognizing himself in the mirror.
This is definitely an interesting place he's stuck in.

Author's Response: And it's only going to get weirder ;)

Reviewer: Julilly Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/25/14 06:20 pm Title: Prologue: In Which Nick Sleeps

I don't know why I've never read this story but, based on the comments in the featured thread on the forum, I think I'm missing out! Going to power read my way through but I'll do my best to leave plenty of feedback :)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, you're reading! How exciting! :3 Knowing that everyone's looking at it again, I feel super motivated to finish now~

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/07/13 10:09 pm Title: Chapter 17: The Chase

Well I'm glad Lene destroyed that guitar and Nick came to his senses again!

Wonder what'll happen when they get to the castle, will Lene have another major growth spurt?

Naughty dreams eh? Bet he can't wait to get back to the real world and relieve those urges on those fake women, lol.

So happy to see a new update so soon :)

Author's Response:

Your comment about fake women made me chuckle. :) The next chapter holds a lot of surprises, so hopefully you'll have some answers soon!

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/07/13 01:17 pm Title: Chapter 16: Oblivion

Was so good to see this updated after so long!  I hope you won't keep up waiting too long for the next part :)

I was hoping Nick wouldn't get back before Lene had a chance to destroy that guitar.  He's going to end up losing it all if he carries on playing it like that, and then they'll be stuck!  Hopefully she'll be able to come up with another plan soon.

Author's Response:

Thanks for reviewing! I honestly had no idea if anyone was still reading since I've been so flaky on updating. I'm about 75% done with the next chapter already :3I can't wait to post it for you.

Reviewer: RokofAges75 Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/03/11 07:14 pm Title: Chapter 15: Light and Dark

Wow... I'll be totally honest; although I was really excited to see this story updated, I actually was going to hold off on reading for awhile, until you got back to updating more regularly, because this story is so complex, I find myself losing track of what's happening in it when so much time passes between updates. At some point, I need to go back to the beginning and reread the whole thing to get that continuity back. Anyway, I still had the update email in my inbox and finally gave in to temptation and came here to read, and I saw your author's note. Now I feel like an ass for not reading sooner, but thanks for the dedication! I'm happy I could help you get your inspiration back for this story! :) It really is such an interesting, well-written story, and even though I don't read much fantasy, I find this one intriguing. I still love Nick and Lena's relationship; she is such a cool character! I hope you can get back to more regular updates and finish this thing eventually. Keep up the great work! :)

Author's Response: I realized that I had this review sitting around without a reply! Just wanted to let you know that I'm finally getting around to wrapping up the story, so I hope you'll come back and see how it ends ;)

Reviewer: ForeverRebel Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/01/11 09:07 am Title: Chapter 15: Light and Dark

Ahhhh! I was so excited when I saw the e-mail alert for this story! I haven't had a computer since the beginning of February, I just now got a new one tonight otherwise I would've seen it a long time ago and reviewed. I enjoyed this chapter very much. I can understand why Lene wouldn't want to lose Nick, I would want to hold onto him too if I were her. But I've gotta feeling he's not going to be too happy with her when he figures out what she's doing haha. Update soon please!

Author's Response: Sorry for the late late late reply to this review! >_< I just wanted to let you know that I'm finally getting around to wrapping up the story, so I hope you'll come back and see how it ends~

Reviewer: Carter-Orange Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/03/11 12:24 pm Title: Chapter 15: Light and Dark

Yay, I can't tell you how excited I was to see an email alert telling me this had been updated!! So good to see another chapter :)

Really enjoyed it, it's so imaginative. I don't like the sound of that fog which makes time go quicker, I wonder what'll happen next on their journey.

Author's Response: Sorry for not replying to this review sooner. I'm, like, criminally late! >_< I'm finally getting around to wrapping up the story, so I hope you'll come back and see how it ends~

Reviewer: kevmylove Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/03/11 06:42 am Title: Chapter 15: Light and Dark

Wooohooo!! I'm first to review! I loved this chapter, it's so vivid. So, poor Lene is going to direct Nick the wrong way...uh oh...I see trouble. I understand her though, I wouldn't want to let go of Nick either. Glad you are back Christine!

Author's Response:

Yay, thank you for reviewing! I was a little worried that maybe people didn't like the chapter because I hadn't heard anything yet. I'm really excited about getting back into this story again. I think I have one more rough chapter to write before I get to some (exciting!) material that I'd already pre-written, so that's something to look forward to =3

Reviewer: kevmylove Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/24/11 06:06 pm Title: Prologue: In Which Nick Sleeps

Hey Christine!

Just stopping by to say "Hi" and ask if there is any chance on an update on this one. I love it and miss it. I can't believe my last review was about a year and a half ago. Take care!

Author's Response:

You're in luck! I just wrapped up a big story arc in my other fic, so now I'm going to focus on On Nightingale Hill for a bit. :D  Expect an update within the next two weeks!

Reviewer: ForeverRebel Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/22/09 06:01 am Title: Chapter 14: Apple Pie

*Nudge Nudge Poke Poke* =D

Author's Response: I'll be honest and admit that there has been no progress T_T  But the second I start on the next chapter, I promise you will be the first one to know.  I'll drop you a line or something~ ♥

Reviewer: kevmylove Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/14/09 08:06 am Title: Chapter 14: Apple Pie

So freakin creative...a swallowing apple tree! lol!! Hell, I would have been freaked out, in full darkness...I'm afraid of the dark. I could totally see the cave though and the creepy roots. Great chapter thanks for the dedication Christine. Oh and UPDATE LIKE NOW!!!!

Author's Response: I'm happy it came across as creepy as I was hoping it would! =D  I promise to update as soon as Nick tells me where he just landed himself, hehe~

Reviewer: kevmylove Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/14/09 07:46 am Title: Chapter 13: Shards of Porcelain

Awesome...they found out Lene has more powers...and so does Nick.

Author's Response: Yay, you're getting all caught up! ♥