Beauty and the Vampire by Jannika, Shades
Summary: Mai is born in Japan and her parents are from different culture. Dad Japanese and mom American. She had lived 15 years in Japan until they moved to America.
She started her first day at in new school and hopes to get new friends.
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5 Candice by Jannika
Mai: *Suddenly stops kissing and looks at Nick choked.* What just happened?

Nick: *looks choked after the kissing Mai.* I have no idea...something

Mai: Let's just go to that gym... *Start to walks wrong way in her thoughts.*

Nick: *looks after Mai and had to said something loud.* you know gym isn't that way where you are going?

Mai: *Stops and turns back to Nick.* Right... I was following you...

Nick: *Laughs.* right. come on. *Starts to walk to gym.*

Mai: *Walks to gym and goes to ladies locker room.* See you in a bit.

Nick: see ya. *goes to Boys locker room smiling and changed it faster then the others.*

Mai: *Looks other girls and sees they beautiful bodies and start to think in her mind.* Nick never would like my body than theirs. These girls are gorgeous.

Nick: *looks at girls bodies and thinking in his mind.* here's sexy bodies

Mai: *Walks after girls to gym and is shy cause it's been a while since she was around the boys almost half naked.*

Jesse: *Walks to Nick and looks worried.* Hey man. I got bad news for ya.

Nick: *looks at Jesse confused.* what kinda of bad news man?

Jesse: Candice... She's back in town. *Sighs.*

Nick: *Sighs.* oh my god. How do you know?

Jesse: She came to my house last night. She's here somewhere.

Nick: to yours? do you know why she's here, she isn't here for no reason.

Jesse: She's here to revenge to Anna... Meaning by kill her. *Says quietly.*

Nick: *looks worried.* Jess, we have to stop her.

Jesse: Oh and she is here definitely cause of you of course. She's here to get you back.

Mai: *Walks closer to Nick and Jesse and heard their talking.* Who's Candice?

Theater Class:

Brian: *Is rehearsing his acting skills and suddenly sees a familiar person.* May I excuse, Mr. Hudson? *Looks his teacher.*

Mr. Hudson: what's wrong Mr. Littrell?

Brian: *Looks on the way he saw the person and jumps out the stage.* I'll be right back

Mr. Hudson: alright, 5 minutes!

Brian: *Walks out the theater class and looks around.* I saw you. Come out.

Candice: *comes out of darkness.* well, well, well, isn't that Littrell who saved a human?

Brian: Candice? Whatta fuck?

Candice: You know, we all know you spend all time with that girl.

Brian: Are you here for revenge?

Candice: Maybe. It would right to her, right Brian?

Brian: You keep your hands and fangs away from her. You hear me?

Candice: You never know why I'm here. *she sighs smirked.* and if I don't leave her alone?

Brian: I will hunt you down and kill you.

Candice: *Laughs.* I don't want to kill you. I just want... Nick back

Brian: Wait what? *Looks at Candice.* I thought you left him. Not opposite.

Candice:*Touches Brian.* Yes I left but I want him back, but I want that Anna girl too. Two flies in same time. *Threats him*

Brian: *Hits Candice to a face.*

History Class:

Anna: *sees Johnny looking at her.* what the fuck your looking at? *asked angry.*

Johnny: Your butt. *Smiles and start to laugh with his friends.*

Teacher: *Walks in the History class and shouts.* Okay everyone. May I have attention please!

Anna: *listens to teacher and does her test and can't help thinking.* boring

History teacher: Has anyone see Timmy today? His parents are worried.

Johnny: Maybe Timmy is spending a night with a girl.

Anna: *Gives a test to history teacher.* here you go can I go?

Teacher: Sit down, Anna.

Anna: Okay. *She sat down and smirked to Johnny.* maybe you took him.

Teacher: Please everyone... *Looks all her students.* His parents are worried.

Anna: last time I saw Timmy, he was with Nurse. *hears a noises in the hallway.* Teacher can I go in restroom?
*She raises her hand*

Teacher: Sure, Anna. Go.

Anna: *Gets up and her stuff and walks to the hall way as sees Brian.* Hey Brian. *Sees Candice.*

Brian: *Holds the Candice in the air and roars.* Run Anna...

Anna: *Doesn't stop when she heard Brian's roars and starts to run.* Okay!

Candice: *Gets free on Brian's hands and hits him before start to run after Anna.*

Brian: *Gets up from the floor and start to get so angry.* I had enough with this shit!


Mai: Who is Candice? *Looks both waiting them answer.*

Nick: *looks at Jesse and then Mai.* Vampire. Evil one

Jesse: Well hello... You vampire too? *Smiles to Mai.*

Nick: *Smiles* Jesse, keep your hands off her.

Mai: I'm not a vampire.

Nick: *Smiles as sighs.* See that's why hands off Jesse

Jesse: I'm just friendly. *Smiles and walks away.*

Mai: *Looks at Nick.* What this Candice wants?

Nick: *looks at Mai and as takes deep breath.* Revenge on Anna.

Mai: Did Anna kill someone important to Candice?

Nick: something like that. did Anna told she kills my kinds?

Mai: Yes... *Looks worried.*

Nick: She killed Candice's Brother, so yeah, it's important to her.

Mai: *Hears screaming and wonders what is going on.* What was that? *Moves close to Nick.*

Nick: *hears screaming also.* It's her. You are safe with me.


Anna: *Runs but she has to look back where Candice is.* I didn't do anything wrong! Your brother died by himself!

Candice: *Catch Anna and throws her to gym.* Liar!

Mai: Anna! *Shouts and runs to Anna.*

Anna: *Lays on the floor.* I'm no liar! *Shouts to Mai.* Watch out! I'm fine!

Jesse: I told you she's back. *Says to Nick.*

Candice: *Walks to gym and sees Mai.* You must be Nick's new toy.

Nick: *looks at Jesse and says.* Jesse, can you help me?

Mai: *Looks at Candice.* Back off!

Anna: *Gets her tools and gets up.* Candice! I'm the one who killed your brother!

Jesse: I'll take care of girls and you take care of your bitch. *Means by Candice.*

Nick: *Nods his head.*

Candice: *Hits Anna when Anna attacks her.* Stupid asshole!

Anna: *Kicks Candice.* Yes I may be asshole! but you're a bitch who goes back to hell!

Candice: *Hits Anna once more and then turns to Mai.* You are next dear. *Smiles devily.*

Mai: *Sees how strong Candice is and standing in front of Candice.* I don't afraid of you.

Nick: *Runs fast to Candice and hits her stronger then ever.* Get away from them!!

Jesse: *Goes to Mai.* We have to go.

Brian: *Runs to gym through running students and sees
Anna.* No... *Gets to Anna and takes here aside to not
let her attack Candice.* She's too strong for you.

Anna: I'm stronger then that rat! babe....

Brian: She will kill you! Please get out of here!

Anna: where?! Babe?

Brian: Outside! *Takes her to his shoulder and runs her to outside.*

Anna: wow..... you're faster then I thought

Anna: babe...what about that sex part?

Brian: We talk about it later. *Looks at school worried.*

Jesse: *Takes Mai outside far away from Candice.* you're safe here

Mai: What about Nick? He could die there... I have to go back in! *Is about to run back inside.*

Jesse: no! Nick can handle her!

Mai: *Turns around to Jesse and looks pissed.* I don't care.

Candice: *Laughs and looks at Nick.* Oooh babe... I like rough.

Nick: *Laughs and looks at Candice.* in 1000 years I like rough too.

Candice: Bring it on, babe... *Smiles and waits another attack of Nick's*

Nick: *Smiles and attacks her again.* oh I bring it on

Candice: *Fights with Nick and throws him through the wall hard.* Oooh babe... Is that all you got?

Nick: *Laughs and gets angry.* you know what? your lunch got away!

Candice: *Smiles.* Well I can hunt the new girl. I felt her body for few seconds when I kissed you.
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