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Reviewer: Ashley Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 08/12/08 01:37 am Title: Chapter Five: Really Seeing AJ

Ohhh now I get why they were talking like, not two guys a few pages ago, i get it now :)

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 06/13/08 12:51 am Title: Chapter Five: Really Seeing AJ

i like how nick doesnt jump to conslusions and say he loves him right off but he also doesnt say he cant ever love him which is good to let people know and i like how nick finally lets him knows hes awake and aj doesnt try and take back what he says

Reviewer: alota_cookin Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/12/08 01:39 am Title: Chapter Five: Really Seeing AJ

I am so happy to hear/read you say that you make slash more emotional than physical because I don't know if I can handle any Nick and AJ NC-17 scenes! lmao. I can deal with some kissing or know...that kind of stuff but the graphic stuff *shudders*

I think that AJ should like, go to visit Nick or something and walk in on her beating up Nick. and then AJ can go ballistic and rip her off Nick, then call the cops on her. You know, then AJ is standing up and showing his protectiveness over Nick PLUS Nick wouldn't be forced to call it off and make her mad.

but then, there is the concept of her putting him in the hospital or something, then she would go to jail and AJ would be all like sleeping at Nick's bedside and whatnot.

okay, I'm shutting up now. but seriously. get to working that but of your off again because I'm ready for another update *draggs Nick into the room* Okay, Nick. Get to kissing her so she'll update. *Nick does as he's told and I stand there grinning widely*

Author's Response: yea, i'm not into that even if it's striaght.there's a few reasons i wirte slash but, i'm not gonna share them on here because people might not read my stuff if they know.rnrnthat's a GREAT idea!I LOVE IT!ohmygod, it's perfect! i knew i liked you!!okay, i can't update now because i need to get up easrly tommarow and if i start writing i can't stop.rnrnNICK CARTER KISS ME??!!that would be my childhood dream come true!i'd like, pass out!

Reviewer: alota_cookin Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/12/08 12:44 am Title: Chapter Five: Really Seeing AJ

that's it? *sigh* I'm expecting another update soon, missy lou. lol. I'm not usually a slash reader (unless it's a short written for a challenge) but I am giving this one a shot because the way you brought it to the table...with Nick being abused and all...caught my eye.

You are also showing the tender loving side of AJ which I completely ADORE! So, is Nick going to tell AJ that he was awake the first night? Hmmm. What will Nick do about the chick? Will AJ and Nick end up...together?

It still weirds me out to think of them macking on each other. *shivers* but I think the story is fairly well written, so far. *wink*

Author's Response: that's it??!! i worked my butt off for that, lol.i love showing AJ as a total softy!i try to show my slash as more emotional than physical.but that's just how that scene played out for Jenna...i can't tell you what's in store for her just yet.together?idk..geuss you'll just have to keep reading.