Ghost of the Theater by Jannika
Summary: This fiction is about how Nick ended up to be Ghost of the Theater and how he said goodbye to love of his life Anne-Marie Millon.
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Chapter 6 (To over age 18) by Jannika
Next day I was whole night awake. Well I can’t sleep. Dead people don’t sleep. That’s what I have learned to be a ghost. We don’t eat or don’t need a shower. And changing clothes would be difficult. If I took someone’s clothes, those would look like those are floating.
There hasn’t be any sight of Leslie or Michael or Miguel or… Something…
Even Anne-Marie wasn’t here to keep me a company. I felt so lonely. Anne-Marie left last night 2:am after long chatting. She told me she had found my house from Malibu and is leaving there with Leslie. Even she takes care of my dog Nacho. She’s such a sweetheart. She said Nacho liked her right away when she walked in that house. I guess Nacho knew why she was there. I’m sad to not say goodbye to him. He’s everything to me.
“Baby has been found!” I heard someone to shout.
I float fast to see what was going on and saw all people to gather around to circle. I saw Anne-Marie there holding Leslie. I couldn’t but smile. I’m so happy to see her with her. I so wish I could be alive and see her grown up. I looked at Anne-Marie’s every move and followed her back to her restroom. I wasn’t sure did she lock the door, but I showed myself and smiled.
“You found her.” I said and she was startled when I spoke.
“Gosh Nick. You scared hell out of me.” She said and looked at me.
“I’m sorry. I just had to see you both. I’m happy you found her.” I said and smiled.
“I’m happy too.” she said and looked down on her daughter who was sleeping in cradle.
“Where was she? Was it Michael who took her?” I asked.
“No. It wasn’t Michael. It was this one woman. She cleaned here and seems like she’s little mental case. She had lost her baby couple years ago and seemed that she still missed her baby so… The she took mine to take care of it as her own.” she said and walked to couch to sit down.
“Really? Yesterday Michael was here and thought she’s his daughter.” I said and sat next to her.
“You saved her from him at least.” She said and put her head on my shoulder.
“I tried to hang him with the same rope as he hanged me.” I said and she looked up to me.
“You what?” She asked and looked at me.
“I only wanted revenge, but old lady found him from hanging. And 2 men help him down.” I said and looked at her.
“Nick… I never think of you as a murderer. And I don’t want you to be.” She said and touched my cold skin.
“I did it cause of us, Anne-Marie. You should see his face when he saw me. He begged me to not to kill him. But I almost did. I’m changing.” I said and stood up.
“Don’t say that. You are still that sweet and kind guy I met.” she said and walked behind me and hugged me.
“I’m not so sure anymore. I can feel it that I’m not anymore this nice and kind guy. I feel angry and madness inside of me.” I said and sighed.
“It’s cause of Michael. I promise you, Nick. I’ll find him and kill him myself. I don’t care am I going on jail or not.” she said and was still hugging me.
“Don’t do it. What’s going to happen to Leslie? You can’t just leave her cause of me. Let someone else to do it.” I said and begged her.
“I could let your dad raise her. He loves her so much.” she said and smiled.
“Babe.” I said and turn to face her.
“Try to bring Michael here somehow.” I said and looked at her.
“What are you going to do?” she asked and looked at my eyes.
“What I had to do yesterday and long time ago.” I said and hold her hand on mine.
“You are going to kill him, aren’t you?” she asked and looked at me.
“Yes. And when I’m done that, I need you to burn my bones and his body. I can hold him while you are doing it.” I said and touched her face gently.
“Nick. No. I won’t burn your bones.” she said and started to cry.
“Listen to me. You have to. It’s the only way. Please.” I said and whip off tears on her cheek.
“How I’m going to get him here?” she asked and was still sad looking.
“Tell him that Leslie is his daughter and you want him to see here.” I said and gave her a kiss to forehead.
“But he’s not her father, Nick. I hate to lie to people.” she said and looked confused.
“Well tell him that you are sorry and you want him back.” I suggested to her.
“Gosh… He would just kill me and take Leslie.” she said and started to shake.
“Hey… It’s ok. I’ll be whole time there with you. Do it for us, honey.” I said and put her to hug.
“Okay. I’ll do it for us. I so hate you now cause of this. You are such an asshole.” she said and hugged me tightly.
“I love you too.” I said even she said she hates me and I laughed.
“Should I ask him here now?” she asked and looked up to me.
“Let me do a plan first. I’m going to hang him the same place where he did hang me.” I said and sighed.
“In the attic?” she questioned.
“In the attic.” I said and nodded.
“How we are getting him there?” she asked and looked confused.
“You’ll meet him at the hallway and I hit him on unconscious. Are you with me?” I asked and looked deep to her green eyes. Green… They use to be Blue.
“What?” she asked and looked worried.
“Your eyes… They are green. I remember they were blue.” I said and looked at her.
“These are eye lenses. My eyes looked better as green.” she said and smiled.
“I liked the blue ones better.” I said and smiled.
“Let’s not talk about my eyes. Let’s think of this brilliant plan of yours.” she said.
“So you meet him at the hallway and I hit him on unconscious.” I said.
“What should I disgust with him?” she asked started to think.
“Maybe about you two how you two were terrible couple.” I said and smiled at her.
“What if he’s not coming here cause he’s afraid of you?” she asked.
“Tell them that they had burned my bones and you try to cry. You can act some crying?” I asked and looked at her.
“Of couse. Should I call him now.” she asked and looked at me while I was setting all ready.
“Yeah. I need to go find that rope.” I said and left to find the same rope. I looked every corner and room. I just didn’t find it anywhere. I went back to her and saw her still talking on the phone.
“Please Michael. I need someone to make my feel better cause he’s gone for good.” she said and made fake crying.
I heard it was working. That’s great.
“Oh thank you, Michael. This means a lot to me. Oh And Leslie really is your daughter. Maybe that would be another reason to come to see us.” she said and listened what Michael was saying.
After that phone call, we waited him more than 2 hours. Seemed like he was far away. We were sitting on the couch and I hold her on me. We little kissed and smiled, but we never had sex. Suddenly I heard doors opening near by the hallway.
“He’s here.” I whispered and vanished.
I was near by her and she looked nervous. She looked around and waited to Michael to show up. She then heard steps behind her and turned around. Michael was standing there looking at her.
“Michael thank god.” she said and hugged him and acted to cry.
“It’s okay. We should get out of here.” Michael said and hugged her.
“Wait, wait.” she said and whipped tears away from her cheek.
“Wait what? This place is creepy even he’s not here anymore.” Michael said and looked at her.
I was behind the Michael and showed myself.
“I know. I kind of still feel his spirit, but I never stop loving him even he’s not here with us.” she said and was pointing a gun at him.
“Wow… Anne-Marie… Put that away. You don’t wanna kill me.” Michael said and looked still at her.
“I’m not killing you. He is.” she said and looked at my direction.
“Who?” Michael asked and looked behind him and I hit on him to face hard with frying pan.
“That keeps him unconscious for a while.” I said and throw pan away and start to tie him down.
“He almost thought I was going to shoot him. We are good team, babe.” she said and smiled like this was some kind of victory.
“Yeah we are.” I said smiling and kissed her deeply.
“Mmm… I love you.” she said middle of kissing.
“Don’t talk. Let’s enjoy this moment what we have before he’s waking up.” I said and pushed her against the wall while still kissing her.
“Oh gosh, Nick. What is on your mind?” she asked and looked at me.
“I’m going to do something what we have to do many times many years ago.” I said and removed my shirt off.
“I can see what you mean. This is crazy Nick. You are…” she was about to say dead, but I put my hand on her mouth and smiled.
“Please don’t say it. Imagine that I’m still alive. I so fucking want you.” I said and touches under her skirt.
“Mmmm… I can so feel that, but we shouldn’t.” she said and looked deeply to my eyes.
“Please… Close your eyes and imagine that we are at my bus 3 years ago.” I said and looked at her eyes.
She then closed her eyes and started to imagine and remember it.

21st February, 2010 12.15am
I put Anne-Marie to lay down on my bed and kissed her when we were both laying down. I removed her t-shirt of and touched her breasts gently. She was keeping her eyes closed to enjoying this. I was so going to enjoy this moment. I now removed her skirt and throw it on the floor. She had eyes now open and she was smiling very happy. I removed my shirt and jeans off and throw them on the floor next to her clothes. I went on her and started to kiss her deeply. She was moaning even we weren’t even making love yet. Maybe she was getting wet downstairs. I gently touched her there and she surely was wet. She felt my touch and moaned again. She so enjoyed it. I moved my hand inside her panties and touched her clip with my middle finger gently. She moved back on me and was laying on her left side while I still were having my hand in her panties. I kissed her neck same time doing it and she knew I was teasing him to not make love to her yet. She removes my hand out and pushed me on my back and is on me now. She removes her bras and panties off. After that she removes my boxers off and throws them somewhere. She little laughed and kissed me when we both were finally naked. She put my cock inside her and was riding on me and we both were enjoying it. I touched her breast while she was entertainment my cock. My buddy was so exciting about this ride. And so was I. Most beautiful woman was with me here where I wanted her to be and I wish she would be here rest of my life. I moved her on her back now and started to make love to her. She moaned when I was going little fast and harder, but I know she didn’t care. She enjoyed every second of it. I touched her breasts while she was kissing my neck and she bit me, but that was okay. I like it rough. I started to get sweat and breathe hardly. We both cum same time and I moved on my back next to her take a breath. We didn’t talk for a while before she stood up.
“You okay?” I asked and stood up and kissed her neck and shoulder.
“I’m fine. I just figure what just happened.” she said and smiled at me.
“We had an amazing sex.” I said still kissing her shoulder and neck.
“It really was great. I got many great orgasms. Thank you.” she said and I stopped kissing.
“Great? Just great orgasms?” I questioned.
“Did I say great? I mean wonderful.” she said and smiled.
“I would say… “I started to think and she turns around to face to face on me.
“Yeah?” she said and waited me to say.
“What could be better than wonderful?” I asked and smiled.
“I don’t know.” she said and touched my chest gently.
“I think wonderful is good word.” I said and kissed her.
“Nick…” She said and moves away little.
“What? Is something wrong?” I asked.
“I just cheated my fiancÚ. This is such a disaster. Maybe I should just go to my bus.” she said and was picking up her clothes on the floor.
“No. Don’t go. I want you to stay. Please. We never know when we can be like this again. Michael is gone tonight and you don’t need to be afraid.” I said and was on my knees on bed to make her stop to not to go.
She looks at me and sighs deeply.
“I… I don’t know…” she said and wasn’t sure.
“Okay. I had it.” I took her on my arms and pulled her back on bed laughing.
“No. Nick.” she said laughing and was begging.
“What? You want to go?” I said and smiled at her.
“No. But we both know I have to.” she said and smiled.
“I don’t want you to go. And I think you don’t want to go either.” I said and smiled.
“What do you suggest?” she asked and smiled.
“You stay here or I’ll make you stay.” I said and laughed.
“How I met guy like you? So sweet and kind.” she said and laughed.
“I’ll take that as yes.” I said and started to kiss her.
“Oh Nick… Make love to me again.” she said and begged.
“ If you wish.” I said and started to make love to her again and it was 3am when we finally fall asleep and slept first time together that night

She opened her eyes and looked at me. We both smiled at each other and I kissed her.
“I never forget that night, Nick. That’s the day we started Leslie’s life. I’m so glad we didn’t have protection.” she said and smiled.
“I was suppose to have protection, but I just so wanted you and couldn’t wait. That night I knew I was in love with you, wanted to marry you and have a lot of kids with you.” I said and smiled.
“Oh my Jesus Christ.” I heard Michael’s voice behind us and turn around to look at him.
“What?” I asked and looked at Michael who was this time sitting on chair.
“You can’t have that now, man. You are dead.” Michael said and smiled.
“Just shut up.” I said and hit his face.
“Ouch. That hurt.” Michael said and shake his head.
“Something else it going to hurt more. Babe? Let’s do this.” I said and walked behind the Michael put noose around his neck.
“hey. What are you doing? No. Don’t do this again. Please. Anne-Marie… Don’t let him to do it.” Michael said and begged.
“You killed him and we just wanted to be in love. You ruined everything, Michael.” She said and hit him on the face so hard that Michael falled down off the chair.
“Wow, babe… Nice punch.” I said and smiled.
“Thanks. I have practice some punches at gym after I labor Leslie.” she said and smiled.
“You two are such an idiots. When Miguel finds out this…. He’s after you, bitch.” Michael said and looked at her.
“He’s welcome to my house everything, but he won’t take any step on it. I have securities all around the house.” she said and slapped him.
“Are you two done with the goodbyes?” I asked and looked both of them.
“I am. Do it Nick. Make him suffer.” she said and looked so angry. She was more angry than I was.
I pulled the rope where Michael was hanging and hold him in the air and left him hang there so long when he’s dead.
“Babe… When I have to burn your bones?” she asked and looked sad.
“Not yet. Let him to come to me when he’s dead.” I said and hold him still up.
Then Michael stopped moving and I saw Michael’s ghost near by the body. I ran to him and started to fight with him. I forgot how strong he is.
“NOW!” I shouted at Anne-Marie who took lighter on her bag and lighted Michael’s body first. We waited for moment and then he vanished like fire was killing it. I looked at her and stood up on the floor. She was shaking and dropped the lighter. I walked to her and hugged her tightly.
“It’s okay. He’s gone. He’s gone now. Good job.” I said and tried to calm her down.
“I can’t burn you, babe. I just can’t.” she said and started to cry.
I moved her away from the hugged and looked at her.
“Babe. We do not have a choice. You have to. Please.” I said and put her face to look at me.
“No. Don’t make me do it. Why can’t you stay here? I would come here to see you every year with Leslie.” she said and were crying even more.
“Because… If I stay, you never can’t let me go. You have to move on. Please, babe. Do it for us.” I said and begged at her.
“I’m so going to miss you.” she said crying and hugged me tightly.
I was so going to miss her too.
“Babe? I have a question for you.” I said and looked at her to face.
“What is that, Nick?” she asked and tried to smile.
“Will you be my wife these last minutes?” I asked and smiled at her.
“Yes! YES!” She shouted happily and kissed me.
“Great!” I shouted and kissed her back.
“Do you have a ring?” she asked and smiled.
“No. I’m sorry.” I said and laughed.
“It’s ok. I can go to buy that after I had said goodbye.” she said and sighed.
“I think we had said goodbye. It’s time now.” I said and gulped.
I didn’t really like this to leave, but we really didn’t have a choice. She took lighter on the ground and then walked to near my bones. I walked next to her and touched her shoulder. I told her she’s going to be fine. She cried again and tried to put lighter on, but it didn’t go on. I snapped on my finger and it was on. She looked at me one more time and then to my bones. She moved her hand closer my bones and burned them. I started to feel hot. I looked down on me and saw that my feet where gone and then my chest were gone… Finally I felt hot on my head and I felt explode. POOF!

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