Incomparable Love by bsbfanatic86


She's a 19 year old prostitute.

He's a 28 year old prideful millionaire.

Can their love survive the gossip, his family's opposition, the social differences and most importantly....Themselves?





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Hello everyone. So after reading many fanfics I felt compelled to give it a shot and write one up myself. This is the very first story I have ever written, so I'm not really sure  how good it's going to please be 

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Chapter 1 by bsbfanatic86
Author's Notes:




Chapter 1


   Midnight had slowly arrived just like it did every single day. Ever day was the same, days that were hard to change because that was reality…crude and yet fresh. It invaded every second of her life. A putrid and repulsive life filled with sins and frustrations. A life she didn’t wish even upon her worst enemy.

Cars came and went just like they did every night. Cars with men in search of company…some single others married and looking elsewhere for what their wives couldn’t or wouldn’t give them. Hideous and handsome men, robust and thin, tall and short and of all kinds of sizes, taste and odors. Odors that clung to the skin tormenting her conscience, reminding her of hands that touched, lips that kissed sucked and nibbled, stiff members thrusting in and out with no contemplation.

Night after night she felt dirty after some high class lady’s “perfect husband” abandoned her bedside leaving behind a few bucks as payment for her services. In the process and although they didn’t know it, the shame was also left floating in the atmosphere of the decadent and frustrated solitude of a prostitute.

Chloe softly took in the air permeated with moisture by the rain. The smell of wet asphalt seduced her senses transporting her for a few seconds somewhere outside of that hellhole. She slowly opened her eyes and plastered on a fake smile for one of the women stationing herself in the parallel corner.

The woman was a tall blonde with waist length hair. Red pumps, blue leggings and a red sequined corset was the chosen attire for this 40 year old “lady”. She was somewhat old, but this did prevent the men from “purchasing” her services and in that precise moment an old Chevy stopped in front of the woman. Seconds later the woman hopped inside and soon after the old pick-up truck was out of sight. It was going to be a long night. It had been raining and those turned out to be the slowest of days. If she wasn’t able to find customers on the street, chances were she would have to move to some nearby bar or if all else fails to “Fantasy Island” (a brothel) and pick something up to meet her daily quota.

Chloe ran her hands through her barely shoulder lengthed burgundy wig. She felt tired, weak and dirty. She tightly clutched the sequin bag in her left hand as tears, driven by the intense pain that emanated from every pore of her body, forced their way out of her eyes. But like every time she felt like crying, she didn’t. Chloe took a deep breath and allowed for everything to get stored deep down in her soul where it would no longer hurt her.

Two cars drove by, one of them calling out her attention. It was ocean blue and as it stopped right in front of her the tinted window slowly rolled down and a dirty blonde head with glasses popped out with a radiant smile….. 


----------: How much do you charge pretty lady?

Chloe: $50.00, plus whatever tip you want to leave me sweetheart.

---------: Well then hop right in.

Chloe hesitated; these were the times in which fear would take over her thoughts. She has no clue as to who this man was, he could be a twisted psycho who could hurt her but in her field of work there were no other options. She had to live from day to day without worrying about tomorrow.

She gave the man a fake smile which could easily pass off as sincere, rounded the car and jumped in to the passenger seat admiring the interior like she always did. It was all about becoming accustomed and for her that was more than the case. Night in and night out it was the same thing, perfect monologues rehearsed every single day she was out to “work”.

----------: What’s your name?

Chloe: (looking suspiciously at the man) Nicole, what’s yours?

----------: Aaron.

Chloe: Nice name.

Aaron: Thanks.

Great, now to wait a few moments to make comment on the weather, followed by a discussion of the location they’d head off to, small talk about what he liked and finally the “delivery”. Chloe was about to start the conversation when the car came to a stop in front of a 24 hour diner.

Chloe: I don’t perform public services.

Aaron: You won’t. We’re getting a cup of coffee.

Chloe: (shaking her head) I’m sorry but the 50 I’m charging you only covers an hour. My time is precious and I suppose you don’t want me charging you extra for a cup of coffee.

Aaron: (removing his glasses) I will pay whatever and for however long as long as you have a cup of coffee with me.

Chloe was completely baffled, not even noticing when he got out of the car and opened her door.

Aaron: So, are you coming?

Chloe: (swallowing hard) yes

Aaron: Ok then come on.

Chloe got out of the vehicle with a strange sense of curiosity. Truth be told she wasn’t scared but a bit anxious, a feeling that was gnawing on her inside. Both crossed the glass door and sat at a distant table.  An older waitress instantly approached them and quickly left two menus on the table, not without giving Chloe a harsh look before leaving.

Aaron: (skimming over the menu) What will you be having?

Chloe: Coffee…Wasn’t that what you brought me here for?

Aaron: (Set the menu down on the table and folded his arms over his chest with a smile on his face) You don’t have to adhere to my very word. You can have whatever you want. Have you had anything to eat tonight?

Chloe: uhmmm no. Well yes, a cookie.

Aaron: A cookie? That’s not filling. Well then what do you say to eating a decent meal? How about (flipping over the menu) a burger and fries?

Chloe: Okay


Chapter 2 by bsbfanatic86

Chapter 2


The blonde raised his hand and the waitress returned to take their orders not without once again nastily looking over at Chloe and murmuring something between her teeth as she walked away.


Chloe: (relaxing into the chair) You’re not spending the night with me are you? I mean intimately.

Aaron: No, but I will be paying you for the time you spend with me. I know you need the money.

Chloe: (frowning) Then what is it that you want from me?

Aaron: Information

Chloe: (hurriedly got up) I don’t know anything. I don’t even know what kind of information I can give you. I think you made a mistake I…

Aaron: (grabbing her hand) Please sit down and let me explain.


Chloe swallowed hard for the umpteenth time and with a tightly clenched heart sat down.


Aaron: I’m a reporter. I’m writing an expose about women who sell their bodies and I’m hoping you can help me out.

Chloe: How?

Aaron: By telling me your story.

Chloe: Why do you want to write about me and a thousand other hookers? Who cares?

Aaron: That’s exactly my point. I want to raise awareness. I want people to care about this issue. I want people to see the reality of it and I know you’d be able to help me do that.

Chloe: Why me? I’m not the only street walker.

Aaron: Because out of all the ones I saw out there you were the one who looked the most distressed, absorbed in thought and dare I say…bored.

Chloe: Who wouldn’t be bored doing this?  Selling yourself to random guys for a few bucks gets boring you know.

Aaron: Why don’t you stop then?

Chloe: Because that would be taking a luxury I can’t afford. Getting into this business is easy, leaving it not so much. You have to understand sir that nobody wants to know about prostitutes. We’re like a plague that society sweeps under the rug.

Aaron: And I will change that with my expose. I will uncover the truth that you are as human as any of the women of the highest class but first I need your collaboration. Do you think it’s fair that the waitress looks at you the way she does not even knowing the reasons behind why you do what you do?

Chloe: No it isn’t fair but few things in life are and sadly there’s others that can’t be changed.

Aaron: Yet there’s others that can if we set our minds to it. So what do you say?

Chloe: (shrugging) It’s worth a try. What is it you want to know?

Aaron (triumphantly smiling) Whatever you want to tell me. I won’t pressure you.

Chloe: Okay.

The waitress set down the plates and walked away, this time not bothering to look at Chloe.

Chloe: I’d feel more comfortable if you would ask me exact questions.

Aaron: Okay. What’s your name?

Chloe: Cassidy

Aaron: You told me it was Nicole

Chloe: If you remembered then why did you ask again?

Aaron: Because I knew you were lying. What’s your real name?

Chloe: Chloe. I’m not supposed to be giving out my real name because it can be dangerous.

Aaron: I can imagine. How old are you?

Chloe: 19

Aaron: (placing the napkin on the table and intensely looking at her) At what age did you start?

Chloe: At 14. Don’t be shocked, I know of a place where there’s 11 year old girls doing this (Chloe watched as the man’s expression compressed). Do not be surprised, this is nothing compared to all there is to tell, believe me there’s worse things.

Aaron: I can just imagine.

Chloe: How old are you?

Aaron: 25

Chloe: You are very young. Have you written a lot of exposes?

Aaron: No, this will be my first and I hope that it takes me to the top.

Chloe: What if it’s a flop?

Aaron: If it’s a flop I will admit defeat and accept my place in the family business.

Chloe: Family? (biting into a french fry) You have a mom and dad?

Aaron: Yeah, don’t you?

Chloe: Yes but I don’t know them. All I have is a picture of them. I have never talked to them face to face but I have gotten letters.

Aaron: Do you have siblings?

Chloe: No. Well at least I don’t think I do. They have never mentioned anything in any of the letters.

Aaron: If you don’t know your parents…who took care of you?

Chloe: I took care of myself. (shrugging) I did live with an aunt though, my mom’s sister. Her name was Whitney.

Aaron: Was?

Chloe: She passed away five months ago, after moving in with her boyfriend. They were in a car accident while under the influence.

Aaron: I’m sorry

Chloe: (shrugs) I’m not.

Aaron studied Chloe’s fixed stare, she really was not sorry so he rushed to ask.

Aaron: Why aren’t you sorry? She was the only relative you had right?

Chloe: Yes but she’s the reason why I’m a hooker and death was her punishment for all the bad shit she did while she was alive.

Aaron: Would you mind if I record this conversation?

Chloe: what for?

Aaron: It’s easier to record the conversation and then write. That way I won’t miss any details.

Chloe: Okay.

Aaron smiled, pulled out a recorder which he placed on the table and pressed the record button.


Chapter 3 by bsbfanatic86
Author's Notes:

Hey, I posted this chapter up last night but I felt that I had to add a bit more before moving on to the next. so those who have already read this chapter please check out the extra paragraph I added. 

Chapter 3

Aaron: Tuesday April 8th, first interview with Chloe. To protect her identity we shall call her Nicole. (looking at Chloe) Is that okay with you?

Chloe: Yes

Aaron: Tell me a bit about you, your age, what you like to do, what you dream about….everything.

Chloe: I’m 19 years old, I like to read, I’m a year away from graduating and if possible I’d like to go to college (smiling) I’m saving up for it.

Aaron: (smiles) Do you remember how you got into this business?

Chloe: How could forget. I was an innocent little girl back then.

Aaron: Tell me exactly how it happened.

Chloe nodded and started to recall that moment, one of the many she had locked up and started to tell it exactly the way she remembered.

Chloe: I got home from school a little later than usual. The bus had broken down so we had to wait. When I got there my aunt was waiting at the door. She looked mad, annoyed….(the images began to take over in her mind)

Flash Back...

Whitney: Why are you getting home at this time little girl?

Chloe: There was a problem with the bus.

Whitney: Do I look stupid to you?

Chloe: No ma’am

Whitney: I’m sick and tired of supporting you little girl. You’re nothing but a burden. It’s about time you pulled your weight around here and pay me back for all I’ve given you.

Chloe: (clenching her backpack) You want me to work?

Whitney: Yes. You will work. (with a sly smile) Your first client awaits upstairs.

That was the moment Chloe’s innocence was ripped from her hands. She was handed over to a bastard who had no respect for her nor had he been delicate when taking her virginity. She had lost all ownership of her body. Chloe understood that from that day forward her body belonged to her aunt and she was to use it as a work tool making it the easiest and fastest source of income for Whitney.

The guy was fat, about 35 years old with yellow teeth, so hairy that  it looked as though he had a carpet glued to his chest.  His nails were bitten off and filled with dirt, his hair disheveled and he reeked of weed. He had the had the worst possible physical aspect and having with his rugged and greasy hands all over her body had been horribly ungratifying. She had felt nothing but shame and pain.

Chloe: and thats how it happened. Apparently the guy gave my aunt good feedback and she decided it was a great way to make money. Later on she took me to a whore house claiming that I would make more money if I went out searching for men. I had no other choice. I owed her money and had to pay her back.

Aaron: Have you ever searched for another job?

Chloe: Many times. Nobody wants to hire a prostitute with no experience other than one of a sexual nature. It’s like a brand that everyone seens to easily perceive.

Aaron: If you had the opportunity to work….

Chloe: I wouldnt think twice about jumping on it. I really would not mind cleaning houses everyday if it meant leaving this life behind.

And so they spent the rest of the night chatting about Chloe’s life, squeezingevery bit of information. By little past 4 a.m., Aaron felt disgusted and appalled by everything Chloe had told him. He’d always complain about having a difficult life yet had never stopped to look at others’…and Chloe’s was truly sad. He got home at a quarter past 5, going up the stairs making as little noise as possible unaware that someone was wide awake and awaiting his arrival.

-----------This is no time to be getting in

Aaron: what are you doing in my room Nickolas?

Nick: I was waiting for you to get home.

Aaron: Well I’m home, now you can leave.

Nick calmly stood up from the chair he had been sitting on, his 6’2 frame overtowering Aaron. His older brother always intimidated him when he stood that way, as upright as a metal rod.

Nick: Where were you?

Aaron: Around 

Nick: (Frowning) Mom was worried.

Aaron: Sorry

Nick: Cut the crap. You’re not sorry Aaron. It’s time for you to grow up, you’re 25 years old! You’re not a child anymore, be responsible for once.

Aaron: (gritting his teeth) Oh you mean responsible like you, right?

Nick: That’s not what I mean.

Aaron: Oh really? My mistake (smiling) I’m going to bed.

Nick: You are not behaving up to standards, little boy. What will the press say if they find you with mixed company or doing something inappropriate?

Aaron: You have no moral grounds to tell me that. Come on Nick the press doesn’t stop talking about your torrid affairs with those supermodels you switch up on a monthly basis yet you have the nerve to ask me not to give them something to talk about? You know what? You need to get yourself a wife, one who has the patience to deal with you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I want to go to bed.

Nick clasped his hands attempting to hold back his fury and keep from swinging at his brother. He gave Aaron a death glare and left the room slamming the door behind him not caring who he migh wake up. Aaron boasted to himself. He rarely had the upper hand on Nick and picking at his fuse had been a secure win from the get go.

Nick got to his room and sat at the edge of his bed. He wanted to punch something to get out all his frustration. Aaron knew exactly where to strike. Truth be told he was growing tired if his rich womanizing Casanova lifestyle. He grabbed the silver frame from the night stand. The frame contained a picture of Aaron, their little sister Angel and himself smiling and hugging at their uncle’s wedding. How he wished things were like that all the time, but instead they were full of family drama. Angel, the youngest, was a willful and capricious girl; Aaron was the clown and didn’t  care about anything; and Nick, the eldest of the three was cold and distant. His siblings would sometimes call him “iceberg”…..a nickname which wasn’t too far from the truth.


Chapter 4 by bsbfanatic86
Author's Notes:

Hey everyone, so after getting feedback from one of my friends I will be changing up  the format a bit when it come to the conversation portions. 

Chapter 4





Chloe sat on the small wicker seat in her room, took off her faux fur coat and designer knock off stiletto heels. She sighed as she removed the bright pink wig and placed stored it along with the rest. She used wigs to look different. Very rarely did she go out to “work” sporting her natural jet black hair. She lazily got up and headed to the bathroom which was across the small room separated only by a torn up curtain. She slid off her fishnet stockings along with her underwear and looked in the mirror as she loosened the tangle of  black curls that fell down to her waist. Once she was done she grabbed a jar from the shelf, with the liquid inside it she wet a tissue and removed her make up. She stood there and stared at her reflection seeing nothing but misery, desolation, sadness….a lonely and emotionless tear rolled down her cheek.


She had never bitterly wept, screamed or cursed between tears. Tender tears had grazed her cheeks, but nothing more. Chloe wiped her moistened cheeks with the back of her hand and smiled at her reflection. Though the smile was as empty as could be she didn’t want to lose the habit, didn’t want to forget what a tender and sincere smile looked like.  She exited the bathroom and headed to the corner where Mr. Kelly, the man who rented her the room, had placed a portable stove which was barely good enough for her to make her morning coffee. She glanced over to her bedside table where she had an old alarm clock which after four years of countless hits still perfectly displayed the time…5:30 AM.


That night she had gotten home much later than she would on the busiest of days.  Aaron had no idea how happy she was that for the past week a man was interested in spending nights talking to her. Fort he first time the routine had been broken. No, that wasn’t entirely true because as much as Aaron paid her she still had to work to make ends meet. That night they had talked until 3 in the morning and soon after she picked up two customers. Aaron had provided her with a small breather in her smothering existence and for that she was truly grateful.


Chloe placed a pot of water on the stove as she undressed in the middle of the small room, put the clothes in a basket next to the wicker seat, puto n  a ragged knee-length nightgown she pulled out of the closet and draped a blue wool shawl over her shoulders to keep warm. She then pulled a small jar from the closet in which she kept the money Aaron gave her but first took half of it and placed it in an envelope before hiding the jar with her clothes. She turned her attention to the pot of boiling water, turned off the portable stove and prepared some steaming coffee. She set the cup on her bedside table and slipped into the covers to drink it. When she had finished, she pulled the blankets over her and waited for a deep slumber to overtake her.



7:13 A.M...


Birds flying in the midst of an extensive forest, hovering over the top of leafy tres full of ripe fruit and beautiful flowers waving with the breeze when suddenly….one, two, three loud blows. The angry rumbles made the birds scatter off frightened. The ground shook and fruit fell crashing down, some getting bruised others bursting and spilling all their contents. Another loud blow, followed by another and then another. All the while in between each one she heard her name being called in the distance…Chloeeee, Chloeee, CHLOE!


Chloe awoke shaken up by someone pounding repeatedly at the door. She quickly got up and climbed on the wicker seat to look through the peep hole and see who it was. Her heart raced when she saw the man standing on  the other side of the door. She considered not opening but truthfully she had no other option. She opened and there he stood, imposing and fearsome with ferocious eyes and a lascivious smile.


“Hello Chloe.”


Cole was her aunt’s boyfriend’s son and was just as corrupt and malevolent as his father. He was a cheater and a manipulator. Unfortunately Whitney had a debt with Cole before dying and the bastard claimed it was now Chloe’s responsibilty to pay it off,  hence why he was there that morning.


“Do you have the money?”

“Not all of it. I’m still missing a bit.”


Cole’s smile vanished and he barged into the room closing the door behind him.


“Why the fuck isn’t it complete?”


“Maybe because I haven’t had much work”

“Not much work?”- raising an eyebrow and chuckling- “Don’t make me laugh. I’ve seen you Chloe and there’s nights you don’t get a breather. Men line up around the corners for you doll.”


“Don’t call me doll.”

“Don’t like me calling you that?  Sorry, DOLL but I will call you what I fucking please…now where’s my money?”


Chloe bit her tongue holding back the desire to answer back and headed over to the closet. She pulled out the envelope which she handed to him. Cole opened it, counted the money and looked up nailing his eyes on her.


“What’s wrong?”

“There’s more than a bit missing.”

“That’s all I have.”

“I want you to pay in full, little girl.”

“I don’t have any more money.”

“Ok then you’ll have to pay the only way you know how to.”

“You’re insane. I won’t do it”

“The hell you won’t. I want it all little girl and I want it NOW!!!”- pulling her by the wrist.


Chloe fought but defeat was evident. Cole was taller and stronger, his hands tightly gripping her wrist like steel chains. Everything about him was frightening, one look at him and he exhuded fear. Chloe moaned in pain as he pressed her against his muscular torso. Cole really was handsome at first glance but once you got to know him his obnoxious nature took from the physical appeal.


Chloe gave him a swift kick in the shin and ran past him towards the door. He yanked her by the hair and slammed her against the dresser, bruising her stomach with the drawer handle.  He came up to her ear still holding her tangled hair tightly between his fingers.


“Don’t fucking play with me you cheap whore”


Chloe wanted to cry, she wanted to scream but couldn’t, her throat closed  up and she knew the inevitable would happen…Cole was going to have his way with her right there without giving a damn.  She clenched her fists over the dresser, knowing there was nothing left to do but take it as she felt Cole’s member rubbing up against her folds. A few seconds later she felt as he pulled away. Had he changed his mind?  Maybe deep inside there was a shred of compassion. When she saw him pull a condom out of his jean pocket and put it on she once again felt repulsed by the man.


“I’d rather not take any risks. God only know what shit you’ve caught you dirty fucking slut”


Once again he pushed her against the dresser and this time entered her with one thrust. Contained tears rolled down Chloe’s face but like many times before she didn’t scream in agony nor moaned as she felt her vaginal walls brutally stretched. She just stood there, feeding her anger and alllowing the tears to soak the wood on which Cole was fucking her like what she was ….a vile prostitute.


End Notes:

I know this chapter is a bit long but I felt the need to give a bit of a glimpse into Chloe's life and add a little bit of tragedy into it. Hope you guys enjoy. PS: thank you all who have commented. Very much appreciated :)

Chapter 5 by bsbfanatic86

Chapter 5 

Jane was a smart woman, too smart honestly, but she focused that intelligence into being the best or to harm those she considered beneath her. She was a beautiful woman. At 49 years old she remained that elegant rose. Not a single wrinkle covered her face. She had birthed her first child, Nickolas, at the tender age of 21. Before Nick was born she and Bob had gotten married and contrary to popular belief they had done so for love, a love that remained strong after 30 years.  Along with their three children they appeared to be the perfect family, an image that was to be up-kept no matter what she had to do.


“What were you able to find out Nickolas?

“Not a thing.”

“ I think you’re hiding something from me. Where has Aaron been going every single night?”

“ I don’t know mom and I don’t think you should care this much.”

“You all are my children, of course I care”

“And Aaron is 25 years old. He’s no longer a child mom. He’s  a grown man and he knows what he’s doing.”

“What if he’s headed down the wrong path?”

“If he is, that’s his responsibility mom.”

“I won’t have that Nickolas! I don’t want my children to be the target of gossip.”

“Mom, would you please think about something other than what people will say for once? Where’s dad?”

“He headed off  to the office early. He had to sign some contracts. He asked me to let you know that he needs your signature for some permits.” 

“ Okay. Oh hey mom, by the way just to let you know I’m going back to my place tonight.”

“ So soon?”

“Yes, I got a call from Leighanne this morning telling me they were done with the renovations, so I can go home.”

“Now how will I find out what Aaron is doing?

“ For heaven’s sakes mom let it go. I already asked him and he didn’t tell me. There’s nothing else I can do.”- he kissed Jane’s forehead- “I’ll invite you guys over for dinner within the next few days.”- leaving the house.


“I can’t let Aaron waste his life away. No, I won’t allow it!”


And with these words she swore to find out, by all means necessary, what her youngest son was hiding.




Cole slowly backed away, tortuously pulling out of her, he pulled off the condom, threw it on the floor and zipped his pants. Chloe stayed still, clinging on to the dresser as her fury slowly grew, taking over every pore in her body and gnawing at her self control. She wanted to push him to the ground, take the penknife laying within her reach and stab him in the crotch over and over again  until she quenched her thirst of vengeance for the humiliation she had just endured. The shed tears burned her skin like hot steel.


“I don’t like broads crying while I fuck them.”


Chloe turned to Cole with fury filled eyes…


“Then go fuck your grandmother you sick bastard.”


A second after the words left her mouth Chloe felt a burning in her cheek from Cole’s slap.


“Don’t you dare insult me bitch, you have no right. You’re nothing but a whore just like your aunt. That conniving slut  coaxed my father and milked him for all his money while she ran around screwing God knows how many dipwads."


Chloe smiled at him mockingly.


“Need I remind you that your father was one of those dipwads?”


Cole let out another raged squeal and once again raised his hand at her. This time however, Chloe reacted quickly, grabbed the penknife from the dresser and held it up to Cole.


“Don’t you dare!! I swear to God I won’t hesitate to leave you looking like a sieve. I don’t care if I end up in jail.”


Cole saw the decision in he reyes, raised both hands in surrender and took two steps back. 

He then added:

“Next week I better be collecting the full amount or I’ll be fucking that pretty little body of yours again. If you thought this was bad, believe me next time it will be worse. Oh and just so you see I’m not so cruel stop by the bar tonight. Maybe you can make some extra money with one of your shows. Tonight is auction night and I’m more than sure that if one of those old farts that drool over you is there, he’ll pay top dollar for you.”


Chloe took a deep breath when Cole finally left the room.  She wouldn’t allow him to touch her again. Just the thought of his hands on her body or  his member thrusting inside her filled her with disgust. She silently moaned with shame and humiliation. She dropped the penknife and rushed to lock the door. Once she was sure that he had no way of getting back in Chloe ran to the bathroom and jumped into the shower, just sitting under the scorching hot water until the pain that was tearing on her insides subsided. After some time she got out and saw the used condom on the floor. She ran back to the bathroom grabbing some toilet paper, picked it up and threw it out. As she began to dry her hair she was interrupted by a knock on the door. Chloe looked through the peep-hole only to sigh with relief when she saw who was on the other side.



Chapter 6 by bsbfanatic86

Chapter 6



Chloe had never been so relieved to see Kristen, her friend from two rooms down.


“Hey Kris.”

“Hi sweetie. I saw Cole leaving a while ago. What did he want?”

“He was here to get his money. Oh damn forgive my looking like a hot mess. Give me a moment to go change.”


Kirsten took a look at Chloe’s soaked nightgown and reddened cheek but decided not to ask. She had an idea of what that bastard had done so she opted to remain silent as Chloe changed.


“Done. So tell me how are you?”

“ I’m good. Liste Chlo, I heard some rumors floating around.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes and well I’m pretty much here for confirmation.”

“What did you hear?”

“What’s this about you getting dropped off by some rich guy the other night? Oh wait don’t tell me…you've got a client who’s loaded and is infatuated with you, right?

“Bahahaha, of course not! He’s a journalist doing an expose about prostitutes who asked me for some help. We’ve been chatting and well he pretty much offered to drive me home that night.

“Wow. So, do you like him?”

“He’s cute but he’s not really my type.”

“Damn, that sucks. Hahaha”-crossing her arms- “What time are you heading out there tonight?”

“At 7. I’ve got to pick up as many clients as I can to have the money ready for Cole next week.”

“You don’t have to keep on giving that bastard money.”

“If I don’t he’s gonna come after me Kris. He’ll take all my stuff and sell it, leaving me with nothing.”

“There’s no reason why you should be paying your aunt’s debt”- compassiomately touching Chloe’s arm- “But if you need money let me know. I can lend it to you. I’ve been doing pretty well and unlike you what I make for sleeping with those old farts is all mine.”


Chloe smiled at her, gratitude in her eyes.


“Thanks Kris, you are the greatest friend I could possibly have.”


At that moment the house phone rang, echoing in every corner of the boarding house. According to Mr. Kelly anyone who was near it had to answer it.  Someone actually did answer it and a few seconds later a deafening scream rumbled in each tenant’s ears.




Chloe ran down the stairs to the hallway where the phone was. A short chubby girl with dark brown hair was holding out the phone for her as she examined her green nail polish.


“Did they say who it was?”

“No, but it’s a man.”


The girl handed Chloe the phone and left.



“Hey Chloe, it’s Aaron”

“Oh Hey.”

“How are you doing today?”

“I’m well.”

“Glad to hear that. Listen, I’ve got some free time today. I was thinking maybe we could use it to talk a bit more. What do you say we meet up around 3 p.m?”

“Yeah, sure but…..”

“Don’t worry, I will pay for the time. Not a problem.”


Chloe couldn’t help but blush.


“Okay. Where do you want to meet up?”

“At the Belleview Park. Is that ok with you?”

“Sure. I’ll be there at three on the dot.”

“Great. See you then. Bye Chloe.”

“Bye.” – hung up and sighed.


She ran her hand through her hair, combing it a bit. A strange feeling boiled inside bher, as if something was going to happen and that something was very close….way too close.




The beautiful Maybach parked on the block accross the street from the boarding house remained still. There was no way of seeing anything from the outside due to the tinted windows and while passerbys wondered what was someone with that car doing in that neighborhood, the passengers wondered about another matter….


“Are you sure this is the place?”

“Yes, this is where she lives. Aaron has brought her here a couple of times”

“You had someone follow him?”
“ I had to. This morning when I went to the office Mark was waiting for me with the information.”

“You asked your mother’s driver to follow Aaron!?!”

“Yes I did.”

“ I really don’t get it Nick. Come on man, we were his age once upon a time and went out there in search of a little company a couple of times ourselves.”

“You said it well AJ, a few times.  Aaron has been with prostitutes since he came back from California.”

“Oh wow, okay  point in your favor. That’s a whole other level.”

“Do you think he’s in love?’

“It’s a possibility.”

“No! It’s not a possibility. My brother can’t be involved with a whore.”

“Do you know who she is?”

“ I don’t. The only proof I have are the shitty pictures taken from the celphone. All I can see is my brother’s face and a woman with black hair. Besides I decided to have Mark follow him only a few days ago but I don’t have to be a psychic to know that it’s the same one every night.”

“Well then let’s stop all the black-haired prostitutes and forcé them to stay away from Aaron.”

“ I fucking hate your sarcasm.”

“ And I hate that you’re stressing over something that you know you can’t do a damn thing about.”

“You see that’s where you’re wrong AJ and you know it. I’ve decided to keep this woman away from my brother and that’s exactly what will happen sooner or later…. and rest assured it will be sooner.


Nick ordered the driver to go as he settled back in his seat and put his dark shades back over his eyes. He had to come up with a good strategy to start this war and obviously win it. He would not allow some Jezebel to destroy his brother’s life and smear the family name.


Meanwhile, AJ shook his head, in the 15 years he’d known Nick  he had come to know well that he was a take action kind of man. Nick was spoiled- very spoiled- he was used to his will being done above all and the worst part was that he always got his way. This was why he was the way he was. He was no longer a teenage brat, he was a grown man nearing 30. Truth be told the years had only perfected his gift when it came to finance. That man was able to handle numbers just as well as he could women. He was an expert in the art of manipulating them and the women loved it, all those high class young ladies turning into groupies when they saw Nick.


Chapter 7 by bsbfanatic86





“Mom, there’s no way I’m asking him.”

“Why not Angel?”

“Cause I just won’t. What do you expect me to go up to his room and say hey bro what exactly is it that you do every night that keeps you out until the wee hours? For the love of God mom, it’s more than obvious Aaron has a girlfriend and doesn’t want us to know about it. And do I really need to tell you what’s going on between them?”

“Don’t talk to me like that Angel.”

“I’m being realistic mom. I get your butting into my life, as much as it annoys me, but come on…getting involved in Aaron’s life  is as ridiculous as doing so in Nick’s.”

“You know I still do with Nickolas.”

“Exactly my point, it’s ridiculous.

“I dont think it’s ridiculous to wanting to know what my children are up to. Evem more so when the family’s reputation is at stake.


Angel set her cup down on the table. Jane knew just which buttons to push. If there was one thing that worried Angel was people talking about her or the family. It wasn’t as if she didn’t like the attention, after all she loved being the center of attention, but the tone that Jane had used left no doubt that the talk about them wouldn’t be good.


“What do you mean?”

“I mean that your brother is resorting to inconvinient company.”

“Get to the point mom,”

“First promise me that you will help me out”

“Tell me first.”

“Promise or we will cancel your  sweet 16.”


Angel gritted her teeth. Her Masquerade-themed sweet 16 was a mere two weeks away adn although her parents had spent tons of money on it, she was sure that her mom was more than capable of cancelling.


“Fine, I promise I’ll help in any way I can.”



Jane explained to Angel the clues that she had found which led her to believe that Aaron was involved with mixed company. Clues rangin from the smell of cheap women’s perfume on Aaron’s black leather jacket to the red strand of nylon hair that she had found stuck around the collar. Angel was completely in shock at her mom’s discoveries and even more at her theories these discoveries had led to.


“The strand of hair comes from a wig no doubt about it.  The way I see these are the only possibilies: A- the wig belongs to a transvestite; B- it belongs to a bald woman; C-it belongs to your brother who developed a liking to cross-dressing or D- it belongs to a prostitute.”

“Did you ever stop to think that maybe it could be a decent woman who simply likes wigs?”

“Yes, but I discarded it when I recalled a decent woman would not spend entire night with a man. Which one would you wager on the transvestite, the bald woman, your brother cross dressing or the whore?”

Angel couldn’t help but frown at her mother’s question.


“Oh God, I don’t know. I guess I’d have to go with the prostitute. I still don’t get why you are obsessing over this. Aaron isn’t the first man to pay for those kind of women. It’s just a quick lay for a good time.”

“And that good time has turned into a nightly thing. God only knows what kind of STDs that woman carries or even worse what her intentions are.  That’s the reason I really need your help, Angel. I want you to follow Aaron. ”

“You want me to do what!?!? You’ve lost it mom! I’m 15  years old for Christ’s sake.”

“Which is why you are perfect for the job, it’s easier for you to hide.”

“At timees you frighten me mom.”

“Shall I take this as a compliment?”

“Not at all. Listen I’ve got to go ot I’ll be late for school.”

“You promised you’d help me Angel.”

“I know. But I’ll come up with a better idea than following Aaron.”

“Fine. You’re a clever girl, I trust you.”



2:30 PM….


“You’re telling me that mom is planning on having Aaron followed because she believes he’s a transexual?”

“Yes, that’s one of her theories. That’s why I stopped by the office before going home. Mom is determined on finding out what Aaron is hiding.”


Nick turned to face the window thinking how ludicrous his mother’s theories were. Most of them, anyways. She had hit a bullseye about the prostitute.  Now how the hell was he to tell Jane that “Little” Aaron has a relationship with a hooker?


Angel walked up to her brother and squeezed his arm


“You know something.”

“Me? No, why do you ask?”

“It wasn’t a question. I hate it when you treat me like a little girl. Come on Nick I may only be 15 but I don’t think like one. I worry about Aaron and even more about mom, she’s gonna go insane.”


Nick turned to his baby sister and caressed her hair.


“Aaron is involved with a prostitute.”

“uhmmmm so one of mom’s theories was right.”

“Right but we both know that mom would rather Aaron be a cross dresser than find out that he’s involved with one of those women.”

“She’s not the only one Nick. The idea terrifies me. Those women are only meant to have sex with. What if he falls in love with her?”


Nick frowned at Angel’s question.


“When the hell did you grow up little girl?”


Angel smiled. Suddenly the door opened and Aaron walked in.


“Well, well, well are you having a sibling meeting and left me out?”

“Aaaron!!! It’s great to see you. I haven’t seen you in like three days and we live in the same house!”

“What can I say Gellie, I’m a very busy man.”

“I still wonder with what because it sure as hell isn’t with the stuff here in the office.”

“I’m a business man bro. Always where duty calls.”

“Are you boys hungry? How about all three of us go get something to eat?

“Sounds good to me.”

“Oooops sorry Gellie, I’ll have to pass. I’m meeting someone in half an hour and can’t cancel.”

“Why don’t you invite the person to come join us.”

“I don’t think that’s appropriate sis. I really don’t think she’d feel comfortable.”

“Oh, so it’s a she? I thought it was a business meeting.”

“It is Gellie but you wouldn’t understand. I’m sorry I won’t be able to join you but  we could go to the movies or out to dinner one of these days.”

“Yeah  sure.”- Angel pulled out a scrapbook from her backpack- “Here, maybe this will help you remember the meaning of FAMILY.”

“Great, thanks Gellie. I’ve got to go. See ya!”


The second Aaron left the office, Angel turned to Nick with a horrified look in her face.


“He’s going to meet up with her!! With a whore Nick!!!!

“I can see that.”

“He’s ditching us for her!!”

“Call mom and tell her that you’ll be home later."

“Nick I’m no longer in the mood to go out for lunch. I’ve completely lost my appetite…”

“We’re going to follow him.”

“We’re what?”

“ You heard me.” We’re gonna seize this opportunity, sis. Call mom and make it quick before we lose track of him.”


Angel did just as Nick told her and the immideately rushed down the stairs to the office parking garage where they quickly got into Nick’s car and  followed Aaron as he drove off. 


Chapter 8 by bsbfanatic86


This time around Chloe opted to leave the wigs aside and sport her natural hair tied back in a messy trendy bun with a few stranded curls. Since she didn’t have much daytime clothes to pick from she decided on a pair of black knee-high boots, a tan skirt, an extremely low-cut black shirt and an imitation crocodile skin jacket. She grabbed her black bag, stuffing her id, a red lipgloss, a package of tissues  and the penknife….one had to be prepared for anything. She added a small mirror and a notepad filled with phone numbers that may interest Aaron. Once she was ready she left the boarding house and headed towards the park.





"Where the heck is he going?”

“Maybe he’s going to that woman’s house.”

“How the hell do you know?”

“I was there earlier.”

“Congrats, you’ve won a medal in espionage.”

“Thanks Angel, now help me out. I have no idea where he turned. He was supposed to turn left.”

“He turned right.”

“But that woman’s house is to the left.’’

“Maybe he’s not meeting her at her place. Maybe a motel?”


They continued to follow Aaron’s car until it stopped at a park, he opened the window and started smoking a cigarette. 

“We follow him to see him smoking?”

I’ve told him thousands of times he needs to quit that crap.”

“Why are you so overprotective with us?  We have enough with mom and dad.”

“Then you too go ahead start smoking and die of lung cancer.”

“I don’t like you at times.”

“Same here Angel, Same here.”




Chloe looked at her watch for the thousandth time. She was running late. She crossed the street and was able to spot Aaron’s car in the parking lot and him inside it. She went up to the car and knocked on the passenger side window. Aaron opened the door and let her in.


“Sorry I made you wait. I’m usually on time….”

“Chloe relax it’s only 3:10”

“Exactly I’m ten minutes late. I promise it won’t happen again.”



"Oh my God Nick look!!"

“There she is. Did you see her face?”

“No but she doesn’t have red hair.”

“Where did you get the idea that it’s a redhead?”


Angel told her brother about Jane’s CSI agent complex, the discovery of the red strand of  hair and how she would have had it tested for DNA, had it not been nylon


”Well she does have black hair. Do you think it’s the same woman?

“I don’t know.”

“I think it is. In the picture you can see part of the woman.” – He took out the cellphone and handed it to Angel.- “Look at her.”


Angel looked at her brother’s cellphone and compared it to the woman’s profile. – “It’s her! She’s got the same profile as the woman in the picture. Good job Crocodile Hunter.”


“Ugggh!! Because the tramp is wearing a croc skin jacket. You can tell she has no class whatsoever. I can’t believe that Aaron is with her.”

“Now that we got him, it’s time to go.”

“What!?!?! We’re not going to do anything?”

“Don’t worry about that Ellie” - smiled mischievously at her- “I will take care of everything.”

“Uggghh I hate it when you smile like that. It gives me goosebumps. And stop it with that damn nickname,you know I can’t stand it when you call me that.”

“Okay Ellie”

Nick gave her the same mischievous smile which she ignored, started the car and they left.



“I’ve got smething that may be of help.”

“Great. What is it?”


Chloe pulled the notepad out of her purse and handed it to Aaron.


“It’s a list of phone numbers of different whore housesand bars that provide female company as well as male.”

“There’s men too?”

"Of course, women have needs too you know?  In the boarding house where I live there’s a guy named Jorgie. Every night he works in a bar where he dances and at about midnight they auction off the dancers."

“Wow, that’s real good information.”

“You can keep the notepad. It’s of no use to me. There’s also numbers for a couple of modeling agencies that use it as a cover up for the escort business. I was part of one at one point.”


“There’s names of very important people in here”- as he flipped through the notepad.

“They call me up to go to their homes, sometimes they take me on their “business” trips. Those gigs are good but rare.”

“I can imagine. Why don’t you keep the notepad just give me a few minutes to jot down a couple of numbers that interest me from there. In the meantime so you don’t get bored flip through this.” – He handed Angel’s scrapbook.- “It’s my sister’s scrapbook.”

"How old is she?”

“15. My older brother is 28.”

“Oh so you’re the spoiled middle child.”

 “Hahahaha. More or less.”


Chloe smiled and opened the scrapbook. The first thing she saw was pictures of a beautiful teenage girl. The pctures were decorated with stars, hearts and at thte bottom of the page the name Angel Carter was written in perfect penmanship. She continued to flip throught the book as Aaron jotted down the  numbers. There pages had several things written on them  like song lyrics and  jokes. Chloe finally came across a page with a big banner that read “My Mom and Dad” followed by a picture of an older man and a beautiful woman. The couple looked very much in love, no doubt about it.


“You look like your mom.”

“Yeah, everyone says that. Nick looks like her too.  My sister on the other hand is my dad’s spitting image.”

“I noticed.”


She continued to look throught the scrapbook laughing at some of the comments written on the pages. The girl was quite witty. One of the pages read “My Brothers”. There was no picture on that page so she flipped over to find a picture of a smiling Aaron, all his information written down on the adjunct page. Flipping the page over once more she  frowned. There was no picture instead the page read: Nick doesnt like to take pictures and listed some details about him. Chloe couldn’t resist the curiosity and started reading.

-Nickolas Gene Carter -28 years old -Favorite Color: Green -Loves blondes -Has never brought a girlfriend home - grumpy -swears he’s almighty -a business genius. Dad says there’s none like him. -I doubt Nick’ll ever get married.-sweet  and kind to me -can be intimidating at times but nothing too serious.


“Aaron why doesn’t your brother like to take pictures?”

"Because he’s an arrogant jerk hahahahahaha. Just kidding. I don’t know, he’s just never liked them.


Chloe nodded. She was at a loss for words. All she could do was stare at the information about that man. A strange feeling bubbled inside of her. The man was well defined.  Aaron’s sister had described a good man and given his age he was fairly young. It intrigued her to no end. Maybe he had wore glasses  or maybe he was so good looking that it made you want to kiss him.  She imagined what it’d be like to kiss a man like him…what it’d be like to bite and suck on his lips the way they did in movies.

Kissing? Chloe had to restrain her wondering mind at the thought. What the hell was she thinking? As hard as it was to believe she had never kissed a man.  She had set ground rules and among them were NO KISSING ON THE LIPS.

She closed her eyes trying to get rid of those thoughts but as soon as she did the images formed in her head. She abruptly opened them up again and took a deep breath with a strange tightening in her chest. A feeling of desire overcame her. Desire that one day a man like Nick would want her, but want her for who she was and not just for her body….if it were only possible. Life had taught her that dreaming was useless beacuse despite any effort she never got what she wanted. Besides, what would a man like Aaron and of course his brother, see in a girl like her? She had nothing to offer.  She shut the scrapbook pushing the thoughts out of her mind.  She didn’t want to remember the reason why she couldn’t have a man’s love.


“Penny for your thoughts.”

“Would you marry a prostitute?” 

“Chloe….you ate a beautiful woman but truth is that I don’t see you that way and…”

“Hold on, i think you got me wrong.  I think  might have worded the question the wrong way. I’m not asking you to marry me.”

“Well for a second I thought you’d misinterpreted my kindness and maybe thought..;”

“God No! You men have a small deficiency with that thinking quickly thing.  What I meant to ask was if a man with your class and level of education could come to fall in love with a prostitute.”

“I uh…I don’t know Chloe.”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t wan to be cruel but….no.”


Chloe gave him a sincere smile assuring him that she fully understood thesituation. She said nothing more, lowered her eyes and continued looking through the scrapbook.Aaron watched her. For a second she seemed afflicted but what had left him disarmed was her smile.  He had never seen a woman smile in such a way. Her face lit up with indefinable grace. Chloe had a courage that even he couldn’t reach. 


Chapter 9 by bsbfanatic86



Nick paced back and forth in his office holding his cellphone in one hand and a financial report on the other. He was growing tired of waiting for Mark’s call when the phone rang.


“Sir I’ve got the information. Her name is Chloe. One of her neighbors told me that she indeed works the streets. She goes out every night and doesn’t come back to the wee hours. The girl also said that there’s days she doesn’t come hom so she most likely goes away with her clients. I couldn’t really ask much more because I didn’t want to raise suspicion but I did find out where she stations herself”

“Perfect Mark, come pick me up so you can take me there.”

“Sure thing sir. There’s plenty of women stationed in that corner from what I was able to see the other night. Just have to ask for “Aphrodite”, that’s her.”

“Thanks Mark. I appreciate your help since Peter is busy right now, I’ll be here waiting for you.”

Nick hung up the phone and an almost evil grin appeared on his face.

“Aphrodite, you will soon learn not to mess with my family.”


10:30 PM...

“You look so pretty today Chlo.”

“Yeah right, I barely had any time to get ready. Almost came out naked. I’m heading to Cole’s bar tonight.”

“I’m sure coming out naked  wouldn’t have been a problem ha ha. I don’t really like the idea of you going to Cole’s bar. You know that the auctions are not that good. You don’t get the option of picking your clients.”

“I know that but what can I do. I gotta get going or I’ll be late.”

“Did you eat?”

“I didn’t have time Kris. I just grabbed a sándwich earlier today.”

“That’s why you are so thin Chlo. Do you remember that short old chubby man from last weekend? Uhmmm… Dwayne”

“Of course I do.”

“He hired Rachel last night and told her that you’d been good but that you’re too thin.”

“If he doesn’t like me then don’t buy me.”

That’s what I said. But it did raise my concern for you. You are a bit thin Chlo.”

“The problem is that I don’t eat well.”

“ Do you need money?”

“I don’t have the luxury of having 3 meals a day Kris. If I did I wouldn’t have any savings. Plus I don’t really get hungry.”

“You’re exaggerating on the savings thing. But fine. I’ll drop it.” – Kristen pulled out some money out of her bra. – “Go and get something to eat before going to Cole’s.”

“ Kris, I can’t accept this.”

“Chloe Marie Johnson, take the damn money or I swear that I will scare off your customers.”

“Don’t even joke with that.”

“I’m not joking sweetie. You accept it or I will follow you around all night. I don’t mind not working tonight to scare potential customers. Now go get some food.”

“You are so manipulative.”

“ Ha, thanks. Now go.”- she gives Chloe the money.

“Fine.”- she hugs her friend- “Thanks Kris, don’t know what I’d do without you.”

As  Chloe disappered in the distance on her way to “Heaven” a limo came to a halt in front of Kristen.

“Holy shit! This one’s mine!”

“You’re  such a gold digging skank Rachel.”

“Ha  ha ha,  the pot calling the kettle black.”

The brunette walked up to the limo. Rachel was a beautiful woman standing at 5’7  with a supermodel body. The driver’s side window rolled down exposing a middle-aged man.

“Hi handsome. Need some company?” – smiling as she unbottoned her jacket showing off her goods.

“Uhmmm….are you Aphrodite?”

Rachel’s smile was quickly replaced with a look of disgust.

“No but I’m better than her.”

“Sorry Miss but I’m looking for Aphrodite.”

“Well she’s not here so you’ll have to chose from the ones here.”-The man thanked her and started rolling the window up.- “Hey hey aren’t you going to scope one out? Believe me the only desireable thing about Aphrodite is her name.”

“ But….”

“What the hell are you saying Rachel?”

“Buzz off skeezer, this one’s mine.”

Kris was about to snap back at Rachel but then decided to turn to the man.

“Picking her would be a mistake sir. She tends to zonk off.”

“That’s a damn lie!!”

 “Enough ladies!”- Turning to Kris- “Are you Aphrodite?’

“No but I can tell you where to find her.”

“Great”- rolls up the window and turns to Nick- “Did you hear that sir?”

“Yes, Thanks Mark. Get the information from her and let’s go look for her.”

“Yes sir.”



Chloe arrived at the bar and after an uncomfortable running into Cole she was no in the dressing room getting dressed. That night “the angels” would be auctioned so she she put on a skimpy  tight white dress that barely  covered what it must and a pair of white heels. Once she was dressed, she put on a sparkly white mask and adjusted her short black wig.  She would step onto the stage in a few minutes and await for someone to start the bidding. She prayed that who ever won would bid enough and that he was at least a nice guy.


Chapter 10 by bsbfanatic86
Author's Notes:




Chapter 10


It  had been quite a while since Nick had set foot in a place like that. Men of all social clases were sitting in tables all around the three stages with steel tubes in which topless women were dancing suggestively.


An average height blonde made her way to him and took him to a table. Just as she was about to sit on Nick’s lap he stopped her. The loud music stopped and an older man dressed in a blue suit cameo ut to the stage replacing the nude girls.


“Gentlemen it is my pleasure to present to you the world’s hottest women.”

 Mark turned to Nick and asked- “Sir, would you like me to get you a drink?”

“No Mark, just take a seat and tell point out Aphrodite.”

“As soon as I see her I’ll let you know.”


Mark took a seat right next to Nick just as the older man on stage spoke once again.


“Here they are….The Angeeeeeeeels!!!!!!”


The lights turned red as Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls started playing and smoke emerged from the stage. The lights began to change and six girls paraded from all over. The first girl, wearing a white mini skirt and matching top came from the side, another came from behind the stage candles wrapped in a shocking white dress. A very blonde third girl came out of the mist laying in a sort of giant shell. A fourth walked in from out nowhere blowing kisses and the fifth appeared from among the tables with a white corset and hiphuggers. Finally, from the ceiling descende the last girl with short black hair sitting on a swing. She was wearing an extremely shimmery white mini dress that left very little to the imagination.


A man behind Nick sighed and yelled out…


“Good God, we’ve been invaded by angels!”


Nick rolled his eyes at the remark and turned to Mark.


“Angels don’t dress like that.”


He automatically turned around to look at the stage and noticed that the one with the short black hair had gotten off the swing. Her mini dress, barely covering anything, looked more like a sinful pajama; the fishnets stockings  were sensually caressing her thighs and when she moved Nick could see a white and blue garter resting on her right thigh. Nick looked up and found plum[ breasts pressed against the fabric filling up the cups. The ebony black hair fell barely above her soulders. A strange chill went through him and all his blood rushed over to his crotch.


“That’s the girl sir.”

“What? Which one?”

“The one with the black hair.”

“There’s two with black hair Mark. Which one is it?”

“The one with the short hair and the white mini dress.”


Nick turned his gaze back to the goddess that had captivated his attention. All desire automatically was restrained and a feeling of resentment began to emerge. In the blink of an eye the girl was clutching on to a tube as a multitude of men offered money and the boldest of the bunch threw pieces of paper with phone numbers. It was undeniable that the girl had perfect curves and those legs….Damn it!!! She had the sexiest pair of legs he had ever seen.


"Sir, what are we going to do now?"

“We confront her.”


Just as Nick was about to get the voice of the man who had been on stage minutes before was heard from overhead.


“Let’s give the angels a big round of applause! And now for tonight’s auction…..APHRODITE.”


The audience began to cheer as the goddess stood beside the old man. Nick rubbed his temples. An uction? Damn, this wasn’t going to be good. All the other dancers left the stage smiling and blowing kisses to the crowd as “Aphrodite” stood next to the old man who grabbed her hand and made her turn.


“This little angel will go to whoever is willing to pay the most  to have her tonight. Gentlemen the bid begins at $1500.00.”


 A man stood up and yelled out 2000 having another one counter bid with 3000.


“Well gentlemen will this little angel be going with the young man in the trenchcoat for 3000? What do you think Aphrodite?”

“Hmmmmm…..”- as she smiled seductively.


She hadn’t said much but that sound made Nick’s mind rage.


“Ten thousand”




Chloe stod in a state of shock. The man was extremely handsome. Truth be told he was more than handsome, he was completely intriguing. His shoulders were broad, his hair was sleekly combed back and a bit of stubble adorned his jaw. An exclamation pulle her out of her daze.


“Did you say ten thousand?”


“Okay ten thousand going once…”

“Fifteen thousand”

“Fifteen thousand going once, fiteen…”

“Twenty thousand”

“Thirty Thousand”

“One hundred thousand”

“Five hundred thousand and that’s my final  offer.”


Everyone remained silent including Nick. Damn it, HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! He wasn’t really going to pay that much for a prostitute. He was about to retract when…


“Sold to the gentleman  for five hundred thousand dollars.”


Chloe smiled and Nick came closer to the stage. She reached out her hand and Nick had no other option but to take it. When she came close he realized that he could not lose his mind over a pair of breast and an ass so he leaned over to her.


“Go change woman, I will be waiting for you outside.”


He let go of her hand and walked out the door. Chloe stood there petrified.  That  man had paid an outrageous amount of money. She had assumed that he wanted some action fast but that didn’t seem to be the case. She headed to the dressing room and  changed.


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