Beauty and the Vampire by Jannika, Shades
Summary: Mai is born in Japan and her parents are from different culture. Dad Japanese and mom American. She had lived 15 years in Japan until they moved to America.
She started her first day at in new school and hopes to get new friends.
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Series: Beauty and the Vampire
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6 "Cause I like you, Mai..." by Jannika
Author's Notes:
Last chapter Nick and Candice were fighting in the schools gym. Candice wants to revenge to Anna for killing her brother.
Nick: *Smiles and Throws Candice roughly.* You wouldn't dare.

Candice: I think I leave this party! *Gets off the Nick and runs fast away from school to woods.*

Nick: *Roars after Candice.* Candice! You won't move a finger to her!

Candice was gone now and Mai runs inside to Nick.

Mai: Nick! You okay? She's gone.

Nick: Mai. She will be back for you.

Mai: What did I do?

Nick: You're human with blood just like Anna and you are untouched.

Mai: So she wants to turn me into Vampire?

Nick: *Shakes his head.* Not only that. She doesn't want me to like you.

Mai: Oh she's jealous. I see... *Walks away.*

Nick: *Walks after her.* Yes she is with everyone like that. Males one in 1000 years.

Mai: Where are you gonna go now?

Nick: Protect you from my own kind.

Mai: I think she's gone. And maybe I should stay away from your kind.

Nick: *Shakes his head.* No she will get you even if you stay away from us.

Mai: I should then stay home.

Nick: No live your normally life.

Mai: Do you mean I have to live my life normal? After this?

Nick: yes after this. we will handle her.


Jesse: *Sees Candice running to woods and looks at Anna and Brian.* I'll go after her.

Anna: *looks at Brian.* I can hunt her and kill. That's my skill and I was teach.

Brian: Nick will handle it! *Looks at Anna.*

Anna: *looks at Brian and gets away from Brian.* You are freaking me out! You never shouted at me before!

Brian: I am freaking out too!

Anna: *Runs to the woods.* Get away from me Brian!

Brian: Get back here Anna! You are getting yourself killed! *Runs after her and stops her.*

Anna: *Hits Brian.* I never get killed I know what I'm doing. besides your the shouting like my dad.

Brian: *Doesn't feel any pain of hitting.* Someone have to cause you never listen. She's all gone Anna.

Anna: *Fights for Brian.* Let me go! I do listen? Where Jesse went?

Brian: Jesse is following her. *Says calm.*

Anna: *Breaths heavily.* Jesse, what he got do with her? Let me go.

Brian: *Holds Anna in his arms to not letting her go.* You are gonna kill yourself if you go after her.

Jesse: *Runs back to Brian and Anna.* I can't find her tracks. She's gone.

Brian: Son of Bitch!

Anna: *Looks at Brian.* I can track her down.

Jesse: Not possible. *Looks at Anna.* She has removed her tracks perfectly.

Anna: *Looks at Jesse and Brian.* What Mai and I should do in meanwhile?

Brian: You live with us for while? *Looks at Jesse question on his face.*

Jesse: Yes. You two are safe with us from Candice.

Anna: And my family or friends?

Jesse: They are not in dangerous. Just you and Mai.

Anna: Of course they are for them.

Brian: But you don't have to. You can life with at your home, but I bet Candice will be there someday.

Anna: But... My family. I can't leave them and you can bite me.

Brian: No I won't bite you until you let me. And like I said, you choose what is best for you.

Anna: Until I let you? what if I don't ever?

Brian: *Winks.* You can't resist me.

Anna: I can resist you


Mai: So what now?

Nick: You should live with us for while. We can protect you from Candice.

Mai: *Looks at Nick choked.* What?

Nick: Your family and friends are safe.

Mai: So I should live with you? Cause of I'm in danger?

Nick: *Lifts his shoulders.* Jesse's idea.

Mai: Oh right you hear what they are talking.

Nick: Yes we are vampires who has supernatural skills, but you choose what you want.

Mai: I don't want to leave my family. I just moved here.

Nick: Sure but I'm serious. Candice will get you there and your family.

Mai: I don't afraid of her. *Look at Nick.*

Nick: Get out of gym. Principal can't know the truth

Mai: What about you?

Nick: Brian, Jesse and I?

Mai: Mai: Yes. You can't just take this all to your concern.

Nick: why not? you and Anna can't

Mai: *Puts her hands cross to her chest.* I won't let you take this all to your responsible.

Nick: Are you always this hard head?

Mai: Ask my parents. *Smiles.*

Nick: *Smiles.* I can do that if you wanna

Mai: Don't you dare to read my parents minds. *Hits Nick playfully.*

Nick: *Answers smiling.* I could if you want

Mai: No. Don't do it. *Points her finger at to Nick.*

Nick: *Laughs and puts Mai to a hug.* I wouldn't ever do that to you.

Mai: Good *Hugs Nick.*


Jesse: Now we need to tell principal what has happen to the school gym.

Anna: Yes how about Jesse and Nick? They were wrestling

Jesse: You and Mai should go stay out of this whole situation.

Anna: *Shakes her head.* No way we are already in this

Brian: Okay babe... *Puts her to a hug.*

Anna: *looks at Brian.* what?

Brian: We deal this together.

Anna: What? Aren't you mad?

Brian: No.

Anna: *Hugs Brian.*

Brian: *Hugs her back.* Sorry...

Anna: for what?

Brian: For everything. All of this what has happened.

Anna: No don't be. my father knew that when and if I was trained this world.

Brian: We should go. Think of the living with us Anna.

Anna: I will. Don't worry. I should get back to school.

Brian: But school is destroyed.

Anna: I go home then. What happens to Nick and Mai if they are in gym?

Brian: I think they are still inside. I think.


Principal: Walks to gym. Oh My God! What has happened here?!

Nick: hmm...we were just doing our gym.

Principal: But this gym is disaster! What did you do?

Nick: It's just playing basketball.*

Principal: *Looks at Mai.* You did this?

Nick: looks at Mai. Brian and I did Mai didn't

Principal: You and Brian to my office now. Walks out the gym.

Nick: Sure...

Mai: Looks at Nick. This is not fair... I was part of this, Nick.

Nick: looks Mai. Yes but it's better this way.

Mai: Not fair! This happened cause of me!

Nick: Mai! *Looks at her.* This all happened cause of me. Candice is behind all of this. Don't blame yourself cause of this.

Mai: She wants me. *She said quietly and angrily.*

Nick: I won't let that happen.

Mai: Why not?

Nick: Cause I like you Mai, okay?

Mai: Like me? Like me how?

Nick: I like you this much. *Moves to her closer and start to kiss her deeply.*

Mai: *Feels Nick's cold lips on her warm and soft lips.*

Nick: *Stops kissing and looks at Mai to her eyes.* Now I have to go Principal's office.

Mai: Okay. Good luck, Nick.

Nick: I need that. *Smiles and walks out the gym.*
Brian. Principal wants to see us both about gym. *Talks to Brian in his mind.*

Brian: *Hears Nick's voice.* Oh damn... I have to go Principals office.

Anna: *looks at Brian.* did you had history class with me?

Brian: Yes. I do. Please tell teacher I'll be little late. *Walks to school's Principal office.*
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