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Reviewer: Ruby Maye Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/23/08 06:10 pm Title: Spirit from the Past

that was so creepy! that was good! i'm home alone right now and i was seriously getting scared as i was reading. haha. and that's why i would NEVER play with a ouija board.

Author's Response: lmao...I got a lil scared writing it...and especially researching for it. lol. Thanks so much! I'm glad that you liked it.

Reviewer: MonkeyAbu Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/23/08 02:31 am Title: Spirit from the Past

Well, holy shit damn! Loved it! Makes me want to use a ouija board even more now. Although I'm more adventurous (or maybe you could call it stupidity) because I've been wanting to find one and take it into the cemetary to use it. That's just me though. I suppose I'm not too bright sometimes. LoL. Good job on this! Makes me want to write a second challenge response, cemetary style. LoL [Ashley]

Author's Response: lol....while doing a lil research, they said to NEVER go into a cemetary. Although it would make it more...scary-fun. hehe. Thanks so much though *huggies* I'm glad I did alright on this one. :) You da best! *squishies*

Reviewer: Mare Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/23/08 01:19 am Title: Spirit from the Past

Aww that was comepltely awesome! Don't sell yourself short. If I didn't know you usually didn't write in this genre I wouldn't have believed you. Great idea with the Ouija board. Those things are the creepiest things ever! Well done!

Author's Response: Awww...thank you Mare *hugs* My friends and  played with one ONCE when we were like, 13...and it creeped us all the hell out. The spirit name was apparently HAL...and when we went back into my friends room, HAL had been carved into her wall above her bed...and we had all just been in there not 30 minutes before and had all been together all night. I have no idea if it was real or not....but I never risked it again after. lmao. I remember the friend whose room it was sreamed and started to hyperventalate. Anywho...thanks again. :)