Beauty and the Vampire by Jannika, Shades
Summary: Mai is born in Japan and her parents are from different culture. Dad Japanese and mom American. She had lived 15 years in Japan until they moved to America.
She started her first day at in new school and hopes to get new friends.
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7 Attention by Jannika
Mai: *Walks to Anna.* Oh my god, Oh my god, oh my god... *Blushes while is smiling.*
Anna: *Sees Mai coming toward her.* What Mai? *Smiles.*
Mai: *Whispers.* Nick kissed me after he said he likes me.
Anna: *Whispers softly.* did you enjoyed it? I’ve seen how he came to you after that shit went down.
Mai: Who wouldn't? *Smiles shy.* Does this mean I'm his now?
Anna: *Smiles.* well, do you want that his yours. Remember they can read minds but yours not
Mai: Gosh I don't know. I never had a boyfriend before and I'm... Whispers Virgin.
Anna: Don't worry about it. I mean that doesn't happen with me yet and Brian is just hanging with me sometimes.
Mai: Oh and I don't think I can date guy like him. It would be wrong.
Anna: Why? What you mean guy like him? Don’t fool your heart. Besides we are going to live with them.
Gina: *Giggles and looks at Anna and Mai.* Did I just heard right? New girl is dating Nick?
Anna: *Sees Gina and looking at them.* What the fuck are you looking at Gina?
Gina: I'm just looking at new girl. She's too good for him. That's all.
Anna: *Walks at Gina.* Leave her alone. *Looks angrily.* She's been nothing but nice to you.
Mai: I'm not trying to take him. *Looks at Gina.*
Anna: Gina if you have a problem with her, say that to my face.
Gina: *Looks at Anna.* You both are such a geeks. *Walks away with her friends laughing.*
Anna: Geeks?! You are such freak Gina! *Raises her eye brown's and walks to Mai.* I'm so sorry that she was rude to you.
Mai: I'm new in here so I understand.
Anna: Yes but you shouldn't get so rough welcome you know. Come on, you want lunch after all action?
Mai: Yes sure. *Nods.*
Anna: *Nods and walks to school cafeteria.* Lunch is on me. So how it felt been kissed? *teases Mai playful.*
Mai: *Smiles little when walks with Anna to cafeteria.* Oh it felt nice, but cold.
Anna: *Smiles little and buys Mai's food and herselfs.*It is cold but you know reason.
Mai: Yeah I do. *Smiles and sits down with the food Anna bay for her.*
Anna: *Smiles and sits down with food across from Mai.* That's good. Too bad it can't be warm right?
Mai: I wish that kiss could've been warm.
Anna: *Eats and smirked.* I know why you wished that. Have you enjoyed these days you been here?
Mai: So far, no. Yesterday was terrible, today was terrible. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. *Sighs and eats.*
Anna: *Sighs and eats.* Welcome to my world. All days are terrible. Good we can go home end of the day and all is not so terrible *Smiles.*
Mai: I guess not. *Smiles.* That kiss made my day for better.
Anna: That's the way to think. Those do makes better days little.

Principal’s office

Brian: *Walks to principal office with Nick.* Nick? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: What? *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: You got bit some red on your lips. *Points to his face.*
Nick: *Rubs his lips.* Better?
Brian: *Nods and looks at principal.*
Nick: *Looks at the principal.*
Principal: *Looks at both.* So... Wanna tell me what happened to Gym?
Nick: We had gym class why you ask?
Principal: Whole Gym is ruined! Walls! Floor!
Nick: Well, Brian and I were dancing and wrestling
Brian: Yes. Wrestling... *Says word again after Nick.* We like to play rough. *Makes fake laugh.*
Nick: *Makes fake laugh also.* Yes you know how guys are with playing rough sometimes.
Principal: You both are in attention for 6pm after the school.
Brian: Great. Can we have our friends with us? *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* Yes I agree with Brian. With friends or just two of us?
Principal: Just you two. We are done here. This is last warning.
Nick: Yes sir.
Brian: *Walks out the principal's office.* That went well. What are we gonna explain next time?
Nick: *Walks out of the principal's office after Brian.* I have no idea, but I know I kissed Mai dude.
Brian: *Stops and looks at Nick.* You what?
Nick: *Stops and looks at Brian.* We kissed.
Brian: You had known her only 2 days and you are kissing her?
Nick: Dude, it felt right and it was just the kiss no big deal. How long you known Anna? Not long time too. And besides it's against the rules.
Brian: I've known Anna longer than you had known Mai.
Nick: Yes so there no difference. When was last time you just gone on the flow?
Brian: Let's go find girls.
Nick:*Follows Brian.*Let's find them before they get into trouble more.
Brian: Can you tell me reason why Mai?
Nick: *Sighs and thinks.*Cause I can't figure her out easily as others.
Brian: Wow... That is good answer. *Smiles.*
Nick: ‘Try to find girls with Brian.* I know right. Why you and Anna honestly?
Brian: I kept dreaming of her and I just told her how I feel about her. It's just meant to be.
Nick: But it's not easy road to forever, she's will die and you won't.
Brian: Maybe she wants to turn into one.
Nick: Maybe she will. I hope your right it's meant to be. *Looks around for looking girls.* Where are they? I can't see them.
Brian: Let's check cafeteria. *Walks to the cafeteria direction.*
Nick: *Follows Brian to Cafeteria direction.* Do you ever want more then kissing?
Brian: It could be nice. *Smiles.* You?
Nick: Yes that would be nice. *Smiles.*


Mai: *Drinks cola and sees Brian and Nick coming to cafeteria.* Troubles are here. *Smiles.*
Anna: *Laughs and sees same way as Mai.* I guess so Mai.
Brian: *Walks to girls and smiles.* Oh hello ladies.
Nick: *Smiles to girls and walks to them.* So what are you girls up to?
Mai: I just finished my food what Anna bought. *Smiles.* Thank you Anna.
Anna: *Smiles and finished her food.* No problem Mai.
Brian: *Sits next to Anna and smiles.* That's very nice.
Anna: What class you got next, Mai?
Mai: *Looks her schedule.* Looks like I got history. I like history. *Smiles.*
Nick: I got history in matter of fact but I'm bad at it.
Anna: I have English. Enjoy the history Mai and thanks for the company
Mai: You are welcome. *Smiles.*
Brian: I got English also. I should go too.
Anna: Oh you have English too. *Gets up and starts to go to English class.* Mai I find you after class.
Mai: Okay Anna. See ya. *Waves.*
Anna: *Waves at Mai.*

English Class

Brian: *Walks with Anna to English class.* Oh by the way... Nick and I got attention.
Anna: What? Why you two got attention? *Says surprise suddenly* I want to break the rule.
Brian: *Looks at Anna when walks to in the class.* Cause Nick and I wrestling and dancing in the gym.
Anna: *Looks back at Brian when walks to in the class.* But you didn't do anything well expect saved humans lives.
Brian: *Says quietly when sits to his seat.* Well we could've just say "Oh there was a vampire and Nick was wrestling with it."
Anna: *Laughs quietly.* No that can't be said. That I know better. Plus can I say what I do besides school?
Brian: Wait... Did you mention something about THE rule? *Whispers.*
Anna: *Whispers back.*Yes I said I want to break The Rule if you want to.
Brian: *Smiles wide.* Wow... Really?
Anna: *Smiles widely.* Really. I'm not always good girl.
Brian: You 100% sure?
Anna: Yes I'm not freaking out are you? But is it going to be loud cause you are, you know. *Smirked.*
Brian: Well... *Thinks and smiles.* You might be in danger... It's gonna be rough.
Anna: *Smiles and winks her eye.*But you can be sweet and I don't care rough or not.
Brian: Have you seen Twilight?
Anna: Yes I have seen them all. Why?
Brian: Remember part of the Edward and Bella making love, Bella still human?
Anna: I remember while she was human. I'm only myself and that is only a story.
Brian: Nope... That's totally true. I once did human she died...
Anna: *Rolls her eyes.*So what? You scared?
Brian: I might "break" you. *Whispers and sees teacher walking in.*
Anna: You won't break me. I'm tough human. Even I'm not like you.
Brian: Okay. How about tonight? *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smiles.* Okay tonight. After we had hunt Candice?
Brian: After Candice? Why did you bring that up?
Anna: Because you and Nick thought, me and Mai should stay with you two till she's gone.
Brian: Yes that's true. Let's listen teacher.
Anna: *Listens the teacher.* Just wanted go visited my dad before that.
Brian: Sure. *Start to write to his notebook.*
Anna: *Starts to writing her notebook also.* Should’ve I gone to bathroom before or now?
Brian: Before. *Whispers.*
Anna: *Whispers.*What you said?
Brian: *Looks at Anna.* You should've go to bathroom before class.
Anna: *Raises her hand.*
Teacher: Anna? Something important you wanna say? *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: Can I go bathroom I forgot before the class? *Looks at the teacher.*
Teacher: You got 5 minutes.
Anna: Nods her head and walks out the class.*

Back at cafeteria

Mai: *Takes her bag and looks at Nick.* So it's just you and me again.
Nick: *Smiles*Just you and me again. Brian and I got attention.
Mai: *Smiles.* Attention? Cause of the kiss? *Jokes and start to walk.*
Nick: *Smiles.*Attention because the gym is mess. *Laughs a little.*
Mai: Oh Cause of what happen between Candice? *Looks History book from her bag.*
Nick: *Nods his head.* Yes because of that and we couldn't say we just saved bunch of people.
Mai: *Looks at Nick and smiles.* Well the kiss made me feel save bit.
Nick: *Looks at Mai as walks into class.* Really? That was the plan.
Mai: *Walks in the class and sees that there's no free seats next to each other.* Looks like we can't sit next to each other.
Nick: *Walks to class and lift his shoulders.* Well, what you can do? Go find the seat.
Mai: *Sees free seat next to Gina.* Damn it... *Says quietly.*
Gina: Look. Geek Mai is next to me. *Smiles sarcastic.*
Mai: *Sits to seat next to Gina and sighs.* That's enough... I'm here to learn. *Looks at Gina.*
Gina: Amber, did I say something to Mai?
Amber: *Pops the bubble gum and shakes her head.*
Nick: Enough Amber and Gina. Leave her alone.
Mai: *Sighs and keeps her look on book.*
Gina: *Smiles and looks at Nick.* Why? No one can't keep me shut up. I'm queen, remember?
Nick: Queen of bitches. *Looks at his books.*
Gina: Whatever. *Flip her head behind her back and looks her nails.* Mai could never hurt me or take my place.
Nick: *Laughs and sees teacher.* Finally something good to learn
Mai: *Looks at Gina.* Gina?
Gina: Yes Geek?
Mai: *Stands up off her seat and punch Gina to face.* Never call me geek again! *Runs outside the class.*
Teacher: Oh my god! Gina... *Walks to Gina.* You alright?
Nick: *Raises his hand.* Can I go check how is Mai doing?
Teacher: *Looks at Nick.* No one else leaves, Mr. Carter.
Gina: Yes Ben. I'm alright. Did I do something bad. *Puppy eyes.*
Teacher: Depence on why did she punch you?
Nick: *Looks at Teacher.* Are you aloud bullying?
Teacher: Bullying? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Looks at Teacher.* Gina called Mai geek and now she acts like victim.
Gina: Shut up Nick.
Nick: What Gina? It's the truth and you got punched because of that.
Teacher: But punch is not allowed here also.
Nick: No, of course not but it's good to stand up for bullying and I go check Mai sir. I’ll come back.
Teacher: Alright. Gina... Let's take you to school nurse. *Is helping Gina.* Others start reading page 15!
Nick: *Shakes his head and reads page 15.*

Outside the school

Mai: *Sits down to school stairs outside and sighs when cries.*
Anna: *Notice Mai and walks to her.* Hey there. Why you are crying?
Mai: Oh... Hey. *Try to smile.*
Anna: *Smiles.* Did Gina do this?
Mai: Yeah. I punched her in the class. It felt so gooood. *Smiles and sighs.* But I think I'll get attention cause of it.
Anna: *Sits next to Mai.* Good. You are brave to get back to her. *Smiles and sighs.* You know, you're the victim here.
Mai: I know, but... I shouldn't punch her. She's not worth it.
Anna: No she's not worth it. Go back to class and say your reason to teacher. Tell him it was mistake. Maybe he will let it go easily.
Mai: Please don't... *Looks at Anna.* I can handle attention. And Nick will be at attention to give me company. *Smiles little.*
Anna: *Smiles.* Good girl. *Looks at Mai.* I will help you get used to this school. Now go back to class, I should go back to class also even I was going to bathroom.
Mai: *Smiles and gets up.* Okay. I will even I have to talk with principal.
Anna: *Smiles.* Tell me how that went after class.
Mai: I will. *Walks back to class.*

Brian & Nick’s mind talking

Brian: *Looks at the clock how 5 minutes is going so fast.* 1 minute babe...
Nick: *Reads Brian's thoughts.* What one minute babe, Brian?
Brian: Anna should be back in class soon. She will be late.
Nick: Maybe she got female problems. *Sees Mai walking back in the class and start to talk normal.* You okay Mai?
Mai: *Walks in class and sits back to her seat.* Don’t wanna talk about it. What we should do now?
Nick: Page 15. Read it. *Smiles and reads.*
Mai: *Start to read page 15.*
Teacher: *Walks back in and sees Mai.* Mai? To principal office now.
Nick: *Looks confessed.* Why she need to go?
Teacher: Cause of the punch.
Mai: *Smiles to Nick.* I'll be fine.
Nick: *Smiles to Mai and blow kiss to her.* Okay. See you.
Mai: *Catch the kiss and walks out the class to principal office.*

Anna: *Walks back to class.* Thank you teacher.
Teacher: Take a seat Anna.
Anna: *Goes back to her seat.* Did I missed anything? *Whispers softly.*
Brian: No but you are late. *Whispers.*
Anna: *Whispers.* I saw Mai in outside crying. I never got in toilet. Gina is bullying her.
Brian: *Looks at Anna.* WHAT?! *Says so loud that whole class turns their faces to them.*
Teacher: *Smirks.* Oh Littrell. Get's fired up.
Brian: Sorry Johnny... Just heard terrible news.
Anna: *Whispers.* CLAM down. Yes she did, but you are too loud right now.
Brian: *Is staying quiet and looks at Anna waiting for answer.*
Anna: *Whispers to Brian.* Mai punched Gina for bullying her and calling name.
Brian: *Whispers.* Can we talk about this later?
Anna: *Shut ups her mouth as focus on English.* Sure babe.

In Principal Office

Principal: *Opens door.* Mai you were the trouble maker. I never believed that.
Mai: So sorry. Should I come in then? *Looks at Principal.*
Principal: Did you punch Gina, Mai?
Mai: *Nods.* Yeah, cause she called me geek.
Principal: Gina didn't say anything about that.
Mai: Oh... Well she did... She called me twice today.
Principal: Well, if that is case, I need to talk to her and I still needs to send you in attention for hitting her
Mai: I knew you are gonna say that. *Offers her hand.* It won't happen again, sir.
Principal: *Offer his hand and nods.* I sure hope so.

Day has gone by and school ends and it’s time for attention.

Anna: *Waits Brian, Nick and Mai out of attention.* I should be there too? *Puts the poker face on.
Mai: *Walks to attention door and sees Anna.* Hey. Did you get attention too? *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smiles.* No just I wish. Thought I'm waiting you 3 to come out.
Mai: You don't need to wait for me. *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smiles.* I know I got plans with Brian tonight.
Mai: Oooeh... *Winks and smiles.* Nice...
Anna: *Winks.* Yes it's nice but now I wait you all.

Brian: *Drinks his water from bottle and sees Nick.* Yo... Heading to attention?
Nick: *Heads to attention.* Do I have choice not to come?
Brian: You have to. You got at least your girl there.
Nick: *Smiles* For punching Gina she got it's so wrong.
Brian: How was the punch? Was it awesome? *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles as walks in attention room.* Looked awesome I have to say.
Brian: *Walks after him and winks to Anna.* Hey Anna.
Anna: *Gets up from chair when sees guys.* Brian....hey. *Smiles to Brian.*
Mai: I should go too. See you in 1 hour.
Anna: See you in hour. *Walks around the hallway.* Good everyone else went home but me.
Mai: *Walks in the attention and sits next to Nick.* Hey. *Smiles to Nick.*
Nick: *Smiles.* And hey to you too. Nice punch you did to Gina.
Mai: Well... I promised to principal that I won't do it again.
Brian: *Listens music.*
Nick: To Gina good promise.
Anna: *Goes music class and takes guitar and starts to sing Britney’s everytime.*
Mai: So... Can we talk in attention?
Nick: I guess so. Never been in here
Mai: Me either.* Smiles and looks at teacher behind her desk.* Should we ask? *Whispers.*
Nick: *Whispers.* I’ll ask teacher. Can we talk in here or should we be quiet, sir?
Teacher: Do whatever you wanna do, but don’t do something what makes noises.
Anna: *Plays as sings to makes time flies faster.*
Nick: *Smiles and start to hear music.* Teacher? What is that music?
Teacher: Oh... Don't know.
Mai: Is making out forbidden? *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* I believe so.
Teacher: *Looks at Nick and Mai.* If it's quiet making out.
Nick: *looks at Mai.*Wanna make out?
Mai: We might do that, but... *Looks at Brian's way.* He might get bit jealous of that.
Nick: *Looks at Brian.*He got his music. He won't. *Smiles.*
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