Beauty and the Vampire by Jannika, Shades
Summary: Mai is born in Japan and her parents are from different culture. Dad Japanese and mom American. She had lived 15 years in Japan until they moved to America.
She started her first day at in new school and hopes to get new friends.
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8 A Vampire by Jannika
Mai’s Home

June: *Yells from downstairs to upstairs.* Mai! Time to get up!
Mai: *Walks in front door and smiles*. Hi Mom.
June: *Smiles.* You are already awake. Good. Eat before you go to school, dear.
Mai: I already ate. I'll go take a shower.
June: *Looks amazed.* When did you eat?
Mai: Before you and dad woke up. *Smiles and goes to upstairs.*
June *Smiles.* You are all grown up, Mai.
Mai: *Stops halfway at stairs and looks her mom.* Yes mom. I am. *Smiles.*
June: *Looks at her daughter as smiles.* You seem to be happy this morning. Must be cause of that nice boy.
Mai: There's no boy. *Smiles.*
June: *Smiles.* Alright. Go to the shower and remember, don't be late from school.
Mai: I won't mom. *Smiles and goes to her room’s bathroom.*
June: We have happy girl honey. *Walks to kitchen.*
Jin: *Reads newspaper.* Must be cause of the boy.
June: *Cleans up the table.* I hope she brings it home one day.
Jin: Doubt it. *Smiles and drinks his coffee.*

Anna’s Home
Anna: *Wakes up and walks to kitchen.* Good morning dad. *Sighs deeply.*
Lars: Morning sweetie. How did you sleep? *Looks his daughter.*
Anna: *Looks at her father.* I didn't sleep at all. How about you? *Makes a breakfast.*
Lars: I did sleep very well. *Looks his daughter and sees something is wrong.* Got a boy problems?
Anna: You could say that, but you won't help me right?
Lars: I think your mom would've done that, if she would've been still alive.
Anna: But Mom isn't alive. I wish she would.
Lars: You are right... So want to tell me?
Anna: There’s a boy who I like but...there's an issues with him.
Lars: I can't talk about this with you. *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: *Looks at her dad mad.* Why? Because you go hunting again?
Lars: Anna... *Looks his daughter.*
Anna: What, dad?
Lars: You know there's monsters out there.
Anna: Yes, because I've seen it dad.
Lars: And you know what I must do and I just can’t stay.
Anna: Oh yes. You then leave your only child in her school day.
Lars: You know I don’t want that, but you are big girl now and I know you can take care of yourself.
Anna: You make me do it. *Sighs.* Sorry, but I have to go soon dad. *Goes chances her clothes.*
Lars: *Sighs and thinks himself.* She's hiding something.

Mai’s Home
Mai: *Looks comfy clothes for the school after shower and looks herself from the mirror.* No...
Millie (Cat): *Looks Mai on the bed.*
Mai: *Puts tight jeans and "rock my heart" t-shirt with skull and guitar on it.* Ready to go. *Takes her school bag and walks to downstairs.*
Jin: *Sees what her daughter is wearing and looks her wife.* Darling. Look what our daughter is wearing. *Says quietly.*
June: *Looks at Mai and takes deep breath.* I don't know honey.
Mai: *Puts her shoes on.*
June: Mai darling, what you are wearing?
Mai: *Looks her parents.* What? I always wear these.
June: Always? No, darling. You don't.
Mai: Well now I do. It's just jeans and t-shirt, mom.
Jin: Darling. What your mom is saying, is that it doesn't cover up your beautiful body.
Mai: *Sighs and walks back upstairs.* Fine! I can't do anything I want!
June: Mai darling! I didn't mean that!
Mai: *Smash her room door.*
June: Great Jin. *Sighs when looks at her husband.*
Jin: What? You saw what she wears. *Looks at his wife.*
Mai: *Locks her room door and climb out from her window.* I'll wear this no matter what...
June: Mai isn't a whore. Even she might dress little sexier.
Mai: *Jumps to trampoline and gets to ground.*
Jin: I didn't say that she looks like whore. More like stripper.
Mai: *Start to walk to school fast.* I'm going to be late of cause of those two clowns.
June: JIN!

Anna’s Home
Anna: *Sighs and thinks herself as she gets ready for school.* If dad would know about Nick and Brian, he'd murder them.
Lars: *Thinks in his mind when reads newspaper.* Great… An another animal attack. Need to check this out.
Anna: *Walks out of her room.* Dad, I'm going to walk to school. See you at night if even you’re at home.
Lars: I won’t be here when you get home. *Walks to hallway to saying goodbye to Anna.* I'll be gone few days.
Anna: *Looks her dad.* Sure dad. Kill those bitches.
Lars: I’ll try to do my best. Be good okay?
Anna: Don't I always be good. *Walks out of the door.*
Lars: I wish you could go with me someday, but school is now more important. *Stands at the front door.*
Anna: *Sighs softly and looks at her dad.* Maybe someday.
Lars: *Smiles and walks back in.*
Anna: *Runs to school yard.* And back here.

At school yard
Nick: *Grins to Brian.* You had big secrets yesterday, bro.
Brian: Nothing happened. *Sits in the yard stairs.*
Nick: *Teases Brian.* But you so wanted to. Only there's a rules for them and us. *Looks at Brian and sits next to him.*
Brian: So you and Mai kissed at attention. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* I thought you wouldn't see it, but it was amazing bro.
Brian: I got my ears man. *Smiles.*
Nick: I know, maybe today you will get a kiss.
Brian: I've been kissed Anna many times. *Smiles.*
Nick: Don't you ever want more Brian?
Brian: *Looks at Nick.* More like what? Sex?
Nick: *Looks at Brian and winks his eye.* Yes sex, man.
Brian: We'll see. Anna is human and so is Mai. It's forbidden. They'll get hurt.
Nick: Yes they both are but you can't say you haven't thought of it.
Brian: *Looks at Nick and smiles.* I have. *Sees Anna.* Anna is here now
Anna: *Smiles and sees boys.* Hey guys .
Brian: You came without Mai? *Smiles.* Nick is totally missing her.
Anna: *Smiles.* Oh I had thing at home, so I ran here without her.
Brian: Your dad is back home? *Sighs.*
Anna: *Sighs.* Yes he was at home this Morning and I had to lie to him.
Nick: How long is he going to stay this time? *Ask curious.*
Anna: *Looks at both of guys.* Going to leave for few days again.
Brian: Awesome. You should then come to our nest those days. He doesn't have to know.
Anna: To your nest? You know I would get my guns there or they eat me alive.
Nick: It's just us and Jesse. *Looks at Anna.* We protect you.
Jesse: Wassup guys! *Smiles.*
Anna: *Looks at Nick and jumps when Jesse comes.* Where the hell you came from?
Jesse: Sorry. Did I scare ya? *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smiles and smirked.* No I don't scare ya. I could kill ya if I want to.
Brian: Yes you could, babe. *Smiles.*
Jesse: So what are you talking about?
Nick: Brian invited Anna to our nest, since her father is few days away.
Jesse: He's back in town!
Anna: No he left for the job and won't be home in few days Jesse.
Jesse: Thank god. And we got new roomie... *Smiles and hugs Anna.*
Anna: *Laughs and hugs Jesse.* Yes we are, my dad isn't that bad... And I haven't say I'll come there.
Mai: *Walks to others and smiles.* Morning.
Nick: *Notice Mai and smiles.* Morning.
Brian: Good morning! You are almost late.
Mai: *Looks at all.* What's going on?
Nick: *Holds the school doors open.*
Jesse: Anna's hunt dad is gone for few days. We are safe at least 2 days. *Smiles and looks at Mai.*
Anna: *Lifts her shoulders.* Those clowns asked me to go their nest since my dad is out of town.
Mai: Yay... *Smiles and walks inside the school.* Thank you Nick.
Nick: You are welcome. *Smiles to Mai and let’s go of the door.*
Brian: It's for your protection. Never know when Candice comes back with others. *Holds the door open to Anna after Nick let’s go of it.
Anna: *Walks in and smiles to Mai.* Do you wanna come with me if I go there?
Mai: *Looks at Anna and sighs.* I don't think I should cause my parents will freak out.
Jesse: You could say "I met this guy and he wants to help me with math." *Says girly voice and looks at Nick.*
Brian: *Laughs.* Dude... That was terrible.
Anna: *Laughs.* Jesse you are terrible as a girl.
Mai: I don’t sound like that. *Hits Jesse playful and laughs.*
Jesse: *Hit felt bad to his arm.* Damn girl. That really hurt.
Anna: *Looks confused.* Really? You know Vam.... You shouldn't feel that.
Brian: You are joking Jesse. *Looks at him.*
Jesse: *Looks at Brian.* No it hurt it man.
Mai: There's something wrong with me...
Brian: Jesse is just joking, Mai. *Looks at Mai.*
Jesse: *Looks at Brian.* No it hurts, man.
Mai: There's something wrong with me...
Anna: *Think's herself.* I was raised By Hunter...
Mai: I didn't feel a thing when I hit you. *Looks confused.*
Brian: We need to talk about this later.
Anna: *Walks to the class and sat down with a book about monsters and ghosts above math book.* Here have to be answer about hurting vampires.
Nick: *Nodded to Brian and Jesse*. Yes I agree
Brian: I got Gym. You? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Looks at Brian and smiles.* I got same as you do but we talk later all of us. Jesse where you go in meanwhile?
Jesse: I got math.
Mai: *Sighs.* I got art.
Nick: *Winks at Mai.* I see you after art. Show them what you've made of.
Mai: I will. *Smiles and walks to art class.*

Brian: *Walks to men’s locker room.*
Nick: *Follows Brian at the men’s locker room.* Do you think it's weird? *Whispers to Brian.*
Brian: About Mai's punch hurts us? *Whispers when changes.*
Nick: *Whispers to Brian.* Yes that's meant.
Brian: *Looks at Nick and whispers while changing.* Maybe she's some kind of thing that is stronger than us.
Nick: *Changes and looks at Brian.* And who are those whom can hurt us?
Brian: *Whispers.* Werewolf.
Nick: *Walks to gym choked with Brian.* But those are dead long time ago.
Brian: Then she must be something else. *Walk to gym and start to bouncing basketball.*
Nick: *Start to work out, but can't stop thinking the mystery.* I can't stop wondering all about this.
Brian: Me either. *Sighs.*
Nick: I want to know already that thing.
Brian: *Thinks for second and then gets an idea.* Nick? *Whispers and gets him aside.* I know what she is.
Nick: *Whispers.* What she is? Tell me.
Brian: She's us... *Whispers.*
Nick: *Whispers.* A vampire? Then sex isn’t forbidden.
Brian: You have to find out.
Nick: When? Tonight?
Brian: Duh! *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Looks at Brian and smirked.* I get sex tonight.
Brian: Lucky bastard. *Smiles.*
Gym Teacher: Brian and Nick! Keep working out!

Mai’s Home
Jin: So... *Looks his wife.* When are we going to tell our daughter that she's not what she think she is?
June: *Looks at Jin.* We can't crush her world now, cause she got friends.
Jin: She's 18 next year. She have to know about it.
June: But we just move here.
Jin: Fine. When she's 21, we tell her. *Calms his wife down.*
Candice: *Rings the Mai's family house door bell.*
Jin: Maybe it's Mai. *Hears door bell.*
June: Mai got keys.
Jin: *Opens the door and sees Candice.*
Candice: Hello Jin. Remember me? *Smiles to Jin.*
Jin: *Looks chocked.* You? What are you doing here?
Candice: *Walks in and smiles.* I heard you are in town.
Jin: What you want from us? *Close the door.*
June: *Sees Candice and yells. *You Bitch! How dare you to step in our house...
Candice: I came to take something what belongs to me.
Jin: She doesn't belong to you.
Candice: Oh she does. I made her. *Smiles.*
June: You devil bitch!
Candice: Enough with the names! Where is she? *Looks at both.*
Jin: She’s not here.
Candice: We shall then wait when she gets home. *Sits down to chair.*

Math Class
Jesse: *Sits to math class next to Anna.* What ya reading? *Whispers.*
Anna: *Reads the book deeply.* Shit... You got to stop doing that. *Whispers.*
Jesse: Sorry. *Whispers and looks at the Anna's book.* That's not math book.
Anna: *Looks at the Jesse and whispers.* No. This book is about things that my dad owes, but math book is under it. *Lift the other book up.*
Jesse: Smartass. *Whispers and smiles.*
Anna: *Whispers and smiles.* I know I am. This book tells who can do that what Mai did to you.
Jesse: Only thing can hurt us, is werewolves, but those aren't no more exist.
Anna: *Sighs.* Recording this book things can hurt you is Angels, Demons or Shapeshifters.
Jesse: Or... *Looks the book and points the book.* Vampire.
Anna: *Looks at the book and reads.* Vampire? *Whispers.* That’s impossible.
Jesse: Then what she is then? *Whispers.*
Anna: Or if she's half human and half your kind.
Jesse: Damn... *Says quietly.* She can really punch though...
Anna: *Keep listening teacher same time when reads the book.* Okay yes...but she would know it by now. Right?
Jesse: Yeah...
Anna: What happens if human and your kind are having sex?
Jesse: Nothing... Us can't make human pregnant. *Whispers and then looks at teacher.*

Art Class
Mai: *Reads art books and learns something until start to feel bit weird.* Oh shit… *Raises her hand.* Teacher? Can I go to bathroom quickly?
Teacher: Sure you can, Mai.
Mai: Thank you. *Walks out the art class to the bathroom.* Whatta hell is wrong with me? *Start to throw up.*Oh my god!

Math Class
Mr. Hudson: Okay class. That was for the day. Remember tomorrow is the exam. *Looks at students.*
Jesse: Let's go Anna. *Walks out the math class.*
Anna: I’ll be right up. *Graps the phone and texts to her father.* Was there a story about human and vampires?
Lars: *Reads the text and text her back.* About vampire putting his blood to human baby?
Anna: *Texts him back.* Yes. I remember you told me some kind of story when I was little.
Lars: *Text back.* Why you ask? You tracked one?
Anna: *Takes her backbag and goes out of math glass.*
Jesse: So you think others class had ended? *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: Dunno. I need to use bathroom.
Jesse: Sure. I’ll wait here.
Anna: *Texts back to Lars when walks the hallway.* No just, how much of it was truth?
Lars: *Text back.* It's true story. It happened 17 years ago in Japan.
Anna: *Reads the text and stops in hallway.* Oh my god.....
Jesse: *Looks at Anna.* What?
Anna: Nothing. *Walks to the girls bathroom.*
Mai: *Start to feel good again and gets up to wash her face.* Whatta hell was that?
Anna: Mai?

Gym Teacher: Okay class. That was done for today! See you next week. Good weekend everyone!
Nick: *Walks with Brian to locker room.* Let's find the others
Brian: *Walks to locker room and takes a quick shower.*
Nick: *Takes a shower as well.* Hopefully we find them.
Brian: *Takes towel and dry himself.* We will and we need to talk Mai.
Nick: *Dry himself.* Yes we really need to, but at school yard.
Brian: What if she really is one of us, but she doesn't know about it?
Nick: What? She should know about it by now?
Brian: Yeah... Poor Mai. *Puts clothes on.*
Nick: *Puts his clothes on.* Yes, on the other hand it's not forbidden to date her.
Brian: Keep saying that and then you'll end up marrying her. *Jokes.*
Nick: *Laughs.* Hahaa. Very funny, asshole.
Brian: It's not forbidden. *Smirked.*
Nick: *Smirked.* And you end up marrying a human and never get sex.
Brian: Shut up. *Smiles and walks out the locker room.*
Nick: *Laughs and follows Brian.*

Ladies bathroom/ Hallway
Mai: *Sees Anna.* Anna? Hey.
Anna: *Smiles.* Are you okay? You seem tried.
Mai: Yeah. I'm fine. *Smiles.* Class over?
Anna: *Nods and smiles.* Yes Math is over. Now we need to meet the others and talk.
Mai: I got my things at art class. I'll catch you later. *Walks to bathroom door.*
Anna: Mai? When your class ends?
Mai: *Turns back to Anna.* It might have ended by now.
Anna: Yes I think it had ended by now. I won’t keep you longer here.
Mai: TTYL *Walks out the bathroom.*
Anna: Few minutes later walks out of bathroom and whispers to Jesse when walks to him.* I know the truth.
Jesse: *Whispers.* Wanna share?
Anna: I'll tell when we all are together.
Jesse: You are devil.
Anna: *Smiles.* I know I am but I think it's way better that way.
Jesse: Should we talk about this without Mai? *Walk with Anna to School yard.*
Anna: I want to Mai to be here when we talk about this.
Jesse: *Sees Nick and Brian already in the school yard.* Let’s ask their opinion.
Brian: *Is sitting on empty school yard table.* You need to talk with Mai first before you move any further.
Nick: I know that.
Jesse: Hey guys. How was the gym?
Nick: Good. We were thinking about Mai a lot.
Jesse: We too. Anna knows something...
Nick: Really?

Art Class
Mai: *Walks back to art class and sees only teacher there.* Sorry... I didn't felt weird... Any homework?
Teacher Joy: nah, but next time, use a bathroom before class, okay?
Mai: *Takes her stuff.* I felt fine when I get to class ma'am. Just started to feel odd.
Teacher Joy: You feeling better now?
Mai: Yes. Much better thank you.* Smiles.* See you next week ma'am.
Teacher Joy: *Smiles.* Alright. Have great week end Mai.
Mai: Thank you. *Walks out the art class and walks to her hallway book locker.*

Anna & Mai Texting
Anna: *Pulls her phone from pocket and texts the Mai.* Can you come in school yard? I'll be waiting you.
Mai: *Hears her cellphone beeping and text back.* I'll be right there. You alone?
Anna: *Sees the text and text to Mai back.* No. Jesse's with me. You wanna talk alone then?
Mai: *Text back.* That's fine. See ya. *Locks her book locker.*

School Yard
Brian: We think she might be something bad...
Anna: She's not Brian. She's coming soon and she knows Jesse's with me.
Nick: Should we go then?
Brian: I want to hear this...
Nick: Me too.
Anna: *Sighs.* Whatever.
Mai: *Walks to outside to school yard.* Hey... I thought it was only you and Jesse? *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: *Looks at Mai.* It was till those two clowns showed up. *Smiles and looks at Brian and Nick.*
Brian: Nick and I were here first. *Winks to Anna.*
Anna: *Smiles and sits on Brian’s lap.*Whatever you say.
Mai: That’s fine. We were supposed to meet and talk. *Smiles and walks to Nick.* Hey… Had a fun at gym?
Nick: It was torture. *Looks at Mai.*
Mai: Torture? Why? *Looks confused.*
Anna: They are worry about you too.
Nick: Yeah. Anna is right. We are here to talk about you. *Touches gently Mai’s hair and smiles.*
Jesse: I move away just in case... *Moves further away from Mai.*
Nick:* Laughs* you scare of her?
Brian: *Looks at Jesse and laughs.* Sissy
Mai: Jesse… You don’t need to be afraid of me.
Jesse: What if you get mad and hit one of us again?
Mai: That’s why we are here right? *Looks at everyone.*
Nick: Yes we are. *Takes Mai around his arms and hugs her tight.*
Anna: Mai? Has your mom and dad tell you anything about your past?
Mai: *Looks confused.* Like what?
Anna: Well, like anything.
Mai: *Sighs and looks at Anna.* I don't come up with anything...
Anna: *Sighs.* I know what you are, but I want to be sure.
Mai: *Listens Anna.*
Anna: There’s a tale about Japan.
Mai: Do I wanna hear about this?
Nick: *Sighs and thinks in his mind.* This must be not good.
Anna: *Nods softly and friendly.* Yes I think you should.
Brian: If it’s something about her. Her parents should tell her. Nick? *Looks at him.*
Nick: I guess Bee is right.
Mai: *Start to feel dizzy and gets off Nick’s arms.*Excuse me... *Walks to inside to bathrooms.*
Anna: *Looks at Mai and then the boys.* I'll go after her.
Brian: *Nods to Anna and gives a kiss.* Go ahead.

Ladies Bathroom
Anna: *Follows Mai to bathroom* Mai, are you okay?
Mai: *Throws up and sees it's blood.* Whatta...?
Anna: *Sees her throwing up.* Shit... The tale is true.
Mai: What tale? *Sits on the floor and looks at Anna.*

Anna: *Sat down in the floor next to her.* About 17 years ago, there were vampire in Japan. Man wanted a child with his wife and they have healthy little baby girl. One day that vampire came to their house and feed her blood to baby. No one knew why, but in that baby’s vain is vampire blood. My father told me this when I was little.
Mai: *Looks at Anna.* Why are you telling me this?
Anna: Because you're that baby, Mai.
Mai: *Looks choked.* Are you saying I'm fucking vampire!?
Anna: *Looks at Mai.*Only half Vampire. I wonder why your mom and dad haven't told you the truth.
Mai: This is not true! You are lying. *Gets up and walks out the bathroom crying and same time mad.*
Anna: *Runs after Mai and tries to stop Mai.* Please listen to me.
Mai: What?! *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: I got the feeling Candice is behind all this.
Mai: *Start to walk again to school Yard and shouts.* That's a lie!
Anna: Have I ever lied to you? *Shouts to after her.*
Jesse: *Looks at Mai who is angry and hides behind Nick.* I told you...
Mai: *Stops and turns around.* I don't know! Are you?! I don't even know you and you guys! *Points at the guys.* This is just a stupid joke!
Jesse: Why don’t you ask your parents?
Brian: Jesse... *Looks at him.*
Anna: *Stops.* Jesse is right. Go ask your mom and dad the truth.
Mai: *Looks at Nick.* Did you knew about this?
Nick: *Looks at clueless.* Knew about what?
Mai: About me being half one of you.
Nick: What?! I just heard now...
Brian: So it is true... Says quietly.
Anna: She's half human too and half your kind.
Jesse: That explains her hard punch... She's stronger than us.
Mai: It can't be true... I have to go... *Walks away from all.*
Nick: *Follows Mai but gives her time to cool down.*

Mai’s Home
June: We should warn Mai. *Whispers to her husband.*
Jin: *Whispers to his wife.* Yes but how?
June: Text her...
Jin: *Texts to Mai.* Whatever you do, don't come home for a while. Go with your friends.
Mai's phone has dropped down to ladies bathroom floor and beeps.
Candice: Mr. & Mrs. Khan… Haven’t you forgotten that I can hear your thoughts. *Takes cellphone from Jin.*
June: Candice… Please leave us alone.
Candice: I will. After I get my baby girl.
Jin: She’s not yours!
Candice: *Start to choke Jin against the wall and looks mad.*
June: Don’t hurt him!
Candice: Why shouldn’t I? *Looks at June.*
June: We’ll do whatever you want. Let go of my husband, please…
Candice: *Release her hand on Jin.* Good… Now Jin… *Sits back to chair.* Drive to school and tell Mai that your wife is sick.
Jin: *Looks scared and unsure.* If I don’t?
Candice: Then your precious little daughter will find two loving bodies in her bedroom. *Smiles and start to laugh.*

School yard
Brian: *Walks to Anna.* How you know she is half Vampire?
Anna: Remember when the Candice didn't hurt her?
Brian: Wait... Mai is the job of Candice at Japan?
Anna: *Nods.* Yes, my father used to told a story about human to be half vampire. Those are rare but true. They start feeling dizzy after 17 years.
Brian: Wow... That's just bad luck... Poor Mai.
Anna: It's not to do with a luck....I wonder why her parents haven't told her.
Brian: Maybe they did wait for right moment.
Anna: I texted to my dad and asked him how much the story is a true.
Jesse: So what now?
Anna: In my count this year is the 17th year.
Brian: Damn it…
Anna: But good Nick is with her.
Jesse: I know it's not perfect time to say this, but... Nick's so going to get laid.
Anna: I have no clue what happens now. *Texts to her father.* What happens to half vampire after 17th years?
Lars: *Text back.* To keep eating human food to not turn to one... One blood in vain and turns.
Anna: *Sighs.* If she keep eating human food she stay the same but if she eats blood, it turns her.
Lars: *Text one more text.* Sex with vamp will also turn her, but sex with human keeps it her normal as she is.
Anna: *Looks at Jesse and Brian.* She can't have sex with Nick otherwise she turns into one of you.
Brian: What!? Nick's going to be crushed...
Anna: Can you tell Nick that? No sex unless she wants to stay human.
Brian: Okay I’ll do it.

Bus stop
Mai: *Sighs and sits to bus stop bench while start to think all in her head and cries.*
Nick: *Comes out of shadows.* You okay?
Mai: No. I'm not okay. *Tries to dry her tears away.* This must be just bad joke.
Nick: *Hugs her.* I know hunters hunt us but one thing is true, they don't lie.
Mai: *Crawls to Nicks arms and cries to not saying anything.*
Nick: *Holds her close.* It's okay. I'm right here as long you need me to.
Mai: I don't wanna go home. Can I come at your place after school?
Nick: Of course you can come. *Smiles softly.* If you want.
Mai: *Smiles and start to kiss him.* Thanks. You are sweet.
Nick: *Smiles and kisses her back.* So are you, Mai. I like you.
Mai: *Takes his hand to her and leans to his shoulder.* I wish I could be just human and having normal life.
Nick: *Smiles.* I understand that very fucking well, but I'm happy I got know you.
Mai: *Laughs little.* That's one dollar to curse jar.
Nick: *Laughs.* What jar?
Mai: This jar. *Opens her mouth wide open and smiles.*
Nick: *Takes a dollar in his pocket and puts into Mai's mouth.*
Mai: *Laughs and takes a dollar from her mouth.* Thank you.
Nick: I just heard that you are normal human if you continue your life eating normal human food.
Mai: Yeah... I love pizza. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* I haven't eat that ages.
Mai: It's delicious... Oooh and lasagna... I'm getting just hungry to think of the food.
Nick: Let's go get some food Mai.
Mai: What you are gonna eat? Squirrel? *Jokes.*
Nick: *Smiles.* Something like that.
Mai: Yuck…

Brian & Nick Mind talk
Brian: *Speaks to Nick in his mind.* You can't have sex with her. DO NOT!
Nick: *Reads Brian's mind and speaks back.*Why? She's one of us right?
Brian: *Speaks back to Nick's mind.* If you do, she turns to vampire for good!
Nick: *Talks in his mind to Brian.* Does condom help about that?
Brian: *Speaks back to Nick.* I’ll let you know soon.

School Backyard
Anna: *Sat down.* Did I do right thing for telling her?
Brian: *Sits next to Anna.* You did right thing...
Anna: *Looks sad.* I broke her world.
Brian: *Puts her to a hug and gives a kiss to her forehead.* No you didn't. Candice did.
Jesse: Wait... You said sex will turn her to one of us... What if they have protections? Like condom. What we vampire don't usually use...
Anna: I don't know, I'm not full Hunter yet.
Jesse: It should help...
Brian: Yeah. Jesse might be right, but it’s not your fault you broke her world.
Anna: *Looks at Brian.* I know. I gotta check Jesse's idea from my dad.
Brian: Nick actually asked that too. Please hurry.
Anna: *Text to his father.* Can half human and vamp have sex if they uses comdom?
Lars: *Text back.* Yes! You are smart.
Anna: Dad says condom will help your kind, Bee.
Brian: That's great... *Smiles.*
Anna: Tell Nick. *Smiles.*
Brian: *Talks to Nick’s mind.* Condom will work, bro.
Anna: I don't wanna do what my father is doing. Too much pain.
Brian: You mean you don't want to be hunter? *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: *Looks at Brian* Yes too much shit and rules. Besides I don't know what my mother did.
Brian: *Sighs.* You are soon 18 so... You can decide what to do.
Anna: *Sighs.* Sort of I can....but I can't decide.
Brian: Family business?
Anna: Something like that.
Brian: Sometimes things were meant to be broken.
Anna: You are so amazing. *Smiles.*
Brian: I know. *Smirks.*
At School gate
Nick: * Reads Brian's mind and tells him back.* Thank you.
Mai: *Looks at Nick.* You okay?
Nick: *Looks at Mai.* Yes. We can have sex but only if we use condom.
Mai: *Looks at Nick surprised.* Since when we started to talk about that? *Looks curious.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai.* Since I don't know.
Mai: *Smiles and start to feel much better.* Since never.
Nick: *Smiles and puts his hands to her weist.* Since Brian talked to me in my mind.
Mai: So Brian thinks we should have sex? *Puts her hands around his neck.*
Nick: Yes Brian thinks that with condom.
Mai: I can see that you want to try that. Am I right?
Nick: You are right Mai, but I don't do anything you don't want to me to do.
Mai: Sounds good. *Smiles and start to kiss Nick deeply.*
Nick: *Kisses her back.*
Jin: *Sees Mai with Nick kissing at the school gate.*MAI!
Mai: *Hears her father and breaks the kiss.* Dad? What are you doing here?
Jin: It’s your mother. She’s not doing well.
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